(Meeting Mr Perfect ❤)
Written by:Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay❤
©️ quin blessing ©️
Chapter 3

I walked into her living room and Omg! It was so huge and beautiful. Tho it can’t be compared to my houses, it was still a big one for a Lady like her.

“Wow, this is awesome.” I said as I trailed behind her to the couch.

“Thanks. It isn’t easy building up this kind of house you know.” She said grinning.

“Yes that is right.” I replied nodding as I kept looking around.

“Have your seat. I will get the drink.” She said walking away. I sat and I began to stare at her as she walked to the bar in her house.

She is very beautiful, has long hairs and her perfume is one in town. She knew how to carry her heels very well. And her hip was of a killer size.

She turned to look at me while I kept my smiling face on.

“This is one of the best in town.” She said placing the drink on the table.

“Can’t wait to taste it.” I said happily. It was in the cup so I couldn’t guess the brand till I taste it.

“Won’t you take one too?” I asked as I picked up the wine.

“Not yet. Still need to do something.” She said and my mouth formed a “oh.”

I placed the cup on my lips as I sipped the wine slowly.

“Woah! This is wonderful.” I said staring at the cup. It tasted like what I haven’t tasted in my life before.

The taste was fantastic.

“You like it?” She asked.

“I love it.” I answered sipping more of it.

“Happy about that. Please excuse me, I really need to release myself of these clothings.” She said standing up.

“Okay, I will be just fine.” I replied and she nodded walking away.

I faced my cup again sipping another drink, before bringing out my phone to do some entertaining stuffs.

I went to my Instagram page to search for some jokes to make me laugh. Fortunately, I saw some.

I often prefer jokes to keep me going than ladies. I have no wife nor children because they actually died in a plane crash on their way to see me.

Since then, I haven’t been able to bring myself to love anyone. These jokes actually keeps me alive.

Though I came here to have get a wife,and I am yet to see one.

I was still laughing silently when I heard someone approach me.

I looked up and I saw Claire in a very short night gown. She was looking so hot in it. Her nipples were pointed in it and her hips were so evident.

“Sorry for staying long.” She said sitting on the couch.

“It is okay. I don’t have any problem with you taking the whole day.” I said !making her smile.

“Dinner?” She asked looking at me.

“I don’t think that is necessary. Your husband could get home anytime.” I said standing up and placing the cup on the table.

She bursted into laughter and I watched her not knowing what to say.

“I am not married Diego.” She said as soon as she stopped laughing.

“You aren’t? A beauty like you?” I asked in surprise.

“I am yet to, so you can stay as long as you want. If your wife won’t be vexed.” She shrugged.

“I ain’t married too.” I said giggling.

“Really?” She said with her eyes widened.

“Yes, and I guess we are even here.” I said and she nodded.

“So you are staying for dinner.” She said walking to the kitchen.

“Okay.” I replied happily.

This will be so wonderful. She is single!!!
©quin blessing ❤