Soulmate All Episodes

Soulmate All Episodes

Written By:Abike💋

💄 Episode 1💄
In a Mansion, Different kinds of bodyguards are busy moving around the compound,Each guards are putting on black all through,Black top, black trouser, black shoes and sunglasses, Some few guards are in the living room standing at their posts, some are moving around the passage, while Some are in the backyard. In the kitchen some maids are busy cooking while a woman who is in her late 60s sat on a chair instructing the maids,She was putting on a white long Indian wears with different kinds of designs on it,Her golden necklace and earrings looking so flashy and matching up with her dress, Suddenly a man walked in with three hefty guards behind him,The man was putting on a blue suit with black shoes, while the three hefty guards are putting on a black suit,Black shoes and black sunglasses,The Man moved closer to the old

woman and gave her a peck on her cheek, This man is Mr Robert, one of the richest man you will see, and the old woman is his mother, The three hefty guards are called 3D,They are Deon, Dave and Drew. Dave happened to be Mr Robert personal guard, while both Deon and Drew are personal guards to Mr Robert son Chris. “Mum am ready to leave” Mr Robert said to his Mum. “My Dear try to eat something before you leave” His mother said “Mum I wish I could do that, but am already late for the meeting, I took a cup of coffee at the dinning Just now,So am ok ma, Just make sure that Chris eat something before he leaves this house, You know the moment he steps out of this house he is going to the club, Without having proper food in him before drinking could lead to something else, So please try to make him eat something before leaving this house, please Mum” Mr Robert said. “Alright son no problem, I will do that, And take care of yourself” His Mum said “I will Mum” He replied “Drew and Deon, please take good care of Chris, you must be very watchful of him, if he is trying to do something out of the rules and regulations, am sure you know how to bundle him and bring him back home” Mr Robert said “No problem Boss,We got this” Drew said while Mr Robert pecked his mum once again before leaving the kitchen with the three guards, Getting to the compound, Deon quickly ran towards the car to opened the door for Mr Robert,Dave sat beside the driver side, A guard drove the car,Two cars went out of the compound before Mr Robert’s car, Followed by another two cars, Both Drew and Deon went back inside after the cars left the compound….

Few hours later, Mr Robert’s Mum who was in the living room watching the TV stood up from the chair, She checked the time on the wall realizing that it’s past 12,She left the living room, climbing the steps one after the other, She arrived at the front of a door, Two guards who were standing at the front of the door quickly Opened the door for her, She walked in slowly, arriving at the living room she met both Drew and Deon sitting down doing nothing, The moment they saw her walking in they both stood up and moved closer to her. “Is Christian still sleeping” She asked. “Yes ma” Deon replied her “This is past 12, What exactly is wrong with Chris, What time did he sleep yesterday” She asked “Actually Ma’am, He slept around 2 am because he b…h… He..” Drew paused “Don’t tell me that Chris brought in a lady to this house yesterday” She said “Actually he did ma” Deon answered “What! That can’t be true,After I warned this boy” She walked in straight to his room, Getting to the room, She was shocked to found a lady sitting on him while he laid down on the bed touching the lady’s waist, The lady wasn’t facing them, and also she was naked, Both Chris and the lady were having sex when she walked in with Deon and Drew, Chris’s grandmother’s eyes almost popped out as she screamed out so loud “O Lord My God! What is this” The lady quickly stood up from him sitting on the bed covering herself with the blanket,While Chris laid down on the bed like it’s nothing,He was putting on a white singlet which was revealing all his Tattoos,He sat on the bed slowly, resting his back on the bed while his grandmother moved closer to them “Chris! What is this?” She asked while he ignored her “Young lady, before I open my eyes, I want you to leave this house right now, MY FRIEND STAND UP” She shouted at the lady while the lady quickly stood up from the bed with the blanket on her body, she quickly grabbed her clothes and other

necessary things, she ran into the bathroom, without wasting much time she ran out of the bathroom fully dressed up, She dropped the blanket and ran out of the room, Chris’s grandmother looked at him and said “Chris why are you doing this to me” Chris rolled his eyes and said “What the fuck am I doing, You chased the girl away Mama, I was unable to release before you chased her away” He said while she got shocked “Y… Yo… You said what” She asked ”I said I was unable to release before you chased that girl away, What the hell do you want me to do right now, Do you want me to take one of your girls” He said without looking at her “You dare not touch any of my maids, If I see you near them, you will get it from me” She said “Common Mama, Do you think I want your girls, look Mama they are the one who wants me to fuck them” He said “What?” She asked with so much surprise, Both Drew and Deon couldn’t help but to smile, Suddenly his grandmother saw a used protection on the floor, she picked it up with her left hand, raising it up with so much disgust on her face “W… What is this Chris” He looked at his grandmother and made a smirk “That is C to the O to the N to the D to the O to the M” He replied “What does that mean” She asked “Common Mama stop acting like you don’t understand me, Am sure Drew and Deon understand me” He said “WILL YOU ANSWER ME, I SAID WHAT IS THIS” She shouted “Woooh! Grandma chill, Just calm down, But why are you acting like you don’t know this, Grandma this is condom, It’s a protection, You should thank me that am using this shit, I don’t want to have any disease, That’s why am using it, I expect you to say That’s my boy” He replied her trying to lay down back to the bed “If you lay down on that bed” She said with an harsh tone, without hesitating He sat back to the bed while his grandmother threw the protection back to the floor “But Mama what exactly do you want me to do, You chased the girl away, You are stopping me from sleeping, what the fuck do you want me to do” He asked “I told you to stop using the word “F” in this house again, Just look at your room, Looking so unkempt,Are they going to say this room was cleaned yesterday before you arrive” He ignored her staring at her waiting for her to finish speaking “I want you to go and have your shower and come out for your breakfast right now” She added “No I want to sleep” He said “Christian don’t let me repeat myself” She said and walked out of the room immediately, Drew followed her while Deon stood with Chris in the room, The moment she left the room, Chris brought out a packet of cigarette and a lighter under his pillow, He brought out a cigarette to smoke, He put on his boxer under his blanket and stood up from the bed smoking his cigarette, Deon made a phone call to the maids flat, a lady picked up the call “Two to three people should come up and make his room please” Deon ordered “Yes sir” A female’s voice replied him, He hanged up the call while Chris finished smoking and went to the bathroom straight…

Chris came out of the eatery with Deon and Drew behind him, as he was about to enter his car, An elegant Lady came out of a car and walked up to them “Chris why are you ignoring my calls,I called you several times without number but you are not picking it,what the hell is going on” The lady asked “But Becky why are you so stubborn, I said am done,Why are you acting like you don’t understand me, We were only sex mate, and I said am done, I want other bitches like you to enjoy me, and I want other guys to enjoy you too, Don’t you get tired of it already, we need to make a switch, Try other guys while I try other girls, and if I feel like seeing you again, I will call you by myself, Beside you are very poor in bed, you don’t have styles,You are so lazy, Try to look for more styles, Maybe after then we can get back together, But For now Escuze me” He said and entered the car while Drew and Deon also entered the car and drove away leaving the lady standing….

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