One Night Stand All Episodes

One Night Stand All Episodes


*(A short erotic *story)** **

Episode 1

Friday Evening. The time for enjoyment for most people in Lagos. Hence, the phrase ‘TGIF’ happened to be the order of the day. A lot of people looked forward to having a nice time clubbing or heading to the bar to cap off the beginning of the weekend. For one man however, it happened to be a different story;

‘Sorry, this has to come this way, Seyi. I know things have been a little rough between us but I don’t think it can continue like that. Both of us are incompatible. It can’t just work out between us, I’m’s over’

Seyi couldn’t believe his eyes as he read the text over and over again on his phone. Things are going a bit downhill between him and Simi but it shouldn’t lead to this for crying out loud!! This had to be a joke.

He dialled her line and got no response. Six more times further resulted in the same thing. Screaming in frustration, he tossed the phone aside and slammed his fists on the office table. This could not be happening. Not on Friday of all days on the day he had planned an outing for both of them during the weekend as a ay to grind their faces. Tosin and Gbenga; always the cheerful duo. Unfortunately, this happened to be the worst of times.
“Bro, its time o. TGIF!”Gbenga piped. He as the tallest of the trio, dark in complexion and a tad bit muscular.
“Na so. No dulling, man!!” Tosin added. He as a bit lighter than Gbenga but still not enough to be called fair. Kind of like on the chocolate side.
“Sorry, not today” Seyi muttered, his face reflecting disinterest. He stood up and began to clear his desk for the day.
His friends glanced at each other with disbelief before turning to look at him.
“Seyi.” Gbenga queried, concerned. “what happened na?. This is unlike you.”
Not wanting to speak further on the matter , Seyi scrolled to the message on his phone and passed it to them. The look on their** faces switched from surprise to disappointment as they read the message.
‘But why would she do something like this na?’ Tosin wondered.

‘I’m more confused than you are, man’ Seyi replied as he collected his phone which Tosin handed back.
‘You know what? You shouldn’t let something like this spoil today for you’ Gbenga said as he moved and slung his arm around Seyi’s neck. ‘I say we head out tonight and drown away all negativity.’ He added with a laugh.
Seyi thought about it for a while. On the logical point of things, brooding wont solve anything. It would just make things worse.
‘Alright’ he conceded.
‘Na so!!’ Tosin cheered, slapping Seyi on the shoulder. ‘that’s what we’re talking about. No dey let woman dey toy with your emotions. If she an act like small pikin, na she sabi. I mean who breaks up with someone by text? Guy, bone that thing. Make we dey go jare.’


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