My Mother In Law All Episodes

My Mother In Law All Episodes




Last week was supposed to be our honey moon buh do you know what,my mother in law called it off because she wants to be close to her son…I’m tried of all this I complained to My best friend Linda over the phone.

You have to calm besides,she just come back from the United states maybe she wants to spend more time with you guys especially that he’s the only son she has,linda replied me over the phone…

Tonia,i heard her calling me while stepping down the stairs we will talk later let me answer her I hanged up…

Yeah ma,i responded while I chopped the onions..

Ahhh, tonia I have told you that my son dont eat late breakfast it is half past eight and you are still preparing breakfast,she said opening the cooking pot on the fire

Nooo,what is this that you are cooking for my son she asked

It is Rice pudding and with veggies I’m making the veggies now,I replied her

For the past two days,my son have been on carbohydrates no wonder he’s looking malnourished…

Please leave the kitchen let me prepare a well prepared balanced diet for him,it is nonsense better call musa to discard it to the dogs in the cage than to serve this to my son….

Bu..buh I stammered instead she carried the items and pour into the nylon calling Musa to take them out

Gosh,I hit my hands on the wall it is becoming too much I cant take it….

Baby close your eyes,Genarld my husband said to me while holding my hands to somewhere

La la lahhhh!!!!Surprise!!!!he said to opening the scarf he use to tie my eyes

Oh my gosh !!I screamed hugging and pecking his cheeks,it is damn beautiful I love the car baby I pouted like a child while touching his cheeks again…

Well,well all credit goes to my mum she said that I should buy you a car and she choose this for you….he responded

What,I withdraw from him looking speechless….you have to consult your mum before you buy me a gift,Genarld what kind of man are you..

Everything is your mum,before you do anything you ought to converse with your mum first I questioned him…

You know what ,i cant accept it till you grow up and act like a man take the car keys I throw it at his face and left…

Tonia!!!!I heard him called buh I ignored him and stormed upstairs



Episode 2

The reflection of the sun ray shone through my face,I stretched out my hands to the other side of the bed and yawned so badly…
I slightly opened my eyes up to see Genarld already dressed for work

Honey!!!I thought you took your leave for a month why are you dressing up this morning,I asked him

Baby,something came up and it is a big deal contract so I cant get to miss it besides mum already knows so she adviced me to go before they call it off

What !!!Genarld you got to be kidding me again,well who am I to talk when the royal majesty has spoken

Tonia, stop all this attitude and besides our marriage is too young for this…he spoke up looked at the mirror and turn to me…

Come let me peck your cheeks,he said reaching his lips to it…
Just go leave me alone why dont you go peck your mum and receive the greetings since she’s the wife while a piece of furniture…

Stop,he kissed my lips and walked away
Take care I won’t,he said as he slammed the door

Whatever!!I spoke out not caring if he heard me

Mum!!!I dont like this attitude of yours towards detecting for Gernald and his wife besides they are adult,they know how to run a home give them space let them run their home….I heard maureen Genarld ‘s sister speaking to my mother in law as I was climbing the stairs

Don’t tell me that maureen, if not that I have been in this house she could have poisoned my son with carbohydrates,dont you see how malnourished he is looking this days and look at the time.
She has not woken up from sleep I have to prepare the breakfast for my son to go to work,tell me is that how to run a home maureen…

I step down quickly looking so furious,I need to talk sense into her skulls I said to myself buh instead my phone rang…



Episode 3

My phone rang and I went upstairs to take the call,I looked through the screen it was my best friend linda that was calling me.

Linda,I’m sorry I didnt return my call yesterday,I apologized to her

There is no problem I understand besides you must have been receiving it hot from your hubby,you know…she joked over the phone

Look!!!stop I’m not happy in this marriage just imagine that over grown baby Genarld,whatever his mum said that’s what he does….

Can you take a look at this,he has to consult his mum to choose a gift for me linda,I’m sick and tried of this nonsense

He can’t act like a man and detect for himself..

Baby,you ought to calm down he’s the only son ooo so you have to adapt,she’s been too concerned about her son…linda replied me.

Concerned???I said to her over the phone…it is not concerned buh intruding in our affairs I spoke.

I need my privacy Linda even Gernald ain’t making any efforts in changing matters…

Take it easy,I’m hanging up now I got to catch up with my customers take care and dont do silly things,Tonia…

I was heading to the kitchen when I saw my mother in law arranging the food stuff in the shelf and measuring the quality of salt

Tonia,I have prepare food menu that will be a guideline on how you prepare a well nourished balanced diet for my son,before you pack all the carbohydrates in this world and feed him…

Take it make sure you follow it and remember he don’t eat pepperish food make it a little spicy thou and always give him fruit juice every night

Ehhh!!!!I bought some food stuffs from the market because since I came here what I see is at least this will serve you for 3 weeks…

Hurry up and prepare something before my son returns from work I dont want him to start complaining of hunger.



Episode 4

After cooking, I arranged the dinner table and kept the food on it when Genarld came in with his suitcase

Ahhh!!baby you are back from work I asked reaching out my arms for him to hug me,instead he asked about his mum..

Where is mum,he said to me…
What is wrong with you Genarld,you cant give your wife a hug before you start asking about your mum…I questioned him

I’m sorry baby,he said to me grabbing my waist…look Genarld it’s ok go freshen up and have your dinner…I said to him while withdrawing my hands at same time..

Not too long,everyone was present in the dinner table…

It taste nice,Genarld complimented to me…
Mum,dont you like it he asked

I haven’t tasted it to confirm yet,she said taking one spoon of fish stew with plantain to her mouth

What nonsense is this,tonia she yelled out
I told you let it not be too spicy buh no!!!you pack all the whole content and pour inside the stew,do you want to kill my son tonia…
Nooo,Genarld you cant eat this I have to prepare another thing for you.

Mum dont worry it is nice,the spicy is ok and besides it is not pepperish…Genarld interupped…

Ehhh !!!it is not nice I dont want you to have running stomach ooo remember you have a contract deal tomorrow with Mr Charles

Nooo,mum nothing will happen to me I’m secured and i love the food…

Ok!!!since you said so ,fine I will leave you to enjoy buh mind you I’m not eating this tonight…

Tonia prepare something else for my mum,Genarld said

Please excuse me,I left them to upstairs

Tonia!!!!!he called buh I ignored them and went into the room looking so furious and pacing around the room…



Episode 5

I stood at the balcony sipping my drink and reading one of my favourite novels when maureen walked up to me.

Tonia,how are you coping with my mum and marriage activities…

Normal,I said to her sipping my love reading Williams Shakespeare novels…

Yeah a lot,I read so many when I was in higher institution even my roommates got pissed up with me because I’m always sucked with it I said to her

Ehhh!!do you care for a drink I asked her

Thanks!!!she replied me
Tonia!!!!my mother in law yelled her name from inside

Tonia !! So you are here enjoying and sipping drinks when you should be arranging and doing the laundry works for my son,I just went inside his wardrobe and take a look

The clothes are looking unkempt and it’s not ironed,carry this and start laundry fast and I dont want him to get skin infections …..

Mum !!!stop all this
Maureen interfered…

Tonia knows what to do,she said

She knows what to do ???when I have to remind her a lot of things in this house…my mother in law responded

Buh,….it’s ok let me go and do it I said to maureen moving out

Look!!!maureen go and marry face your husband and stop interfering into my son affairs

Mum it is too much,leave her to run her home before you destroy their marriage it is barely a month they got married

You are a kid !!! Maureen

Wow!!!I love this brand you bought this time,the taste is great Dorris
So how is genarld and his wife,Caro my friend asked

They are fine….
I thought they are supposed to be on honeymoon,by now

Honeymoon,I scoffed….well i gave them 72 hours to enjoy theirselves besides it is enough for honeymoon and you know how much I miss my son…
You know my story nah,Caro

So stop asking me this werid question ,I replied her

Look Dorris,Genarld is 35 years and he is man not a toddler that you can control anyway,caro spoke up to me

To be continued

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