🥀 Dark Revenge 6-10



💢Chapter Six💢

~The next day…~


💥💥💥 Ji Joon’s POV 💥💥💥


📲She is what?!💥📲

I exclaimed in shock.

SoRa called me now that Rita is dead.

It was reported that she was kidnapped yesterday in the police car or perhaps she escaped.

I ran my fingers through my hair in confusion.

Why is all this happening?

📲 Has her body been found?📲

I asked.

📱Yes, we took it to the mortuary 📱

She replied.

📲 Okay 📲

I hung up.

I can’t believe Rita is dead.

I loved her but she betrayed me.

She had an affair with another man and got pregnant, but she liked to me that she was raped.

Yeah, someone sent a video of Rita and a man having an affair.

The video was too real to be fake.

I cried for day and thought she would call to tell me about it.

But she didn’t.
Instead, some weeks after, she got pregnant and framed it on raping.

Again, she killed my mother.

Mrs. Shu can’t lie and btw, the CCTV footage showed everything.

She killed her and ran away.

But had the guts to come back so that she can look innocent.

I can’t just believe it!

My mother is dead and the woman I loved murdered her.

Mom really like Rita, so why would she kill her?

Everything is complicated!

Now, Rita is also dead.

I need to confirm her death.

Mom’s burial is next week. Dad was informed about her death, so he decided to come back to South Korea today.


I entered mom’s room and her cologne filled the whole room.

I’ve missed her!
I’ve missed her smile, her smell, her laughter…

I sat down on her bed and stared around the room.

I stood up and walked to the shelf beside he dressing mirror.

I glanced through the books on the shelf and sighted a small diary.

I smiled when I saw it, mom loved protecting this little thing that always makes me wonder what’s in there.

I took it and cleaned the surface with my palm.

I slowly opened it and read each page.

Nothing special about it, durrr…

I smiled bitterly as I read it. There’s is nothing special in this diary but why did she always protect it like an egg.

Mom is so dramatical.

I flipped the pages continuously but something caught my attention.

I read it carefully.

“What?!!”, I exclaimed and the diary fell down from my hand.

I gasped in shock and squatted to take it with shaking hand.

She wanted me to marry Yoon SoRa, her friend’s daughter.
Park Rita’s friend!

That was her last wish which she wrote in the diary.

It’s not possible!

I can’t marry SoRa!

She is Rita’s friend for Christ sake!

Even after everything Rita did to me, I still respect her!

I walked slowly to the bed and sat down, with the diary still in my hand.

Tears rolled down my cheeks.

I don’t love SoRa and I can never love her!

But it was my mother’s last wish that I marry her!

I love my mother!

I should respect her decision.


~2 days after…~


💥💥💥 Eric Mun’s POV 💥💥💥


“Should I mix the honey and lemon together?”, My personal bodyguard, David, asked.

“No, it’ll taste bitter!”, I said and squeezed my face.

He laughed and mixed them together.

“Yah!”, I shouted and smacked him.

“Ouchh…”, He groaned in pain and I smiled.

“I told you not to mix them together! Dunderhead!”, I said and he pouted his lips.

He sipped it and smiled.

“It’s sweet!”.

We sat on a mat, close to the Ocean.

Everywhere was quiet as usual and the ocean breeze blew gently.

I always enjoy relaxing on the beach with David, my bodyguard and only close friend.

I am a 56 years old man with no family.

I lost my wife and children in an accident, so I don’t have any successor.

I have everything; wealth, fame… mention it.
But no successor to inherit my fortunes.

I’ve been living a lonely life for more than a decade.

But David, a 28 years old, trained martial bodyguard, who I met 9 years ago has been keeping me company.

He is a loyal bodyguard who has sacrificed alot for me and ready to sacrifice more.

I’m so lucky to have him.

Well, am one of the top 5 richest businessman in U.S.A.

I’m a Korean-American, who always come to South Korea for vacation.

I’m on my vacation again with David.

David is a typical Korean man, but he changed his name when he started working for me.

Suddenly, David stood up.

“What is it?”, I asked.

He was looking at something with shock and I was more anxious to know what it is.

“That…”, He said and pointed at…at the ocean.

I bursted into laughter and stood up.

I slapped his shoulder gently.

“I knew it! This was one of your tricks again! Thank God I didn’t fell for it”, I said and laughed again.

“No, look at that! The ocean pushed something to the shore! It’s really big”, he said, still looking at the same direction.

I looked around and also sighted something.

It’s big.

A shark?

“Ahh…”, I shouted and turn to run away but David pulled me back.

“Let’s go and see what it is!”, He said.


“Yeah, let’s go!”.

“Never! can’t you see how big it is. It might be a shark!”.

“Whatever it is, I’ll go and see”, he said and moved closer to it.

“I can’t let you go alone. We’ll rather die together!”, I said and walked behind him with fright.

We got closer to the thing and he used a stick to touch it.

It didn’t move!

He touched it again and it shifted.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh…”, I shouted again and turned to run away but David held me back.

“It’s a human!”, He said and I turned to him.

I looked at the thing.

“Oh my God!”, I exclaimed.

“A lady? What happened to her?”, David said rhetorically.

“Wow! She is really beautiful!”, I said.

“We need to save her. Let’s take her to the hospital”, David suggested.

“No! They would think we kidnapped her”, I said and sighed.

“After all we didn’t, or did we?”, He asked and I shook my head.

“So let’s help her. God knows how long she had fainted”, he said, squatting beside the lady.

“She is still alive?”, I asked.

“Yeah, I checked her pulse”.

“Perhaps she is a goddess!”.

“Wth? A goddess?”.

“Yes, she is really beautiful!”.

He huffed and carried her in a bridal style.

“Rude brat!”, I muttered and followed behind them.



We took the lady to the hospital and she was taken to the emergency room.

David and I waited patiently at the waiting room.

“I hope she survive it”, I said.

“Yeah, why would she commit suicide? She is too beautiful to do so”, David said pitifully.

“Let’s just wait for the doctors to come out. I’ll pay her medical bills and they’ll take good care of her. Remember that we’re going back to U.S.A tommorow. I’ve business meetings to attend”, I said.

“But I don’t think we should leave her. Maybe we can wait until she recover. I’m really curious to know why she committed suicide”, David replied and I nodded.

“Okay. Postpone all the meetings. We’ll wait”.

Just then, the doctor came out of the emergency room.

“Mr. Mun! The lady you brought is in a very critical condition. But I’ve stitched the scar on her face. It really affected her eyes, so it might take some time before it heals. But…”, The doctor explained and paused.

“But what?”, I asked anxiously.

“But…she is in coma!”.

“What?!”, David exclaimed.

“Coma? God!”.

“She must have been in the ocean for too long. It’s a big surprise that she even survived it. A life machine has been connected, if she doesn’t wake up within few months, she might die. There is nothing I can do again, I tried my best”.

I sighed.

“Can you discharge her?”, I asked.

But the doctor and David looked at me in surprise.


“Will she recover if she is given medical treatment at home?”, I asked again.

“I…I… can’t assure you. But, is that what you want?”, The doctor asked and I nodded.

“Even though I don’t know her, but I’ll take her to U.S.A. If perhaps she recovers, then she is free to go back to her home. I can’t let her die!”, I said pitifully.

“Ohh, Mr. Mun! That’s fine if you’re okay with it. When do you want her to be discharged?”.

“Today!”, I replied immediately and he nodded.

“Okay Sir”.


We walked out of the hospital.

The lady was already in my car. I’ve decided to take her to U.S.A.

I don’t even know her family.
But I can’t let her die.

I opened my car door and proceeded to enter but David held my hand.

“Master! Are you sure about this?”, He asked with confusion.

“It’s okay. I’ll help her. it won’t take long, just hope that she recovers very soon. It’s nothing to worry about!”, I muttered to him and patted his shoulder.

He bowed and I entered my car and he closed the door.

He also entered and sat in the driver seat. Then he turned the ignition on and drove off.

Unknown POV


~2 weeks after…~


SoRa faked Rita’s corpse.

JiJoon went to the mortuary with her and saw Rita’s fake corpse.

He believed SoRa and showed his condolence.

Even after he believed that Rita betrayed him, he still have some feelings left for her.

He didn’t wished her death.

He was still bothered about his mother’s last wish.

Should he respect her last wish so that she can rest in perfect peace or he should follow what is heart desires?

After his mother’s burial, JiJoon organized Rita’s burial too to show his grievance and respect for his first lover not knowing the corpse was fake.

SoRa was happy that she succeeded in avenging her father’s death and also, she can have JiJoon to herself.

JiJoon decided to keep his mother’s last wish as a secret for sometime.

He needed some time to think about it.


Days went to weeks, but Rita’s real corpse was not found.

SoRa became worried that she might be alive, hiding somewhere.

But her mother assured her that there was nothing to worry about.

Their mind were filled with assurance that she was dead and never gonna come back!


But was she really dead and never gonna come back?

What do you think about the lady Eric Mun and David saved?

Rita remembered something about her family before she passed out in the ocean, her parents and twin brother!

Did she really had a twin brother?

Perhaps she did, is he also dead?

And her little YungShi, where do you think SoRa dumped this poor and innocent child?

Could she be alive too?

What decision do you think JiJoon will take?
Marry SoRa to fulfill his mother’s last wish?

And what do you think about SoRa’s revenge on her father’s death?

Don’t you think her mother lied to her just to get rid of Rita?

If perhaps she realized that her mother lied to her about it, don’t you think they’ll turn against each other?

If not, then who’ll turn them against each other?

Alot of people will take revenge!

Who are they?!



Dark Revenge 🥀



💢💢💢Chapter Seven💢💢💢

Unknown POV


Mr. Eric Mun and David arrived at United States of America with the lady they saved, who was still in coma.

Mr. Mun’s guards were already waiting for his arrival at the airport.

Immediately they arrived, they entered the car and drove home.

Some female bodyguards took the lady to the guest room with the life machine still connected to her.

“Home sweet home!”, David exclaimed, smiling as they entered the mansion.

“Aisshh…so childish”, Mr. Mun mumbled and went to his room.

David went to the guest room where the lady was, laying unconsciously.

He stood beside the bed she was laid on.

“I hope you wake up very soon Miss. I’m really anxious to know how you ended up in an ocean. Did you committed suicide?”, He whispered to her.

“Stay strong and heal quickly!”, He said and left the room.

The lady heard everything he said but she couldn’t reply since she was in coma.

She could hear but not feel, speak or move.

‘I shall pay you back, Yoon family and Lee family!’__ she cursed in her mind.


Hours flew to days and days to months…

It’s been 6 months now since the lady has been in coma.

Mr. Mun and David, who has been taking good care of her, never gave up.


Mr. Mun went to the hospital for his monthly check up.

He entered Professor Kennedy’s office, an American famous surgeon, who was his personal doctor.

“Professor Kennedy! Good morning!”, He greeted and the surgeon stood up to shake his hand.

They exchanged pleasantries and sat down.

“Mr. Mun! There is no assurance that you’ll survive after the operation”, he said.

“I know. But let’s give it a try. Even if I don’t do the operation, I’ll die very soon. So, there’s nothing to worry about”, Mr. Mun replied bluntly.

“It’s because of your age. You’re already in the last stage of lung cancer, so it can’t be cured”.

“Okay. I don’t think I need to do any check up, right?”, Mr. Mun asked sadly and the surgeon nodded.

“I’ll call you a week before the operation”, he said and Mr. Mun nodded.

“Okay. Thank you Prof!”, He said and left his office.

💢💢💢 David’s POV 💢💢💢

I entered the guest room.

The room was quiet but the life machine was still beeping.

I looked at the lady who was laying helplessly on the bed.

It’s been six months!

I walked towards the bed and stood beside it.

“It’s been six months Miss. Won’t you wake up?”, I said to her sadly.

It’s so pitiful. She has been laying on this bed for six months! No movement, no nothing!

“Okay! We’ll wait for you!”, I said and the machine suddenly started beeping more louder and faster.

I gasped in shock.

“Miss! Miss!…”.

What the heck?

What should I do?

To my biggest surprise, she opened her eyes widely which made me took some steps backward.

“Are you okay?”, I asked but she kept staring at the ceiling not blinking her eyes.

I got scared and called the doctor immediately.

“Miss! Are you okay?”, I asked again but she didn’t move.

I checked her pulse and it was normal.

She is damn beautiful.

Blue eyeballs with ebony silk hair.

She rolled her eyes to look at me.

Oh my God!

“You’re okay?”, I asked and she managed to blink her eyes.

I smiled happily.

Ohh, I should call boss.

I took my phone and dialled his number.

The doctor should be here very soon.

💢💢💢 Eric Mun’s POV 💢💢💢


After I left the hospital, I drove to a nearby coffee shop.

Well, I have Cancer of the Lung and very soon I’ll die.

I’m really happy that I’ll be with my family very soon but who’ll be my successor.

I have alot of companies and properties but who’ll be the successor after all I don’t have any family left.

I sipped my hot coffee gently.

My phone rang and I picked it, it was David.

📲Oh my God! You mean the lady is awake?📲

I asked surprisingly even though he just told me that.

📲 Have you called the doctor?📲

📲 Okay! I’m on my way 📲

I said happily and hung up.


I stood up and left the shop.

I drove home immediately.

Unknown POV

Later, the doctor arrived and checked the lady.

David was also in the room.

“Wow! She is getting better. Her vitals are also getting normal”, the doctor said to David.

Mr. Mun also arrived and entered the room.

He met the doctor and David.

They exchanged pleasantries.

“She can’t walk for now due to the long period of time she was in coma. But she need regular walking therapy”, the doctor explained and they nodded.

💢💢😏 Park Rita’s POV

After I opened my eyes, everywhere seems strange to me.

I saw a handsome guy beside the bed I laid on.

I always hear his voice but I have never seen him before.

The doctor came and checked on me before he left.

Oh My God!
I’m alive!!!!!_ I thought and smirked.

Thank you Lord for keeping me alive!

I felt the handsome guy and a middle-aged man staring at me, so I looked up at them.

‘in your next life, never trust anyone!’ __ SoRa’s words echoed in my mind.

Now am chanced to live a new life.

I’ll never trust anyone!
But these people saved my life.

I don’t bloody care.

After I recover, I’ll search for a good job and make more money.

Then, I’ll take my REVENGE!😏

I tried to sit up but I couldn’t.

The handsome guy noticed it, so he helped me to sit up, making me lean my head on a pillow.

I felt really light and empty.

“Annyeong hasibnikka agashi! (Hello Miss!)”, He greeted politely, smiling.

Omo! He is a Korean?!

I didn’t reply.

“Ohh, my name is David”, he said.

“We’re in U.S.A! We…….”.

He told me how they saved me and I felt grateful.

The middle aged man slapped his shoulder gently and smiled at me.

“And he is Eric Mun, my boss”, the guy added.



“Thank you for everything!”, I said weakly.

“But what is today’s date?”, I asked and David replied me.

Huh, I can’t believe it! Six months, I didn’t speak or move, though I could hear.

Yeah, I heard when the guy said I was in coma for six months.

“I’ve been curious Miss. Who are you?”, David suddenly asked.

I remember everything, everything!

How my parents and twin brother were killed!

Yeah, I had a twin brother.

I can clearly remember my childhood memories.

Now I understand why I felt strange the first time I met SoRa’s mother when I was 15 years old.

She killed my parents and twin brother.

The guy and the middle aged man were looking at me with curiousity.

Even though they never knew me but they still saved my life.

“I was killed!”, I blurted out and they gasped.

David carried a chair and placed it closer to my bed and gestured the man he called Eric Mun to sit down.

He also stood beside the bed close to the man.

“I don’t understand”, David said with confusion.

I smiled and explained everything to them.

How I met SoRa, her mom and JiJoon.

My relationship with JiJoon and how we broke up.

About the accusation on Madam Lee’s death.

How I was raped and got pregnant.

How my child was kidnapped.

How I was killed and the people who killed me.

And soon….

“Oh my God!”, David exclaimed.

“Huh, that’s so bad”, Eric Mun sympathized.

“But you’ve regained your lost memory?”, David asked and I nodded.

“I regained my memory the same day I drowned in the ocean”, I replied.

“If I may ask, who killed your parents?”.

I sighed bitterly.

“I had a twin brother. We were 7 years old then. That day….

⬅️⬅️⬅️ Flashback!⬅️⬅️⬅️

“I won! I won! I won!”, I sang happily after defeating my brother in a game.

Suddenly, my mom rushed into our room, panting heavily.

“Ha young! Ji Young! Just stay in your room, don’t come out, okay?”, Mom said, caressing our hair.

“But why Eomma (mom)?”, Ji Young, my twin brother, asked.

“Just obey mummy! Don’t come out please?”, Mom pleaded.

“Why Eomma (mom)?”, I also asked in tears.

She kissed our foreheads and hugged us.

“Saranghaeyo! (I love you!)”, She said, hugging us tightly.

“Eomma! (Mom!) Why are you crying?”, I asked in my tiny voice.

She wiped her tears and smiled.

“I’m not crying! Just stay in your room!”, She warned us again and we nodded before she left our room.

I looked at Ji Young and he raised his eyebrow.

“Are you thinking what am thinking?”, I asked him and he smiled.

“Yes! Let’s go out. Why did mom warned us not to come out?”, He asked and pouted his small lips.

“I’m really really curious!”, I said and rushed out of our room, Ji Young also followed behind me.

We heard some noise from the sitting room and we sneaked towards there to know what was happening.

We hid and watched everything.

Mom and dad were on their knees and in front of them was a woman, pointing a gun at them.

Some scary looking men were also there pointing their guns at mom and dad.

I attempted to scream but Ji Young covered my mouth.

Tears were already rolling down my cheeks.

“Long time no see, Sang Joong!”, The woman said, referring to my dad.

“And you Hee Sun!”, She said and slapped my mom.

“You took my position! I should be the one enjoying all this wealth!”, She shouted at mom.

“No, you can’t enjoy any of it because you don’t deserve it!”, Mom yelled back and the woman slapped her again.

“Soo Hyun stop it!”, Dad shouted at the woman.

“It’s all over! I’ll kill your entire family!”, The woman said evily.

“But you’re married Soo Hyun. Don’t be greedy! I never loved you and will never love you. You can kill me, but spare my wife and children”, dad said and she scoffed.

“All I want is your wealth. After I kill your entire family, I’ll be the successor!”, She said with pride.

“It won’t last forever Soo Hyun!”, Mom shouted.

“Shut up! I said shut up Hye Kyo!”, She yelled and shot mom.

“Soo Hyun!”, Dad shouted and rushed to mom, who was already bleeding.

The next thing, dad was also shot.

Immediately, they rushed out.

I shoved Ji Young’s hand and ran to mom and dad.

“Those bastards!”, I yelled.

“Mom! Dad!”, I said in tears.

“Sweeties, get out of this house now!”, Dad said.

“Why?”, Ji Young asked in tears.

“A bomb was planted in this mansion! Just leave!”.


The rooms upstairs exploded and I gasped.


“Leave!”, Dad yelled.

Mom was already dead.

“We love you dad!”, We chorused and Ji Young took my hand and we ran out of the mansion.


We heard another explosion.

“Ha Young! I forgot to take my necklace”, Ji Young said in tears.

It was the necklace mom brought for us though mine was a bracelet with our names on it.

He turned to go back to the burning mansion.

“Ji Young, you can’t go in there. It’s exploding!”, I cried but he hugged me.

“I promise, I’ll come back!”, He assured and ran in.


Another bomb exploded and I screamed.

“Ji Young-sssiiiiii….!!!…”.

I fell on my knees and cried painfully.

I stood up and proceeded to enter the mansion to find Ji Young.

I ran in and suddenly something fell on me and I passed out.


I woke up, feeling empty.

I realized that I was in on the bed.

A woman smiled at me and introduced herself as SISTER SYLVIA.

Why am I here?

Who am I?

I can’t remember anything!

➡️➡️➡️ End of Flashback! ➡️➡️➡️




🥀 Dark Revenge



💢💢💢Chapter Eight💢💢💢


💢💢💢 Rita’s POV cont. 💢💢💢


“That’s my life story”, I completed and they sighed heavily.

“Oh geez! Even that JiJoon guy!”, David said and hissed.

“It’s okay. But, what’s your name Miss?”, Eric Mun asked.

“Park Rita, that was the name Sister Sylvia gave me. But my real name is Kim Ha Young”, I replied.

“Ha Young, nice name!”, David complimented.

“Thanks!”, I muttered.

“But how did you got this scar on your face?”, He asked.

“It was in the ocean when I was struggling to swim out of the water”, I replied and placed my palm on the scar area that was bandaged, which was close to my right eye.

“Everything will be fine. So, you don’t have any family?”, Eric asked affectionately and I nodded.

“You can stay with us if you don’t mind!”, He replied.

“No! I’ll go back to South Korea”, I said.

“They’ve caused you alot of pain”, David said and I smirked.

“Pain?”, I asked.

“They took everything away from me! And I will surely pay them back!”, I said fiercely.

“You wanna take revenge?”, Eric asked.

I smiled.

“Dark Revenge!”, I replied and they kept staring at me.

I smiled at them and said:

“You don’t have to worry! I can do it on my own!”.

Yes, I can do it!

I’ll never trust anyone! Ever!

“We can help you!”, Eric said and David widened his eyes in shock.

“Help me?”, I asked confusedly.


Should I at least trust someone again!

Just once!

Eric Mun is a multi billionaire businessman.

If I agree to let them help me, then I won’t have any problem with money.

But I wanna stand on my own.
I wanna take my revenge on my own.

But it’s not possible!

It’ll take long before I can raise alot of money.

Isn’t this an ‘opportunity comes but once’ for me?

I can do anything to take my revenge.

“Rita!”, David’s voice jolted me back to reality.


“You really wanna help me?”.

“Yes, if you agree!”, Eric replied.

Park Rita!
That name brings memories of my past.

Memories with JiJoon!
Memories with SoRa!!
Alot of memories!!!

“First, I wanna change my name!”, I said.

“What?”, they chorused.

“What?”, I replied.


“I wanna live a new life, as a new person! Ra MiRan!”.


“My new name is Ra MiRan! MiRan!”, I said.

“MiRan!”, David repeated.

My little YungShi!
Mummy will find you!

I have the feeling that you are still alive.
I’ll find you, my baby girl!

I promise!!!

“It’s getting late! You need to sleep Rit…”, David said and paused.

“…MiRan…”, He corrected and I smiled.

“Yeah, you need to sleep”, Eric said.

“Okay. But am really hungry!”, I said.

“Ohh, a maid will bring your dinner now!”, David replied and I nodded.

“Thanks!”, I muttered and they walked out of the room.

I sighed.

“They’ve caused me enough pains! It’s time for them to pay back! I’ll hunt each one of them!! I’m not the church girl everyone know me as again! This is a new me! Evil or good? I’ll rather choose to be EVIL! I’ll make them fall on their knees and plead for forgive from me!!! I’m sorry Sister Sylvia, if I can’t get JUSTICE, then I’ll make JUSTICE!!!”,

I muttered to myself and gritted my teeth with hatred.

💢💢💢 Eric Mun’s POV 💢💢💢

We left Rita’s room, ohh sorry, I mean MiRan’s room and I went to my private office.

I sat down on the couch and closed my eyes.

I’m ready to help Rita.

Even though I won’t last long.
After my cancer operation, I’ll die.

There is no assurance that I’ll survive the operation.

I think I know who’ll be my successor.

I opened my eyes and took my phone which was on the couch beside me.

I dialled my Lawyer’s number and he picked it up almost immediately.

📲 Barrister Han! I wanna talk to you about my properties 📲

📲 Okay! I want my successors to be David Tan, my loyal bodyguard. And Ra Mi Ran 📲

📲 You don’t have to worry! I want them to inherit my properties. Trust me Barrister, I am very sure about this! 📲

📲 Barrister Han, just do it! Good night! 📲

I hung up and sighed.

I felt pity for the young lady, Park Rita.

People are cruel!

Hmm, David and Rita will be my successor!

I kept the cancer operation a secret from David.

I don’t want to ruin his mood.

And Rita?
Maybe i should tell her?…

~some weeks after…~


💢💢💢 Rita/ MiRan POV 💢💢💢


David and I went to the cemetery where Mr. Eric Mun was buried.

Well, he died after his cancer operation.

Before the operation, he told me about it and made me promise not to tell David.

After his death, I had to tell David.

He felt really bad.

I adjusted my sunglasses and dropped a bunch of flower on his grave.

He was the man who saved my life.

Who would believe he would leave very soon.

I couldn’t stop crying, even David inclusive.

YOON SORA!!!!__ I thought and gritted my teeth with my fist clenched in anger and hatred.

“Let’s go!”, I whispered to David but he ignored me.

He walked away angrily.

I can’t really blame him, it was all my fault.

I should have told him about Mr. Mun’s health but I kept it a secret from him just as Mr. Mun told me to do.

But maybe be I should have let him know about it?

I sighed and followed behind him.


We arrived at home and I went to my room.

I stood looking at my reflection through the standing mirror opposite me.

I placed my palm on the scar on my face and sighed heavily.

Tears rolled down my cheeks and I wiped them off with my palm.

”i don’t wanna be who I don’t wanna be, but I’ll have to be who I don’t wanna be!”, I whispered to myself and smirked maliciously.


I heard a knock on my door.

“Come in!”.

The door opened widely and David walked in.

“David!”, I said in a whisper.

“Mr. Mun’s lawyer is here”, he said and turned to leave.

“Dav!”, I said and he stopped on his track.

“Where you… expecting him?”, I asked nervously and he shook his head.


“Ohh, okay”, I replied and he walked out.

I wonder why Mr. Mun’s lawyer is here?

David and I have decided to relocate to another house and find new jobs.

I took a last glance at my reflection in the mirror before I left the room.

I met the lawyer and David in the sitting room.

It’s seems like they were waiting for me.

“I’m sorry, I kept you guys waiting!”, I apologized.

“It’s okay Miss!”, The lawyer replied and I smiled.

“You’re Miss MiRan?”, He asked.

Ohh, I actually forgot that I am now MiRan.😁

“Yes!”, I replied and sat beside David.

“I won’t take much of your precious time! I came here to discuss about Mr. Mun’s properties. Before his death, he decided to share most of his properties to David Tan and Ra MiRan. That’s you both. And his other properties to the orphanage home!”, The lawyer explained and I widened my eyes in shock.

Mr. Mun willed his properties to David and I?


“There is no but Miss. That was his wish and it must be honored. Here is the will”, the lawyer said and handed the documents to us.


He really willed his properties to us?!!

I’m short to words!

“That’s all! I gotta go now!”, The lawyer said and we nodded.

He stood up and walked out.

“Good bye!”.

I looked at David but he didn’t seems to be bothered.

I felt pity for him, Mr. Mun’s death really touched him.

I stood up and went to my room.

Before I begin my revenge, I have alot to learn!

“I, Lee Ji Joon, accept Yoon SoRa, as my legally wedded wife!”, I heard that familiar voice and immediately, I looked at the television.

SoRa and JiJoon were shown, taking their wedding vows in a church.

“I, Yoon SoRa, accept Lee Ji-Joon, as my legally wedded husband!”, SoRa vowed and smiled at JiJoon, who looks unhappy.

I smirked.

If he was not happy, then why did he married her?

Bunch of fools!

“So you were expecting me to die, so that you can marry SoRa? Huffs No problem! I’ll surely send you your wedding gift!”, I said and raised my eyebrow.

“You may now kiss your bride!”, The priest announced and they kissed.

They even kissed!

I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth.

“Nonsense!”, I muttered and took the television remote and switched it off.

I slammed the remote on my dressing table and bite my lower lip.

“I’ll send your wedding gift to you very soon!”, I whispered to myself and huffed loudly.


~⛩️⛩️⛩️ South Korea

💢💢💢 SoRa’s POV 💢


Finally, I married Lee Ji-Joon.

I don’t know what changed his mind, but what ever it was, I don’t care!

What really matters is that I am now his wife! Forever!!!

It’s all over the internet that me and the multi billionaire businessman, are now newlyweds.

We are now COUPLE!!!

It was a very good idea that I got rid of Rita.

She would have been a threat to me.

I stared at my wedding ring and smiled victoriously.

Suddenly, my personal maid rushed into my room.

“What is it?”, I asked curiously.

“Ma’am, someone sent a wedding gift to you!”, She said and I hissed.

“Was that why you rushed in! You scared me!”, I said angrily.

“I’m sorry my lady. But this gift is really big!”, She said.

“Where is it?”.

“It’s outside!”.

She walked out and I followed.

We got outside and truthfully, it was really big.

“Are you Yoon SoRa?”, A young man asked.

“Who are you?”, I asked.

“I was sent to bring this gift!”, He replied.

“Yes, am Yoon SoRa. But what’s that and who sent it?”, I asked and he moved closer to the big thing.

The gift was covered with a black cloth so I couldn’t figure out what it was.

He removed the black cloth and I gasped.

“A car!”, I whispered in shock.

“Who ordered you to bring this?”, I asked.

“Someone! It’s your wedding gift. I’ll leave now! Here is the car key”, He said and gave the key to me before he left.

“My lady. Kindly hi omeano on+233544142683 to read more exciting stories from storyline, storybaze, unlimited story platform,fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room. This is really surprising! Who would sent this as a wedding gift? It’s really expensive!”, My maid said but I ignored her.

I walked around the car and touched it slowly.

“This is the latest Limousine! Oh my God!!! It’s 2019 model!”, I gasped.

“Who sent this?”, I heard JiJoon’s voice.

“I don’t know. The guy that brought it said it was a wedding gift from someone. I don’t really know!”, I replied happily.

Even though I don’t know who sent it, but I already like him or her.

This car really cost fortunes!

I opened the car and saw a sticker.


    .... FROM YOUR BELOVED!...",

I read out and JiJoon also collected the sticker.

“Why wouldn’t I wanna meet you, I can hardly wait to meet you ghostly friend!”, I said happily and giggled.





Dark Revenge



💢💢💢 Chapter Nine 💢💢💢




💢💢💢💢 Park Rita/ Ra MiRan’s POV 💢💢💢💢


🎤Miss Ra MiRan, please answer our questions. Why are you hiding your identity?🎤

🎤 What’s your relationship with Late Eric Mun and why did he made you his successor?🎤

🎤Who are you and why are you hiding behind a glass mask?🎤

🎤Miss Ra, we’ve been asking you these same questions since the past 4 years 🎤

🎤 Please give us answers to the questions 🎤

🎤The whole world wanna know why you’re hiding your real face behind a glass mask🎤

🎤 Please….🎤

The reporters kept blabbering immediately I walked out of the conference building.

They never gave up even as my guards kept pushing them out of my way.

My guards surrounded me as I headed to my white Lexus car with tinted windows.

But one question caught my attention.

I stopped on my track and turned to the direction where I heard the question came from.

“What’s my relationship with Late Eric Mun and why did I became his successor?”, I spoke out and silence befall.

“He made me his successor because it was his wish. So I don’t think you have any right to question his last wish!”, I blurted out and entered my car.

The guards closed the door and we drove off.

Who is behind the glass mask?

What’s my identity?

Well, I can’t blame them, they’re just curious.

No one knows my real face except David Tan.

I covers my face with a glass mask.

Huh, it’s not a full face mask but just a half mask that covers only my eyes.

With my eyes covered with a mask, no one can figure out my real face, not even my enemies!

I’m gonna hide my real face to take my revenge!!!

Also, to cover the scar I got when I was killed!

I hate seeing that scar on my face!

“Ma’am, we’ve arrived!”, One of the guards told me.

I sighed and nodded.

I got down from the car and walked into the mansion.

The servants bowed a little as I walked in.

One of the maids collected my hand bag and I went to my private office.

“Who is the lady behind the glass mask? What’s her real identity? She is Ra MiRan, but why is she hiding behind that sexy glass mask?!”, David teased me as I entered my private office.

I smirked and sat down on the giant golden chair, tapping my fingers on the glass desk in my front.

“You spoke to those reporters. Aiishh… frustrating human beings!”, David said, frowning his face.

I rolled my eyes and brought out a pack of cigarettes from the table drawer.

I took out one stick and lighted it with the silver lighter.

I puffed out the smoke out of my mouth slowly and looked up at David, who was staring at me.

“MiRan, can you please quit smoking?”.

” ‘SMOKERS ARE RELIABLE TO DIE YOUNG!’ I know that but what’s the difference? After I take my revenge, it’ll be over. It’s not like I have any family to leave behind anyway”, I said and huffed.

“What about YungShi? That poor little girl will suffer alone in this cruel world!”, David replied emotionally.

“You can take care of her like your own daughter. By the way, there is assurance that she is alive!”.

“But what if she is? There is still a little assurance that she’s alive though. Your heart keeps telling you that and you should trust it!”.

“Enough!”, I yelled angrily, banging my palm on the desk.

“Enough!”, I repeated, staring at him with anger.

I stood up and dropped the cigarette in a bowl of sand which was on the desk.

“I don’t even want her to be alive!!! She will only bring me memories of her bastard father!!!”, I shouted and proceeded to leave.

“We’re going back to South Korea tommorow”, he said behind me and I stopped on my track.

“South Korea!”, I repeated and smirked.

I’m going back to my Homeland after six years abroad!

That land that brought misfortunes to me!

That land that brings back memories of JIJOON!
Memories of SORA and her mother, SOO HYUN!!!

Very soon, I’ll start breathing the same air with my ENEMIES!!!!

I gritted my teeth and walked out of the room with anger.

~🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷 SOUTH KOREA 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷~

💢💢💢 Ji Joon’s POV 💢💢💢


“Oh my God!”, SoRa exclaimed excitedly, staring at her laptop.


“The glass mask lady is coming to South Korea tommorow!!! I heard that S. Korea is her homeland, but she was born and raised up in U.S.A.!”, She giggled and I scoffed.

“What’s so special about her?”, I asked.

“Oh my! She is a goddess! They said she is more beautiful and elegant than she appears on TVs and so on. I will make her my friend!”, She said dreamily, sipping her lemon tea.

“Friend indeed! You wanna compare yourself to her? You’re a married woman with kids for Christ sake, you can’t compare yourself to that single young lady. Even though you’re rich, but she is still the richest. To her, you’re a pauper!”, I said.

“Ji Joon!”, She yelled.

“Yes, am a married woman with kids but am still a young lady! Why would she consider me as a pauper?!!! She is rich, I am rich! She is beautiful, I am beautiful! She is a young lady, I am also a young lady! So what else?!!! Only if she is arrogant, that can make me look like a pauper to her! But that will never happen!!!”.

“Are you already getting jealous of her? You’re even comparing! Ugh!!!”, I scoffed.

“Let’s wait and see. She is a business woman, right? Am also a business woman. If I partner with her, then we can become friends!”, She bluffed and walked out of my room.

I gave a brief laughter.

I like annoying that bitch!

I sighted her laptop and rolled my eyes.

“Your laptop is still in my room!”, I said loudly.

But wait!

Who is this mask lady?

I walked to the table where the laptop was placed.

“WHAT’S HER IDENTITY?”, I read out the headline from the laptop.

I scrolled down for more details.

There are alot of the mask lady’s pictures on the website.

She is truly beautiful just as SoRa exaggerated.

But why is she hiding behind a glass mask?

“RA MIRAN!”, I read out again as I kept scrolling down.

Ra MiRan?

Is that her name?

Hmm, cool name.

“What are you doing?!”, SoRa shouted behind me.

I hissed and went to the bathroom.


I’ve really missed Rita.

I’m still feeling guilty for her death.

If I hadn’t had her arrested, maybe she would still be alive.

Even though she betrayed our love, but I still have some feelings left for her.

She was my first lover.

I always wish she is the mother of my children instead of SoRa.

Even after six years with SoRa, I still find it difficult to fall in love with her.

It’s just so difficult!

My life is miserable!

I walked out of the bathroom and sighed when I noticed that SoRa was not in the room.

Her laptop was also gone.

“Appa! (Dad!)”, I heard my little boy’s voice.

🏵️[[[ ‘APPA’ means ‘DAD’ in Korean! ]]]🏵️

He rushed towards me and hugged my knees.

I squatted and hugged him tightly.

“Seo Joon!”, I caressed his chubby cheeks and he giggled.

He is my first son, Lee Seo Joon.
He clocked six years old this year and his little sister, Lee Yu Ra, 3 years old.

They’re my little angels.

“Appa! (Dad!) Will you take us to an amusement park tommorow?”, He asked.

“Aww cutie, I wish I could, but my schedules are full for tommorow”, I replied and he frowned.

“Don’t worry. We’ll go to picnic and an amusement park when I have free time!”, I said an he blinked his eyes.

“Aww I promise!”.

“Pinky promise?”, He asked, raising his tiny finger.

I intertwined my finger with it and he smiled.

“Pinky promise!”.

I tickled him and he giggled.

“Seo Joon!”, SoRa said loudly from her room.

“Huh, mom wanna see you. Be a good boy!”, I said, ruffling his hair.

He nodded and walked out.

I sighed.

But maybe my life is not completely miserable, at least I have two angels who are my happiness.

If only Rita was their mother.

But there is something suspicious about Rita’s death.

Oh God!
Why didn’t I noticed it!


I have few questions to ask her!

💢💢💢 SoRa’s POV 💢💢💢


“You like it?”, I asked my son, Seo Joon.

“No, I love it!”, He exclaimed and I smiled, caressing his hair.

I bought him a blue designer sneakers as a surprise gift and a red one for YuRa, my little daughter.

Suddenly, Ji Joon opened the door and walked in.

I stood up from my bed in shock.

“What is it?”, I asked.

“Seo Joon, go to your room”, he said and Seo Joon nodded.

He took his new sneakers and walked out.

“What is it JiJoon?”, I asked again.

“SoRa, you said Rita had an accident before her death?”, He asked and I froze.

Why is he suddenly taking about Rita?!

Or is he suspecting something?

It can’t be!


“Yes, she had an accident”.

“But something is suspicious. She was kidnapped when the police where taking her to their station. And the next day, she was found dead. That means she was murdered!”, He said and I widened my eyes in shock and fear.

“W…wh…what do you mean by she was murdered?”, I stuttered and he raised his eyebrow.

“Rita is dead! You shouldn’t talk about that again, it’s so painful. I’ve really missed my friend”, I faked tears, sniffing.

“I didn’t mean to, but who informed you about her death?”, He asked curiously.

Is he suspecting me?

“Huh, JiJoon! I didn’t know you got Rita arrested. I didn’t even know she murdered your mom. My high school classmate works as a nurse in the hospital where Rita died. She called me immediately Rita was brought to the hospital after the accident. Meanwhile, I once met that classmate at a restaurant when I went there with Rita. I introduced Rita to her, so she was able to recognize Rita when she was brought to her hospital.
And it was not only Rita that was the victim in the accident, she said some other men where also involved”, I lied.

“That means those men where the kidnappers. But did any of them survived?”, He asked.

“No, they all died, Rita inclusive”.

He sighed heavily, running his fingers through his hair.

He nodded at nothing and walked out of my room.

What was he thinking?

If I hadn’t cooked up some lies, maybe he would be suspecting me?

Rest assured!
He can’t find out the truth.

I’ve silenced my boys for good!

But rest is not really assured, Rita’s body is still missing!


The next day…




💢💢💢 Ra MiRan’s POV 💢💢💢


The fresh air blew my hair as I walked out of the private jet with David behind me and many guards who surrounded us.


The reporters were already waiting for our arrival with their cameras clicking as we descended the jet stairs.

Their microphones were also ready for work.




🥀Dark Revenge



💢💢💢 Chapter Ten 💢💢💢


💢💢💢 Ra MiRan’s POV 💢💢💢


Finally, we escaped from the reporters that were blasting us with their annoying questions.

We arrived at a mansion, which was one of Late Eric Mun’s properties.

I have somewhere important to go.

The cathedral!

After Sister Sylvia’s death, I haven’t visit the place.

I hope Sister Sylvia forgives me.

I know am already on the wrong path.

But I must take my revenge.


”Evil or good? Blessed or cursed? Only your decision can determine what your future beholds!”.


I remembered what Sister Sylvia told me.

“Are you okay?”, I heard David’s voice from behind.

“I’m fine!”, I whispered loudly.

“Dav!”, I said and turned to him.

He looked at me curiously.

“I need to go somewhere important now!”, I said and he frowned his face.



He sighed and replied:

“Okay! Be careful out there!”.


I smiled at him and he walked out of the room.


I parked my car close to the cathedral gate and walked in.

Almost all eyes were on me.

I ignored them and walked into the church.

I met….

Sister Esther!!!

I smiled and walked towards her but she stared at me confusedly.

Ohh, I forgot that she can’t recognize me because of my mask.

“Good morning!”, I greeted and she bowed a little.

“Bless you!”, She replied.

So bad, I can’t tell her am Park Rita they knew before.

“I just stop by to pray!”, I said and she stared at me with curiousity.

“You’re Ra MiRan?”, She asked and I nodded.

How did she know?

“You’re the lady with glass mask”, she said and smiled.

“I can see that”, she added.

“I was about to leave when you came in. I’ll leave you to talk to God”, she said and walked out.

I watched as she walked away.

If only I could tell her, but I need to hide my identity.

I sighed and sat down on a long bench.

***Sister Sylvia, I know I’ve disappointed you and you’re not happy with whom I have become.

I’ve stopped going to church.
I’ve stopped praying to God.

I’ve sinned alot.

But am really sorry, I still have alot more sins to commit.

I hope The God Almighty forgives me after my unforgivable mission.

I’ve lost everything!
I just wanna avenge for all the people I’ve lost, you inclusive.

You’re part of my life.
You brought me up along a right path, but now am astray, just for my revenge.

I’m really desperate!
I won’t satisfy my conscience if I don’t avenge for the people I’ve lost.

Ohh Lord, please forgive me.

Sister Sylvia, this might be the last time I’ll come to this place.
But I’ll never forget your kindness.
You’re a mother to me.

Please forgive me!

I’m sorry!***

I stood up and walked out of the church.

There were many children playing outside around the compound.

It made me remember when I was little and lived here.

“Glass masked!”, I heard a tiny voice behind.

I turned and saw a little girl running towards me.

She spread her tiny arms and hugged my knees.

I felt a great sensation as she hugged me.

I smiled happily for the first time in six years.

“You’re Miss Ra MiRan?”, She asked as she disengaged from the hug.

I smiled and squatted beside her, holding her hands.

“Yes. And who are you little damsel?”, I asked.

“Nam Hara, that is my name!”, She replied.

“Aigoo! (Oh my God!)”, I exclaimed and caressed her silky hair.

She is really cute.

Her hair is black and silky.
It reminds me of my real hair colour, black and silky.

But now, I always dye my hair to different colours.

“How old are you cutie?”, I asked.

“6 years old!”, She replied and I smiled sadly.

If only my daughter was also alive, she would have clocked 6 years.

“But how did you know me?”.

“My mother talks about you a lot. She really loves you”.

“But you recognized me?”.

“Yes. She has a lot of your pictures on her phone”.



“But where is she?”, I asked her.

“I came here with her. But she went to the cathedral hostel not long ago to see a nun”.

“That’s so sweet!”, I said, smiling.


Someone said and I looked up.

A young woman stood close to us.

“Mom!”, The little girl named Hara rushed towards her and hugged her.

“Sweetheart, where have you been?”, The woman asked.

“Guess who I met mom?”.

I stood up and smiled at them.

“Who?”, The young woman who hasn’t noticed my presence, asked.

“She!”, Hara replied, pointing at me.

“Oh my goodness!”, The woman gasped in shock.

“Ra MiRan?”, She exclaimed and hugged me tightly.

“You are really Miss Ra MiRan?”, She asked, staring at me from head to toe.

“She is my mother!”, Hara said and I nodded.

“Annyeong hasibnikka! (Hello!)”, I greeted the woman.

🏵️🏵️[ ‘Annyeong hasibnikka’ means ‘hello’ in Korean ]🏵️🏵️

She gasped unbelievably.

“Annyeong hasibnikka!”, She replied.

“Your daughter is really smart and cute!”, I said and she smiled happily.

“Really? Thank you! I didn’t expect to ever meet you in my life!”, She said.

“I am Nam Jan Di, Hara’s mother!”.

“Nice to meet you Jan Di!”.

“Me too!”.

I checked my wristwatch.


“I’m sorry, but I gotta go now”, I said and she sighed disappointedly.

“But I don’t want you to go!”, Hara said and pouted.

“It’s okay cutie. We’ll meet again. I promise!”.

“Really? But how?”, She asked and I looked at her mother.

I opened my hand bag and brought out my card.

“You can contact me with this”, I said, handing the card to Jan Di.

“Wow! Okay. Here is mine too”, she said and gave me her card.

“Okay!”, I said, checking the card.

“You’re a surgeon?”, I asked surprisingly.

“Yes!”, She replied.

“Wow! That’s nice! Anyway, goodbye!”, I said and hugged Hara.

I waved at Jan Di and walked away.

I entered my car and sighed.

Why did I felt so happy and comfortable when I hugged Hara?

Her mother is so lucky to have her.

I turned the ignition on and drove off.

💢💢💢 David’s POV 💢💢💢

“MiRan, we can’t do this on our own. We need someone to help us with your revenge”, I suggested.

“Then who? I can’t trust anyone! I think you’re enough to help me. But if you can’t, then quit!”, She replied.

“MiRan, you need to calm yourself down. We shouldn’t argue over this. We need many plans!”, I said and she looked at me.

“And we must be careful with our plans”.

“What are the plans?”, She asked.

“You need to get closer to the Lee family and make them trust you before you strike them! But we can’t do it alone”, I said and she nodded.

“I think you’re right. But that will be difficult. Before we can plan our moves, I need to get closer to SoRa. I must use someone who knows alot about her against her. Someone I can trust and whom she also trust. Maybe her personal maid or anyone.
I need to get closer to her so that I can know who I’ll use against her. And her mother, that shouldn’t be a problem”.

“You need evidence to proof your innocence, to proof that you didn’t murdered JiJoon’s mother. We need evidences against SoRa and her mother and other accomplice”, I said.

“Evidences? I don’t think I need evidence. SoRa would do anything to bury the whole truth. If I can’t get justice, then I’ll make Justice!”.

“We can get all the evidence!”, I said and she raised her eyebrow.


“Spys! We need the people who works under them. We also need someone!”.


“Anna Fang!”, I replied.

“Who is Anna Fang?”.

💢💢 MiRan’s POV 💢💢


“Who is Anna Fang?”, I asked curiously.

He stood up and paced around the room.

“She was a famous hacker who worked for the FIRE SHIELD AGENCY. Unfortunately, she was accused of spying for an agency in China, so she was kicked out of the agency. No other agency companies were ready to employ her again because of the accusation. Whereas, she was framed. After that, no one heard about her again. Her case was buried”, he explained.

“Fire Shield Agency! That’s the agency that controls the whole South Korea. Like the WHITEHOUSE, if am correct?”, I asked surprisingly.

“Yes, you’re right!”.

“So, how can we meet her since you said no one heard about her after the incidence?”, I asked.

“She is my sister!”, He replied and I widened my face in shock.

“Yo…your what?”, I stuttered.

“My sister!”, He repeated.

“You have a sister? I…I…it…huh! I can’t believe it!”.

“She lives here in Seoul. I already told her to come here”, he said.

“Really? This is unbelievable!”, I muttered.

“I can’t wait to see her. But, you’re TAN and she is FANG. Your surnames are different!”, I said.

“I changed mine. My real name is Vanness Fang”, he said.


“You both have English names with Chinese surnames. I thought you’re a full Korean guy”.

“I had to change my identity because of what happened to my sister. It really affected me too. Though, my mother is a Chinese and my father is from Thailand”.

“It’s okay. Sorry about that”, I sympathized and he smiled.

“So, do we really need her? I don’t wanna cause more trouble for her”.

“It’s nothing. By the way, she is fine. She is an online book seller”, he said and I nodded.

“Ohh, that reminds me. Someone sent a letter to you”, he said and gave me an envelope.

“Who could it be?”.

“I don’t know. A postal man brought it”.

I opened the envelope and brought out the contents.

“An invitation card?”, I said with confusion.

“It’s an invitation card from Kim Ji Young! For a dinner party tonight!”, I said, looking at the invitation card.

Kim Ji Young?

That’s my twin brother’s name.

It’s not possible.

“Are you okay?”, David asked.

“Kim Ji Young. That’s my brother’s name. Ji Young!”, I said.

“Could it be…?”.

“I must go to the dinner! I hope it’s not a coincidence!”.

My twin brother is alive?

David collected the card from me and read it.

“He is a business man”, he said.

“We need to get ready for the dinner. The venue is Diamond Star Hall!”.

I removed my mask and placed it on the couch beside me.

“When is your sister coming?”, I asked.



“I’ll leave now”, David said and walked out of my room.

💢💢 JiJoon’s POV 💢💢


“Have you heard? Kim Ji Young invited Ra MiRan to his dinner party!”, SoRa exclaimed happily.

“So, I’ll surely meet her tonight! I can’t wait!”, She added.

“What if she doesn’t come?”, I said and smirked at her disappointed look.

“She will!”, She said and walked out of my room.

Dream high!

But sincerely, I wanna meet that lady with glass mask.

Perhaps we’ll meet tonight at the dinner party.

Kim Ji Young is my business partner and he is the organizer of the dinner party.

💢💢 SoRa’s POV 💢💢


I walked into my room.

JiJoon is annoying!

Sometimes I regret getting married to him.

If not because of the love I have for him and because of his money, I would have killed him too.

Aish shitt!

I need to get ready for the party.

My personal maid, Gina, walked in with YuRa, my daughter.

“Gina, take good care of YuRa and his brother!”.

“Okay ma’am!”.

Unknown POV 💢💢


JiJoon and SoRa arrived at the dinner party.

Kim Ji Young welcomed them warmly.

Not long after their arrival, a black limousine drove in which caught everybody’s attention.

It took some minutes before the guards opened the car door.

The reporters were all ready, waiting impatiently for the unknown person to get down from the limousine.

Their cameras were clicking.

A silver pair of heels stepped out of the limousine, which made everybody more curious.

They looked at the unknown person from her silver heels, up to her exposed legs as she came out of the car.

Then revealing her whole body, wearing a crystal diamond strapless full length gown with many slits which reach her mid thigh, exposing her knees down to her legs.

Her left hand was clutched to a crystal flat purse designed with diamond stones.

Her fingers were designed with many diamond rings and around her wrists were silver bracelet and wristwatch.

Her crystal gown flew behind her as she walked out of the car, exposing her legs and silver heels.

Her brown hair was parked with silver ribbon and hair pins.

On her eyes was a glass mask with alot of floral patterns and designs.

🎤She is Ra MiRan! 🎤

A reporter announced.

🎤Oh my God! Miss Ra MiRan, this is a surprise 🎤

🎤Did Kim Ji Young invited you?🎤

🎤Is he your business partner?🎤

🎤Wow! Your dress is super fab! 🎤

🎤 You’re looking stunning 🎤

🎤 This is the most elegant dress I’ve ever seen 🎤

The reporters kept blabbering as she walked into the venue building.

Her guards surrounded her and David was also beside her.

He was wearing a black tuxedo with a bow tie and black leather shoes.

He had a perfectly folded white handkerchief resting in his tuxedo’s pocket.

His hand was intertwined with MiRan’s.

As the door opened to the Grand hall, everyone looked in their direction.

💢💢 SoRa’s POV 💢💢


I sipped my wine as we watched the large projector.

We were all eager to know who was in the black limousine.

A young lady got down from the car.

Ra MiRan?

Oh my God!

I wish I could scream out.

I looked at JiJoon with a broad smile.

People were whispering as she walked in.

She is really gorgeous.


Why is JiJoon staring at her like that?


Finally, MiRan is in my court!

“I told you she is more beautiful than she appears on TVs!”, I whispered to JiJoon and he scoffed.

I looked around nervously and smiled.

“Don’t embarrass JiJoon!”, I whispered again to him.

Just then, MiRan looked at my direction.

I smiled at her and she looked away.

I don’t blame her.

She doesn’t know me yet.

💢💢 MiRan’s POV 💢💢


After I entered, I exchanged pleasantries with many famous business people.

They were all happy to meet me.

Some were even business partners with Late Eric Mun.

David told me that.

“This is nice!”, I whispered to David and he nodded.

Just then, I saw JiJoon and SoRa, not far from where I stood.

SoRa smiled at me and I looked away.

Bad luck!

Finally, I met them again after 6 years.


I looked at her again, she was having a serious conversation with someone.

I felt like strangling her to death!

And JiJoon,
He married her and they even have two children.

No problem!

I looked beside me.

Where is David?

“Ha Young!”, A feminine voice whispered behind me.

Ha Young?

No one knows my real name.

Could it be David?

He can’t!
This is a feminine voice.

Or maybe SoRa?

She can’t recognize me with my mask.

She doesn’t even know my real name.

Or it’s a coincidence?

“Kim Ha Young!”, The voice whispered again and I gasped, turning to the person.