Crazy Dancer All Episodes

Crazy Dancer All Episodes

(She’s too Perfect)

Episode 1

By: Faith Lucky.

  Maxine's Pov:

“Damn it! Hurry up, Maxine! Even a snail is faster than you” Tammy rasped as I hurried down the stairs with her school bag.

“I wonder why she keeps acting clumsy” Ruby also glared at me.
Well, I’m not surprised. What do you expect from two sisters with the same characters?

“I’m sorry”,I muttered as I stretched out the bag to Tammy and she rolled her eyes before snatching it from me.

“Are my pretty angels ready?” The familiar voice asked and I turned to see their mother climbing down the stairs, looking so pretty as always.

“Yes, mum. I was about coming to your room to kiss you” Tammy said with a pout and went to give her a peck.

Well, she was the youngest and tend to behave childish.

Mrs Rosalie glared at me when she got to where I was and I quickly took my gaze to the floor.

“Okay, dear. You need to hurry up so you won’t be late. Be careful, okay?” She said sweetly to her daughters and they nodded

“Bye, mum.” Ruby said and started walking out.

“Bye mummy. I’ll get you some small chops on my way back. And I promise to dance for you when I return” Tammy giggled.

“Oh! Please Ruby, you and I both know you don’t know how to dance” Ruby said as she walked out the door.

“That’s a lie” Tammy pouted and their mother laughed.

“Don’t mind your sister. You’re a perfect dancer, okay?” She tried petting her.

“And what’re you staring at??” She snapped at me and I gulped nervously and started walking out of the house, my school bag hung on my right hand.

I got out to the parking lot and met Ruby already seated in the black jeep, operating her phone.

I tried going in, but she stopped me.

“And what do you think you’re doing?” She asked with a glare.
Oh, please!


“I’m not ready to share the car with you today, okay? So, find your way” she snapped and took her eyes back to her phone.

Oh God! Not again.

Tammy showed up immediately.

“Hm” she scoffed and rolled her eyes at me before going into the car as well.

“But…how do I get to school? I don’t have any money on me” I said and they laughed.

“Well, that’s your problem; not ours” Tammy smirked and shut the door and the driver took off immediately.

I itched my head and watched pathetically as they left. What do I do now? Am I really going to walk to school today again? But the distance is so long. I’ll definitely be late for classes.

Oh God!

I took in a deep breath and having no other choice, I started walking out of the compound.
Want a little introduction?

Well, I’m Maxine Daniels.

19 years old and an orphan. Yeah – my parents died a long time ago and since then, I’ve been forced to live with my uncle and his family since they were the only relatives I knew.

The cause of my parents death still remains a mystery as they were both found dead in the early hours of the morning and I’m yet to receive anymore news.

My father was a wealthy business tycoon, but when he died, his brother – my uncle – took everything away.

Well, it was actually stated in my father’s will that he willed everything to him and till date, I still don’t know why. I mean, I’m his only child, yet he didn’t leave any of his properties or a little part of his wealth for me. And now, I have to depend on my uncle and live as a slave.

Anyway, I just decide to go on with life. I mean, as long as there’s life, there’s hope, right?
I got out to the road and continued walking.
Gosh! I was so tired already. I wish I had a cab fare. I can’t believe I’ll be late for classes again.

After a long walk, I came across a billboard that gripped my attention and I stopped to take a proper look at it.

On it was boldly written:


I smiled as I stared at it.

Hmm. The Star Dance Competition.

It was one of the greatest dance competitions coming up in a few days time and people from different countries were actually coming to participate. The winner becomes a model and a diva and her life will sure change forever.

Its a pity I wouldn’t be able to participate because:
First, I can’t afford the registration fee.
And second, my uncle and his wife will never allow me to participate. But I heard they’ve registered Tammy already.

Hm it’s quite a pity, though. It’d have been a perfect opportunity to display my talent.

I shook my head and continued walking.

Well, if there’s one thing you should know about me is this – I was made from dance. Like…it’s a spirit that can never leave me. I can’t stay close to a music without dancing to it. It drives me crazy at times and sometimes, I wonder why I was made like that. Its incredible.
I came across a newspaper vendor and my eyes caught the sight of a catchy headline:


Oh! I paused and gasped.

Noah was back?? Hm. I’m pretty sure he returned with his brother.

Wow! I had no idea he was returning today.

Well, Noah was the first son of Mr Sigmund – who was the owner of the Star Dance Organization

He had a twin brother – Rex – although, they weren’t identical and Noah was the cutest – everybody admits to that.

He’s actually a talented dancer and had won in the World Best Competition which made him popular. He’s actually my role model cause his dance steps were incredible and I wonder if I’ll ever get a chance meet him so I could tell him how amazing he was.

Well, I’m pretty sure I can only meet him in my dreams.

I shook my head and laughed and continued on my long way to school.
Noah’s Pov:
“Oh!! My little boys are home!!” Mum exclaimed as I walked into the house with Rex behind me.

I smiled and received the embrace she was already offering.

“Good morning, mum” I beamed

“Oh, my prince charming. You’re looking more handsome!” She held my cheeks and said and I chuckled.

“Nice to see you, mum.”

“Yeah – and I guess I’ll have to come last” Rex muttered from behind and left me to go to him.

“Oh, Rex! Come on; you know you’ll always be my little prince”, she beamed and kissed him, but he didn’t smile or react.

Yeah, Whateber.

“Come on; what’s wrong? Won’t you give me a smile, at least?” Mum cooed and he just sighed

“Nice seeing you again, mum. I think I’ll really be needing a cool shower” he said bluntly and took the stairs, leaving mum astonished.

“Noah, what’s wrong? Are you two having issues?” She asked, her right hand at akimbo.

“Its his problem,,mum. His loss” I scoffed angrily and she flinched.


“We can talk about it later, okay? But for now, I need to rest” I cut her off, calmly tho and she sighed.

“Okay, then. Anyway, your father’s on his way home already. You need to get ready cause he’s coming to have a big meeting with you” she laughed as she helped me with my buttons.


“What meeting?” I asked, already feeling tired.
I’m seriously not ready for one of his arguments.

“Well…I think it has to do with you getting married” she shrugged and I furrowed my brows in dismay.

“What? Don’t tell me he’s still into that. Mum…”

“Well, its just a guess, Noah. Okay? I’m not really sure. I just think that’s his reason. But don’t worry, he doesn’t have a wife yet” she winked at me and I rolled my eyes, tiredly.

“Come on. I’ll accompany you to your room” she held my hand and said and started leading me to the stairs.


“So, how’s the dance competition coming up…?” I asked along the way, trying to bring up more conversations.

(She’s too Perfect)

Episode 2-4

By: Faith Lucky.

  Maxine's Pov:

The road to school was a very long one and I felt like crying.

And I wasn’t even getting close yet.

“Maxine!” I heard someone call from behind and tiredly turned to have a look.


“Pablo!” I beamed as he scuttled to where I was, holding a box of pizza.

“Little pretty girl” he laughed.
That’s what he always calls me.

“Good morning” I greeted, stealing sometime to rest.

“Yeah – hey, why are you walking around? Shouldn’t you be in school?” He asked and I itched my head.

“Uh…actually, I’m on my way to school” I replied.

“Huh? Don’t tell me your sisters left you behind again?”

rugged and he shook his head

“Well, it’s your lucky day. Come on; I’ll give you a ride” he said and my eyes beamed.

Ah! Thank goodness.

“Thank you so much” I said hopefully and followed him to his car.

Might be wondering how I got to know him?

Well, he owns a classic bar and I go there on most occasions to dance – yeah. I entertain his customers by dancing on stage and in return, I get paid. Well, just so you know, my uncle doesn’t really care much about my educational fees and in most cases, I tend to provide for myself. And this semester has been the worst. He hasn’t paid a dime from my fees and the principal’s already threatening to kick me out.

Plus, I’ve got books to buy and also need a new school bag and pair of shoes. The one I’m currently having can make a blind man laugh.

So, Pablo offers me an opportunity to make little money from him by dancing in his bar and get paid. And despite the fact that my family’s warned me to stop dancing, I’ve got no option but have to do it.

“So, how was your night?” Pablo asked as we set out on the road.

“Well…same as always -I guess” I shrugged.

“When will your family ever change towards you, Maxine?” He asked, disappointedly.

“Anyway, will you be coming over to the bar today? I’ll be having lots of customers and perhaps, you might be interested?”

“Okay. What time?” I asked.

“Let’s say…when you’re done from school. What do you think?”

“Hmm. I think that’ll be perfect. I’ll sure be there. Thanks”

“It’s nothing, little pretty girl. Just make sure you come in time, okay?”

“Okay; sure”.

And we continued the ride smoothly.
Noah’s Pov:
I tied the white towel around my waist after taking a long sweet bath and decided to return to the room.

I couldn’t wait to eat and get some sleep.

I retuned to the bedroom and surprisingly, met dad on the bed.

Oh! He’s back.

“Dad!” I called warmly and budged forward.

“Son! How was your trip?” He asked, a little coldly.

Well, I’m really not surprised. That’s just the kind of person dad is. He’s very strict.

“ was pleasant, of course. Thanks. I’m glad to see you”.

“Same here. I’m more than happy you’ve returned.”
He paused and beckoned on me to sit next to him and I did.

“So…Wat’s up, dad? Mum told me you wanted to have a meeting with me” I laughed at the end and he smiled.

“Your mother Can never keep a secret, huh? Anyway, yes. I wanna have a discussion with you. And it’s about the company, Noah.

“I need you to gain possession of it, but first, you need to get married” he said and I rolled my eyes.

Geez! I guess mom was right afterall.

“Married?” I scoffed.
“And why do I need to get married?”

“Because I wouldn’t want you squandering your money aimlessly when you take over. In a situation where you have too many women controlling you, you lose focus and put the company at risk. So, I want you, Noah, to get married and settled with one woman before I can trust my company to you. And I’d suggest you do it pretty fast cause time is not on your side.” He explained, making it sound more ridiculous.

“This is not possible, dad. I’m not ready to get married!”

“Well, listen to me” he reduced his voice to a mutter.
“If you don’t do it, I’ll be forced to give it to your brother cause I’m sure he’s more than willing to get married for the company. Think wisely, son.”

And he stood up.

“I’m giving you two weeks” he said.
“Just two weeks to find a wife of your choice and bring her to me. And if you’re unable to find a wife by then, the company and everything will go to your brother”.

And with that, he left the room, leaving me gob smacked.

(She’s too Perfect)

Episode 3

By: Faith Lucky.

   Maxine's Pov:

After what seemed like forever to me, I finally got to school and of course, I was very late. Classes were already on.

I felt so nervous as I walked into the classroom.

“And why the hell are you just coming?” The teacher stopped to ask me and I also stopped walking.

Oh, God!
All eyes turned on me – including Ruby. She was smirking at me.

“I’m…I’m so

sorry, ma’am. I had to walk all the way here” I replied shyly.

“Really? You mean you walked like a dog?” One of the students close by asked and the others busted into laughter.

“Fine” the teacher sighed and said.
“Come on and have a seat”.

And I gulped down nothing and went to take my seat.

We had two more classes before break time and while others were happily leaving the class in pairs, I had no idea what to do cause I had no friend nor money to get something from the cafe. Thank goodness I ate before coming.

I just remained on my seat and fortunately, I overheard three ladies in front of me talking about Noah.

Well, I’d call it fortunate cause I had something to keep me busy.

“Oh, my! He’s so cute!” The first one squealed.

“Yeah – look at his eyes…”

“You won’t believe I replayed his dance video seven times before going to bed last night…”

“I wish I’d be able to attend his parent’s anniversary party…”;

“Yeah – its gonna be a blast…”

“I heard they’re actually looking for a talented dancer to entertain the guests on that day. Too bad. I wish I was a dancer…”

Hmm. I placed my hand on my chin and thought.

The anniversary party was actually in three days time and yes – his parents were looking for a talented dancer to entertain the guests.

Perhaps, if not for my restrictions, I’d have applied for it. Unfortunately, my family has warned me never to dance again and I really don’t know why.

Although, they can never kill the spirit in me. I was made from dance and will never leave it unless I die.
Rex’s Pov:
I laid quietly on the bed, enjoying songs with my headphone when the door opened and I turned to see it was mum.

Her lips were moving, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying as a result of the headphones and I quickly unplugged them.

“Mum” I called and sat up.

“Rex! What the hell have you been doing? I’ve been knocking for hours now!” She grouse.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. My headphone was connected” I replied and she sighed and came to sit next to me.

“Anyway, how’re you?” She asked.

“Well..I think I’m cool” I shrugged.

“Are you sure? You didn’t look fine to me when you returned.” She said.

“I was just stressed out…”

“You haven’t been joking around with your brother like you normally do. What’s wrong? Are you two having issues?”

I took In a deep breath and ran my fingers into my hair.

“Maybe you should try asking him that question.
Besides, he’s the first son, right?” I rolled my eyes.

“Rex! What has gotten into you? What the hell happened between you two?”

“It’s nothing serious, anyway. That reminds me; I’ve got a little surprise for you”.

I smiled as I stood up and went to my luggage, bringing out the pretty gold necklace I brought home with me.

“Oh, my! Don’t tell me its for me” she squealed happily and I laughed and locked it around her neck.

“It looks pretty on you” I told her and she flushed and ran to the mirror to have a look.
Maxine’s Pov:
Finally, the school came to an end for the day and while others were happy, I was moody – getting to know I’ll be going home again. That house was more like hell

I spotted Tammy and Ruby and as expected, they still left without me. And thank goodness! That was just what I needed. I needed to leave without me so I could have enough time to go to Pablo’s bar and dance. I just hope the pay will be good this time around.

I quickly rushed out to the road to get a cab. Incase you’re wondering, it was Pablo who had given the cab fare to me. Else, I’m completely broke.

I got a cab and boarded it to the bar. I just hope my family doesn’t get to know about this.
Noah’s Pov:
I sat angrily in my room, feeling so angry and dejected.

What the hell does dad mean by I’d have to get married before gaining possession of the company?

Damn it! Is he trying to blame me or what?

He can’t possibly do this to me. He knows how much I adore dancing. He knows dancing is a part of me and I’ve always wanted to be in charge of the company. So, why’s he trying to blackmail me now? How does he expect me to find a wif

e in less than two weeks?

First of all, I’m not in any relationship.
Secondly, there isn’t a single girl on earth that’s gotten my attention. I’m not crushing on anyone. So, how am I expected to find a wife in less than two weeks?


I stormed out of the room, out to the balcony. I just needed to be away from here – needed to clear my head.

Perhaps, chilling in a bar will be okay.

I got to the parking lot and met my driver standing beside the car.

“We’re going out” I told him as I reached for the door.

“Big brother!” I heard Rex call and turned to see him coming towards me.

F**k! What does he want this time around? I’m seriously not in the mood for another argument.

“What is it, Rex?” I asked a little huskily.

“Hey, take some chill pills,okay? I mean no harm” he smirked as he stood in front of me.

“Anyway, are you going out? I…feel like spending some time with my brother” he said and I scoffed.

“Well, soothe yourself”,I replied and walked into the car.
Surprisingly, he followed and sat next to me.


“So, shall we?” He smiled fatuously after shutting the door

My driver also got in and ignited the car.

“Um…sir, where am I taking you?” He turned slightly and asked.

“Just take me to any classic bar…”

“Us” Rex cut in with a smile.
“Take us to any classic bar”.

I scoffed at his capricious attitude and the driver took off.
Hm. Do you think the boys are going to Pablo’s bar?🤔
If yes, what’s gonna happen?

(She’s too Perfect)

Episode 4

By: Faith Lucky.

I felt so happy as I got off the cab and went into the bar.

Well, I couldn’t explain it. I get so excited when it has to do with dance.

I got into the classic bar, walked pass the drinking customers and met Pablo at the counter.

“Hey! Little pretty girl!” He called and my cheeks flushed.

To be sincere, I love spending time with him because he reminds me of the love of a father.

“Good evening, Pablo” I greeted and rested on the counter.

“Is it evening yet? Anyway, how was school today?” He asked.

“It was…same as always”.

“Same always” he said at the same time with me and we ended up laughing.

“Oh! If only you had come sooner, you’d have been able to say hello to my wife and son. They just left a while ago”. He said.

“Oh, my God! Michael was here? Ohhhh. You should’ve told me!”, I frowned playfully.

I really admired that son of his. He was still a kid – yet, very smart. I enjoy playing with him each time we met.

“Oh! That reminds me, I’ve got a little surprise for you” he smiled and brought out a small phone, stretching it out to me.

At first, I was confused.

“Uh…who’s it for?” I asked and he laughed.

“Its for you, little girl. I just decided to get you a little phone so you can play games when you’re bored at home or do something else…you know?” He replied and I gasped.


“Y…You got me a phone?” I squealed and was about jumping on my feet but suddenly stopped.

Oh, no.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked, concerned.

“My family – they’re never gonna let me have a phone and if they find out about this, I might get into trouble” I replied sadly.

“Oh! Come on, little girl. That shouldn’t be a problem. You’re smart and you should be able to hide it from them. I just want you to have a phone because…one of these days, you might be needing it” he said and I was a little confused at what he meant.

One of these days.

“Alright…thanks” I replied and collected the phone from him, slipping it into my bag.

“Oh! More customers are coming in; its time, little girl. Go get dressed so you can dance. You know you make my customers tasty” he laughed and I chuckled and went to the inner room to change.
I changed into the pretty dress that had already been kept there for me and as soon as I stepped out, all eyes turned on me.

“Oh! My little pretty girl” Pablo laughed and I couldn’t help but blush.

I guess I was looking really pretty.

Without wasting any more time, I climbed on the stage and awaited the music to come up.

If only you could open my heart to see the joy in it…


just get so excited each time it came to dancing. Its my being and only source of joy.

I just hope my family doesn’t get to know about this.

Shortly, the music came up and I beamed and set out to work, dancing with a natural sense of rhythm.
Noah’s Pov:
The driver pulled over in front of a classic;- looking bar and Rex and I stepped out of the car.

There was a song playing from it and well…I loved music.

“Hm. I can’t wait to get a cold drink” Rex said and started walking in and I scoffed and did same.

I still don’t get what he’s up to. I mean, he’s mad at me and I’m kinda surprised he suddenly changed few minutes ago.

I know my brother. He’s definitely up to something.

We walked into the bar at the same time and I halted at the door when I saw something that gripped my attention.

There was a lady – dancing on stage.


I stood and got lost staring at her as she moved her body perfectly to the beat. Wow! She seemed really good.

Rex stopped walking when he noticed I wasn’t following and he looked surprised when he turned and found me by the door.

“Noah?” He called and I shrugged out of my thoughts.

He scoffed and continued walking away and I followed him and took a seat.

I didn’t even notice all eyes were on us – me in particular – and I guess that was because I was fixated on the dancer. I just admire people with dancing skills.

Two waitresses rushed to us immediately.

“Welcome, sirs.

“Good evening sirs!” They greeted with so much respect.

“Good evening, pretty” Rex smiled and touched her palm.
Geez! What’s wrong with this guy?

“Um…we’re pleased to have you here with us. Please, what are your orders?” The blushing one asked and I took a quick glance at their menu on the table.

“Just get me a bottle of red wine” I replied.

“Yeah – same here” Rex also said and the waitresses bowed and left.
I took my eyes back to the dancer on stage and saw how passionate she continued dancing. Who was she?
Maxine’s Pov:
I continued dancing, smiling all through.

I was trying my best not to look at the customers cause I really get nervous when I see a lot of people staring at me.

So, each time I’m dancing, I just try to keep my eyes away from the crowd.

After a long while of ecstasy, the music came to an end and that was when my system became calm.

I breathed heavily as I stopped dancing and decided to look at the people cheering for me.


They applauded, making my head three times it’s size.

I was about climbing down the stage when I saw something that nearly pulled me down to the floor.

I’m probably dreaming.

Of course, its not real.

I laughed it off and tried ignoring it by climbing down the stage, but then, it became clear to me.

It became damn clear to me!


Noah was here??? With his brother??

How…How’s that possible?

I gasped and looked at Pablo who was staring back at me

This wasn’t a dream.

Noah was here! And he watched me dance.


Oh my God!!

I felt shivers run through me as his cold eyes bored into mine.

Oh my God!
Without further hesitation, I rushed down the stage and went to Pablo at the counter.

“N…Noah is here?” I stuttered, my heart beating like it wanted to pop out.

“Yes, dear. I’m as surprised as you are. Hold on; I’m going to meet them” he said and tried walking out of the counter.

“No, no. Please, give me my pay. I…I need to leave” I said with a nervous gulp and he shot me a surprised stare.

“Okay; here.” He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out some cash, placing it on my palm.

“Thanks” I said and hurried into the inner room to get changed.
And after which, I left through the backdoor.
Rex’s Pov:
A smile escaped my lips as I saw Noah staring keenly at the dancer.

Hm. Despite the fact we’re having issues, I still know when my brother is interested in something and right now, I can tell he’s interested in that lady.

Well, he loves dancing and everything and anyone related to it and right now, I can tell he was impressed by that lady’s performance.

Finally, I’ve gotten him where I wante

d. I have someone he admires and I’m going to use her as my revenge tool against him for what he did to me.

I smiled widely and brought out my phone, going out to make a call.

And as soon as I was outside, I placed a call to my one of my trusted boys.

☎Hey, John
I grinned on the phone.

☎I’ve got an important job for you.


(She’s too Perfect)

Episode 5-7

By: Faith Lucky.

   Maxine's Pov:

I boarded a cab home, but close to the gate, I stopped the cabby and got off so my family wouldn’t spot me and know I took a ride home.

I walked sullenly towards the house and stopped in front of the gate, knocking on it. The gateman opened up and I walked in.

“Welcome home, ma’am”, he said cheerfully and I just smiled at him and continued walking.

When I got to the entrance of the sitting room, I stopped by the closed door and felt scared of going in.

This house was more like hell for me – considering all I have to and how they treated me.

I stood outside the door and could hear them playing happily. They were so lively, but as soon as I go in, they treat me like an outcast.

“The red gown looks good on me, right?” I heard Tammy ask.

“I seriously can’t wait for the party!!”

“I just hope I get to meet Noah”.

“Or Rex”
And the two sisters ended up laughing.

“Don’t worry, girls” I heard my uncle say.

“Very soon, I’ll be having a huge surprise for you all” he said and their eyes beamed.

“Oh my Goddd! What surprise, dad? You know I love surprises!” I heard Ruby exclaim.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get to know soon enough” he said and I heard them giggle.

I took in a deep breath and decided I couldn’t just stay there forever and so, I decided to go in.

I opened the door slowly and walked in and they all stopped talking as soon as they noticed me.

Oh, right! Let the war begin.

“And finally…the Queen is home” Tammy teased while Ruby smirked.

“Good evening, aunt.

“Good evening, un…”

“And why are you just coming home?” My aunt cut me off and I lowered my gaze to the floor.

“I…I had to walk home. Your daughters wouldn’t let me share the car with them” I replied pathetically.

“Are you trying to say it’s our fault?” Ruby snapped.

“Maybe she needs a slap to reset her brain.” Tammy added.

“Hmph. Anyway, hurry up and change your dress. You’ve got a lot of work to do” My aunt said and I nodded and took the stairs to my room.
My uncle didn’t even say a word but just kept staring at me.

Oh, mum! Dad! Why did you have to leave me so early? Why did you have to abandon me in this cruel world? Why didn’t you just take me along with you?

As soon as I got into my room, I sat heavily on the bed and reminisced on how pathetic my life was. Will things ever get better for me?

I opened my bag and brought out the little cash Pablo had given to me. At least, this should be able to get some of the books I need.

But for my fees…I really don’t know what to do. How will I be able to settle them?
Gosh! Everything was just so complicated. I seriously don’t know why my uncle has refused paying a dime for me this semester.

I laid upwards on the bed and took in a deep breath and suddenly, I recalled the incidence at the bar – a moment I’ll never forget.

I couldn’t believe Noah was actually there – together with Rex.
So, he had seen me dance?

Oh my God!

But what was Noah doing in a place like that? I mean, I thought his type could only go to Million-worth bars. Although, Pablo’s bar was classic, but I never expected to see someone like Noah there.


If I had known, I’d have put in my very best – dance to the fullest.

The thing is – when I’m at the bar, I just dance for fun – dance casually.

If I had known someone like Noah was actually watching, I’d have given him my magical steps.

I paused and laughed.

And why the hell did I run away? Geez! Maxine! I should’ve dallied a little to see if perhaps, he’d say something to me.

I paused and laughed again. What am I even thinking? How on earth am INATH_ INFLUENCE:
expecting the World’s Best Dancer to speak to me? I should actually feel honored he was able to watch me dance. That’s like the biggest honor of my life.

Oh my! He was so cute. I’ll never forget that face. His family and friends are so lucky to always be around him.

I tossed on the bed, still smiling when a knock on the door snapped me out of my wonderland.

“Maxine!!” I heard Tammy scream.

“What the hell are you still doing in there? Hurry up so you can fix my nails!” She bickered and I sprang on my feet.

Oh God!🤦🏻
Noah’s Pov:
I laid on the bed in a ruminative mood, deeply thinking about dad’s offer.
Why on earth does he want me to get married before gaining possession of the company? This was the second day. How am I expected to find a wife in less than 12 days?

God! This man is just being impossible. Is he trying to punish me or what? He knows I’ve always wanted to be in charge of the company because of my love dancing. Why’s he trying to punish me for it, huh?

I thought angrily for a long time and finally decided to get a drink to cool me off.

I headed for the sitting room and met mum on a phone call. I walked pass her to the refrigerator and pulled out a drink.

She yelled on the phone.

☎That’s not possible! The party’s tomorrow. How can such a thing happen at this moment?

I turned and watched her curiously. I wonder what has happened again.

She kept grumbling on the phone, looking like she wanted to cry and after a while, she dropped the call.

“Oh my God!!” She winced, throwing her phone away.

“Mum? What’s wrong?” I asked cursorily.

“It’s the dancer, Noah!” She groaned.
“The lady who’s supposed to dance at the party! They just called and told me she had an accident and has been admitted. What the hell am I going to do? This is already evening! We have just a few hours led. Dignitaries will be there – its gonna be aired live. We can’t just disappoint them now!

“Gosh! This party’s meant to be a blast! I wanted everything to happen perfectly. Why the hell does this have to happen now, Noah?”

I scoffed and drank from my glass.

“Well, we can just look for someone else” I suggested.

“How am I sure she’s gonna be as perfect as this lady? I needed a very good dancer, Noah and this lady was the best. I seriously don’t get why she had to be admitted now” she grumbled and plonked herself on the couch.

I suddenly recalled the girl at the bar. She was kind of a good dancer.

Well, I didn’t know her and I couldn’t find myself going after someone. So, I guess mum would’ve to sort out her problem herself.
Maxine’s Pov:
“Maxine!! Maxine!! Are you dead or what?” My aunt’s bleary voice came penetrated into my deep sleep and forced my eyes open.

She was banging on the door.

Oh my God! Is it morning yet?

“Maxine!!!” She yelled and banged on the door again and I sat up.

“I’m…I’m coming, aunt!” I replied tiredly.

“How can you be sleeping like a corpse? Will you get off that bed before I burn you alive?” She snarled as I itched my eyes.

“I’ll…I’ll be there shortly, aunt” I replied and heard her walk away.

Gosh! I was so tired and dizzy. I really needed a lot of rest.

I itched my head and was about leaving the bed when my phone started vibrating. Thank goodness it was on silent.

I checked the caller and of course, it was Pablo

I smiled faintly as I picked it up.

I called, making sure my voice was low enough.

☎little pretty girl”
He called and I chuckled.

☎How are you doing baby?

☎I”m fine. Good morning, Pablo

☎Good morning, little girl. Listen to me, I’ve got some great news for you. I need you to come over to my bar on your way to school. Please, Maxine. Come as fast as you can because its very important. Is that understood?”
He said with his voice imbued with so much seriousness like I’ve never heard before.

☎Um…Okay, Pablo. I’ll be there.
I replied.

☎Okay, good. I’ll be waiting”
He said and dropped the call and immediately, I fixed the phone into my bag.

Come to think of it; why’s it so urgent for Pablo to see me this early? Wha

t does he have in mind?

I shrugged and left the bed, going out of the room to the sitting room.

On my way down the stairs, I found Tammy and Ruby in the sitting room, trying out their dresses for the anniversary party tonight.

They kept laughing and looked so happy.

“I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to attract Noah by the time I step into that hall” Ruby smiled.

“Yeah – and I’ll go for Rex” Tammy also said and they ended up laughing.

They looked so charming and pretty. Too bad, I won’t be able to attend the party.

Well, of course. They’ve already told me I won’t be attending. Besides, I don’t even have what it takes to be there. The whole country – if not the world – will be watching – and I can’t go to such a party dressed in rags.

“What’s she staring at?” Tammy asked with a glare and I quickly took my eyes away.

This lady has no respect. I mean, I’m older than her yet, she talks to me like we were age mates.

“Come on, Tammy; let’s hurry up and prepare for school” Ruby said and they left the sitting room together.
I did what I had to do that morning – made me breakfast, tidied the house and set everything Tammy and Ruby needed for school.

And thankfully, they left without me again. Well, I was praying for that because I needed to meet Pablo at the bar.

When they left, I set out on the road as well and boarded a cab to Pablo’s bar. I was so curious and at the same time – excited.
I was curious to know why he wanted to see me that morning.

After a long ride, we got to the bar and I settled the cabby and hurried in to meet Pablo. I just hope he doesn’t make me late for school.

Since it was still early, there weren’t much customers yet and I met Pablo busy at the counter.

“Pablo” I called when I got closer to him and he turned to look at me.

“Hey; little pretty girl” he chuckled.

“You’re here; finally. Come on, come on. We don’t have much time”.

He came out of the counter and took me to the inner room where he made me sit, facing him.

“What is it, Pablo?” I asked curiously.

“Okay; listen to me, little girl. I’ve got a very interesting job for you. A splendid one.

“I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the Sigmund Anniversary party coming up tonight. Now, listen to me; the lady who’s meant to dance at the party got involved in a terrible accident last night and right now, she’s at the hospital. So, I’ve got some connections at the institute and they’re desperately in need of a very good dancer”.

He paused and held my hands.
I still couldn’t understand where he was headed.

“Little girl, I want you to be the dancer at the party” he said and my eyes beamed.

Oh, my God!!😱😱😱

What happens next? Will Maxine be able to dance at such a huge party?

(She’s too Perfect)

Episode 6

By: Faith Lucky.

   Maxine's Pov:

My eyes beamed as my hands fell freely from his.

I scoffed and blinked rapidly. Did I just hear him correctly or what?

“Pablo?” I called.
“I…I don’t understand”.

“What’s there not to understand, little girl?” He replied sharply.

“Its very simple. I need you to dance at the party”

“But I can’t. I mean, you know its not possible. First of all, my family will never approve of me going to the party. And secondly, you know very well I’ve been warned to stop dancing. So, how do you expect me to dance?

“And thirdly, its gonna be a big party which will be aired live and watched by millions. How can I…”

“That isn’t the issue, Maxine” he cut in, his hand on mine.
“You’re a perfect dancer and I’m sure you’ll make them go crazy. You’re just good enough for the job”

“But what about my family? They’re gonna be there as well and they’ll kill me if they see me dance”.

He paused and brought out a veil.

“What if…nobody sees your face?”

I flinched and looked at the red veil.

“You…want me to put it on?” I asked, perplexed.

“Yes, little girl. All you have to do is wait behind for your family to leave and when they’re gone, you come out to the roadside where I’ll be waiting for you and. We’ll come here to the bar and get change

me, looking like a Roman Queen.

“And here you are” she said when she met me.

She paused and took a look at the clothes.

“Well, when you’re done washing, you can get some food from the kitchen” she rolled her eyes left.

I continued washing – more slowly now because I was getting tired already – and after a while, I heard the sound of the gate opening and their cars driving out and I figured they were done.

Hah! Oh, God!

I stood up and ran to confirm it and indeed, they were gone. They’ve left the party.

Oh, Maxine! Am I really doing this?
I ran my fingers into my hair and thought for a while. Of course!

And without further hesitation, I ran into the room.

I took my bath, got changed and called Pablo afterwards.

☎Hello? Pablo?

☎Little girl! Please, tell me you’re on way. They’ll be calling on the dancer soon.

☎Um…yes. I’m on my way.

☎Okay. Good. I’m by the roadside already. Hurry up.

And I hung up.

I took in a deep breath in front of the mirror and hurried out of the house.

I got out to the roadside and found him like he said – already waiting for me in his car and immediately, I rushed to him and sat next to him at the front seat.

“Thank goodness you changed your mind” he said with relief.

“Please Pablo, hurry up. I need to come home as soon as possible” I said anxiously.
I couldn’t recall the last time I was this nervous.

“Of course, of course” he replied and took off at once.

He took me to his bar where he said I’d be attended to by some make up artistes and fashionistas.

“I…I thought you’d be the only one to see my face?” I asked him as we walked into the bar.

“Don’t worry, dear. I have everything covered. They won’t say a word” he assured me, but I still felt uneasy.

Gosh! How am I sure they can be trusted? What if one of them gets to expose me or something?

He took me to the inner room and there I met them all seated like they were really waiting for me.

They were about five of them and they stood up the moment they saw me.

“Please ladies, we don’t have much time. Try and hurry up as soon as possible. We’re running out of time” Pablo said to them and they all nodded affirmatively.

“Please ma’am; take a seat” one of them said and I gulped nervously and took the seat in front of them.

And with snappy fingers, they set out to work immediately.
I wasn’t looking at the mirror, but I could bet they were transforming my face into something else. Was the make up really necessary? I mean, considering the fact I’d be covering a veil.

After what seemed like forever to me, they finally rounded up their work on my face and asked me to put on the dress. It was a pretty ball gown and I stripped and wore it on. Wow! I loved the length and everything.

I was given a pair of red sparkling heels and some pretty jewelries were worn on me as well.

And after everything, I was finally asked to have a look in front of the mirror and I did.

I walked slowly towards it and stood in front of it and my eyes gleamed at the sight I beheld.


I gasped as I couldn’t recognize my own image. Was this for real?

I had to touch the mirror for confirmation and that was when it became clear to me. It really was me. It was me – Maxine.

So…I was this beautiful?

Oh my God!

Tears threatened to drop but luckily, Pablo entered immediately, bringing me out of my delusion.

“Hey; are you ready?” He asked hastily as I looked at him.

“Yeah” I nodded with a sniff and he came to me with the veil and covered it on my face.

And that way, just my eyes were exposed, making me look like a princess from Arab.

“Come on; let’s go. The organizers are already waiting” he held my hand and said and I followed him out of the room.

Oh, Maxine! You can do this.
Ruby’s Pov:
“Will you stop drinking, Tammy? Do you wanna get drunk?” I rasped at Tammy and snatched the glass of drink from her.

“Hey; what’s wrong with you, Ruby? Let me have it back. I’m not a baby anymore” she grumbled.

“Really? You’re just 16 and you think you’re not a baby? It seems you need a slap” I glared at her, making sure I kept the drink far awa



“Have some shame for God’s sake!” I growled at her.
“Look at the people around us. Do you really wanna create a scene?”

And she frowned and folded her hands.

Gosh! I wonder why mum and dad are not here. They’ve been busy meeting up with familiar guests.

The party was a beanfeast and trust me when I say this; it was a blast.

Press men were all over, taking record of the whole thing.
Men of high personalities could be seen around.
Geez! This is actually my first time attending such a party and I feel so honored having such parents like mine.

Oh!! I wish there was a way I’d get to meet Noah

Shortly, mum showed up, having a worried expression.

“Mum! You won’t believe what Ruby did to me…” Tammy tried to pout.

“will you just shut up?” I snapped at her and she fumed.

“Mum, is something wrong?” I turned to her and asked.

“Yes, dear. My monthly cramps just came up without a warning and I need to go home. I’m afraid I might end up getting stained”, she said and I flinched.

“You’re going home?” I asked perplexed.

“Yes, I need to. I…I can’t stand the pains”.

“So, you’re gonna miss the party??” Tammy asked, abacked.

“Yes – unfortunately. But if I’m strong enough, I might follow it up from TV. Either ways, I just need to get home now” she winced and took her bag from the table.

“Okay, mum. Bye” I said dolefully and she pecked Tammy and I before leaving.
This is serious😱😱😱

(She’s too Perfect)

Episode 7

By: Faith Lucky.

Hannah's Pov (Maxine's aunt):

I hurried out of the party with my bag, feeling so angry that I had to leave this early. It was never the plan.

Gosh! I seriously don’t know why this stuff had to come in now. It’s so annoying.

Since we had all arrived here with one car – my husband’s car – I had to return home with a cab – making it so unbearable for me.

I waited by the roadside and finally boarded a cab home.
Maxine’s Pov:
Pablo and I drove for a long time and surprisingly, he stopped along a lonely path where three black jeeps were parked and seemed to be waiting for someone.

“Come on, Maxine” Pablo said as he came out of the car and I also did same and followed him out, although I was a little confused.

I saw three women and two men in suits, all waiting outside the jeeps.

“You kept us waiting for too long, Mr Pablo. At some point, I was beginning to think you were gonna disappoint us” one of the women in suit spoke with so much fluency as she stared at her gold wrist watch.

“I’m so sorry, ma’am. We get held up” Pablo replied and she looked at me – they all looked at me.

“So…is the veil really necessary?” Another asked, making me nervous.

“Yes – I explained it to you, right? She…doesn’t want anyone to see her face. And it doesn’t stop her from dancing as long because she’s still gonna be perfect” Pablo enthused and she sighed.

“Well, I hope so. Come on, we need to leave now” the woman said as they all turned towards the jeeps.

Huh? Am I really going with them?

“Come on, little girl. Go along with them. I’ll be here waiting here for you”. Pablo prodded me.

“Why? Won’t you be coming along?” I asked nervously.

“No, I can’t. You’re in their care now. But don’t worry, okay? You’re safe”.

I turned to the men and women who were already in the cars. But the door of the last jeep was kept open with one woman standing outside.

“Come on, now. We don’t have much time, please” the woman said and I gulped nervously and went in with them.
Hannah’s Pov:
This is gonna be my last time ever making use of a public cab!

Gosh! I so hate it when I get to share my space with commoners. Thank goodness I was sitting close to the window so I had to take in air.

We were just four in the cab, but it felt like thousands to me. And they all smelt like rotten eggs. Geez! I really couldn’t wait to get off this thing.

Suddenly, I noticed something strange.

Huh? What’s happening?

The driver – he was taking a different direction.

I flinched and looked at him.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” I asked paranoid, but

d – put on the veil and we go to the party. You won’t even spend up to thirty minutes cause as soon as you’re done dancing, I’ll bring you straight home and everything will be back to normal long before your family returns. Come on, little girl. The pay will be huge and with this, you’ll be able to clear your fees and have enough savings. You should make use of this opportunity”.he spoke enthusiastically, making me cogitate on jt.

It kinda sounded cool. But I was scared.

“Little girl…”

“What if someone gets to know I was the dancer?” I asked

“They won’t, okay? I promise you; your secret will be safe with me and no one; nobody at all will ever get to know it was you” he replied and I sighed.

But what if something goes wrong? Will I be able to do this?

Oh my God! Can I dance at such a huge party? Will it be possible?
My head was muzzy throughout the day in school as all I could think of was Pablo’s offer. Was I really gonna accept it?

It was cool, but sounded too risky to me. What if my family gets to see me somehow? Or my identity gets leaked? I’ll definitely be dead in the hands of my family.


And thinking about the other aspect…will I really be able to dance at such a huge party? With the entire country watching? That alone made me nervous.

The anniversary party was the talk of the entire school as the students couldn’t stop beaming and again, I imagined myself dancing in front of such a huge crowd.

The school coming to a close was more like a relief for me and as expected, Tammy and Ruby went home without me. I seriously wonder where they got this new attitude theirs – always going home without me.

Well, I guess I might really need to dance at the party so I can save up money for a lot of things. I’m just… really really scared.

Pablo had given me some money on my way from his bar and with that, I boarded a cab home with it but as expected, I stopped a little distance from the house and walked the remaining way home. I just hope everything goes on as planned.

I got to the entrance and pushed the door gently, going into sitting room and there I found Tammy and Ruby trying on their dresses. Their mother was there as well.

“Why are you home early?” Ruby snapped and I halted.

“Yes. Didn’t you trek home?” Tammy also chipped in and I thought of what to say.

“I…someone gave me a lift – a lady from the school” I replied nervously.
I should’ve thought about it. They’d suspect I arrived too early.

Oh, please! I really don’t want them to think I have a source of money

“Good evening, aunt” I went ahead to greet and all I got was a glare.

“Save your greetings and hurry to the backyard. I kept some clothes for you to wash”, she said belligerently and I nodded and took the stairs, going to change.

I got into my room and sat on the bed for a short time, contemplating on the whole thing.
Will I be able to do this? Dance at such a huge party?


I looked at the time; it was fast approaching and I needed to make a quick decision.

Maybe, I should just dance after all. I mean, no one would get to know it’s me. Pablo has already promised to protect my identity and I can trust him, right?

Yes; I can trust him.

I stood up and changed into a casual dress and went straight to the backyard afterwards. I was so hungry and can’t believe my first welcome is getting to wash a hip of clothes.

I got to the backyard and my eyes drooped at the sight of clothes I saw.

Whaaaat? How does she expect me to wash these? Oh my God! It looked more like she brought them to a laundry woman. They were damn too much. Couldn’t she be considerate for once?? Huh?

I exhaled tiredly and went to sit in front of the big rubber where I mixed the clothes, water and detergent. Will I be able to get these done before the party?

Immediately, I set out to work, washing as fast as I could.
2 hours passed and I was still washing and by then, my family were already prepared for the party.

My aunt, uncle, Tammy and Ruby. Although, I couldn’t see everyone of them since I was in the backyard but my aunt was the one who came to

none of them said a word.

He was now heading into a deserted area.

“Hey! I’m talking to you! This is a different route. Turn around!” I rasped, but they still didn’t say a word.

Oh my!

Immediately, I tried opening the door beside me but stopped when the man next to me brought out a gun and pointed it at me.


“If you don’t stay still, you’ll have yourself to blame” he threatened, making my eyes heavy.


I shuddered in fear and looked at the rest of the men in the car and that was when it became clear to me – I was in the midst of gangsters.

I watched helplessly as they continued driving with me deeper into the deserted area and finally parked in the midst of grasses.

“Drop your bag and get out” the one with the gun said.

“What? So, you’re really gonna rob me?” I asked in disbelief.

“Drop your bag and stop asking stupid questions!” The driver snarled from the front seat.

Oh my God! They were so many important things in my bag.

“I should’ve known” I spat out.
“Commoners like you will always be petty thieves!!”

And immediately, he gave me a hard hit with the gun on my head and I found myself passing out.
Ruby’s Pov:
I stood next to Tammy as we fixed our gaze on the stage, enjoying the young lady singing.

That was the second person singing for the night and I kinda preferred this to the first.

“Where the hell is dad?” Tammy asked, chewing from her cupcake.

“I don’t know. I was hoping he was somehow, going to take me to Noah” I replied pathetically and she chuckled.

“Oh, my God!! Ruby, take a look!!” Tammy suddenly gripped my hand and exclaimed, making me a bit startled.

“What is it??” I rasped and looked at the direction she was pointing at.


The A3.

I fred my hand from Tammy’s grip and took a proper look at them as they walked in.

They were three arrogant s*xy ladies and were best of friends

Their names – Alexa, Audrey and Anna – hence they were called the A3.
They were actually crazy dancers and were part of the Star Dance Competition coming up in a few days…

“Awwn! Look at Alexa’s red hair! She’s so hot!” Tammy squealed and I glared at her.

“You’re so dumb, you know that? You shouldn’t be admiring them cause they’re your rivals” I queried.

“Oh, please! You really think I stand a chance in that competition? I’m just participating because mom wants me to. Yes, I love dancing, but I’m not perfect yet. I still have a lot to learn and right now, I’m not qualified for that competition. I know I won’t even pass the first round” she said and I laughed and I shook my head.

Foolish girl.

All the guests kept staring at them as they walked pass their tables. Hm. Indeed, they were hot.

The singer on stage finally rounded up her performance and next and the emcee came up and announced it was time for the dancer…
Noah’s Pov:
I stood beside the VVIP table, facing the stage and getting bored by all the performances.

Seriously, if not for the fact that this was my parents’ anniversary party, I’d have left a long time ago. It was damn too boring – to me – since I didn’t want to associate with anyone.
“Hey, Noah” I heard a familiar tiny voice call and turned to see the A3 standing beside me.


“Hey” I called back, out of words and she hugged me – Alexa.
What the hell? With the guests around??

I pulled away from the hug immediately

“I’ve missed you and I’m glad you’re back. Sorry, I haven’t come to pay you a visit at home. I’ve damn sooooo busy. You know? Hooked up with rehearsals for the big competition” she said with a little laughter and I just smiled.

“Hi, Noah” Anna also said and brought out her hand for a handshake and I collected it.

“Hey” Audrey did same

Actually, I used to be a little close to the A3, but things changed..I just suddenly felt like keeping a little distance and to crown it all, I left the country with Rex and the distance became much.

“Um…we’ll catch up with you later” Anna and Audrey said and left, leaving Alexa with me.

Why do I feel like…this is a plan

Hmph. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised. Alexa’s has always had her eyes

on me.

She stood next to me and faced the stage. The emcee was trying to call on the dancer.

“So…how was your stay in Dubai, Noah?” She asked and I shrugged and took a drink from the table.

“It was fine, I guess” I replied.

“Um…if I may ask…is there a specific reason you returned? I mean, you spent two years in Dubai and…”

There was a vast change on the stage as colorful beaming lights circulated and a heavy sound produced.

Even Alexa was interrupted by it as it seemed to grip the attention of many.

I watched keenly and saw the red curtains open with the dancer walking in – taking slow and stylish steps.

She covered a veil and looked like an Arab princess.

A light gasp ran across the hall as a result of how pretty and unique she dressed. And standing on the middle spot, she awaited the music.
Maxine’s Pov:
I felt so nervous; like I never thought I’d feel in my entire life.

I stood at the middle spot and awaited the song I had chosen – a suitable song.

All eyes were staring st me. The pressmen and event recorders were hovering around the stage.

I also spotted him – Noah.

Oh my God!!

He was standing close to the stage, his eyes fixed to the stage.

At some point, I feared my veil would fall off. But then, it was pinned to my hair, making it 99% impossible for it to fall off. At least, it made me feel safe.

I found myself staring back at Noah and soon, the slow music came up and I did what I’ve always done – avoid looking at the guests while dancing.

Song – Fly.

I danced to the best of my ability – like I’ve never danced in Pablo’s bar.

The atmosphere was in my favor – captivating and impeccable. I could feel the wind dancing along with me. Even the floors where I marched where in concurrence with me.

At that moment, I felt ontop of the world.

Just like the song, I was flying…
I kinda wished the performance never came to an end but unfortunately, it did and that was when I decided to look at the guests.

I was panting heavily and my eyes caught with so many faces smiling at me.

And next, there was a clapping ovation. Different lights kept flashing at me, lights of people taking pictures of me.

Oh God! I couldn’t believe this.

I looked at Noah and just like everybody else, his gaze was fixed on me.

The ovation became much that I couldn’t handle anymore and I ran out of the stage.
Noah’s Pov:
For the first time in my life, I met someone who left me speechless – a dancer with a difference – one that’s never been seen.

I was speechless and the drink I held nearly slipped from my hand.

Was that for real??

She danced with so much passion and effervescent – making everything perfect.

She never faltered in any of her steps.

If there was a word more than perfect, I’d have used it on her.

I couldn’t even take my eyes off her for a second.

The whole time she was dancing, I felt her spirit around me.

Who was she? And why was her face covered?

She stared at me and finally ran out of the stage, but I wasn’t satisfied. I needed to speak with her – see her face.

I know I hated running after people, but this particular lady – she was different and inexpressible. I needed to know her.

And I found myself running after her.

“Noah?” Alexa called from behind but I ignored her and ran away.

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