Episode *(3)*

‘Seyi, hmm? Nice. You seem to be a cool guy. I guess relationships is not our forte.’ She said. ‘I couldn’t agree more’ he downed another gulp of his vodka. ‘and aside from the cool guy, im also the nice guy’
‘ah, that explains a lot’ she nodded. She as about to stand up but she wobbled and almost fell off the stool before he instinctively caught her. However, that action granted him a full view of her titanic boobs through the neckline of her gown. He felt a stirring in his groin as he gaped at their round shape.
‘Sorry’ she giggled uncontrollably, a sign that she as drunk. ‘I guess I exceeded my limit’
‘Obviously’ he laughed and helped her up back to her stool.

‘But that doesn’t exclude the fact that I caught you stealing a peek’ she winked mischievously. He laughed as he realised he as caught. He as also pleased to detect that she didn’t mind. Her open-mindedness was quite comforting.
‘Guilty as charged’ he grinned.
‘Something tells me you wouldn’t mind seeing more’ a sensuous smile appeared on her face and she inched closer to him.
‘Direct, aren’t you?’ he raised an eyebrow at her boldness.

‘Trust me,darling.It beats hypocrisy from the women you know today. You or anyone may see me as a slut but truth be told ,I don’t really care. What does it profit someone to give her all and try to present a good image only to be taken likely and treated like garbage in the end? Somehow, without relationship in the way, I don’t feel caged. Don’t you think?’ she looked at him inquisitively.
Seyi pondered on her view. Truth be told, his relationship with Simi spanned four years and nothing seemed to be coming out of it. He hadn’t touched her intimately out of respect for her wishes and he had done everything in his might to make her happy. The only part he couldn’t fulfil as giving her attention all the time according to her demands which as quite impossible considering his work. This was what led to their usual squabbles. Well,it as all over finally. Looking at the lady in front of him how had offered herself to him like a steak, he knew it was time to ditch the nice guy and put on the mantle of the alpha male.
‘Your place or mine?’ he grinned challengingly
‘Mine’ she matched his grin.