SoulMate ❤️🔞
Written By:Abike 💋

💄 Episode 10💄
Chris walked in the living room with Deon, He sat on the chair while Deon walked in to the kitchen to get himself something to eat,Chris rested his head on the chair,He was deep in a thought..

Adunola slapped his face lightly “Arrgh” Chris groaned out moving away from her while she stood up from the car smiling, She looked at him and said “I will what, Beg for your dick, wait is your dick a gold, Young man look at me very well” She moved closer to him bodly while Chris moved backward a bit, Deon who was in the car couldn’t stop smiling “Look at me very well, I Adunola would rather remain a virgin than to beg for your dick, Honestly you sound so stupid right now” She smiled and walked away while Chris looked at her with his hand on his cheek rubbing it, Deon came out of the car, trying to hid his smile he said “Boss she left, let’s go home” Chris looked at him angrily and said “Shut up Deon and give me the car key, Am going to drive the car” Deon gave him the key while he entered the car, Deon sat beside the driver side while Chris drove away angrily….

Chris rested his back on the chair, smilling to himself, He said “She is still a virgin, I can’t believe it, Does that mean that she is waiting for me to disvirgin her” He smiled foolishly, Suddenly a voice said “Who are you planning to disvirgin” Chris got shocked the moment he heard the voice, he was surprised to see his grandmother standing next to him with a big smile on her face “Grandma you scared me” He stood up “You heard me wrong okay” He said and walked away “Silly boy” His grandmother said….

Adunola arrived back home feeling so tired, She sat on the chair, remembering the way Chris had talked to her earlier she smiled and said “So Silly” Suddenly Alex came out of his room, He walked to her slowly sitting next to her while Adunola ignored him “I…. I…. I made dinner” He said “Have you talk to Felix” She asked “I… I haven’t” He replied slowly, Adunola made a smirk, she looked at him and said “Why, Why are you not ready to beg him, who is at fault” She asked “Felix” He replied “What happened between both of you” She asked…

Felix sat under the big tree in the campus, He was busy reading when Alex arrived and joined him, They both sat down reading together, after thirty minutes they both stood up to walk to the school eatery to have a lunch together, getting to the eatery, they both ordered for their foods while they were served “Honestly am scared” Felix said “D….Don’t tell me t….that it’s all because of the exam,C……Common you are always on top when it c…comes to exams like this” Alex said “I know, but it seems like I don’t study hard this time” Felix replied worriedly “B… Bu…. But wh….. But wh… Why don’t you study” Alex asked “Don’t worry Alex, I will pray against the exams tomorrow” He replied while Alex stared at him worriedly…
The next day, all students were ready for the exams, The lecturers and invigilators all walked in, The students were given the question papers,Seeing the first question made some students shivered, Some smiled at the question papers while some looked so worried, Alex saw the first question and smiled, he looked at Felix whose face was stuck on the question papers, Felix looked so scared while Alex tapped him to ask if he is ok, Felix told him not to worry about him. After five minutes the students started answering the questions, Not too long Alex suddenly saw Felix

bringing out a sheet of paper from his boxer, Alex got shocked, he whispered Felix’s name, telling him to keep the paper immediately but Felix told him not to worry, Alex was unable to take his eyes off him, seeing him copying down all the answers made him to be more worried, Suddenly an invigilator saw Alex looking at Felix “What’s going on there” The man shouted, Both Felix and Alex raised up their heads, seeing him walking up to them, Felix suddenly threw the paper on Alex’s desk, before Alex could hide it, The man was already near them “You must not throw it away, Both of you should stand up right now” The invigilator and two lecturers walked up to them, They took the paper on Alex’s desk,Both him and his desk were searched thoroughly but they couldn’t find anything more except the paper on his desk, Both Felix and his desk were also checked but they found nothing on his desk, Suddenly Felix said “He was the one who threw the paper to me, So I quickly gave him back the paper,He wants me to copy the answers with him, I swear it’s not for me sir” Alex was shocked, He was almost in tears “I trust you Felix, You are one of our top students, of course you won’t dare do that, Alex do you have anything to say” The invigilator asked, but Alex was too shock to answer him “Felix sit down and Continue your exams and you Alex follow me” The invigilator took Alex’s question and answer papers while Alex was dragged out of the hall…

Alex came out of a lecturer office, He sat down in the corridor, He remembered what the lecturer told him “Alex, I am really disappointed in you, I don’t know if this is true or not, if not for the love I have for you, if not that your Dad has once helped my family before,And also if not for me, you should know by now that you are out of this school, But I had to talked to each lecturer privately, I had to begged them on behalf of you so that you won’t be rusticate from the school, But am sorry to tell you that you are going to fail that course and you have to take that course again, that is the only condition they gave me” Alex couldn’t know when the tears dropped down on his face, He stood up from the floor walking out of the corridor, He saw Felix with some guys under the tree smilling, The moment Felix saw him looking at him, he quickly took his eyes off him while Alex walked away angrily….


Adunola was speechless for few minutes, seeing the way her brother narrated the story to her made him look so pity to her,She felt so sorry for him “But you didn’t tell me that he was the one who cheated, you admitted that it’s you, I talked to Mr Lawrence then, he told me that you refused to speak up that he helped you to talked to the other lecturers then, Alex why don’t you say anything then” Adunola asked worriedly while Alex just stared at him “Was that the reason why you turned to a bad guy, was it because you are repeating a course, Of course you don’t need to do that, because that’s not the end, Believe me that’s not the end to life ” She said “I…. I…. I was worried b….be…. because of the money you spends on me, I….I Was worried that yo….you are go….going to spend another money on me” He said with tears on his face, Adunola Smiled and said “Alex, as long as there is life, there is hope, after all this is me, am still working because of you, I understand what you went through then, but it’s ok, that doesn’t mean that you should be a bad guy” She said “A… Am sorry” He apologized while Adunola Smiled at him, she moved closer to him and gave him a hug, she said “It’s ok Alex”….

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