I rested my back on the chair so as to be more comfortable then I said “ is that what all this meant to you? That am doing this because of money? “ ok so what exactly do you want? She said “ my demand as not changed ope, I want my son to know am his father” and how do you expect my husband to take that, how do you expect him to understand how a man that is dead came back to life she said “well its not difficult just tell him he was never dead” crazy she shouted how am I suppose to do that, “ exactly how you told him I was dead, I smiled” I stood up and started leaving but looked at her and said “ don’t worry ope you are a smart woman am sure you will figure out a way “ she just sat there with her face buried in her palms . Few days later at lunch I decide to pay my boss a visit in his office, I entered the office and I met him watching CNN news , I sat down and we talked about everything , from the country’s economic situation to sport and other issues, later his face became serious and he said

to me” tunji can I trust you” I was shocked but I kept my calm and said “ oga you can trust me with anything sir” ok because I don’t want people discussing my matter in this office, he said “ ok I understand sir ,I promise to keep it to myself sir” ok it about my wife opeyemi her attitude as changed lately, she doesn’t talk much again in the house, she scold Benjamin at every chance she gets , if not because am her husband self I don’t know what she would have done to me , I shouldn’t have let her resume work because I think the stress of work is really getting to her, she should have just stayed at her fashion designing business am sure she wouldn’t listen if I asked her to stop work but at least I need idea on how to make her relax her mind and take away all the office stress, he said. I honestly didn’t know what to say but I later found my voice and said” it’s true sir I think the stress is getting to her ,I would suggest you take her out maybe to somewhere cool and relaxing or where does she like to hang out ?” hmm I think the Chinese restaurant she loves those Chinese foods. “ ok that will be a great idea sir, just take her there and talk about everything else apart from work, you know crack jokes to make her laugh” . wow tunji I never knew you have good ideas about love like this o, your girlfriend go they enjoy you o,he said, I just smiled and said “ haa oga omo jeje ni mi o” .we talked a little longer before I left for my office. as I walked to my office I thought to myself “ if only the man knows am the cause of his problem” Later that night I got a text from opeyemi that reads “NO I CAN’T TELL MY HUSBAND “ I then replied her with “ YES YOU

CAN” we continued exchanging text messages for a while before I slept off. The next day around 3pm at work I got another text from her that reads” HOW WILL I TELL HIM HOW YOU RAPED ME” but I was busy with so much work that I didn’t even check my phone not until I got home at night . Mr. shittu was very excited as he drove his wife home from work, he has already called the nanny that takes care of Benjamin to stay back for some hours that he and his wife were having a night out. As he drove her he looked at his wife and said darling you look stressed out I think you need some rest he said, “come on honey you know I can’t leave the company now at this crucial time ,you need me there” she replied , ok what about we having a good dinner at the Chinese restaurant ” oh that’s sweet of you dear but what about Benjamin who is going to look after him” you don’t worry about that honey that as been taken care of he smiled, she looked at him and said “I love you “ he was very happy but kept his calm and said “I love you more”. Now sitting at the restaurant they ordered her favorite which is Chinese rice and shrimps, they both ate while they talk about different issues ,he then cracked jokes that she laughed really had at , they were both having a nice time when she said “ honey am really pressed I need to use the ladies” ok he replied if any man talks to you on the way you just whistle I will be there in a flash, she smiled at him and said like superman abi ? Exactly he replied, then she smiled and said naughty guy like you

then left…… he was so happy that he could finally make his wife smile again and thinking of how good the idea was when he noticed that she left her phone and it was ringing he looked at the name of the caller and it was her friend so he dropped it, but few second later she called back again so in order not to disturb the other people at the restaurant he picked the call and said “ hi ronke its bayo, ope is not around at the moment but I will let her know you called when she gets back “ the caller said something and he replied with “ ok I will, have a nice day dear” then pressed the end button on the phone .he was about to drop the phone on the table when he noticed a message display on the screen that reads” NEW MESSAGE FROM IDEOT” he smiled and said this ope self who the is idiot again,as he opened the message he couldn’t believe what he saw. Ope came back from the toilet to see her husband playing with the food in his plate,are you not eating again dear, well I whistled but you didn’t come for me she smiled, he looked at her with a frown on his face and said well maybe I was busy reading this , he pushed the phone towards her , she grabbed the phone and the message displayed on the screen reads “ I DIDN’T RAPE YOU , WE HAD SEX”. “So you got raped and never told me? ”he said , it not what you think honey I can explain she said “ then go ahead and do so “ he shouted ,he looked around him to see other people at the restaurant steering at him, “ he hissed grab his suit then left, she was aware of the people steering too so she quietly stood up and followed her husband . It was a long drive home as opeyemi kept begging her husband to listen to her, as they entered into their compound ,before he switched off the car’s engine he looked at ope and said “ how many more of that are you hiding from me, I loved you ope I tell you virtually everything that happens to me, shouldn’t you have told

me I wasn’t good enough in bed before going to sleep with another man?” at this moment ope couldn’t take it any more she closed her eyes opened it back and said “ I didn’t sleep with any man bayo , he raped me while we were in the university” raped you ? “ yes more like that, but I think he didn’t do it intentionally , we were both drunk “ ok what does that have to do with that, he wants to rape you again or what? “no ,am sorry bayo she started crying , am sorry for all the lies have told you, when I fell in love with you I didn’t want to lose you that was why I lied to you” ooooh ope save me those sweet talks abeg , my question is why is he texting you again?, ok ok still crying , then I got pregnant as as a result of that and had to leave school, I never heard from him again untill 3 months ago,” so you mean Benjamin’s father is not dead ? “ yes and that was why he kept texting me , he said he wants ben to know he is his father “if I may ask how did he get to know about ben and who gave him your number “ she busted into another long cry before saying “ IT’S TUNJI “ wait hold on tunji gave your number to the man? “ no TUNJI IS BEN’S FATHER. Bayo couldn’t believe what he heard ,it was like someone hit him in the head with a hammer ,he turned off the car angrily ,she tried to follow him but couldn’t catch up with him,he went straight into one of the guest rooms in the house and locked himself up, ope kept knocking on the door and pleading with him to open it but he refused ,he just lie on the bed in tears .