Episode 6

Look Dorris,Genarld is 35 years,and he’s a man not a toddler you can control anyway,caro spoke up to me

Buh 72hrs ???she asked me
Com’on Dorris you really need to give them some space and enough privacy to get to know each other…she said gulping down her wine

Hmmm,dont talk that again do you know that Tonia dont know how to manage a home I have to remind her of most things in the house infact let’s forget about their case because if I start mentioning things here…I wonder the day I stop the story..

Anyway,I have this business I want to start up here in Nigeria buh I need your help anyway,I said to Caro

Mum!!!!Genarld interrupted our discussion while he hugged and pecked my cheek,greeting caro at same time…

I came to stay with you mum…
What of tonia,cant you have a conversation with her…mum replied me

We do buh Is it bad to stay with my mum,I said to her laying my head on her laps while she ruffled my hair..

Genarld you have a high fever,tonia tonia she yelled out

What is taking you so long to answer me get me his drugs and water

I rushed upstairs to get it

Gosh !!! When will all this nonsense stop I’m getting fed up,I said to linda who was attending to her customers at same time giving me a listening ear….

Can you imagine,I dont have a say in my own house what ever my mother in law say is what we do…in fact one day I will react to this since Genarld cant man up and still wants to remain a mummy boy…

I told you to calm down before you get things messy for yourself ,linda interrupted…

I wish I knew this before we got married I wont waste my time accepting his proposal …

Talk to Genarld about it…linda said packing her clothes in the shelf

Talk ???I scoffed ,someone that is always siding the mum …
Linda,I’m getting fed up

Wait,let me lock my shop since you are driving straight home it’s getting late …she said to me while I help her pack her stuffs



Episode 7

Baby,I love this soup
Yummy!!!you are really a good cook like my mum…
Thanks,I said to him while feeding him

Tonia, why do you love messing things up in this house just take a look at the time you are serving dinner to my son

It is quarter to 8, tonia I have warned you he dont eat late night meals..

Stop eating this,Genarld let me serve you fruit juice so that you won’t have stomach issues at night

Noo,mum I will manage with this water…
I’m off to bed I said to them while heading upstairs

It is getting too much I said while pacing around the room…
Not too long, Genarld Came in and held my waist

Just leave me alone,Genarld
I’m tried of all this nonsense drama your mum is putting up with me,when will you man up Genarld !!!

Look,Tonia my mum is not a bad person but she wants us to have a perfect marriage like hers

Prefect marriage indeed Genarld !!!when I cant make decisions and you can act like a child is perfect marriage for you

And when your mum detective is always concerned is a prefect marriage,Genarld answer me

Tonia,what’s wrong with you !!!I told you to stop putting up this useless attitude of yours towards my mum and I wont tolerate it from you…besides she’s the one that told me to marry you

And so fucking what genarld,that’s not the reason I shouldn’t make my own decisions,I yelled out

Fine!!!I clapped my hands to his face
Over grown baby I have heard you,how I wish I knew how I married a mummy boy as a husband…
You know what goodnight!!I covered my self with duvet not minding if he joined me to sleep

Tonia!!!let’s talk things out ,he said

Suit yourself genarld

5 minutes later….


My stomach !!!! He shouted out
What’s wrong, honey
Go call my mum !!!he told me

I ran to his mum door knocking heavily,Genarld is having running stomach I said to her immediately she opened the door and rushed out

Gernald!!!she called out
Tonia go get my phone ,let’s call Dr seth
Not too long Dr Seth Came in with his stethoscope and medical equipment…

please Can you give Us some privacy Ma,she spoke to my mother in law while we backed out because she was always complaining too much around the doctor

I told you that my son dont eat late night food,now you want to poison him for me she said almost in tears …..



Episode 8

Dr Seth,step out from the room and reached to us at the parlour…
Dr,what happened to him….my mother in law said to him

Well,he is having issues with his prostate glands …..
Ahhh!!!buh my son is a way too young for that problem Dr…

Well,yeah I’m surprised as well buh he has be on an adequate treatment if not,it might lead to infertility…

Nooo!!nah Dr…
For now,he should avoid late night meals and spicy foods if possible no much pepper

Tonia open your ears well hope you heard what the doctor said about my son
No more late night meals before you poison him again

I’m on my leave now,take care doctor…we wave our hands to him

Not too long
Maureen rushed in looking restless

What happened mum,she said
Ask tonia and her carelessness she replied

Tonia!!!what’s going on she questioned me

Point of correction,I didnt poison your son how will I poison my own husband what will I gain from it,

It’s ok,maureen said to me
You see,she has the mouth to talk after poisoning my son you are lucky he didnt die if not I will show you the stuff I’m made of …

Mum!!!Zip your lips maureen she said leaving us

I’m sorry,Tonia just endure that’s my mum for you when she gets angry

Baby!!!take your drugs I said to Genarld while he kept face like a little toddler…

I will report you to mum since you are proving stubborn,I said to him making him get scared
Alright,you won give me I will take it by myself
No you should have waited for me to put it on your mouth
Tata!!!I sighed and left …

You are annoying tonia,what ever I yelled back to him

At the parlour,

Look!!Dorris it is high time she starts giving birth besides it is just 4 months they newly got married before any complications start happening to your son

You are absolutely right,Caro I will talk to her about it…I told her over the phone

Better do!!!!!
Ok I will,trust me



Episode 9

Better do!!!!!
Ok I will,trust me

I hanged up when I saw her coming down the stairs

To-nia my daughter ,please come and have a seat beside me

I took her to my seat and I urged her to place her head on my shoulders while I speak

Tonia,I’m considering about having grandchildren it is high time you and Gernald start producing you know!!!
I know you are angry with me and I’m sorry…

(After detecting for me now you want a grandchild I said to myself )

Tonia,are you hearing me
Of course I do…I said to her

Look at these jewelries,it is so pure and beautiful so if you get pregnant it will be for my first grandchild

Well for now,I’m not considering bearing children till after 1 year which Genarld and I have planned on
I’m taking contraceptives for it till the 1 year is over…I said to her

What !!!!!she yelled out

What!!!! He didnt tell me about it,she said

Ohhh!!it is wonderful I thought ..buh mum ,I said to her

Buh what!,when your mates are busy bearing children and you are here talking trash to my ear…

Go call me Genarld!! He has to explain to me what nonsense you both are talking here..

Genarld !!!!she called out
Mum,I’m going out I said to her not minding if she heard me…

Genarld,What has come over your mentality..
Mum,what is that???

So you told tonia to take contraceptives for a year when your mates are busy bearing children after marriage and you didnt tell me,what stupid thought is that???

Look mum,I want us to get to know ourselves before ….we consider having children besides it is too early for having children and we have bet-…

Will you shut up your lips there,she cut my words

if you know what is good for you better take me upstairs let’s clear those contraceptives in her room…

Come on let’s go before she comes back from where ever she went to…

They rush upstairs



Episode 10

They rush upstairs and was searching the room including wardrobe to know if tonia kept the contraceptive there buh thou couldn’t see none….

Where is it,Mum asked
Look mum,she usually keep it in this locker buh I dont know,he replied scratching his head…

You know what spend time together this night and I definitely what a positive result in a month time……she said and slammed the door.

I sat on the bed looking confused

At dinner,

Wow that’s so nice I really love this food My mother in law commented.

Thanks,mum do you need more,I asked while scooping some more to myself

Noo!!thanks buh at least you are improving in your cooking and it is exactly what I want for my son you know…

(Genarld coughs )

My son….

Take water,both said and offered at same time…

He took his mother own and gulped while continuing eating meanwhile tonia gave both a deadly glances…

I’m done eating ma, she said almost going out

Mmmm!!!look tonia I have a important things to gist with the both of you so please stay more let’s talk it over…look at the time it is just
7 °clock and you are about sleeping

Yeah,im feeling tried she said

Please sit,it wont take much if your time

Why I want you to always take care of Genarld because he’s my only son and like a husband to me since my husband left,so I dont want him to be treated like a piece of trash,you know

buh that’s not the reason I called you both look I have started a jewelries business here in Nigeria with my friend Caro I will love you Tonia to quit your job and take over

What !!!!Tonia said