My Fairytale All Episodes

My Fairytale All Episodes


Good morning

My Fairytale


It was 3.00am when I yelled up from sleep. The ghost of my late fiancée had been hunting and haunting me and I lay nearly every passing night, with one eye wide open, restlessly waiting only for the dawn to break. The day I stabbed her to death because she denied me sex, I cleaned every spot of blood on the floor of the house and like a monk in the hood, I prayed for her possessive soul to rest in peace…but it never did. Emotions warred inside me and without turning around; I could picture Cynthia’s baffled expressions and angry eyebrows staring at me. I could remember the night before she passed on. I pulled her to my side, wrapping my arms around her and holding her so closely, so passionately, burying my nose in the elegant silk of her beautiful dark hair. I had missed her so badly and I literally ached to hold her. I sat on my bed wondering if she could let bygones be bygones and pardon me even in death.
My name is Bryte Morallson
Cynthia was my fiance but hmmmm….the story continues joor😒😆🤣

My relationship with her had spanned through some five memorable years of love, joy and sweet tidings. Like a thief in the middle of the night, she broke into my heart and pierced it with love’s sword. Who dared say it wasn’t natural attraction and chemistry? The smell of my romantic history with her choked me out of the dungeon of silence to spin this story in the marketplace of thought. My chest had been bursting with heartfelt secrets from the lashes of history; my past had been threatening my present and its passage to the future. I tried and tried and tried but I couldn’t remain mute about the past and my wicked kiss with death’s dagger; the one I used to cut short her life. My heart had been buffeted by storms and turbulent with grief and truly seeking relief even if for just brief a while. I loved her so deeply and thoughts of her incite my eyes’ brimming with tears.

The beginning of my end with her started when I forced her to abort her pregnancy while we were in the final year in the university. She loved me so dearly and wanted to keep the baby but I was mad on her. I whined at her to abort the pregnancy and because of her passion for me, she did just as I had asked. We continued our love odyssey on the convoluted pathway of love becoming sore. She reluctantly allowed me to touch her since then and on the day I killed her, I wanted her so badly but she refused because she was recuperating from the trauma after a car crash she luckily survived. I was lost in lust and struggling to have her, she slapped me. I became enraged and without realizing what I was doing, I stabbed her and just before her last breath, she said: In pieces shall you live until you make right your wrong .😱😨😭

Standing from my bed and going to the bathroom, I heard the sound of someone showering 😨even though I lived alone. I walked and opened the bathroom door but saw no one and all sounds ceased. Immediately I hung my towel and was about to turn the shower, I saw water falling from the tip of the shower and the ghost of Cynthia handing me soup to rub on my body😱😨. I shouted fearfully and tearfully but she went on. I ran out, quickly dressed up and entered my car. Inside the Siena, my mind wasn’t stabilized and I remained their staring blankly at the steering wheel. I slowly breathed in and out even as my mind was filled to the brim, with images of her and how we were truly lovebirds some years back. I was always trapped with images of her and I always ended up embarrassing myself in the presence of my friends and co-workers who always said I was hallucinating.

As I was driving into the office complex where I worked, a chill went through me as I heard the ringing sound of my phone. Whether it was fear or anticipation, I couldn’t say. I picked up my phone and seeing the caller’s name, I shook my head which had begun to pound from fear of Cynthia’s ghost.

“Hey, Islam baby .” I answered the call, trying to be calm.

“ Hey Bryte , what’s up?” Islam said from the other end so fluently in her slight nasal twang😄

“I’m good. I have been thinking of you all time long.” I lied. That was what she wanted to hear.

“How about going to the movies tonight?”

“Oooh, that’s perfect. I’ll be at your place to pick you up.”

“Thanks dear…I love you❤️

“I love you too.” I said smiling. I was a little shocked by my new claim of love. I hadn’t planned on meeting Islam but I wasn’t going to back down. The idea of clearing my mess with Cynthia occupied the front page of my mental screen but I was trying to find love anew in Islam. She was a beautiful damsel with clear-cut features, smooth flawless skin, long black hair that she always kept neat and nicely set😍😘😌. To say the least, she wasn’t much tall and of straight and sure posture, nearly always nicely dressed🌼😘. Loving Islam seemed a far too simple a thing to say for the way she felt about me. We met first in the movies and had always spoken on every dragging day.

I came down from the car and walking to the office, I saw Cynthia touching her flawless hair and smiling at me😨. She was seated in front of the receptionist desk seemingly uttering some words. I was running back to my car when I saw her beside my car😱😱. I closed my eyes and after some minutes, I opened it and saw my boss staring at me.

“Bryte, any problem with your eyes?” My boss asked. “I can’t see you with your spectacles.” He said further.

“Oh, my spectacles!” I exclaimed. “My doctor said I shouldn’t use it for some days and let’s see whether I would be able to see distant object properly.” I lied. Besides, I had been suffering from long-sightedness.

“Let’s get to the office then, there’s so much work to do.” He said firmly and I responded with a sigh.

As I walked side by side my boss, I was thinking of the ghost of Cynthia. It hadn’t been easy. In fact, seeing her gorgeous body wherever I walked had been the most difficult thing I’d ever had to go through in life. But the one thing that seemed to be partly helping me through it was knowing I had the love and support of Islam

As I stepped my feet inside the office building, every Tom, Dick and Harry exchanged greetings with my boss as I waggled my eyebrows on them all. Shooting my assistant a smile, she turned an envelope over and around, examining it and handing it to me and saying, “I have a message for you from the boss.”
“No way,” I said. “What kind of message in an ✉️ envelope?”
I roared because my boss had never delivered a message to me by writing.


My fairytale



I opened the white envelope and after reading its content, I left the office particularly unashamed.

In truth, I had found my job as an agricultural researcher boring.

It was not what I had expected while I was in the university but I was not in the least sad.

When I went to my boss’ office to plead for clemency, he looked disdainfully at me and instead of battling to get his mercy, I left quietly.

As I was saying good-bye to my assistant who handed me the letter earlier on, I touched the scar beneath my right eye and it ignited thoughts about Cynthia .

I had gotten the scar just before I stabbed her.

I had worn the scar like a badge of manhood, never hinting that I had gotten it when I was beating a woman.

As I was walking to my car, I looked like a fallen warrior on the road to the palace of the king but when I opened the car door and sighted the ghost of cynthia smiling at me, I fell down like a battered and shattered heart falling for his lost hearth.

When she disappeared into thin air, I quickly entered the car and drove out of the office complex.

As I swerved the car to get around a pothole while on the road, a Jeep revved up and bashed my car.

The tires of my car skidded and it stopped abruptly.

Interestingly, there was no car behind me.

I came down from the car and started raining curses on the Jeep owner.

“Who do you think you are? You think you will just drive the way you like on the highway?” As I was hollering, the man inside the Jeep said no word as he threw some naira notes at me and drove off.

Across the road, I sighted a familiar face shouting my name again and again. I turned and saw Allison , Cynthia’s best friend.

“Bryte, Bryte , Bryte.”

She was shouting my name as she was crossing the highway.

“Ooh, Allison , where have you been?”
I asked, looking at her beautiful face.

“I’ve been around but your eyes have not taken notice of me.”
She responded, lightly shaking her body.

“When I look at you, I see a fine specimen of womanhood.”
I said, licking my lips.

“Really? You make me feel totally senseless.”
She responded, now looking at me eye-ball-to-eye-ball.

“As I am seeing you now, I can’t help feeling so helpless.”

“C’mon, stop flattering me; you’re making my head to spin.”
I said.

Allison really looked so stunning and was already making me wonder in thoughts.

“I’m only saying the truth, missing you is like missing my very being.”
I lied and she smiled to the rhythm of my words.

“Can we have supper this evening then?” She asked so calmly.

I was already feeling like some guy just sacked from his office and now meeting a friend of my late fiancée.

I was feeling like a demented loser and as useless as a dustbin, but speaking with Allison meant a beautiful thing all to me.

“Having a dinner with you is an excellent idea.” I said with a chuckle.

“It’s a date then.” She said. “Come and pick me at my apartment.” She added firmly.

“It’s a date.” I grinned gently as I received her business card.

After that, she crossed the road back to her car and before I realized it, she drove out of sight.

At sunset, I went to Allison’s apartment to take her out on the date.

In the innermost corners of my heart, I didn’t want my meeting her to incite any feelings but she was just too irresistible to be overlooked.

She was elegantly dressed in a flawless gown and when she heard the sound of a car, I saw her peeping through her windowsill like a princess looking at the sun.

When she came down, I opened the door for her and when she got inside the car,

I sensed the beautiful fragrance of her perfume; I felt that my world was not being shattered and battered beyond repair by the ghost of Cynthia .

Seeing her indeed gave me hope for a better tomorrow.

I simply listened as she spoke while on our way to “Tosway Restaurant.” It was fabulous and I just listened as she spoke sweet words to my ears.

It was so romantic that I wished it never ended.

“So where have you been hiding since Cynthia’s disappearance?” Allison asked me in her sweet voice when we were having dinner.

“I have been looking for Miss Right.”

“Wow, have you found her now?”

“I’m not further and farther from her.”

Immediately these words tumbled from the tip of my tongue, she smiled, exposing the open teeth in the middle of her white set of teeth.

She let me kiss her and her lips tasted like mint explosion.

She thought I loved her and she could take the place of Cynthia and Islam had taken the sweetest part of my heart that was Cynthia’s and thinking of Allison was just because of her attractive looks but I had learnt from my previous relationships that beauty was skin deep.

Anyways, it was a lovely evening with her.

Later on when I took her home, she invited me to stay over for the night but I had Islam on my mind.

I had promised her that we’ll be going to the movies tonight and I didn’t want to break her heart;

she was more precious to my heart than Allison .

This notwithstanding, Allison drew my hand and closed the door.

“C’mon, say you don’t want me.”

She said as she kissed my lips and I didn’t know when we got to her bedroom.

         *IMAGINE* *THE* *REST* 


Having fun with her was more than I could describe;

it will be like naming the nameless if I tried depicting it in words.

It was pleasurable and like a treasure beyond measure, I respired to aspire for more.

“You can always have this if you remain my buddy.” She said with a smile.

We were exchanging words of love when my phone beeped.

“Are you expecting any call?”

“Yes, from my research assistant.” I lied.


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