EPISODE 5🍓🍆🍓🍓🍓🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🤏🏻👈

Lying on my bed now, I started thinking of how my life became like this , I know have done some things in the past but I didn’t expect them to be getting back at me this way.i thought about how I started from primary to secondary school and then to university , I could still remember the day of the party , how I was so happy about the party hours before it started not knowing that it was going to be a defining moment in my life, then I slept off thinking about what happened that night at the party. The next morning I was feeling better,” no way! am not going to quit now “ I thought to myself not now that I have a chance to get back at her but most importantly now that I know there is a son between us. first of all I have to get her attention, I need to get her interested in what I have to say ,I thought of it for a while then came up with a plan . at lunch that day I went to my boss office , I knocked on

the door and he said “come in” as I entered into the office I said “ oga ekasan sir” then he smiled at me and replied “ ha tunji bawoni” then I said fine, so this one you came to my office today hope no problem because I know you must be angry with my wife so I thought you were angry with me too. I smiled at him and said no sir its not like that sir, I just don’t want to be visiting here so often so that I wouldn’t be told that am neglecting my job downstairs again sir .he looked at me and I said I understand, have missed you around here too , my first few weeks alone was stressful ,it was hard planning all my schedule and working on this files at the same time but have adjusted now sha.” heya e pele sir” was my response , then it was just like he was reading my mind , like he knew I was in his office to in order to lay my hand on his phone, he said “ ehn ehn tunji have been having problem with this new android phone I just bought o, it uses two sims but am only seeing the contacts on one , the other doesn’t display contacts, I asked him to bring the phone so I could fix it for him .luckily for me it was something easy , so I change the settings and the two contacts are now been displayed, after setting the contacts I then scrolled all the names on it looking for his wife’s number , it was easy to locate because he stored it with “sweetheart” I memorized the number then handed the phone back to him, he was very happy and thanked me well, I

brought out my phone then added the number to contact, I stood up and told him that am leaving he said ok and thanked me again, I left the office feeling fulfill. The next day at work I picked up my phone and wrote a text message that reads “ I WANT TO MEET MY SON AGAIN ” then sent it to opeyemi’s number. About 15minutes later a call came through to the intercom in our office , both john and I shear one intercom but its closer to johns table than mine so he picked it, seconds later he said its for you tunji , I smiled and took the phone from him , then I said hello “ I want you in my office right now was all she said” I knew whose voice was that so I adjusted my shirt then went to her office. I was walking with so much confidence while going to her office, I got to the door and knocked she said come in then I entered her office , she was standing close to the window when she turned back and said “ what the hell do you think you are doing ?” I saw the panic in her face and I was ready to feed on it, “ I only asked for my right “ I said, your right? Wait did you just say your right? Let me tell you something you have no right, not in this company and not with my son you idiot. I interrupted her calmly and said” Point of correction our son” she replied “oh now his our son right? Where were you when he needed a father hun, where were you when I was been called a slut by family members you bastard rapist, she was now crying, I interrupted her and said” I never raped you” get out you idiot ,get out of my office right now, I wanted to insist on staying but I decided to let go, but before stepping out of the

door I turned back and said to her “ if you think am going to let go of this because you are rich and powerful , am sorry to disappoint you I won’t” I slammed the door and went out. The sound of the door brought the attention of my boss who was standing at the lobby with a staff while they discussed. He looked my way and I was shocked, he signaled to me to come over and I became more disturbed “ what am I going to tell this man o” I thought “Good afternoon sir I said ,” good afternoon tunji ” what is the matter why did you slam the door to madam’s office like that ,” haaa oga its not like that” , the door was actually stuck so I had to pull a little hard that’s why sir, you mean madam’s door was stuck? “Yes sir” I said , “ ok I thought you two had issues again “ “ haa no sir” ok please call the guys at the works department to come and have a look at the door he said, ok sir I will do that sir. now I need to let ope know what happened when I got out of her office , I dialed her number on my way down the stairs it rang the first two times but she didn’t pick after the third try she picked it and said “ what the hell do you want you idiot “ stop the insult ope I need to get the guys at the works department to come and check your office door, “ and what the hell happened to my office door” will you just stop the insult and listen to me” look here you fool I don’t have time for all this nonsense ok” ok I guess you have a better explanation of why I slammed the door on my way out of your office to your husband “ and what is my business with that ,it’s you issue go deal with it “ ok I guess I just have to tell him the truth “ what truth? “ that your baby

father as rising from the dead and he didn’t only rise he works at the company! “ you bastard! You dear not try such thing” I hanged up the phone on her. i later notified the guys at the works department of the situation so they went to check on the door. My next few days at work was fun , I now smile to work , play with almost everyone in my unit ,crack jokes with john and play with the guards .i didn’t hear anything from ope so I decided to text her, HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT MY REQUEST” about 10 minutes later I got a reply from her “MEET ME IN MY OFFICE AT LUNCH” I smiled at my phone ,relaxed on my chair and said game on. Few minutes to lunch break I was really excited, ready to meet her again. its now lunch I strolled to her office knocked on the door and she answered come in, as I entered into the office she was having a discussion with a staff as I was about turning back when she said “ no wait Mr adeleke is about leaving “ I turned back and watched as the man stood up and I greeted him then watched as he exit the office. Then she said to me,have your sit tunji , I sat down on one of the two chairs in front of her table and she said “ how much do you want? “