Dark Revenge All Episodes

Dark Revenge All Episodes


Dark Revenge 1 – 5



💢💢💢Chapter One💢💢💢


Two sisters, dressed in their godly dresses with scarfs, walked down a street in the Seoul City.

Though, one was older than the other.

They held their bibles in their right hands.

The younger sister sighted something beside the road.

“Sister Sylvia, look at that”, she said to the second woman, pointing at the thing.

They moved closer to it slowly.

“A child?”, sister Esther said confusedly.

“A child?”, Sister Sylvia also asked with confusion.

Sister Sylvia gave her Bible to Esther and squatted down beside the unconscious child.

“She is a girl”, she said.

The little girl was partly covered with smoke dust, her clothes were torn and her hair were scattered.

“Let’s take her to the cathedral”, Sister Esther suggested.

“She needs help”, she added and Sister Sylvia nodded.

Sister Sylvia stared at the little girl and said;

“A bright future awaits her, but only if she choose the right path”.

“She is cursed?”, Sister Esther asked.

“Yes. She is caused but also a blessed child. But when she grows up, she’ll have to make a hard decision. That decision would decide what really awaits her in the future. Evil or good? Blessed or cursed? An happy living or a living she won’t regret”, Sister Sylvia said.

“She must be from a rich home
Look at her wrist, this bracelet is pure gold”, Sister Esther said and they looked at her wrist.

“The front letters are broken”, Sister Sylvia said.

“UNG”, Sister Esther read out.


They carried the girl and took her to the cathedral.


Sister Sylvia’s POV


~The next day…~


I sat beside the little girl on one of the beds in the cathedral hostel.

She opened her eyes and sat up.

“Bless you, child”, I said and she stared at me.

“What is your name?”, I asked and she said nothing.

“Don’t be scared, I won’t harm you. This place is the cathedral hostel, where lost, disable, orphan and so on lives. A place of God, we train them to believe in God, rely on him and have faith in him.
I’m Sister Sylvia, what’s your name?”, I asked again.

“I…don’t remember”, she said in her tiny voice.


“How old are you?”, I asked.

“I don’t remember”, she uttered, staring at her fingers.

“You don’t remember anything about yourself?”, I asked and she nodded ‘yes’.

“Rita, Park Rita! That’s your new name. You’re exceptional, Rita”, I said and she blinked her eyes.

I smiled at her and caressed her hair.

“I guess you should be 6-7 years old”, I guessed.


💢💢💢 Park Rita’s POV 💢💢💢

~9 years after…~


I sat on a bench in the church and held my golden bracelet tightly.

Sister Sylvia told me that they found it with me when I was little.

When I first saw the bracelet, I had an headache, but now, am used to it.

I always feel connected to it.

Unlike other children in the hostel, I don’t make friends, I prefer to be alone.

I’m now 15 years old, according to the birthday date Sister Sylvia gave me.

I always feel like my world was different from the one am currently living.

This golden bracelet can even explain that I was from a rich family.

Even my characters and some other stuffs.

“Aigoo! (Oh my God!). My child is here again, seeking for something from him?”, I heard Sister Sylvia’s voice.

I smiled and turned to her.

She also smiled back and sat beside me on the bench.

“It’s been 9 years now”, I said sadly.

“Let’s wait patiently for God’s miracles”, she advised and I gave a brief laughter.

“God’s miracle?”, I muttered and smirked.

“Just believe in his miracles. Maybe that’s why it’s taking so long since you don’t even believe it”, Sister Sylvia said and I scoffed.

She hit my head gently.

“Ouch… Sister Sylvia!”, I groaned.

“It’s not even painful, don’t pull my legs”, she said and I rest my head on her shoulder.

“I believe in God and his miracles. You taught me how to be a good worshipper”, I said and she smiled.

“Don’t worry, even if after I know who I really am, I won’t forget you. You’re my mother, my father, my role model and my world. I’ll grown up into a religious rich woman and take good care of you”, I assured and she smiled again.

“Good! But you should spend your money on the people who really need it, not on me. And don’t make promises you can’t fulfill. Let’s just wait”, she said and I laughed.

“Trust me. I don’t make promises I can’t fulfill”, I said and she smiled sadly.

“Always be the good girl with good characters everyone know you as. No matter how hard the situation is, don’t let your emotions control you. You’re stronger than you think”, she said and smiled, squeezing my hands.

She stood up and walked out.

“What does she meant by that? What situation might be so hard that I would need to be strong and make a good decision?”, I muttered to myself in confusion.

I stood up and put the bracelet in my pocket before walking out of the church.

I’m still puzzled by what Sister Sylvia said.


I was heading to the hostel when I suddenly bumped into someone.

The girl who seems to be my age mate fell on her butt and groaned in pain.

“I’m sorry”, I apologized and stretched my hand to lift her up.

She gladly took it and regained her stamina.

She smiled and waved her hand;

“It’s okay”, she said and I nodded.

She doesn’t look like any of the children who lives here, her dressings look expensive.

“I’m SoRa, Yoon SoRa”, she said and I rolled my eyes.

“Okay”, I uttered.

“And you?”, She asked.

“Park Rita”, I replied.

“I came here with my mom. I was walking around before I bumped into you, though, i don’t even know anywhere”, she blabbed and I nodded.

Who asked her?

“You’re live here, right?”, She asked and I nodded again.

“So can you show my around?”, She requested.

“Okay”, I replied hesitantly.

We walked around and she didn’t stop blabbling about everything.

Though, she is cheerful and fun to be with.
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I even laughed to some jokes she cracked and her childish attitudes.

“There! She’s my mom”, she pointed at a woman who was sharing some gifts to the children.

I felt a sharp pain in my head.

“Ah…”, I groaned in pain and placed my palm on my head.

That woman!

I know her but… It’s just difficult for me to remember.

“Are you okay?”, SoRa asked, which snapped me outta my thought.

“I’m fine. I just need to rest”, I replied.

“Aww, I wanna introduce you to my mom. But it’s okay, we’ll visit another time, then I’ll introduce you to her”, she said and I nodded.

“Uh, should I escort you to your hostel?”, She asked.

“No, don’t worry! Bye!!”, I said and waved at her.

She waved back;


I walked away and went to the hostel to sleep.

I don’t understand that strange feeling and my sudden headache when I saw the woman.

It happened to me when I saw my bracelet the first time too.

And even Sister Sylvia’s words are still baffling me in my mind.



Dark Revenge



💢💢💢Chapter Two💢💢💢


💥 Park Rita’s POV 💥


~ 2 years after… ~

“Rita!! Rita!! Wake up!!!”, I heard SoRa’s voice, she was hitting me with a pillow.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

“Thank God!”, She muttered and I laid down back on the bed.

“Rita!”, She yelled.

“Ugh! Can’t I have a nice sleep without any disturbance for Christ’s sake!”, I also yelled.

“Good! Have a nice quiet sleep!! But I swear down, I won’t ever suffer myself searching for a job for you!”, She shouted angrily and I heard her walked out of the room.

Job! Job!! Job!!! Job!!!

“Job?!!!”, I screamed and got down from the bed.

I can’t loose this job, not again!

This’ll be the 5th job I’ll lose if am not hired again, just in a week!

Thanks to SoRa, she has been helping me to search for part-time jobs but I always get fired on my first day due to my lateness.

I quickly freshened up and dressed up before I left my room.

I’ve been living with SoRa in her apartment for a year and half.

Remember that I met her 2 years ago at the cathedral where I lived before.

Even though I don’t live there again but I often visit, especially Sister Sylvia.

And after all, I’m a church girl

Well, SoRa became my friend after we coincidentally met at the church.

She offered me to live with her and I gladly accepted.

And her mom, Mrs. Yoon So Hyun, maybe it was just my imagination.

I don’t think I’ve met her before.

By the way, she is really nice.

Like mother like daughter.

Before I met SoRa, I don’t really associate with people.

But now, that’s outta my Constitution.

I realized that life really sucks being alone and doing things alone.

It’s keeps you in deep darkness and far from what the world beholds.

SoRa is like my blood sister, she brought light to my dark world.

She often talks about her dad, Mr. Yoon Koong Min, but I’ve never met him because he lives abroad.

And that reminds me, I haven’t regain my memories.

Me and SoRa went to the luxurious restaurant and thank God, I was hired as a waitress.

SoRa also works there.

I wonder why a heir of big companies like her prefer to work as a part-time waitress.

That’s one of the lovely thing I love about her.

I changed into my new uniform which was a white long sleeves shirt and black short skirt which reached my mid thigh.

I packed my hair into a loose bun, leaving some strands and put on my white footwear.

“Ms. Park! Attend to a customer at the VIP section on the third floor, table 045”, the manager, Mrs. Mun, ordered and gave me a jotter and pen.

“Okay ma”.

I took the elevator to the 3rd floor.

This restaurant is really fancy.

I searched for TABLE 045 and found it not too long.

A young handsome guy who sat on the seat was busy with his phone.

“Excuse me”, I said nervously.

He looked up at me and dropped his phone on the table.

He even look more handsome now, perhaps, he is a God?!


I don’t do boys things, you know, am a church girl!

“Your order please?”, I requested and he smirked.


He took the menu card and glance through it, flipping the pages.

“I guess you’re new here”, he said in his sexy voice, still looking at the menu card.

“Yes”, I replied.

But how did he know I am new here?

“Macaroon êt Café au lait”, he said and dropped the menu card.


He sighed and chuckled.

Christ sake!

He just spoke in French.

I understood that what he ordered for were french delicacies, but how do I jott it down.

He collected my jotter and pen, then wrote something on it before he gave them back to me.

“Macaroon and Café au lait”, he said again and I looked at what he wrote down.

I nodded and smiled nervously.

“Okay”, I bowed a little and left.



Minutes later….

I brought the foods he ordered with a tray and placed them on the table.

I took the tray and turned to leave.


I turned back to him and raised my eye brows.

“Seat down!”, He said and I looked around me.

“Me?”, I asked confusedly and he nodded ‘yes’.

I smiled and said:

“I’m really sorry sir, but it’s against the rules here to seat with customers”.

He smirked and took his phone.

He did something on it and placed it on his left ear.

“Can I borrow the waitress you sent to take my order for some minutes”, he said to the person on the other line.

What the hell?!

“Ok”, he smiled and dropped his phone.

My phone beeped and I checked the message.


                      ~FROM MRS. MUN

He smiled, which revealed his cute dimples and gestured me to sit.

I sat reluctantly.

I don’t even know him, but he seems like a regular customer.

“You can order for anything”, he said and I rolled my eyes.

“Thanks, but am not hungry”, I said and stood up to leave.

“Please wait! What’s your name?”, He asked and I glared at him.

“Elm…me…I…am…Lee Ji-Joon”, he stammered.

I raised my eye brows and gave a brief laughter.


“What’s your name?”, He asked again.

“Park Rita!”, I replied smoothly.

“Huh, ohh”, he uttered and scratched his neck nervously.

“You’re different from other girls. They would have screamed or probably fainted if they heard my name, not to talk of meeting me, as in sitted in front of them”, he said and I scoffed.

“Congratulation”, I blurted out.

“Ohh”, he uttered and pouted his lips.


💢 Lee Ji-Joon’s POV


~ 2 weeks later… ~


I lean on the sofa bed in my bedroom, staring at Rita’s pictures I secretly took on my phone.

Like is an understatement, I love Rita!

This is what we call love on first sight!

But she’s still playing hard to get.

She always try to avoid me but I won’t give her any space.

What are you thinking?
That am a playboy I’m rich and handsome?

Hell no!
I don’t joke with heart when it comes to love.

I’m Lee Ji-Joon,
3rd most richest young multi-billionire businessman.

Every girl’s dream boy, but I don’t do girls things.

I suck when it comes to flirting with ladies.

But I can give you that sexy smirk, wink and smile which always reveal my hot dimples that makes girls go gaga.

Well, don’t think am bragging with my parent’s wealth.

I make my money with my sweats, I became successful through my hardworks.

I wanna settle down with the woman I love and make momma proud.

And that woman will be RITA!


Someone bang my door open and walked in.

“Mom!”, I yelled and stood up.

“Now you associate with commoners?”, Mom shouted.

Well, don’t mind her.

That’s the mom I got.

A drama queen!

“Mom! Who is a commoner?”, I asked and pouted.

“Park Rita!”, She blurted and I huffed.

“Mom! Rita is not a commoner! I love her!”.

“That’s why you’ve been stalking her around like a lost puppy. Oh my God! JiJoon, you can’t stoop so low!”.

“Gosh! Your dream is to happily watch me get married to the woman I love, right?”.

“Don’t telle it’s Park Rita. You don’t even know who she is!”.

“But am ready to know everything about her and spend my life with her. We’ll give you grandchildren mom. You’ve always wanted that!”, I sat and pouted.

“But you can find someone else. Someone of your class, like Yoon SoRa”.


“Sir?! You heard me. So Hyun is my friend and I want you to marry her daughter, SoRa”, she said.

“Mom, am getting pissed!”, I said and frowned.

She pouted;

“Worefa! It’s your choice! Humph!”, She scoffed and I smiled.

I moved closer to her and pecked her cheek.

“Gross!”, She mumbled and I chuckled.

“My cute mom. I love you more than anything in the whole world”, I exclaimed and hugged her.

She ruffled my hair and giggled.
.”I can’t wait to meet her”, she whispered into my ear and I disengaged from the hug.

I made a thumb up and whispered back:

“She is perfect!”.

She giggled more.

“I gotta go now. I’ve an appointment with Mr. Kennedy Marcus from Australia”, she said and kissed my forehead.

“Okay mom!”.

“Bye my little boy!”.

“Mom! Am not a little boy, am a grown up man”.

She winked at me and walked out.

I chuckled.

That’s what I love most about my mom.

She is really simple and dramatic.

But my dad…

That’s a story for another day.

I jumped up and down like a kid.



💥💥 Yoon SoRa’s POV

I feel like strangling that so called Rita!

Lee JiJoon, the man I love is crazily in love with her.

I’ve known JiJoon since childhood but now he is in love with RITA!!!

Her name alone makes me wanna poke!

You heard me right!

I’ll ruin you PARK RITA!!!!

Even if she didn’t stole the man I love from me, I’ll ruin her life.

I’ll AVENGE my father’s DEATH!!!

She should get ready for my WRATH!!!



Dark Revenge 🌺


💢💢💢Chapter Three💢💢💢


💥 Park Rita’s POV 💥

I rushed outta the restaurant, where I work.

Sister Esther called me urgently that Sister Sylvia was shot.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks uncontrollably.

I waited impatiently for a cab but there was none.

A black Lexus car rolled in and parked in my front.

Some people are frustrating!

The car window rolled down and it revealed handsome Lee Ji Joon.

Did I just said handsome?

He has been frustrating my life.

To my biggest surprise, he is the owner of the restaurant I work for.

“Earth to RiTa!”, He yelled and I flinched in shock.

I wiped my tears and sniffed.

“Are you okay?”, He asked, still holding the steering.

“I’m fine. Just leave me”, I said and turned to leave.

I need to see Sister Sylvia.

He reversed and asked:

“Where are you going?”.


“Please enter the car. Just tell me where you’re going to and I’ll gladly drop you there”, he said sweetly and I smirked.

Maybe he can at least help my little problem.

I don’t care what I have to do, I need to see Sister Sylvia and there is no cab.

I opened his car door and entered.

He smiled and I told him where am urgently going to.

He turned the ignition on and silence befall.

It was really awkward but finally we got there.

“A cathedral?”, He asked confusedly.

“Thanks for the ride”, I muttered and got down from his car.

I rushed in to the church since I saw some people outside wailing.

My leg became weak and the fear in me grew wider.

I stopped on my track when I sighted a lifeless body which was covered with a white clothe.

Sister Esther was beside it weeping heavily.

I rushed towards them and she said:

“It’s too late”.

What’s too late?

I hope it’s not what am thinking?

No, it can’t be.

My eyes were filled with tears.

I squatted beside the dead body and grapped the white clothe with my shaky cold hand.

I removed it slowly with fear.

“Sister Sylvia!”, I mumbled and the tears finally rolled down my cheeks.

“No!”, I said trembling.


I cupped her face with my palm.

The part where she was shot was still bleeding which stained some part of the white clothe she was covered with.

“It was her last wish to see you. She was shot here in the church”, Sister Esther said admist tears.

“Noooo…!!!…”, I screamed painfully.

“She can’t die. No! She doesn’t deserve death! Who killed her?!”, I shouted hurtfully.

She was my saviour, a caring mother with good heart.

She saved thousands of life, orphans, needy…. and led many to the righteous path.

Who would want someone like that dead?

Someone patted my back and I turned to see handsome Ji Joon.

What’s he doing here?

I thought he left immediately I entered the church.

He smiled and consoled me.

Hours turned to days, days to weeks…

It’s been 2 weeks now, since Sister Sylvia’s death.

I haven’t get over it. It’s so hurtful to loose someone you love dearly.

But Ji-Joon has been by my side all through the weeks.

I really love Ji-Joon.

Yeah, you heard that, I love Ji-Joon.

Today, he want me to meet his mother.

I’m really nervous.

Well, he said his mom is really nice and jovial, I hope so!

He drove into a very big compound and parked his car.

I sighed loudly and he gave me a sweet assuring smile.

He took my hands and squeezed them gently.

“Don’t be nervous”, he whispered.

I smiled and nodded.

We got down from the car.


This is a mansion!!!

I’ve never seen something like this in my life.

He took my hand and we walked into the mansion.

Before he knocked, the door opened widely.


The interiors were mostly in pure silver and gold.

We entered a room that look like the sitting room.

“Ohh my boy, you’re back!”, A middle aged woman exclaimed and hugged him.

He returned the hug warmly and I smiled.

Could this be his mother?


This woman look like a chef.

“Humph! He is my son, I alone have the right to call him ‘my boy’!”,

A woman more classier said as she descend the golden stairs.

Her heels made loud noises on the tiles as she walks.

She is really gorgeous, but her makeup were light and simple.

Her dressings are expensive than it looks, because it’s simple and cool.

This must be Ji-Joon’s mother!

She smiled brightly and hugged Ji-Joon.

“Mom!”, Ji-Joon cooed and giggled.

I knew it!

She is his mother, their resemblance said it all.

“My boy!”, She said giggling.

Awwn, I wish I also have a mother who would cherish me.

“Okay madam Lee”, the middle aged woman said.

“Huh, it’s okay. You also have the right to call him your boy. I was just teasing you. You’re also his mother and he is your son”, the classy woman said sweetly.

They all bursted into laughter.

This is getting more interesting than I expected.

“Awwn, why shouldn’t I have noticed the presence of an Angel”, the classic woman exclaimed and walked towards me.

Me? Angel?

“Oh my God! Pony pony, she is Park Rita, right?”, She asked Ji-Joon and he nodded.

Awwn, Ji-Joon is pony pony?
So cute!

“Aigoo! (Oh my God!)”, She exclaimed again and pulled me into deep hug.

I hugged her back before we disengaged.

“Rita! She’s my mother”, Ji-Joon said, pointing at the classic woman beside me.

“Annyeong hasibnikka! (Hello ma!)”, I greeted her politely with a little bow.

“Annyeong! (Hi!)”, She replied and bowed a little.

I chuckled and she smiled.

“And this is Mrs. Shu, my godmother”, he said, pointing at the middle aged woman.

“Annyeong hasibnikka! (Hello ma!)”, I greeted her as well and she replied warmly.

“I’ve some other things to do now Ji-Joon”, Mrs. Shu said and walked out.

“How are you doing Rita?”, Ji-Joon’s mom asked.

“I’m fine ma’am”, I replied.

“You didn’t tell me she’s an angel”, she whispered to Ji-Joon and he smiled.

I blushed and she gestured me to seat down.

Thank God, his mother is really nice.

I spent the whole day with Ji-Joon’s mother before I left their mansion.



💥💥💥💥 SoRa’s POV 💥💥💥💥


I paced around my room impatiently.

Ji-Joon took Rita to his mother?!

It’s not possible!!!




You annoying bitch!

Your family killed my father and you thought I won’t take my revenge?!

I don’t care if she remembers anything about herself!

She’ll suffer multiple times what her family did!!!

Now she stole the man I love away from me?!!!

She’s DOMMED!!!!

I smirked when an idea popped into my head.

I’ll separate them by turning them against each other.

Ji-Joon will loose trust in her and they’ll break up.

Then I’ll make her suffer before I get rid of her.

After all that, LEE JI-JOON is all MINE!!



⏭️⏭️⏭️ FAST FORWARD! ⏭️⏭️⏭️


💥💥💥💥 Rita’s POV 💥💥💥💥

~3 years later~


I got back from work this evening and decided to buy some groceries from a nearby shop.

Yeah, Ji-Joon is now my fiance.

Perhaps next month, we’ll get married.

This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I’m more than excited.

I walked down the alley, humming to the rhythms of BROWN SKIN GIRL by BEYONCE.

I stopped on my track when I noticed that everywhere was quiet and deserted.

I sighed and continued walking.

I stopped again when I heard footsteps behind me.

I turned back and everything blacked out.


I opened my eyes and looked around me, I was laying on the ground.

I stood up immediately I remembered what happened to me before I passed out, but fell back on the ground.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh……..”, I screamed painfully.

I was raped!!!!


I sat on the couch and SoRa gave me a cup of water.

I sipped it and placed it on the glass table.

I wiped my tears with some tissues but it didn’t stop streaming out of my eyes.

SoRa sat beside me and patted my back.

“It’s okay”, she consoled me.

“What if I get pregnant? What will I tell Ji-Joon?”, I said rhetorically admist tears.

“You won’t get pregnant”, she assured.

I looked at her and she smiled.

“Thank you SoRa. But how’ll I tell him?”, I asked.

“No, don’t tell him. But if perhaps you get pregnant, you’ll have to”, she said.

“I can’t keep any secret from him”.

“You have to!”.

“No, I can’t”.

She huffed loudly.

“I’m pregnant?”, I asked the doctor.

“Yes, you’re 3 weeks pregnant”.

How is that possible?

I was raped 2 weeks ago, but now am 3 weeks pregnant?

I looked at SoRa and she also looked confused.

💥💥💥 SoRa’s POV 💥💥💥


How is that possible?

She is 3 weeks pregnant but she was raped 2 weeks ago.

Could it be that the baby is JiJoon’s.


It can’t be!!!

Oh my God!

What should I do?

I must separate them!!!

💥 Rita’s POV 💥

I sat opposite JiJoon in his office.

I’m really nervous to tell him everything.

“Tell me everything”, he said coldly.


“Just say it!”, He shouted and I flinched.

“I don’t understand”.

“Really? You don’t understand?”, He said and scoffed.

He smiled bitterly.

“Spilt it!!!”, He yelled and tears rolled down my cheeks.

I told him everything.

He stood up and turned his back against me.

“You… you were raped?”, He asked and I nodded.

He turned back to me.

“You should have learned more on how to lie before you came here”, he blurted out and I was shocked.

“Ji Joon!”, I whispered.

“Big lies!!!!”, He yelled again and I stared at him with confusion and shock.


🥀 Dark Revenge 🥀



💢💢💢Chapter Four💢💢💢


💥 Park Rita’s POV cont. 💥


“You should have learned more on how to lie before you came here”, he blurted out and I was shocked.

“Ji Joon!”, I whispered.

“Big lies!!!!”, He yelled again and I stared at him with confusion and shock.

“What did you mean by big lies?”, I asked in a whisper.

He smirked and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Now you’re pregnant?”, He asked.

He smiled bitterly and walked out.

I followed him.

I ran to catch up with him but he was walking faster.

We got outside and his car rolled in.

The driver got down from the car and bowed a little.

Ji Joon proceeded to enter but I held his hand.

“Ji Joon, just listen to me. I’m sorry. But please, I understand how you feel but…”…

He interrupted me.

“…but shut up!”, He yelled and shoved my hand away.

“You don’t need to explain. It’s OVER!”, He said and my heartbeat skipped.

The air that was blowing stopped and my body went motionless.

What’s over?

“What’s over?”, I asked confusedly.

“I’m really disappointed in you! I thought you were different, but you’re also a cheap whore!!! I don’t wanna see your face anymore!!! It disgusts me!!!!”, he yelled angrily and entered his car before it drove off.

I slumped on the ground in tears.

Suddenly, it started raining.

I didn’t stood up, rather I prefer the rain to beat the hell outta me.

To beat the bad lucks outta my beautifully ugly body.

“Please Ji-joon, trust me!”, I cried.


What should I do?

Why me?

I don’t even understand why he’s acting strangely.

But how did he knew before I told him?

“Rita!”, I heard a familiar voice called me and I looked up, it was SoRa.

She rushed towards me and hugged me tightly.

“He left me. He didn’t believed me”, I said admist tears.

“It’s okay. Let’s go home”, she said and caressed my ebony hair.

We arrived at home but I didn’t stopped crying.

“I will keep the child SoRa. I’m ready to face any obstacles but I don’t wanna loose my child”, I said, rubbing my tummy.

“I understand Rita, Just forget about him, you should move on”, she said and I nodded.

I just nodded but I can’t forget him just like that.

I love him, I really love him.

It really hurts, the man I love didn’t trusted me.

The only man I truly love said harsh words to me.

He called me a whore?😭😭

I couldn’t believed that he called me names, he said I was a cheap whore and not different from sluts.


I cried for days and thought he would come back to me.

But who was I kidding! I’ve accepted my fate.


💥SoRa’s POV 💥💥


📞 You did a great job Mike! She is pregnant and Ji-Joon broke up with her.

📞 Now, I need to plan how I will get rid of she and her bastard child.

📞I told my mom about it and she was overwhelmed. Good job!
I will add 20% to your pay!

I said and hung up.

I smiled mischievously and sipped my wine.

“Lee Ji Joon is mine, mine alone!!!”, I said and laughed evily.

But what if the baby is JiJoon’s?


I’ll get rid of all of them!!!!


💥 Rita’s POV 💥


~Many months later~


I gave birth to a girl. It was not easy.

I carried my tiny daughter and stared at her in tears.

“Welcome to this world. Your name beautiful name is YungShi”, I whispered and kissed her forehead.

I was discharged but SoRa was at her work.

I called her;

📱SoRa, I was discharged few minutes ago.

📲Wow!!! I can’t wait to see my little baby. Remember that I’m her godmother!

📱 Okay!

📲 But I’m sorry Rita. I’m busy, maybe you should board a cab, I will meet you at home in the evening.

📱 Okay, I understand. Bye!

I hung up and smiled.

I understand that she is really busy at work.

I walked out of the hospital and stood by the road side, waiting for a cab but there was none.

Finally, I found one cab.

I boarded it and gave the man the address.

I don’t know why, but I had a bad feeling about this cab.

Suddenly, I realized that there was another man beside the driver.

I gasped in shock.

“Hello Miss!”, He said in a husky voice.

Everything blacked out.


I found myself beside the road.

“Where is my child? Where is my daughter?!!!”, I screamed.

I was the only one on the road.

“My YungShi!!!”, I cried.


~2 weeks after~


I sat on the floor beside my bed in tears.

How can I stop crying when my baby is missing?!

I didn’t even bother to go to work.
I’ve been in my room since the incidence.

SoRa would bring my food to me but I can’t even swallow one bite of anything.

JiJoon didn’t even called or texted me.

Why is everything happening to me all of a sudden?

Please help me!

I stood up and laid down on my bed.

Luckily for me, slumber took it position.


💥💥 SoRa’s POV 💋💥💥


I stood beside the large window in my room and stared outside.

My apartment was on the 22nd floor.

I saw Ji Joon’s car parked outside the building.

He got down from his car and looked around.

What is he doing here?

Rita is in her room.

They must not meet.

I know Ji Joon still loves her but I must separate them.

I love him too!

What should I do?


I ran to Rita’s room, she was already asleep.

Thank God!

I sighed and left her room.

I walked out and took the elevator to the first floor.

I need to meet Ji Joon before he get here.

I walked out of the elevator and saw him walking towards me.

I smiled and he also saw me.

“Annyeong Ji Joon! (Hello Ji-Joon!)”, I waved at him.

“Annyeong haseyo Agashi! (Hello Miss!)”, He replied politely.

I swallowed hard.

He always prefer to call me ‘Miss’, and I don’t like it.

He always act formally with me.

“Ulm…Rita is at home?”, He asked.

“No!”, I lied and he frowned.

But I thought he broke up with her!😡

He still loves her and if I don’t get rid of her as soon as possible, they’ll reunite again!

Over my dead body!

“You came to see her?”, I asked, smiling sadly.

“Ne! (Yes!)”, He replied and I stared at him.

“I’ll leave now”, he said and turned to leave.

“Lee Ji Joon!”, I called him and he turned back to me.

“Ne Agashi? (Yes Miss?)”.

“You’re going home, right?”, I asked and he raised his eyebrow.

“No!”, He replied.

“Ohh! Jibi josimhada! (Go home safely!)”, I said and waved at him.

“Kumawo, jalda! (Thanks, goodbye!)”, He replied and walked away.

I clenched my fist in anger.


You’re my worst nightmare!

You always get everything I want!!

Get ready for me!!!__ I smirked maliciously.

But I’ll make sure JiJoon hates you before I get rid of you!!!!


I went back to my apartment and changed my dress.

I put a mask into my bag and took my car key.

I walked out of my apartment and locked the door.

I catwalk outta the building and went to the parking lot.

I entered my car and drove out.

“This is gonna be fun!”, I whispered to myself and smirked.


I drove into JiJoon’s mansion and parked my car.

Well, the foolish guards allowed me to enter the mansion because I lied to them that I was JiJoon’s fiancee, and they stupidly believed.

Awwn, why wouldn’t they?

After all, I look exactly like Rita.
Or should I say am Rita!

Don’t get me wrong, am still SoRa.
But the truth is that I disguise like Park Rita!

I put on a mask that looks like Park Rita!!

Don’t be shock!!!!

I came here for a mission!


I rang the doorbell and a maid opened it.

I entered freely since she thought I was Rita.

The maid led me to the sitting room and I met JiJoon’s mom.

She looked up and smiled.

“Wow! What a big surprise Rita!”, She exclaimed and I was forced to smile.


“Good afternoon ma’am”, I greeted her.

“Afternoon dear, how are you?”, She asked sweetly.

“I’m fine!”.

She gestured me to sit beside her on the couch.

“What a coincidence! I wanted to call you so that we can meet. You can hi comr Joshua Christian on+2348135196772 to be added to story palace room to get more of this. I wanna talk to you about something”, she said and I smiled.

She also likes Rita!

I’m really sorry JiJoon, but this is the only way I can make you hate Rita.

“Awwn, Rita! You’re here”, a middle aged woman walked in.

Who is she for Christ sake?

She might ruin my plan!

“Huh, I just came in”, I said.

“Okay sweetheart”.

“But JiJoon is not at home”, Ji Joon’s mom said.

“It’s okay. I came to see you, not him”, I lied.


The middle aged woman sat down.

What the heck?

How do I get her outta here?

“Ulmm… I’m really thirsty”, I said nervously and thank goodness, the woman replied.

“God! I’m sorry, I’ll get you some water”.

She stood up and walked away.

I turned to Madam Lee and sighed.

“Hmm, are you okay?”, She asked and I kept mute.

I opened my bag and brought out a pocket knife.

I looked around to make sure no one was watching.

And even if someone was, they’ll think it’s Rita.

Who cares!

“I’m sorry”, I whispered to her and she stared at me with confusion.

“What do you…”, She said but before she could complete her sentence, she gasped.

I stabbed her with the pocket knife in her chest.

She gasped for breathe and we stared at each other.

“You!”, She groaned in pain.

I removed the knife and stabbed her again.

She kept staring at me as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I…trusted…you”, she said weakly.

If only she knew I was not Park Rita!

“I’m sorry!”, I whispered again.

I took her phone and texted a message to Park Rita:

📤📲 Come to my house now, I wanna talk to you urgently!

                 ~Madam Lee 📤📲

I sent it to her and deleted the message immediately.

“What?”, Someone shouted in shock.

I looked up and saw the middle aged woman that went to get me some water.

The tray and cup of water dropped down from her hand.

I stood up, took my bag and ran out.

She tried to catch me but I ran faster.

She gave up and rushed to Madam Lee (Ji Joon’s mom), who was still gasping for breathe.

Mission accomplished!

I entered my car and drove back home.



🥀 Dark Revenge 🥀



💢💢💢Chapter Five


💎💥 Ji Joon’s POV 💥💎


I got down from the car and walked into the house.

I entered the sitting room and met Mrs. Shu weeping and beside her was….

I rushed towards them and stopped on my track.

“Mom”, I said but it came out as a whisper.

My heartbeat stopped.

Who stabbed my mother?!

I fell on my knees beside her and Mrs. Shu was sitting closer to her in tears.

She was gasping for breathe.

I was short of words.

“Who stabbed her?”, I asked with shaking voice.

“Ri…Rita…”, Mom said weakly and I went dumb.

“What happened to Rita?”, I asked.

My mom tried to say something but nothing came out of her mouth.

I looked at Mrs. Shu, her eyes were swelling.

“I don’t understand her”, I said.

“Rita…Rita… stabbed her”, Mrs. Shu said admist tears.

My anger boiled up, mixed with confusion.

“Rita?”, I asked again.

Why would Rita stab my mother?

“Why didn’t you take her to the hospital?”.

“She was stabbed some minutes ago before you came in”, Mrs. Shu replied.

“But she stopped us from taking her to the hospital”, she added.

“Mom, why?”.

“My…son!… don’t…trust…her!…stay away from Rita! Please!…I… don’t…want… you…to…loose…your life…I trusted her, I trusted Rita!… don’t marry her!”, Mom said weakly.

“I…love…you…Pony…Pony!”, She added and I smiled sadly.

Tears rolled down my cheeks.

“Let’s go to the hospital!”, I said and stood up.

“Madam Lee!!!!”, Mrs. Shu shouted in tears.

I fell back on my knees and held her hand. It was really cold.

“She is not breathing!”, Mrs. Shu said.


I checked her pulse.

“She’s dead!”, My heart ripped apart.

My mother is dead?!

I clenched my fist in anger.

Hatred is an understatement, what I feel for Rita is more than hatred.

“Why would she kill her!!!”, I yelled angrily in tears.


I watched the CCTV, Rita killed my mother.

She has the guts to kill her!

Mrs. Shu cried uncontrollably as she watched the CCTV, me inclusive.

“Her mission was to kill her!”, She said hurtfully.

“I thought she was nice and innocent. But she is a devil in disguise!”.

I stood up and took my car key.

I swear down, I’ll murder Rita myself!

Mrs. Shu held my hand and I turned to her.

“What are you planning to do?”, She asked.

“Control your anger and let’s call the police”, she said.

The door opened widely and the devil walked in.

I rushed towards her before Mrs. Shu could pulled me back.

“What the hell are you doing here?!”, I yelled and she flinched.

“You devil! You murderer!”, I yelled angrily.

There is nothing to investigate, the CCTV showed everything.

I held her neck and she choked, gasping for breathe.

“Ji Joon stop it!”, I heard Mrs. Shu shouting but I don’t bloody care.

I held her neck more tightly.

“You! You even have the guts to come back after you murdered her!”, I said angrily.


💥💥💥 Rita’s POV


I woke up with swollen eyes.

I sat up on my bed and stretched my body.

“My YungShi!”, I whispered to myself and cuddled the pillow.

What’s the time?

I took my phone, there was one unread message, from…

Madam Lee? JiJoon’s mom?

I clicked on it, it says:

📤📲 Come to my house now, I wanna talk to you urgently!

                 ~Madam Lee 📤📲

Oh My God!

She wanna talk to me?

But why?

Maybe her son had explained everything to her.

I got down from the bed and went to the bathroom.

I freshened up and dressed.

It’s been 2 weeks since I’d last step out of this apartment.

I sighed and walked out of my room.

I met SoRa battling with her laptop.

She looked up at me when I entered the sitting room.

“Going somewhere?”, She asked and I nodded.


“Thank goodness! You finally decided to leave your cage. Alright, take care of yourself!”, She said and I smiled.

“Thanks SoRa, I won’t take long”, I said and walked out.


I boarded a cab to the Lee’s mansion.

I paid the cab man and entered the mansion.

I don’t like the looks the maids were giving me as I walked in.

I got inside the sitting room.

It’s been 10 months since I last saw JiJoon, and there he was, having a serious conversation with Mrs. Shu.

He rushed towards me and I smiled.

Happiness is an understatement, am really excited to see him even after everything he did.

But I don’t think he is happy to see me.

I could see the anger that was boiling in him on his face.

“What the hell are you doing here?!”, He yelled and I flinched in fear and shock.

“You devil! You murderer!”, He yelled angrily again.


Before I could say anything, he held my neck and I choked, gasping for breathe.

“Ji Joon stop it!”, Mrs. Shu shouted behind us.

He held it more tightly.

What’s happening?

I tried to say something but I couldn’t.

“You! You even have the guts to come back after you murdered her!”, He said angrily.

Murdered who?

What is he saying?

I squeezed my face in pain.

This is not the JiJoon I knew, the one standing and strangling me is a MONSTER!

What have I done to deserve this?

“JiJoon! Let her go!”, Mrs. Shu shouted again and the next thing he did was that, he released me and I fell hardly on the tiled floor.

I gasped for breathe and looked up at him.

“What did…”, I tried to say but he interrupted.

“Shut up! Shut up little devil! Don’t even utter a single letter!”, He said coldly and I stared at him with confusion.


He interrupted me again.

“I said shut up! Don’t dare me!!!”, He growled.

Tears clouded my eyes and later rolled down my cheeks gently.

I tried to stand up but fell again.

“Ahh…”, I winced in pain.

I looked at Mrs. Shu and she shook her head disappointedly.

JiJoon walked away and came back with a laptop.

He squatted beside me and placed the laptop in my front.

“You don’t need to explain anything, just shut up and watch!”, He said and I glanced at him before I looked at the laptop.



I watched everything!

How his mother was murdered by…


It’s not true!!!

“You came to visit her some less than an hour ago. You murdered her and ran away. But what’s still puzzling me right now is why you came back! To act as if you knew nothing?”, Mrs. Shu asked hurtfully.


“What’s no? Is this not an evidence? You’re wearing the same clothes! Are we blind to see that? Or perhaps you’ve a twin sister?”, JiJoon said and scoffed.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks uncontrollably.


“Don’t ever call my name!”, He yelled and I cried out.

“You killed my mother! You’re a murderer! The CCTV showed everything! You killed her, you murderer!!! You’re so cunning! A green snake under the green grass! I’ll make sure you rot in jail! I’ll never forgive you!!!”.

I closed my eyes and signed.

I opened them back and the tears stopped.


I was framed up but JiJoon is not even ready to listen to my explanation.

I regret ever meeting him in my life!!!

A man I loved but now turned his back against me.

Well, I can’t really blame him.

Imagine how it feels to loose someone you love dearly!

Some cops walked in.

“Take her!”, He ordered them and I smiled.

Two female cops handcuffed my hands and I stared at JiJoon.

I smirked and turned as the other cops led the way with the two female cops behind me.

‘My life mysteries are great story to tell though painful and pitiful’.

‘Good or evil? Blessed or cursed?’__Sister Sylvia’s words echoed in my mind.

We got outside and I entered the police car.

Few minutes later, the driver suddenly stopped the car.

“We’re surrounded”, the driver told the cops.

The two female cops beside me looked at each other and nodded.

They brought out their guns and got down from the car.

I looked outside the window, we were surrounded by many cars.

I heard a knock on the car door and I turned to look at who it was.

I immediately I turned, something was sprayed on my face.

It’s seems familiar but…

I became sleepy and passed out.

💥💥💥 SoRa’s POV 💥💥 💥


Immediately Rita left my house to Madam Lee’s mansion, I smiled in victory and took my phone.

I dialled Mike’s number and waited for him to pick up.

Finally, he did:

📲 She left now. Just make sure you follow her secretly. If perhaps she was arrested by the police, just make sure you kidnap her. Okay?📲

I told Mike.

📱 Okay miss!📱

He replied and I hung up.

Today is your last day Park Rita!!!



💥❄️💥Rita’s POV ❄️


I opened my eyes and looked around me.

Where am I?

I remembered passing out in the police car, but still, I was suppose to be in the police station.

A rope was tied around my hands and legs.

My mouth was also sealed.

I tried to stand up but couldn’t because of my tied legs.

I looked behind me and realized I was at the edge of a cliff.


“You woke up earlier than I expected!”, I heard that very familiar voice.

Or maybe am hallucinating?

It can’t be!

“SoRa?”, I said with confusion.

“You’re smart sweetheart!”, She said and walked out of nowhere.

Some huge looking men also surrounded us.

“SoRa!”, I shouted.

“Why are you here?”, I asked confusedly.

Her mom, Mrs. Yoon, also walked out.

“What?!”, I exclaimed.

“Don’t be scared Rita!”, SoRa said and squatted beside me.

“You kidnapped me. But why?”, I asked and then, PA-AA!, She slapped me.

I gasped and turned back to her, then another landed on my other cheek.

“You thought you could have JiJoon to yourself?”, She said and I was shocked.r

She loves JiJoon?

“Lemme split everything! It was me! Sister Sylvia, your pregnancy, your YungShi, blah blah blah…”, She said annoyingly.

“Your fucking parents killed my father!”, She yelled and tears clouded my eyes.

“You knew my parents?”, I asked in tears.

This is not the SoRa I know!

This one squatting beside me is a devil.

Why is everyone turning against me?

Mrs. Shu!
And now, SoRa and her mother!


“I was your father’s first love. We were best friend before your mother came between us. Your father still loved me even after he got married to your mother! After I also married SoRa’s father, he got jealous and killed him!”, Mrs. Yoon said and I stared at her with puzzled mind.

“I vowed to avenge my father’s death and you even fell in love with the man I love! I made you trust me and you foolishly did! I’m not who you think I was. Everything I did for you was to get rid of you, forever!”, SoRa yelled angrily.

I foolishly trust her?!

“Look behind you! We’re on a mountain edge. This will be your last day on Earth!”, She said evily.

“Where is my child?”, I asked, not even bothered by everything she said.

She won!

“Child?”, She asked and laughed.

“She is dead!”, Her mother replied.

“Like mother like daughter!”, I muttered loudly.

She untied the ropes from my hands and legs.

She smirked and moved closer to me, I also moved backward.

I looked behind me and saw the big ocean down the cliff.

“SoRa!”, I said in fear and tears.

“I’m sorry dear!”, She said and pushed me.

“Ahh…”, I screamed loudly and someone held my hand.

I gasped in shock and looked downward. The oceans was really big.

No one can survive it!

If the person release my hand, then am gone forever.

I looked up at who held me, it was SoRa.

“In your next life, never trust anyone!”, She said and released my hand.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh….”, I screamed loudly.

There is no survival, I’m gone forever!

‘In your next life, never trust anyone!’ ___SoRa’s words echoed in my mind.

I closed my eyes and fell my body dive into the ocean.

I couldn’t even breathe, I sank slowly.

My past memories started flashing back in my mind.

The memories I lost and forgotten for almost 14 years.


How my parents and twin brother died!

I remember everything!


Just then, everything blacked out.

I’m gone FOREVER!


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