Episode 16


Lara wept as her mother was led into the dock, alongside Deji. Deji had to use crutches because of her leg. Lara looked around the court room, Tony was sitting beside her holding baby Ngozi, Tony’s parents were present, her father’s relatives-Baba Lagbaja and co were there for her. Even her rescuers, Shina and his wife Ronke were present.

“stop crying” Tony held her.

She pushed him away, he expected her to stop crying, when her mother was about to be prosecuted?


Everybody rose when the Judge walked in except Lara, she was too weak to stand.
The judge was a female, Lara watched with keen interest as she spoke. Her father had wanted her to become a lawyer, but there she was without even a secondary school certificate -courtesy of her mother.

She was deep in her thoughts when she heard the call to the first witness, she was to go and witness against her friend and mother, she felt reluctant. Tony nudged her.

She stood before the court, she told them her ordeal, carefully skipping every part that involved her mother.
Tony gave her an unsatisfied look as she sat down.
She looked away, what does he expect, she still loved her mum.

The next witness was called, Lara looked up sharply she heard a familiar voice.
“My name is Bayo Olayemi”

Bayo? Lara gasped. She hadn’t seen nor heard from him ever since he raided her home.

“I was paid by Funke to rob OmoLara’s home, and to Molest her.” Bayo concluded.

“Next witness..”

Tony nudged Lara the fifteenth time, she glared at him.
“Look” he whispered.

She looked up
“Sophia!” she said in a fierce whisper.

Lara wept all through Sophia’s statement, she hardly heard a word.
“Please listen,” Tony told her when the Judge was to give the sentence.

Bayo was sentenced three years, for attempted Molest and robbery.

Sophia twelve months, for arranging Lara’s kidnap.

Deji was sentenced for life, with hard labour.

Funke too was sentenced life imprisonment with HARD labour.

“No no no!” Lara jumped up.
“My mother is innocent!” she wailed

Tony held unto her firmly.
“Leave me!” she pushed him away, rushing towards her mother.

“Don’t take my mother away, she’s innocent o!” she screamed as the police barred her way.

She passed out as her mother was led into the black maria.

“Sorry sweerie” Tony wiped Lara’s tears with a hankerchief.

He sat beside her on the bed.

“You have to stop crying, you should be happy now, all will be fine.”

“It won’t be fine!…life won’t be the same again without my mother…she is all I have.” she sobbed.

“Its alright” tony patted her.

“Remember, I’m here for you, our baby is here…my parents are here…we’re gonna be one big family, ” he said in a cool voice..

“Big happy family?” she searched his eyes.

” yea baby! A big happy family, with little or no enemies.” Tony smiled at her.

“Sure!” Lara managed a smile as she hugged him.

He was right, she’ll have a happy life after all, no more selfish mother, Sophia out of the way, Deji cleared; there’s nothing more to fear.
Her FAITH in God made her dream a reality. She had faith that her husband would turn to good, that she would have a child despite his impotency, that she would not die when she was kidnapped.
She couldn’t help but to thank God for his love, her faith in God turned her once meaningless life into a meaningful one.

God’s love and grace was unquantifiable.