EPISODE 4🍓🍆🍓🍇🍆🍆🤏🏻👈

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I can’t believe that this girl just knelt down to greet mrs badmus” I thought “ O God I don’t even understand this office anymore “ still thinking to myself when john said “ hey tunji have you seen alert “ I looked at him and said “what alert?” he looked at me with a puzzled face and said “ what other alert will you be expecting by 28th day of the month dude” I hissed and said back to him “ no I haven’t have they paid you ?. he said yes that he got the alert not too long ago.then I looked at my phone and saw an unread message. “ what is this nonsense I said loudly” still staring at my phone how can this guys do this,I was very angry, john kept asking me what happened but I ignored him , I stood up from my chair and went straight to the accountants office. as I knocked on the door of the accountants office I didn’t even wait for a reply before entering into the office “

good evening Mrs Bassey” I said “ good evening Mr olatunji cole, what can I do for you, can you please make it brief because its almost 5pm” she said. I nodded my head to show that I understand .” ma, I just got an alert now from my bank “ she cut in and said “ oh mr olatunji am so sorry ,I never knew you were not informed ,order from the board of directors at the beginning of this month was that anyone that’s demoted should get a salary cut i thought I sent the circular to your office, “no I didn’t get it ma” I said “ am really sorry mr olatunji ,it was a mistake on my part” I just stood there staring at her desk like a slowpoke, I later adjusted myself and said” thank you ma” then left the office As I walked back to my office “ all I could think of was how to start my resignation letter, am leaving this company for good I thought. Am not going to allow any woman run my life like she owns it. Tomorrow am going to resigning I said.i went back to my desk grab my things and left the office with anger. Few months ago when I got the job I was the happiest person on earth. but now I don’t even want the job anymore, I just want my happiness back because honestly the past few months as made me the most sad person on earth. Just while driving and thinking I

discovered a little traffic build up and had to stop, I peeped outside my window and saw a group of okada men trying to harass a woman standing beside what I suppose to be her damaged car ” make una comot for road make person pass joor” I shouted but the guys were not ready to listing to me so I jumped out of the car and went straight to the scene, I grabbed one of the okada man by the shoulder shoved him aside and made my way to the woman’s front, me standing so she could be at my back. “ oga calm down wetin happen why you dey para” the okada man looked at me and said “ oga lie lie I no go gree o, this woman jam my okada and she no wan pay” I turned to look at the woman, she was seriously terrified but she said “ nooo its not as if I don’t want to pay him o, I told him that I don’t have the money right now on me that there is a bank at the end of the street that I can withdraw money for him over there.i turned back to the okada man and said” how much you wan collect” “na three thousand for the front light wey she break” then I dipped my hand in my pocket brought out three thousand and handed it over to him ,he said thank you but took a look at the woman before going and said “ na god save you say this oga come here, you for hear am today” then they left, I turned back to the woman who was now crying then I said to her “madam please don’t cry ok just be careful next time with this okada people” I turned to take my leave when she said “ olatunji” I turned back to look at the woman and said sorry did you just called my, “ tunji its me joy, unilorin,

oke –odo remember? ” she cuts in.”oh my God I can’t believe it’s you joy “ she smiled and said yes its me o,its just sad we have to meet again like this” common forget it jare,that one done pass,” omo you done change o” was the next thing I said. “Yes o” you too but I was still able to recognize you sha. Wow its nice seeing you again o, she said” I really appreciate your help today am really grateful “, “oh joy please stop saying that now” I have a restaurant on the next street although I can see you are just coming from work but how be glad if you at least go with me so I can fix you something to eat, or madam is waiting at home, she teased “ I smiled back and said” madam ke “ I never get madam o. ok that leave you with no excuse than to go with me now.i smiled and said ok “ ok no problem” . Now at the restaurant with a plate of rice and plantain with chicken lap” it’s my favorite I said to her, am not surprised sha most people have rice as their favorite she said from across the table were she is sited, so hope you are keeping in touch with your friends back then in school I said, no not really just a few of them , like ope you remember her ? absent mindedly I said yes because I was still enjoying the food, I was at her wedding last year ,men that girls father is loaded o.if you see her wedding ehn,” wait ,wait first you know opeyemi ?, na wa for you o so you have forgotten so fast , have you forgotten that she was once my roommate at the school hostel, since then we have been good friends, I pretended not to know anything so I could get more gist from her so I said “ I heard she now has a son self” “oh Benjamin, she had him while in school, then I said “are you serious?” then she said “ she got pregnant and had to leave school when she became very sick, she never came back till we graduated although she later went back to complete her program after we left” heya “ so who was the guy she got pregnant for ? “I don’t know o she said she got raped by a guy”. I opened my mouth and couldn’t close it .i was so lost in thought that I didn’t hear everything she said after that “ ehn ehn I knew it! no wonder she’s so mad at me , no wonder she threatened or she’s dealing with me, Oh my God so Benjamin is my son” a tap on my plate brought me back to reality “is anything wrong tunji look you have spilled the drink on your suit” “ oh ehm am ok dear just that when I eat too much rice I usually have this stomach upset” haaa pele dear she said. You know what joy I really appreciate the food am very grateful I gave her my phone so she could input her phone number , then she said “ I should be thanking you instead for saving me today” . you know what I have to rush home now I have am important meeting to attend tomorrow morning and I have to prepare for it, don’t worry i will give you a call , she said ok and hugged me as I stood up to leave.