Dark Reveng Episode 11-15



💢💢💢 Chapter Eleven 💢💢💢






💢💢 MiRan’s POV 💢💢


“Ha Young!”, A feminine voice whispered behind me.

Ha Young?

No one knows my real name.

Could it be David?

He can’t!
This is a feminine voice.

Or maybe SoRa?

She can’t recognize me with my mask.

She doesn’t even know my real name.

Or it’s a coincidence?

“Kim Ha Young!”, The voice whispered again and I gasped, turning to the person.


“Aunt!”, I whispered back, staring at the young woman smiling at me.

I looked around if someone was watching.

“Ha Young! You came, thank you!”, She whispered again and I swallowed hard.

Am I dreaming?

This is reality.

Tears clouded my face.

“Aunt Suzy!”, I said again and she nodded.

Aunt Suzy was my mother’s only blood sister.

So, she is alive!

I thought SoRa’s mother killed her.

This is really confusing.

Kim Ji Young invited me to this party.

Ji Young is my twin brother’s name!

That means my brother is alive too!!!!

Oh my God!!!

Aunt Suzy held my hand and we walked out of the hall.

We went to the restroom and she locked the door.

“Ha Young!”, She said and hugged me tightly.

I hugged her too and tears rolled out of my eyes.

The tears that had clouded my eyes.

Is this really true?

We disengaged from the hug and I stared at her from head to toe.

“Ha Young! I’m really sorry. If I knew you were alive I would have find you. You’ve went through a lot, I know. We’ve also suffered”, she said in tears.

“Where is Ji Young?”, I asked.

“He is alive! We invited you!”, She said and I smiled happily.

“Is this true?”, I muttered unbelievably.

“It’s true my dear. I’m sorry, Aunt is sorry!”, She apologized and hugged me again.

I still have blood families alive?

I sobbed loudly and she also wept.

She looked up at me and removed my mask.

She wiped my tears with her thumbs and smiled.

“Your makeup is ruined. We need to join them at the party. After that we can talk, as long as you want. Your brother is also here”, she said, smiling.

“I can’t wait to meet him”.

“I can’t wait!”.

“He is also eager to meet you”.

“After the party, I wanna know how you both survived. I really wanna know Aunt”, I said.

“Okay dear!”.

“But how did you recognized me?”.

“Don’t worry sweetheart. We’ll explain everything later. We need to join the party”.

“Okay Aunt!”.

“I’ll just call you Miss MiRan publicly, no one must know our relationship”.

“Okay Aunt Susy!”, I replied in tears.

“No tears sweetie. We’re now here for you. We’re back. We’ll ruin them!”, She said sternly and I looked up at her.

“We’ll ruin them!!!”, She repeated.

She also wanna take revenge?

And my brother too?

“Retouch your makeup and wear your mask. I’ll leave now. We’ll meet at the party, like a stranger”, she said and I smiled.

She patted my back and walked out.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled.

Now am not alone!


After I did some little touching to my makeup and put on my mask, I went back to the grand hall.

I saw Aunt Suzy having a conversation with some women and I smiled.

She looked at my direction and also smiled.

Where is Ji Young?

I can’t wait to see him!

I don’t know if I can even recognize him now that is a grown up man.

We’re not identical twins.

“MiRan, where have you been?”, I heard David’s voice.

“I should ask you where you’ve been!”, I replied.

“I went to see Mr. Mun’s business partners. They’re all here and they wanna meet you”.

“Is that so? Okay then”.

I saw SoRa walking towards us.

She was wearing a red open shoulder dinner gown with red wedges and red purse.

Devilish bit** in bloody dress!

“Miss MiRan!”, She said, smiling at me.

I looked away and sighed.

I turned to her and faked a smile.

SoRa, we met again!

This time, am here to ruin you and your family just like you and your family ruined me and my family.

You think you’re smart, but now am smarter than you!

“And you are?”, I asked her, still faking the smile.

“Ohh, it’s a pleasure to meet you Miss MiRan. I’m Lee SoRa!”, She said and I nodded.

Foolish bitch!

“Okay, it’s a pleasure to meet you too. You’re looking stunning!”, I said and she laughed briefly.

“I’m honored to hear that from you. And you’re also looking fabulous!”, She commented.

“Thank you!”, I replied, smiling.

“I heard you are a business woman and so I am”, she said.


“I think it won’t be bad if we become friends and business partners, right Miss MiRan?”.

“Wow! That’s great! Here is my business card”, I opened my purse and gave her my card.

I can get closer to her!

Thanks SoRa,
You’re making things easy for me.

“Ohh, I’m the founder of YGN companies”, she said.

“Really? Then you’re Lee Ji Joon’s wife?”, I asked innocently.

“Oh my! You’re right. How did you know?”.

“He is a famous business man, so I know little about him”.

“Really? He is my husband and we’ve two children”.

“Two children? Wow! That’s amazing. Even though you’re still young”.

“Yeah. We’ve a young boy and little girl”, she said and I smiled.

You don’t need to tell me.

They’re Seo Joon and Yu Ra.

Of course I know their family’s information.

“And you, you’re not married?”, She asked.

“Yes, am still single!”.

“But have you seen the organizer of the party?”, I asked looking around.

Where are you Ji Young?

“Not at all, but his sister is here”.

“Who is his sister?”, I asked.

“Kim Suzy!”.

Ohh, I guess Aunt Suzy is acting like his sister.

That’s interesting!

“Okay!”, I faked smiling.

“It was nice chatting with you Mrs Lee. I guess we can make good friends and business partners”.

“Sure Miss MiRan. But would you like to meet my husband?”, She asked and my heart beat skipped.

Meet Ji Joon?

“Ohh…yeah…sure!”, I managed to say.

“Okay, I’ll be back please”, she said and left.

I clutched my hand on to my purse and swallowed hard.

Is she really gonna do that?

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen!”, Someone said loudly, getting everybody’s attention.

It was Aunt Suzy. She was holding a glass of red wine.

“Thank you for honoring our invitation. We’re highly grateful. Cheers to everyone!”, She said and raised the glass of wine.

“Cheers!”, We all chorused, raising our glasses of wine and sipped it.

The glass of wine could be heard clacking together.

“Enjoy the party!”, She said, smiling.

She is really gorgeous and elegant just like she was when we were little.

She was wearing a royal blue V-shaped neck long sleeves shoulder gown with a slit and white heels with white portable designer purse.

“Miss MiRan”, I heard SoRa’s voice from behind.


I turned to her and smiled.

But my smile faded when I saw JiJoon beside her with their hands intertwined.

Keep yourself calm!

I breathe in silently and smiled at them.

Fake smile!

He still has the same look.
Tall, handsome, cute…

Did I just said cute and handsome?!


“Miss MiRan!”, SoRa called, making me jolt back to reality.

“Uh, am sorry! I have alot in my mind, so I was lost in thought”, I said and laughed briefly.

“Ohh it’s normal! Such thing do happen sometimes. We all have a lot in our tiny minds!”, SoRa said and laughed briefly too.


JiJoon smiled a little, staring at me.

“And he is?”, I asked referring to JiJoon.

“Ah! he is my husband, Lee Ji Joon!”, She replied and I looked at him.

“Mr Lee, finally I meet you. It’s really an honor. I’m Ra MiRan”, I said, smiling nervously.

“Thank you! It’s a pleasure to meet you too Miss MiRan”, he replied calmly and stretched out his hand to shake me.

My heart beat skipped.


I exclaimed and shook his hand.

I felt a shock sensation, so I released it quickly.

He stared at me suspiciously and I looked away.

I laughed nervously and said.

“This should be the first time I’ll meet Kim Ji Young, but it seems like his sister is representing him, so he might not come. So bad!”.

I muttered and smiled nervously.

“I guess so. But he is really handsome and young”, SoRa whispered to me loudly and we both laugh briefly.

“He is also single. I don’t know if he might be your taste”, she added and I waved my hand across my face.

We bursted into silent laughter and JiJoon also smiled, sipping his wine.

“You’re so funny Mrs Lee. What did you meant by that?”.

“Don’t tell me you don’t understand!”.

“Ohh I understand!”.

I smiled briefly and we sipped our wine.


Where is David?

He should save me from this witch!

“I’m sorry Mr and Mrs Lee, I need to meet some of my business investors. I’ll see you later!”, I said.

“Okay Miss. Thanks for sparing us few of your precious time. It was nice chatting with you”, SoRa said and I smiled.

“Same here!”.

“But I would love if you can just call me SoRa”.

“Don’t you think that will be too impolite and informal?”, I asked.

“No it’s not!”.

“But it’s preferably I call you Mrs Lee for now, right?”.

“Uh, it’s okay then!”.

“Alright!”, I replied and walked away.



It was time for the waltz dance.

“All couples, please proceed to the dance floor”, the host said.

I sipped my wine gently.
Even though I have David as my partner, but I was not ready for any silly boring dance.

Where is David anyway?

“may I be honored to have this dance with you, Miss MiRan?”, I heard that familiar voice behind me.


I turned to him and looked at his right hand stretched out, waiting for me to intertwine with.

What the hell?
He has a partner for Christ sake!
Why me?!!

“I’m sorry, but I don’t dance!'”, I said and he gave me a disappointed look.

“It’s won’t take long Miss!”, He insisted.

I don’t wanna feel that crazy sensation again!

Please just leave!!!


Okay! It’s just a dance!

I sighed and held my breathe.

I placed my hand on his and thank goodness, there was no odd sensation.

We walked to the middle of the floor where others stood and stand opposite each other.

“Ready position?”.

I felt the pressure of his warm hand on my waist, sending chills down my entire body.

I placed my left hand on his shoulder as our hands intertwine perfectly.

Once the music cued, my feet automatically started to glide against the marble floor.

Everybody waltzed in sync.

I kept avoiding his gaze which was staring at me.

Breathe in and out!
Breathe in and out!…__ I kept singing in my inner mind.

Then he grabbed my waist with his hands and spun me around, placing me carefully on the floor and back to our initial position.

I was lost in deep thought.

His every touch kept me remembering our past.

The sensation it brings to my body.

The more I remembered, the more my hatred deepened.

If I don’t stop now, I might do the unexpected.

Suddenly, I released my hands from his body and he also released gently with surprise.

“I’m tired!”, I muttered and rushed out of the hall.


After the party…

Few people were left in the hall, chatting, laughing and doing other stuffs.

Even SoRa and JiJoon had left.

I avoided JiJoon throughout the party after the dance incidence.

Aunt Suzy was still chatting with some people.

I told David about my twin brother and Aunt.

I met many of my business partners and we had dinner together.

A female servant who was cleaning up the hall walked towards me.

“I was sent to give you this ma’am!”, She said and gave me a small paper card.

I nodded and she walked away.

Who sent this?

I checked the card, it was an address.

I looked up at Aunt Suzy’s direction and she was also staring at me.

She nodded and looked away.

I understood what she meant.
She sent it to me.

I smiled and heard David’s voice.

“What’s that?”.

“Aunt Suzy gave me an address. I’ll go there now!”, I replied and he pouted.

“What’s it?”, I asked.

“Let’s go together”, he said and I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll be save, don’t worry”.

“I insist!”.

“Okay okay, you won!”, I said and he smiled.

“Let’s go!”.

We walked out of the hall and entered the car, not after escaping from the press.

We traced the address Aunt gave me and we got to the place.

It was a big white mansion.

The white giant gate opened and we drove in.

There were many security guards standing around like statues.

David and I got down from the car and was led into the mansion by a guard.

This place is amazing!

Most of the interiors were made with pure silver glass and ceramics.

“Bubble-Lulu!”, I heard a fairly husky sexy voice behind me.

Ji Young??!

Bubble-Lulu was the nickname he gave me when we were little.

He still remembered?

I turned and saw a young tall handsome looking guy descending from the stairs.

He was wearing a blue sweatshirt and white sweatpants with blue slippers.

His hair was brown crazily styled.

It was like I was looking at my father’s duplicate.

That same blue eyeballs and perfect straight nose with cute deep dimples on both cheeks.

Tears clouded my eyes as my hand trembles.

“Ji Young!”, I said in whisper and hugged him tightly like my life depends on it.

“Ji Young!”, I said I’m tears.

“You’re truly alive”.

I felt his hands on my back, hugging me tightly too.

He is my real twin brother, I can feel it.

“Ha Young!”, He whispered and I sniffed, inhaling his nice smell.

We disengaged from the hug and we stared at each other.

Tears couldn’t stop flowing out of my eyes.

He was also in tears.

I cupped his cheeks with my hands and tears of joy streamed out of my eyes.

He smiled, revealing his deep dimples.

“Sister!”, He said and we hugged again.

“I’m sorry sis!”, He whispered and I cried more.


🥀Dark Revenge


💢💢💢 Chapter Twelve 💢💢💢


💢💢 MiRan’s POV 💢💢


After the reunion moment, we sat at the balcony, refreshing with fruit wine and cookies.

Aunt Suzy has also arrived from the party.

I was sitting beside Ji Young, my twin brother, with my head leaned on his muscular chest and he was caressing my hair.

I had removed my mask and my shoes.

David was also standing, staring at the stars and sipping his wine.

“Ji Young, how did you recognized me?”, I asked after a long silence.

“We knew you were alive since four years ago when you revealed yourself as Eric Mun’s successor”, Aunt Suzy said, taking a bite on her cookies.

“Remember when we were little, Aunt bought face masks for us as a gift. It was similar to the one you use now. Why wouldn’t I recognize you in it? Even if no one does”, he teased and I chuckled, hitting his chest gently.

“Aigoo! (Oh my God!) Look at this kids. I thought a face mask was the best thing to buy for you as a kid. Btw, you loved and really cherished it. Remember you even smack Ji Young on his face for misplacing yours”, Aunt Suzy said and we all laughed.

We talked alot about our past, which was our childhood memories.

I’m feeling like the most happiest lady in the whole universe.

I was comfortable, calm, happy… around them.

They’re my world!

My only Aunt and twin brother are alive, what else do I seek for?

One part of me wanna stop my revenge, but the other part is so desperate to take the revenge.

If they hadn’t kill my family, I will probably be with them, living happily.

If they hadn’t killed my family, I would probably not have gone through all my misfortunes.

The heartbreak, pregnancy, lost child, lost memories…

I would probably not have been separated from my dear twin brother.

I must make them feel the same pain.

The pain I felt when I was hopeless.

They took everything from me!


And they must pay!!!

Nothing can stop me!


“Ha Young, what happened to you since the past twenty years? How did you survived? We really wanna know”, Aunt Suzy asked with curiousity and concern.

I smiled sadly and bite my lower lip.

“I can’t really tell how I survived. But……..”…

I told them everything!

I mean everything that happened to me.

Ji Young has already stood up with his fists clenched in anger.

Aunt Suzy also gritted her teeth and sighed heavily.

“That daughter of a bitch!”, Aunt cursed.

“Soo Hyun! She took everything! But she is not satisfied. She knew we’ll be a threat to her, so she wanna get rid of our whole family! This was all father’s fault!”, Ji Young said angrily.

“That’s right. He had an affair with her and that gave her more nerves! That bitch! Even though she was married to another man and she even gave him a daughter, what else?!”, Aunt said.

“She is just selfish and full of greed!”, I added.

“She married a criminal! I’m very sure that beast must also be responsible!”, Ji Young stated.

“You mean SoRa’s father?”, I asked and Aunt nodded.

“He is Yoon Koong Min?”, David also asked.

“Yes, he is Koong Min. SoRa’s evil father! The real beast!!! He is a mafia’s boss. Soo Hyun got connected to him through her evil works too. And now, their daughter has also inherited from their evil trait”, Ji Young said with hatred.

“But Soo Hyun claimed that SoRa is our father’s illegitimate daughter. And even the foolish SoRa believed it. She only sees Koong Min as her step-father”, I told Ji Young and he laughed briefly.

“Then, we can turn them against each other. Imagine how hurt SoRa will be if she finds out the truth”, Aunt said.

“That won’t be easy”, David said and I nodded in agreement.

“Koong Min is not also easy to deal with. I’ve been trying to come up with plans to bring him down. Many people has suffered in his hands. He killed many families, innocent lifes… We must find justice for those people!”, Ji Young said.

“So, what has been your plan?”, He asked me and I scoffed.

“Revenge!”, I replied and he sighed.

“But we can’t do it on our own”, David added.

“Exactly!”, Aunt exclaimed.

“The Yoon and Lee families must pay! But before that, we need to file charges against Koong Min in the court. We need evidence!”, Aunt said and sighed.

“We also need to monitor all their movements, including JiJoon”, David said.

“Cameras can do that, we can even get many things we want to know”, Ji Young suggested.

“You mean tiny cameras? If we can plant it around each of them?”, I asked and he nodded.

“But how do we accomplish that? Planting some cameras around SoRa and JiJoon won’t be a problem, you can leave that to me. But what about the dangerous Koong Min and cunning Soo Hyun?”, I asked.

“You’re right!”.

“But wait!”, I said and looked around.

“Is it secure to talk about our plans around here?”, I asked and Aunt smiled.

“Don’t worry, nobody can trespass”, Ji Young replied.

“But am not comfortable with it anymore”.

“If you insist!”.


We went to a very large room which looks like an office.

We all sat down on the chairs.

“I suggest we need someone to help us with Koong Min and Soo Hyun”, David spoke out.

“Maybe one of their servants”, he added.

“I think you’re right Dav. We can bribe one of their servants to work with us”, I said.

“And it must be someone close to them”, David added and we all nodded in agreement.

“Even if we get an evidence, Koong Min is very influential”.

“That’s why we need to ruin them. They’ll go bankrupt and then fall on their knees, pleading for forgiveness from all the people they’ve wronged”.

“But he’ll not give up. He is a congressman and not everyone knows about his secret illegal work, he is so cunning and will do anything to deny our evidence”.

“Let’s wait and see! My target for now is SoRa. If I can get closer to her; her mother and JiJoon can’t be a problem”, I assured.

“Can you deal with JiJoon?”, Ji Young asked and I smiled.

“Trust me!”.

But sincerely, can I deal with him?

“Don’t worry! We’ll take our rights from them and make them pay!! All our legal inheritance they took away from us. We’ll get justice for our family and other innocent people too!!!”, Aunt Suzy assured and we all nodded in agreement.


“But we really need Anna Fang, she is an expert in internet hacking”, I said to David.

“Anna Fang?”, Ji Young asked.

“You mean the Anna Fang we all know?”, Aunt also asked.

“Anna Fang of Fire Shield Agency”, David replied.

“But how? She is no where to be found after the false accusation”, Aunt Suzy exclaimed.

“We’ve found her and she’ll come to my house tommorow”, I replied and she widened her eyes.

“She is my sister”, David added.

“What?!”, Ji Young and Aunt chorused.



“But Aunt Suzy, why did you said she was falsely accused?”, David asked.

“I was one of her fans when she worked at the agency. She was even once the former president’s security agent. But when she was accused, I knew it false accusation. Even if she was guilty, am still her huge fan”, Aunt said and David smiled.

“Thank you!”, He muttered and she giggled.

“And you Ji Young, what happened last twenty years?”, I asked.

“Aunt Suzy saved me from the fire outbreak”, he said and sighed.

“I was only stucked in the house, so I went unconscious”, he added.

“I was informed that the mansion exploded. Thank God I left my house immediately, if not, I would also had been killed. My house was also exploded”, Aunt explained.

“Well, we sold your mother’s only property that was left which was in Italy. Soo Hyun didn’t had access to that because it was tightly secured, if not, we would be left with nothing. We sold it and used the money to start a new business. That was how we got all these”, she explained further.

“Thank you so much Aunt”, I said appreciatively.

“It’s nothing!”, She replied and squeezed my hands gently.

“We’ll be expecting Anna Fang tomorrow”, Ji Young said to David and he nodded.

“But…”, Aunt cut in and paused.

“Our enemies must not know our relationship! We must keep it a deep secret. We’ll only act as a business partner to Ra MiRan, publicly”, Aunt instructed.

“Okay”, we chorused.

“But Soo Hyun knows you Aunt. And even if she doesn’t, Ji Young’s name might seems familiar to her. Koong Min inclusive. She is really smart!”, I said.

“Soo Hyun is my rival. That will be a great help if she can recognize me, she must know who she is dealing with. Though they’re powerful and influential, but I think we’re now equal”, Aunt replied boldly and smirked.

“I can pay with anything to see the expression on her face once she sight me”, she added and I laughed.

I checked my wristwatch and frowned.

“Oh my! It’s getting late Dav! You know we can’t live together so that we won’t be suspected, Ji Young”, I said and looked at Aunt.

“Aww, my dear”, she cooed and hugged me.

“You’re right. But we’ll meet tomorrow again”, Ji Young said and I nodded.

I walked towards him and hugged him.

“Bubble-Lulu!”, He whispered and caressed my hair.

I disengaged from the hug and squeezed my face.

“Childish!”, I muttered and scoffed.

“That was then when I loved that nickname. But now, it sounds dumb to me!”, I pouted and they bursted into laughter.

“Bubble Lulu!”, He teased again and I hit his shoulder.

Someone knocked on the door and entered.

“Sir, this package was sent to be delivered to you from Science Technology company”, he said and Ji Young collected the small package.

“Okay, you can leave!”, He ordered and the man left.

“What’s that?”, I asked.

“Ohh, I ordered for one pack of tiny security cameras from the company he mentioned earlier”, he replied as he unwrapped the package.

“Ohh!”, I mumbled.

He picked out five tiny cameras and gave it to me.

“Your mission begins, Ha Young”, he said and I nodded.

Tommorow will clock seven years that Park Rita died!

The next day…

💢💢 SoRa’s POV 💢💢

I tried to call the number Ra MiRan gave me severely but it was not available.

Later, that same number called back and I picked up.

📱 Hello Mrs Lee 📱

I heard her voice and smiled.

📲 Miss MiRan! I tried to call this number but it was not available 📲

📱Ohh sorry about that. But Mrs Lee, do you have free time today? 📱

📲 Yeah, why?📲

📱I don’t know if you won’t mind. Maybe we should go to the spa together, what do you think?📱

📲 Really? That’s not a problem. I’m really excited and honored. We can get to know each other 📲

📱Alright! We’ll meet at TAFY Spa, 10:00am📱

📱 Okay Miss MiRan. We’ll meet there 📱

I replied and she hung up.

“Oh my God!”, I screamed happily.

I’m going to the spa with Ra MiRan!!!

💢💢 MiRan’s POV 💢💢


I was dressed in a white robe and a white towel was wrapped around my head.

I was playing a game on my i-phone as the servants made my pedicure.

My legs were placed on the table opposite me and I leaned my back against the couch I sat on.

I was waiting patiently for SoRa to arrive.

Foolish woman!

I invited her to accompany to the spa, just to win her trust and get closer to her.

Later she arrived and one of my guards led her to the private room I booked for.

“Miss MiRan!”, She said immediately she entered and pecked my cheeks.


I faked a smile.

“Mrs Lee, good morning”, I said.

“Good morning! Sorry am late”, she apologized.

“It’s okay. I understand, you need to take care of your children”, I replied and she nodded.

“It’s not easy”, she said.

“Why don’t you go change first?”, I suggested and she smiled.

“That’s right!”, She replied and one of the spa workers came in and gave her a white robe and white towel to change into.

Immediately, she placed her bag on a chair and went to the bathroom.

My fake smile faded and I smirked.

Few minutes later, she came out dressed in the white robe and the towel tied around her head.

She sat down on the couch beside me and also placed her legs on the small table opposite.

Two workers came in with a golden basin and a big box.

They started her pedicures too.

Her phone rang and she took it out from her bag.

She looked at me and smiled.

“Excuse me!”, She whispered to me and went to the bathroom with her phone.

I paused the game and signalled the workers to stop which they did.

I stood on my barefoot and sneaked to the bathroom door to listen.

📲I said I can’t go! I’m having an appointment with Miss MiRan 📲

I heard her say to the caller.

📲 JiJoon! You know this is the first time, Rita is my best friend. I wouldn’t wanna Miss her memorial intentionally, but I can’t go for this year!📲

She yelled.

Ohh, the caller is her husband.

Rita’s memorial day?

So they always celebrate it!

Best friend indeed!

You’ve been fooling JiJoon!

Just wait for me!

📲 I’m sorry! But don’t expect me!📲

She yelled again and I heard nothing more.

I walked back to the couch and ordered the workers to continue.

I picked up my i-phone and resumed the game.

SoRa walked out of the bathroom, looking nervous.

“Ohh sorry! I had to talk to the caller privately! It was urgent and important”, She said and sat down.

“I understand”, I replied and rolled my eyes.

“Are you okay?”, I asked the nervous SoRa.

“I’m not really fine”, she replied and smiled briefly.

“Is it something you can share with me?”, I asked, not looking at her.

I heard her sighed heavily.


“Actually…today is my friend’s memorial day”, she said and I looked up at her.

“Oh my! You should have told me. I’m really sorry about that”, I apologized, feigning innocence.

“It’s okay. Today is her 7th year memorial. I won’t be able to attend it this year”, she replied.

“Ah! I don’t wanna be the reason you won’t attend for this year. Maybe we should go together?”, I asked and waited for her reply.


“Yeah! It’s at the cemetery, right?”, I asked and she nodded.

Such a cunning lady!

She and her mother faked my corpse to fool everybody.

And she even has the nerves to attend the memorials!

Well, she can do anything to hide the truth!

Don’t worry SoRa, we’ll play this game together.

Let’s see how cunning and smart you are!

I’ll send a surprise package to you very soon!!!

I can pay with everything I have to see the expression on your face that day to come!!!


🥀Dark Revenge🥀



💢💢💢 Chapter Thirteen 💢💢💢

💢💢 MiRan’s POV 💢💢


Immediately, we changed into our dresses and left the spa.

Many minutes later, we arrived at the cemetery.

We got down from the car and SoRa led the way.

When we got to the so called Rita’s grave, we met JiJoon knelt beside it with a bunch of flowers on the grave.

I huffed silently.

As if he cares, fool!.

We stood behind, he hasn’t noticed our presence.

“Rita! I wish you’re still here with us. I am…”, He said but SoRa interrupted him.


He turned and looked up at us.

Our eyes made a contact and I looked away almost immediately.

“I thought you said you have an appointment”, JiJoon said to SoRa.

“Yeah, I did. But Miss MiRan decided to come here with me”, she replied and smiled at me.

JiJoon stared at me and I forced a smile.

“Good morning Mr Lee!”, I greeted hesitantly.

“Good morning Miss MiRan. Thanks for sparing your time to come here”, he said and stretched out his hand to shake.

I swallowed hard.

Darn it!
Must we have to shake hands!

“It’s nothing!”, I replied and shook his hand lightly and released almost immediately.

“Ulm…I think we should pay respect to the dead”, I spoke out and smiled at them.

SoRa nodded and replied:

“That’s right!”.

We all stood opposite the grave and silence befall.

If only they know that the Rita they think is dead, is right here close to them, alive and healthy!

Few minutes later,

“Please excuse me!”, JiJoon said and walked away.

SoRa turned to me.

“He is going to his mother’s grave”, SoRa said and my heart beat skipped.

Madam Lee!

I nodded and said:

“Why don’t we also go?”, I asked and she nodded ‘okay’.

She walked away and I followed behind.

We got there and JiJoon was also sitted beside the grave in tears.

I felt pity for him.

Madam Lee, I know you really trusted me. But right now, you still think I was responsible for your death. If only I could change time and prove to you that am innocent. But I promise you, I’ll prove myself innocent to everybody!*

I thought and smirked.

“Miss MiRan, can you have lunch with us?”, SoRa asked.

Should I?

Great opportunity!
I can plant the cameras in their rooms.

“Alright Mrs Lee!”, I replied and she smiled.

“Should we leave now?”.


We went back to the car and drove to their mansion.

When we arrived, the mansion was entirely different from the one I knew before.

We got down from the car and walked in.

“Your mansion is really beautiful and attractive”, I complimented and SoRa smiled.

“Thank you Miss MiRan”.

The servants bowed and chorused:

“Good afternoon ma’am!”.

I checked my wristwatch, it was already 12:35pm.

“Let’s go to my private room”, SoRa said and I nodded.

We went to the third floor and she entered a room, I followed behind.

The interiors were mostly harsh colour with pure silver.

There was a small dinner room at one corner.

And another corner were shelves occupied with different books.

And a small office desk with an office chair arranged perfectly close to the shelves.

Three single couches at another corner and a glass table positioned at the centre.

I sat down on one of the couches and crossed my legs.

SoRa went towards a coffee machine which was also placed close to the dinner table.

She turned to me and asked:

“Mind for some coffee?”.

“Sure, thanks!”, I replied and smiled.

She nodded and turned back.

How do I get to her room?

I need to find an opportunity to search for it.

She turned and walked towards me, holding two cups of coffee and she handed one of the cups to me.

“Thank you!”, I muttered and she smiled.

She also sat on the couch, opposite me and stirred her coffee with a teaspoon.

I sipped mine gently.

“Thank you so much Miss MiRan”, she said and I raised my eyebrows.

“For what?”, I asked and laughed briefly.

“For spending your precious time with me”, she replied.

“Common SoRa, we’re now friends anyway”, I said and sipped my coffee, smirking behind it.

“You’re free to call me by my name”, I added.

“Really? That’s an honor”, she giggled.

Foolish thing!

“That apart, let’s talk about business”, I suggested and she nodded.

“That’s right. Well, I deal with shareholding. Though I have other sale companies”, she explained.

“I think shareholding is better. We can invest together and deal with other companies, and once we win, we’ll share the money. What do you think?”, I asked.

I hope she agrees!

This is the best way to strike the Yoon family.

I’ll get every of my family’s properties back from the devil’s hands.

“That’s a good idea. I know many companies will wanna compete with you and others wanna invest with you. Hi kwaku on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories. I’m okay with your idea”, she replied, beaming with smile.

You’re doomed!

But how do I accomplish my mission for now?

I have a great idea, I hope it works.

“Ah, where are your kids?”, I asked her.

“They’re in their rooms, you wanna meet them?”, She asked and I nodded.

“Yes. I know they must be as beautiful as you are”.

“Thanks for the compliment MiRan!”.

I smiled.

“Excuse me, let me go check on them”, she said and I nodded ‘okay’.

She stood up and walked out.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

I stood up and adjusted my black mini gown with open shoulder sleeves and v-shaped neck.

I catwalk out of the room and met some guards, standing close to the door.

They bowed when I walked out.

“Elm… please tell Mrs Lee that I went to the restroom when she comes back”, I said and they bowed again.

“Yes ma’am!”.


I clutched my hand on my white designer hand bag and walked away to… anywhere.

This house is damn big!!

I went to the third floor and started my search.

I checked the first room by the right, but it was empty.

Then the first room by the left, it was still the same.

Another was a music room and a painting room occupied with different graphical paintings.
And so on…

Why is it so difficult to find their rooms?!

I checked all the rooms on the third floor, but none seems like a bedroom.

I turned back to check the second floor but my eyes caught a door at a cozy corner.

I walked towards it and realized that it was not cozy but there was another big corridor with many doors.

I walked through the corridor and stopped at the first door.

So help me God!

I twisted the door handle and it opened.

I sighed and sneaked in.

It was a bedroom.

Very large and neatly arranged.

The interiors were mainly in purple and white.

Many pictures of SoRa were hanging around the room wall.

This must be her bedroom!

I walked around the room and noticed the girly accessories, makeup box and so on…on the dressing table.

There was also a dressing room at one corner, occupied with fashion bags, shoes and designer clothes.

No doubt, this is her room.

I looked around for a suitable and unnoticeable place to plant the cameras.

I found them and planted the cameras perfectly.

I sighed lightly and walked out of the room.

Then I sighted a CCTV camera opposite the room and I froze.

What the hell?

It was directly facing the door I stood by, which was SoRa’s bedroom door.

What should I do?

I need to get outta here!

I faked a smile and catwalk away.

I knew it!
We can’t do this alone, we need Anna Fang!

The moments I carried out my mission must be erased from the CCTV memory.

That can only be done in the control room where the security cameras are being controlled.

SoRa must not suspect me, not even a bit!

But it must be erased before anyone find out.

If not, our plans are ruined!

I need to call David, we really need Anna Fang.

She can help us to hack the control room in this mansion and erase everything.

But it should be as soon as possible!

I’ve ruined everything!


🥀Dark Revenge


💢💢 Chapter Fourteen 💢💢


💢💢 MiRan’s POV 💢💢


I walked out of the mansion and dialled David’s number.

Not long, he picked up my call.

📲 David, I’m screwed! I’ve ruined the plan 📲

I whispered, looking around to make sure no one was watching closely.

📱 What happened? 📱

He asked and I sighed heavily.

📲I found SoRa’s bedroom and planted the cameras. When I walked out of the room, I realized that there were CCTV cameras around and one was actually facing her bedroom door! If they find out, I will be suspected and all our plans will be ruined! 📲

📱Oh my God! So what should we do?📱

He asked.

📲We need your sister. She can help us to erase the CCTV memory before they find out 📲

📱Oh! That’s right! Don’t worry, we’ll be on our way now!📱

📲I don’t understand 📲

📱My sister is here with me in the mansion, we’re coming right now📱

He replied and I gasped.

📲Anna Fang has arrived?📲

📱Yes. I’ve called Ji Young and Miss Suzy too📱

📲 Thank goodness! Please be fast. Text me once you arrive here!📲

📱 Okay, bye 📱


I hung up and smiled.

I sighed in relieved and walked back to the mansion.


💢💢 David’s POV 💢💢


“Sister! We need to go to the Lee mansion right now. MiRan needs your help”, I said to Anna, my elder sister, who was standing close to the full length window, viewing the whole city of Seoul.

She was wearing a black leather jeans with black long sleeves jacket, black inner blouse and black footwear.

She turned to me and smiled.

“Okay, let’s go. Hope everything has been arranged in the car?”, She asked and I nodded.

“Yes sis”.

She sighed and looked up at me.

“Sis, are you okay?”, I asked and she moved closer to me and cupped my cheeks with her palms.

“Don’t worry Vanness, I’m fine!”, She replied and smiled.

“MiRan is really lucky to have you”, she added.

“Sis, stop being so emotional. We need to go now!”, I said and she nodded.

We walked out of the house and entered the car.


💢💢 Anna Fang’s POV 💢💢


**SoRa! You’ve hurt a lot of people, took many life, ruined many happy homes…

But don’t worry, you’ll regret everything!

I’ll make you fall on your knees and beg for forgiveness!

I’ll make your life miserable and make you feel the pain of living a hopeless life!!!

Even your evil family won’t be left out!

Watch your back, YOON SORA!
Your worst nightmare is back!!!


💢💢 SoRa’s POV 💢💢


I went back to the private room with my children but the guards told me that MiRan went to the restroom.

She doesn’t even know where the restroom is.

Perhaps a servant can lead her there.

I went to the guest restroom to check on her but she was not there.

I headed back to my private room and my phone rang.

The caller was…oh my God!

I gasped and went to a room to receive it.

📲 Mike! Why did you call me? Haven’t I silence you for good and you promised not to call me📲

I whisper yelled.

📱I need money ma’am 📱

He replied and I gritted my teeth.

📲 How dare you! I gave you everything you asked for, what else? 📲

📱Well, no problem. I’ll expose all your secrets if…📱

I interrupted him immediately.

📲Are you threatening me?!📲

📱Call it anything! SoRa, you ruined my life by making me do dirty works for you. But you know what I can do. I give you 24 hours, if you don’t send the money, I’ll expose all your secrets and you know what that means📱

He threatened and I trembled with fear.

📲Mike, you wouldn’t dare! I can see you’ve got some nerves 📲

📱 I’ve all the records, so it’ll be so easy to expose everything📱

📲Fine! I’ll send some money to you, son of a bitch! But if you dare betray me, you are a goner!📲

📱 Okay! I promise! 24 hours! Remember that!!📱

He said and hung up.

I clenched my fist on the phone with anger.

“I need to get rid of that bastard before he expose my secrets!!!”, I said and smirked.

I looked around the room nervously.

Sure, no one heard anything!


💢💢 MiRan’s POV 💢💢




I must find you, am sure you’ll be of great help.

I smirked maliciously and saved the voice record.

I recorded the conversation SoRa had with the so called Mike.

I must save that guy before SoRa kill him.


I bite my lower lip and went back to the private room.

But how will I locate that so called Mike?

SoRa’s phone!!!

Now, how will I get SoRa’s phone?


I hit my head with my palm.

Think Ha Young!

I heard the door handle twisted open and I quickly took my phone and focus on it.

“Ah! MiRan, I was told you went to the restroom”, I heard SoRa’s voice and I put on a smiley face.

She sat on the couch and I pouted.

“Yeah, but actually I went out to get fresh air too”, I replied and she raised her eyebrows.

“Ohh, I told my kids to stay here but I guess they went out to play. I’m sorry, I’ll be back”, she said.

“Okay, no problem!”.

She stood up and dropped her phone on the table before walking away.


I looked around the room to make sure there were no CCTV cameras.

I stretched my hand and took her phone.

I switched the power on and swipe to unlock.


It requires alphabetic password!!!

Oh God!!!

I scratched my head, trying to think.

I tried her name but it was incorrect.

I tried everything I could remember but it was all incorrect.

Suddenly it popped into my head that I should also try her son’s name.

I quickly entered it and OMG!!! It worked.

I smiled victoriously and checked the call logs.

There it was, the last call received was from ‘Uncle Mikel’.

Uncle Mikel indeed!


I hope this is Mike’s number.

I copied the number to my phone and placed SoRa’s phone back to it initial position.

I saved the number and sighed in relief.

Just then, my phone beeped.

I checked it, it was a message from David.

✉️📲 MiRan, we packed our car close to the mansion. Anna is ready, so don’t worry ✉️📲

I read and smiled.


💢💢 David’s POV 💢💢


“So, what’s your plan? The security there is very tight, it’ll be difficult to enter the control room”, I said.

“We’re not moving an inch away from here, I’ll do everything in this car”, she replied, connecting some things to her laptop.

“What? How?”, I asked surprisingly.

“Just shu-sh and watch, amateur!”, She replied and I huffed loudly.

She started operating on the laptop, doing whatever!

I trust her, she is a hacking expert.

After many minutes,

“Ta-da!”, She exclaimed and I looked up at her.

She raised her eyebrows and smirked.

I looked at the laptop and gasped in shock and surprise.

The CCTV footage was clearly displayed on her laptop.

Everything that is happening at each section the CCTV cameras were attached in that mansion were displaying.

“Now, let’s reverse and erase everything we need to”, Anna muttered as she did something on the laptop.

She played something and it revealed when MiRan was searching around the rooms, when she came out of SoRa’s bedroom and blah blah blah…

“Now, we need to erase all these!”, Anna muttered again, concentrating on the laptop.

After what seems like decades…

“Pheww!”, She exclaimed, snapping her fingers in the air and I flinched.

“What’s it?!”.

“Well, mission accomplished! It’s all done!”, She said happily and I sighed in relief.

“Thank God! You’re such an expert!”, I said and she smirked.

“I’ll take that as a compliment”, she replied and I huffed loudly, looking away.

Suddenly, I felt something on my head.

She just hit an empty water bottle on my head.

“Ouccchh…”, I groaned in pain and she laughed.

“Show some manners, am your elder sister!”, She blurted and I rolled my eyes.

She hit the bottle on my head again.

“Nuna!”, I yelled and she laughed again.

“Serves you right!”.

🏵️[[[ “Nuna” means “older sister” in Korean. It’s used by male to female ]]]

I took my phone and sent a text message to MiRan:

✉️📲 Mission accomplished! We’re heading back home! ✉️📲

I pouted and drove off.




🥀Dark Revenge🥀



💢💢 Chapter Fifteen 💢💢


💢💢 MiRan’s POV 💢💢


✉️📲 Mission accomplished! We’re heading back home! ✉️📲

I read the text message David sent.

Thank goodness!

“MiRan, lunch is ready”, I heard SoRa’s voice as she walked in to the room.

I stood up and smiled.

“Let’s go to the dinning room”, she added.

“Okay. And your kids?”, I asked.

“Ohh, they’re at the dinning room”, she replied and I nodded.

We walked out and went to the dinning room.

Varieties of foods, drinks, fruits… were arranged on the long dinner table.

A young boy and little girl were sitted.

The little boy stood up and bowed a little.

“Good afternoon Miss MiRan”, he greeted me and I squatted beside him, smiling.

Sincere smile!

Even though I have grudges against his parent, but he is still a kid.
I have nothing against his innocent soul.

“Good afternoon little cutie!”, I replied, caressing his brown hair.
Just like JiJoon’s.

This kid is JiJoon’s duplicate.

Same hair colour, eyes, nose… everything!


I smiled sadly and stood up.

“Appa! (Dad!)”, Seo Joon exclaimed happily and ran away.

I turned back and saw him hugging JiJoon, his father.

JiJoon looked up at me and I smiled nervously.

“I didn’t know you were coming to my house”, he said and I nodded.

“SoRa offered me to have lunch with her”.



💢💢 JiJoon’s POV 💢💢


We all sat down and ate silently.

I kept glancing at MiRan.

Something seems familiar about her.
A lot of things seems familiar about her.

When we shook hands, that feeling.


No, it’s impossible!

Rita is dead.

I was there when she was buried.

But there is something fishy!

Why is she always wearing a mask?

I need to find out!


After many minutes…

MiRan wiped her mouth with a napkin.

She took her phone and looked at whatever on it.

“Ohh, I enjoyed the meal. Thanks! But I’m really sorry, I gotta go”, she said and stood up.

“I forgot that I need to do somethings”, she added and smiled.

“Aww, it’s okay”, SoRa replied and also stood up, wiping her mouth.

“Thank you so much MiRan”.

“It’s my pleasure SoRa. Don’t worry about the business, we’ll discuss later about it”, she said and SoRa nodded.

“Mr Lee, I gotta go now. Thank you!”, MiRan said and I smiled.

“You’re welcome. Goodbye!”, I replied and she smiled…


“Seo Joon, YuRa!! Bye-bye!”, She pecked them on their foreheads.

YuRa giggled and Seo Joon smiled.

“Bye-bye Miss MiRan!”, He replied.

I smiled and watched her in amusement as she walked away with SoRa.


💢💢 MiRan’s POV 💢💢


I left the Lee mansion and went home.

“MiRan, you’ve arrived”, I heard David’s voice and I looked up.


A young beautiful lady was also beside him as they descended the stairs.

She is really beautiful.
She must be Anna Fang.

Oh my God!

I gasped, smiling.

“You’re…Anna Fang!”, I blurted out happily and she nodded.

“Nice to meet you Miss MiRan!”, She said and stretched her hand out to shake.

Rather, I pulled her in to tight hug.

“It’s my pleasure to meet you too!”.

I heard her chuckled softly.

We disengaged from the hug.

She is damn beautiful!

“You’re wow… beautiful!”, I complimented and she laughed briefly.

“Thanks!”, She replied.

“You never told me she is a drama queen”, she whispered to David loudly and I chuckled.

“Let’s go to the private office”, David said and I nodded.

We all went to the office and I sat down.

“You did a great job MiRan. But what about JiJoon?”, David asked and I bite my lower lip.

“I couldn’t attach the cameras in his room because of the CCTVs. But I found something useful”, I said and they looked at me with curiousity.

I brought out my phone from my bag and played the record of convers. SoRa had with Mike.

“Mike must know alot about her evil works”, David said and I nodded.

“But she wanna get rid of him. We really need him and we must save him before SoRa kill him”, I said.

“But he is hiding somewhere, how do we locate him?”, Anna asked.

“That is it, I have his contact number. I copied it from SoRa’s phone. That was another mission I risked”, I said and smirked.

“Wow! You’re really smart MiRan”, David said amusingly and I winked at him.

“We’ll use him against SoRa, he can provide us with many evidence”.

“But what if he betrays us?”, David asked and I frowned.

“We’ll just get rid of him!”, I said bluntly and he widened his eyes.

“What? As in, kill him?”, He asked with shock.

“You wanna become a monster, like them!!!”, He yelled and I flinched.

“We want justice…for us…for innocent people!!! Not get innocent blood on our hands”.

“Really? Do you know how many people he has killed??! Innocent people!!! Am also a victim!!!
David, I suffered! They made me miserable!!! My entire life!!!”, I shouted angrily.

He ran his fingers through his hair.

“I’m sorry”, he apologized and I gritted my teeth.

“MiRan, please, he is really sorry. I apologise on his behalf. I really understand how you are feeling, we all want justice. But we should not become monsters like them. They don’t deserve this world”, Anna said.

“Don’t worry, he wouldn’t dare betray me!”, I said and stormed out.

I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

I looked at the CCTV monitor, it was Anna.

“Come in!”, I said loudly and the door opened widely.

She smiled and walked in.

“I’m sorry to disturb you”, she said and I smiled.

“Sit down”, I gestured her to sit on the couch.


“You said you have that Mike’s contact number. I suggest we call him to know his location before SoRa send her men to silence him”, she said and I sighed heavily.

“You’re right. We need to act fast”.

“Sora is really smart. But am afraid that guy will betray us”.

“We only need evidences from him, nothing more. After that, we’ll hand him over to the police”, I said.

“Okay. I have connected the monitor attached to the cameras in SoRa’s bedroom. I’ll watch her closely”, she said and I nodded.

“Thank you Anna”.

“It’s nothing. I’m sorry for what David said earlier, he didn’t meant everything, he was just frustrated”, she apologized.

“I know, I understand his emotions”, I replied and smiled.

“Thank you!”.

“He told you everything, right?”, I asked and she nodded.

“Yeah. I’m really sorry MiRan. You’ve really endured so much. You’re a strong woman. I really admire you!”, She said and stood up.

“I’ll leave now!”, She turned and proceeded to walk out.


She stopped and turned back.

“I admire you too. I admire your courage, endurance… you’re a brave woman!”, I complimented and she smiled.

She turned back and walked out.