(Meeting Mr Perfect ❤)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay❤
©️Quin blessing ©️

       Chapter 7

   🍏 DIEGO 🍏

I was done showering so I walked out of the bathroom in my trousers cleaning off the water on my body through the towel.

“So quick?” Clarie asked laying on the bed. Her a** was slightly visible as she laid.

“I am not a lady, what do you expect?” I asked laughing.

“Come over.” She said grinning.

“On the same bed? Are you comfortable with it? I can just sleep on the couch.” I said.

“I am totally fine with it. Come on.” She said.

“Okay.” I replied smiling as I walked to the bed.

I laid on it keeping a sensible distance from her. I ignored her a** that wouldn’t stop staring at me and pulled the duvet up to cover both of us.

“You may catch a cold.” I said smiling and she nodded staring at me.

“Good night.” I said closing my eyes.

“Good night.” She replied switching off the lights and moving very close to me and placing her head on my unclad chest.

I smiled as she did, but I really didn’t care. I really wanted to sleep. My eyes were closed and all o kept thinking of was work.

She began caressing my chest, flicking my nipplrs gently, but I ignored her. I really wanted to sleep, but pushing her away will be very embarrassing.

She further moved to using her mouth,Kissing my nipples and chest all over. It was beginning to get to me and I really needed to prevent it.

I can’t just sleep with her on the first day of our meeting. Though she is cute and nice, she would feel used by Me later.

She moved her hand to my d**k and immediately I held her hand.

“Clarie please. You have done so much work today and I think you really need to rest.” I said hoping she wouldn’t get hurt.

“You don’t want me?” She asked.

“I do, but not in this manner. I need to shoe you that not all guys needs this thing to survive.” I said and she switched on the lights.

She stared at me and I saw tears in her eyes.

“Clarie are you okay? I am sorry if I did anything or said anything wrong to you. I am deeply and highly sorry.” I said sitting up.

“You are perfect.” She mumbled hugging me tight.

“No one is Perfect Clarie. You just have to be really careful, Men could also be deceivers.” I added and she disengaged staring at me.

“Are you like them? The deceivers?” She asked.

“I would never justify myself. All I need you to do is study any man that comes to you. You seem to have a soft spot for men.” I said and i saw her lips curve into a smile.

“You are actually the first man to tell me this. I don’t regret meeting you.” She said and I nodded holding her hands.

“Now enough of the talks. Time to go to bed.” I said laying on the bed.

“Okay.” She replied laying to and I saw her move to the extreme end of the bed.

“Clarie.” I called laughing while she Stared at me.

“I didn’t say you should run away from me. Come on, you don’t need to go that far, you could fall off the bed you know.” I said and I saw her look away shyly.

“I thought you weren’t comfortable with me so close.” She said.

“I am totally comfortable with it. I just don’t want your magical fingers roaming about on my body.” I said and she laughed slightly.

“Okay.” She said moving closer.

I pulled her into my hands, making her rest her head on my chest.

“I can hear your heart beat so fast.” She said smiling against my chest.

“I can feel it too.” I replied brushing her hair backwards.

“Is it for me?” She asked.

“Who knows. You are the only one around me now.” I said and she shook her head taking a look at me.

“You sure know how to tackle questions.’ She said giggling.

“If you say so. I am honored.” I replied while she rested her head on my chest again.

“Good night Diego Perfect.” She said.

“Good night Miss Classy.” I answered.

“Classy? Really?” She asked looking at me again.

“If I explain this to you, we both won’t sleep. So I will tell you tomorrow.” I said and she nodded.

I closed my eyes finally letting nature take over.


©Quin Blessing.