(Meeting Mr Perfect ❤)
Written by: Authoress Ti Fe and Muhammad Mulikat Munay❤

©️Quin blessing ©️

Chapter 9
We both ate smiling at each other. She kept smiling and smiling as I stared at her.
‘You are so beautiful. ” I said and she blushed very hard.
“Thanks.” She replied smiling.
“I am so happy to be here. I know it is very fast and it all happened suddenly, but trust me I don’t want this to end.” I added and she stared at me.
“I also don’t want this to end, not now not ever.” She said making me smile.
“Okay let’s make this official.” I said standing up and kneeling beside her.
“What are you doing?” She asked.
“For a very long time, I have never felt this way. It all seemed perfect and complete.”
“Though this may be too fast, not as romantic as expected.”

“Though I don’t have a ring with me.”
“Will you marry me?” I dropped the bomb and I saw tears gather in her eyes.
“Please don’t let those precious tears drop.” I said smiling.
“I never knew just a day with my helper will lead to marriage.” She said.
“I am so happy your car developed a fault, I am so happy I saw you.” I said as she also knelt in front of me.
“I love you Diego. It may sound stupid to someone else, they may feel she is a slut, she loves a guy she just met one day and the next they get married.”
“I don’t care what they say Diego. I love you, I really do.” She said holding my face in her hands.
“Screw anyone. I love you too.” I said placing my lips on hers.
She wrapped her hands around my neck deepening the kiss. We broke the kiss staring at each other.
“I need my ring soon.” She said making me laugh.
“At your service ma’am.” I replied giggling.
“Time to go to work.” She said standing up.
“Oh yes, I almost forgot.” I replied standing up too.
“You should be on your way. You should have been there before now.” She said removing the apron that was on me.
“Okay Baby. And we will be going together.” I said.

“Why together?” She asked.
“Have you forgotten your car is yet to be repaired?” I smirked.
“Oh God, that’s true. How do I go to work today?” She said sadly.
“I will. Don’t be sad.” I said pulling her to hug me.
“Won’t it delay you?” She asked hugging me too.
“I don’t care. Claire first.” I said kissing her forehead.
“Thank you so much. We need to move now.” She said carrying her bag.
“I need to grab my shirt and suit.” I said rushing to the room.
I took the suit and wore it rushing back to the living room.
“Let’s move.” I said rushing to the door.
“You are forgetting something.” She said rolling my car keys in the air.
“Oh Thank you baby.” I said collecting it and kissing her.
We held our hands as we bothr moved out to where the car was. I opened the door for her to hop in.
“Thanks love.” She said sitting inside the car.
I nodded and rushed to the driver’s seat. I sat and ignited the engine immediately.
“Time for business.” She said putting on her black spectacles.
“You look hot in that.” I said zooming off.
“You can say that again.” She said winking at me.