(Meeting Mr Perfect ❤)
Written by: Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay❤
©️quin blessing ©️
Chapter 5

“So what about you? I want to know your story.” I said biting the last piece of the pancakes.

“My story is funny you know?”

“I am just a working class woman looking for true love, a perfect man.” She replied sipping her yogurt.

“Hmm nice. No family?” I asked looking at her.

“My parents died when I was 5. I had to survive on the streets, begging for alms till i got to where I am today.” She replied.

“Wow, am so sorry.” I said.

“Its all history now.” She replied giggling.

“So about true love. You haven’t dated anyone before?” I asked eagerly.

“I have. Many of them, but they all didn’t love me.” She replied sighing.

“Really? How sure are you?” I asked.

“100% sure. I give them any amount they want, they f”*k me, and they end up eloping with another girl.” She said looking at me.

“Wow. That is so painful, I won’t side guys though. Some are really bad eggs.” I replied.

“But you aren’t right.” She said moving close to me.

“Ahh… No.. I aren’t.” I stammered.

“C’mon you have been wearing this suit for ages. Ain’t you feeling heat.” She asked smiling.

“I sure am. Just don’t want you to get uncomfortable with it.” I said.

“It can’t make me uncomfortable.” She said sitting on my thighs as she began to unbuckle the buttons.

She helped me remove them and I was left in only shirts.

“Thanks.” I replied as she reached for the shirt’s button too.

She removed his from my body and I felt so embarrassed. She stared at my chest which was full of scars and tattoos.

“Wow.” She said tracing her fingers on my chest making me smile.

“It is beautiful.” She said looking at me.

“The scars or tattoos?” I asked sarcastically.

“Both.” She replied placing her mouth on one of the scars on my breast plate. It was the scar of a knife.

“OK I didn’t see that coming.” I said breathing hard.

“Tell me how you got all these scars. I want to know.” She said smiling still tracing her long fingers all over my chest.

“Okay… The one on my breast is from a knife, was at the war front.” I said staring at her.

“Woah. So he actually thrusts it into your chest?” She asked with her eyes widened.

“A she not he.” I replied feeling kind of embarrassed.

“What! A woman? How come you couldn’t defeat her?” She asked.

“I didn’t want to hurt a Lady. I have never done it before. She was a beautiful lady from the country we were waging war against.”

“I couldn’t imagine shooting her or cutting off her head so she ended up cut me deep with the knife.” I narrated.

“You are so nice.” She whispered staring at my lips.

“I guess I am and that is actually causing me some things.” I said.

“Like what?” She asked holding my face with her palm.

“The boldness of a solider. A solider shouldn’t have emotions at the war front but because of my personality, i end up getting hurt.” I said.

“And what about now?” She asked as her lips touched mine slightly.

“I should be on my bed preparing for tomorrow work but I am here stocked in the arms of a beautiful Lady.” I said and her lips landed on mine instantly.

I grabbed her by the waist but her night gown wasn’t helping the situation. It was all silky and my hand kept sliding up and down on her back.

She deepened the kiss holding my head firmly and I raised up her gown grabbing her a** slowly.

She moaned moving up slightly and I felt her on my rigid c**k. She disengaged slowly staring into my eyes.

“Come with me.” She said standing up.

© Quin blessing ❤