(Meeting Mr Perfect ❤)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay❤

©️Quin blessing ©️

Chapter 8
I woke up in the morning checking the side of my bed with my hand for Diego, but I couldn’t feel him beside me.
I opened my eyes and I saw the bed was empty.
“Did he leave early? Any message?” I asked myself looking on the drawer for any sheet of paper but I didn’t find one.
“Diego!” I called standing up from the bed.
I didn’t get any replies.
He couldn’t just leave like that right. I checked myself and I was still okay. I didn’t want to check but I felt I should.
I walkee out of the room looking around for any written note but I saw none. I moved to the living room when an aroma filled my nose.
“Woah, this smells so nice.” I thought tracing it to my kitchen.
And there was Diego facing the cooker wearing an Apron on his unclad upper body. A smile curved on my lips.
I moved to him quietly and hugged him from behind smiling widely.
“Awake already? Good morning beauty.” He said resting his head on mine.
“You didn’t go to work again?” I asked staring at him.
“I will be going, but not so early. I am the boss and I can get there anytime.” He replied pulling my nose slightly.
“I thought you left without saying goodbye.” I added sighing.
“I will never do that okay?” He replied smiling.
“I am just knowing that.” I replied giggling.
“Are you really like this. So sweet?” I asked.
“This is me for you Clarie. It is no big deal to make breakfast.” He said laughing while I nodded staring at him.
“Freshen up, and then come back for breakfast, so we can both leave for work at the same time.” He said pecking my cheeks.
“You can’t kiss me on my lips because I am yet to brush right?” I asked angrily.
“Come on Clarie. Your mouth isn’t stinking. It is very attractive any rinry, any day.” He said brushing his finger on my mouth.
“Kiss me then.” I said standing on my toes.
He grabbed me by the waist and placed his lips on mine kissing me slowly. I opened up to kiss him back.
“Now go and prepare.” He said biting my lower lip.
“Okay.” I whispered walking back to my room.
I got in and I began to jump happily.
“Oh heavens!!!! He is so sweet, awesome! Gorgeous! And perfect! He is the one I have been looking for, for ages!” I yelled removing my night gown.
I walked to the bathroom grinning widely, thinking all about him.
I don’t mind marrying him and finally settling down. But I don’t think he sees me that way, or those he?
I took my bath and walked out tieing only my towel. I walked to my closet to get my cloth. I took a sexy grey gown and a heel to match.
I wore it quickly and combed my hair looking hot as ever. I walked out of the room after carrying my bag.
I got to the living room and I saw the table was set already. Diego walked out of the kitchen carrying a tray which he placed on the table.
He looked at me and his mouth dropped.
“You look so beautiful.” He said smiling.
“Thanks.” I replied shyly.
“Sit my lady.” He said holding the chair out for me.
“Thanks my man.” I replied feeling like a princess already.


© Quinn Blessing