Miss Classic All Episodes

Miss Classic All Episodes

(Meeting Mr Perfect ❤)
Written by: Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay❤
©️quin blessing ©️
Chapter 2

At 6pm, I was done in the company. I walked to my car feeling so very tired, and all I wanted was a hot shower and a good time rest.

I opened my front door and threw my bag in it weakly. I sat on the drivers seat and ignited the engine ready to get home in few minutes.

I hit the road and I suddenly felt bored. I tuned on my music player and looked for a suiting song to keep me alive.

Then I saw “Work by Rihanna.”


I played it and began to move to the beat feeling the beats of the song.

I was three streets away from mine when my car began to fail.

“Oh no, please don’t do this.” I said looking at the fuel alert which was still full.
“What the hell is going on!”

Soon, the car wouldn’t go anymore and it stopped leaving me in the middle of the street.

“Shit!!” I yelled hitting my steering of my car.

I opened my door and came down from my car not knowing exactly what to do or where to go.

And ever since I became the CEO I have never boarded a Taxi or public ride. It is so embarrassing.

I stood in front of car akimbo, feeling so annoyed. I was still in my heels and my legs began to hurt in no time.

Different vehicles were moving but they didn’t even look at me talk less of asking what was wrong with me.

I was still thinking of who to call in the company when a neat looking Benz car brand parked in front of me.

I first threw my face away pretending not to see it, but inwardly I want he/she to help me. Since it was looking like a private car, I won’t mind a ride.

I kept using the corner of my eyes to look at the person praying silently that he helps.

The door opened and through the corner of my eye I saw it was a man.

“Hi.” He said and I first pretended not to hear.

“Do you need help.” He added and I finally looked at him.

OMG!!! He is fvking cute. He had a shinning black hair and he was in an Armani suit.

I couldn’t stop staring at him. He had a smiling face.

“Hey.” He said smiling.

“Ahh….. Hi.” I replied looking away.

“Something is wrong with your car right?” He said looking at my Ferrari Car.

“Yes, I don’t know why exactly is wrong.” I said sadly.

“Wow, sorry about that. Actually, I don’t know anything about cars, but do you mind a ride?” He asked.

“Oh yes. Thank you.” I replied in haste. I walked to my car and picked up my bag feeling so happy.

“This man is so so handsome.” My brain kept yelling.

I walked to where he was and he gestured me to lead the way. I walked to the car and he quickly rushed to the car and opened up for me.

“Thank you.” I said sitting in it. He closed up and moved to the drivers seat while I kept staring at him.

He was of appreciable height, and he had a very wonderful stature.

He sat in the drivers seat and ignited the engine.

“Where are you heading beauty?” He asked looking at me.

“My house is just three streets away.” I replied blushing.

“Okay then, just lead me.” He said as we zoomed off.

“You live around here?” I asked.

“Ern, not really, just got into town.” He said smiling.

“Oh that is great.” I replied nodding.

“Your name?” He asked staring at me.

“Claire.” I replied.

“Wow, beautiful name. I am Diego.” He said.
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“Wow, nice meeting you.” I said grinning.

We got to my street and I felt sad suddenly. I didn’t want to leave this gentleman.

“My house is at the right.” I said as we got to a turning.

“Wow your house is big.” He said as we got to the front of my house.

“Thank you so much for the ride.” I said grinning.

“You are welcome Claire.” He said coming down.

He walked up to me and opened the door so I could get down.

“Okay, Goodnight.” He said looking at me.

“Can I gift you a drink? At least for your kind gestures.” I said hoping he would say yes.

“Sure, I would love that.” He said and I felt my heart jump.

“Come in.” I said walking to my door.

© Quin blessing ❤

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