On getting to my car , I looked at my wrist watch and I saw that it was 11:52am, with the way am feeling if I don’t see ope today am going to lose my mind , it was then I decided to stay in the car till she’s discharged . Later that day at around 3:00pm i was listening to a program on the car radio when I heard a tap on the side window of my car and I reduced the volume of the radio simultaneously as I whined down the window,” good afternoon oga a young security man said to me” good afternoon I replied, then he said “ I noticed that you have been sitting here for a while now are you waiting for someone sir? “ yes I replied “and when is the person coming sir because the hospital don’t allow people to stay too long in the premises “ the person am waiting for will be discharged this evening so I have to wait” in that case am sorry sir I will have to search your car sir, that is the order from above” I nodded my head opened the door and came down, the security man searched the whole of my car but it was clean he

apologized again then left, It was 4:20pm when I saw a wheel chair coming out of the hospital building , it was opeyemi that was being pushed by her husband then followed by Mrs. Badmus, as they approach their car I came out from my car and walked towards them, Mrs. Badmus saw me first and immediately she made a sign to me to go back but I refused,” good evening sir I said” I said, my boss looked back at me and said “ what the hell are you doing here, answer me ? What are you doing here?” he ran towards me ,just like I was ready for it I started running backwards , he became faster and I ran faster too until I got to were two of the security men were standing I quickly stood behind one of them, he came running at both of us with me hiding at the man’s back and peeping occasionally, he threw a punch and surprisingly it landed at the side of my face as I was trying to peep, I felt really hurt and angry then came out from hiding and stood in front of him, I guessed he saw the anger in my face
because I noticed that he was less aggressive then he said, “ tunji am going to show you,” now standing in one spot “ before you will end my marriage I will end your life you bastard” , I just stood there with anger in me patiently waiting for him to make a move for me so that I would beat the hell out of him, when I saw that he wasn’t going to make the move I decided to move towards him, that was when I heard opeyemi’s voice from my back that says “ you guys should stop this nonsense , am really ashamed of you two, look at the way you guys are behaving like kids. At that point I

notice that he has calmed down so I calmed down too, he moved towards his wife and Mrs. badmus who was standing behind her,he tried moving the wheelchair when I said “ wait ope I want to talk to you”, he tried pushing the wheelchair again when she said “ please leave the chair alone with a frown on her face” he left her and I began to talk “ope I want to apologize for all the trouble have caused you in your life,I wish I never met you that night ,I wish I never ran away when you threatened me with the police, I wish I was there to defend you when everyone called you a slut when you were carrying my baby, i know that in your heart you know that I didn’t do all those things on purpose, I don’t know what else to say than just ask for your forgiveness, have made up my mind ope am leaving your life completely, as from now on I no longer work at the company and I don’t want to meet our son anymore” I turned to her husband and said “have always had great respect for you,i never tried to spoil your marriage all I wanted was my child” then to Mrs.badmus “ mummy thank you for everything, but I want you to know that am not a gold digger “ then back to ope “ I only want to ask you for a favor, when ben is old enough to understand everything that happened please don’t tell him that am dead, if he feels like meeting his father he could come find me” I didn’t even realized that I was crying by the time I finished talking, I turned my back on them and left.


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