Episode (2)

On the way to the cub, Seyi had to admit he was feeling a bit better. Thanks in a large part to his other amigos who were cracking ridiculous jokes. The club was high and buzzing as plenty people trooped in endlessly, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone; it was Friday.
Paying the bouncers, the trio walked in and ere immediately greeted with music which was definitely loud enough to shatter someone’s eardrums. Seyi winced and covered his ears. It was a normal thing to face loud music when in a club, but today’s own was

exceptionally booming. What was up with that? While, his friends excused themselves to stalk any random female that crossed their paths, he opted to move over to get some liquor. Having been through a lot today, he needed something to drown his sorrows. Although if he thought about it, it would do more harm than good considering the inevitable hangover he as going to get the next day.
‘Seyi, ma man. How far na?’ the barman beamed in greeting. Being a frequent visitor to the club during Friday evenings with his friends made Seyi a popular figure to the barman. That, and the tips the barman got.
‘Guy, nothing much o’ Seyi replied.
‘The usual stuff?’
‘No, vodka.’ Seyi replied.
A look of surprise appeared on the barman’s face momentarily before he moved to get the order. Usually, it as ‘captain jack’ Seyi consumed.
As Seyi waited for his order, he took the time to survey the club. The place as quite full no and people were dancing and grinding wildly. If his guess was correct, his friends would have hooked up with some random ladies by now with the aim of bedding them latter….
‘Vodka, hmmm? I’m guessing you must be in some kind of mood’

A voice startled him from his right and he turned to see a lady seated by the stool beside him and staring at him. She was dressed in a tight black shiny gown that as six inches above her knees, giving him a view to her inner thighs if he as lucky enough to sit opposite her. The top of her gown displayed her generous cleavage to his wandering eyes as she bent forward a bit. His eyes scanned her face and he discovered that her facial appearance did well to compliment her body shape. She had an oval face with full lips which as adorned with lip gloss as well as sharp twinkling eyes which reflected glamour and seduction. She was a total bombshell.
‘Yeah… could say that’ Seyi cleared his throat as it took an ounce of his will power not to divert his eyes to her inviting mountains beneath her gown which was obviously unobstructed as she wasn’t wearing a bra.
‘Should i ask which?’ she smiled.
‘Nah, its best not to’
‘Thought as much. i’ll go with you just left a relationship.’ She smiled at him.
Seyi raised his eyebrows in surprise.
‘how did you…’
‘Call it an intuition’ she cut in blatantly. Pausing a bit, she tipped the remaining shot of vodka she held to her lips and swallowed the liquid in one drop.
‘What can I say? Relationships are overrated’ she continued. ‘I mean you spend years and years with someone only to discover that person is not worth the energy.

‘I’m guessing you have boyfriend problems’ Seyi said.
‘Had.’ She corrected. ‘ found out he as a cheat and I booted his ass out of my life…figuratively and literally.’ She laughed at the end of her sentence.
‘Literally?’ Seyi was confused.
‘I kicked him on his butt which sent him out of my house’
They both laughed at the statement.
‘You?’ The lady asked finally after they had calmed down. The barman had brought Seyi’s order and he gratefully took a gulp, his face twisting in a grimace as the liquid scalded his throat mildly.
‘Girlfriend broke up with me through a text’ he shrugged before laughing bitterly.
‘Ouch’ she winced. ‘ any reason why?’
‘Some wack reason that we are not compatible…bla bla bla.’
‘Well, that sucks’
‘Tell me about it’
She smiled at him before stretching her hands for a handshake.
‘My name is kike.’
‘Seyi’ he replied accepting her hand.