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💄 Episode 11 & 12💄
Adunola was busy setting the dinning for their breakfast, Alex came out holding his bag and some books in his hands “Alex have your breakfast before you leave” Adunola said “I…. I….a…. I am late sis” He replied “Common Alex, It’s just bread and tea” She said while trying to make him sit, Alex doesn’t have a choice than to sit down and eat with her, Adunola also sat with him, She got herself some bread, she poured herself a cup of tea, Alex stared at her, she saw him staring at her,She smiled and said “Why are you staring Alex”, She asked “I noticed that since yesterday,what happened” He smiled and said “I love you” Adunola Smiled and said “I love you too” They both smiled while Alex finished his breakfast, Adunola helped him to arranged his bag, he pecked his sister and went out of the house while Adunola cleared the dinning table.

Adunola and her friends finished at work, They all decided not to take a cab but to walk and gist till they all get to their destinations, Bukola was the first to turned to her street, They all hugged eachother while Bukola left, Bewaji and Adunola continued discussing till Adunola reached Her street, They both hugged eachother and departed to their various paths,When Adunola got home,She was surprised to saw Alex outside waiting for her, He was putting on a black hoodie and black trouser with a Crocs on him, Adunola Smiled at him while he also did the same, They both hugged eachother while Alex helped her with her bag inside, unknown to them that Chris’s car was at a corner watching them, He told Drew to start the car while they drove away, Getting to his room, The first thing Chris did was to threw his phone on the bed angrily “She is a virgin and she is with another guy, how is that shit even possible, I can’t believe this girl made a fool out of me,Virgin my foot” Drew came in to dropped his car key,After dropping the key he said “Boss, I thought I told you that she has a younger brother” He calmed down a bit after hearing that, suddenly he said “I don’t believe that shit, ho….how can her brother hugged her that way, Like what the fuck was that” He said angrily “But Boss, even if she has a boyfriend, I believe she is free to do that, as long as you are not her boyfriend” Chris stared at him for awhile,He stared at Drew like an opponent who is ready to fight,then he said “Drew Get out, Just get out” He shouted while Drew smiled and said “Sorry Boss” He apologized and went out of the room “I can’t believe Drew is making fun of me right now, Don’t worry I will get back at you later” He paused for awhile,Then he said “Virgin? And you are leaving with a grown-up guy, What the fuck was that, Huh?” He brought out his phone and searched for Adunola’s picture, he stared at her picture and said “Don’t play games with me,Am very smart when it comes to games like this,am sure that’s not your brother, he is your boyfriend, Don’t worry i know what to do” He dropped his phone on the bed, he went to the drawer beside his bed, He brought out a pack of cigarette, he opened it and brought out one, He lighted it to smoke. While smoking his cigarette, the way Alex hugged Adunola flashed back to him, He made a smirk and blew the smoke into the air….

Adunola was busy ironing some clothes,She was using Alex’s phone to listen to music, Suddenly a call came in Alex’s phone, It was an unknown number, she picked it up and said “Hello” There was no respond “Hello who is this” She repeated “Give the phone back to the owner please” A female voice suddenly said, Adunola made a smirk and said “Before I return the phone back to the owner, Who is this” She asked “You seems to be rude on the phone, if you have the gut let’s meet, Because I don’t know the reason why Alex gave out his phone to random people, This is his girlfriend, Give him back the phone” The voice replied while Adunola Smiled and said “You are his girlfriend and he didn’t save your number,Not even with even your name, what kind of relationship is that, Anyway when he wakes up, I will let him know that you called” Adunola said and ended the call immediately, She couldn’t stop smiling to what just happened, Suddenly Alex came out of his room, He walked up to the chair and laid down on it, feeling so tired, Adunola looked at him and said “If you know you want to sleep more, why don’t you go back to your room” He ignored her “Anyway someone called you, I mean your girlfriend called” The moment she said this, Alex Stood up from the chair slowly, He walked up to her and collected the phone from her, He checked the number and said “It’s Dara” Adunola looked at him and said “How did you know it’s Dara when you don’t save her number” She asked “I know her number, b…..but I just d….don’t want to save it, s….s…she took my number from one of my friends, I don’t want t……to block her that’s why I leave her alone, Is there a problem” He asked while his blue eyes blinked “She told me she is your girlfriend, Beside she almost teach me a lesson through the phone” She replied, rolling her eyes with her arms round her body “What? G…. Gi….. Girlfriend? S…. Sh…. Sh… She is not my girlfriend, But how could she insulted you” He asked worriedly “Am sorry, I w….. I will t…I will talk to her, A…. Am sorry Sis, Really sorry” He apologized “Hmmmm, Anyway If she is your girlfriend let’s meet her please” She said Jokingly and walked away,Alex looked so confused and then he said “She is not my girl” Alex shouted…..

In the campus, Three ladies were under the tree discussing, One of the lady was putting on a very short white dress, perfect high heels with an handbag, Not too short and not too tall in height, She has a glowing skin with nice shape, she was putting on a very light make up, Her artificial hair reaching her butts, Suddenly Alex arrived, He called the lady and asked her to see him, she left her friends and walked closer to him happily, She wanted to touch him but Alex moved back and said “Ha…. Have always told you n…not to touch me” She made a puppy face, Alex looked at her and said “W…..why did you called me this morning” she pouted her lips, staring at him “Dara answer me” He said “Because I want to talk to you, but I was surprised that another lady picked your call, She even have the gut to tell me that you don’t save my number, She must be crazy” Alex waited for her to finish, Then He moved closer to her while she moved back, Alex made a smirk and said “S…. She is crazy? Did you realize t……..that she is my sister” Dara was shocked with her hands on her mouth “I swear I don’t know, Her voice look so young, so I thought she is someone like me, I mean i thought we are age mate, Alex am sorry, Oh seriously am so sorry please” she apologized, trying to touch his chest while he spanked her hand away, He took a deep breath and then he said “Dara stop calling my phone, If yo….yo….you distu….turb me with your calls again, I will block your number,I mean it” He said and walked away. After Alex left, Her friends quickly moved closer to her and said “Dara what happened, What did he say, Have you ask him about the girl who picked his call, Dara what’s going on,Talk to us,Dara?” Her friends threw her lot of questions but she just stood there with her puppy face, Almost in tears, she opened her bag and brought out her car key, She left their presence and went to where her car was parked, She entered it and drove away angrily while her friends just watch her leaving….

Alex arrived to the lecture room, The moment he entered, His friends rushed to him and said “Alex have you heard the latest news, Felix will be rusticate from the school” One of Alex’s friends said happily, He looked at them with surprise “B….ut why is h…..heeee going to be rusticate” He asked “The top students had an exam this morning at 7 am, God so good Felix cheated again, He was caught with a textbook,Not just a paper but a textbook, After been questioned, He finally confessed that he was the one who cheated that day and not you, they gave him a separate question to answer, but he was unable to do that, The lecturers realized that all these while, Felix has been a cheater, He has nothing in his brain,He has being surviving by cheating during the exams, In short He is graduating today One of his friends explained, Alex was shocked and at the same time weak, He walked to his seat and sat on it slowly,He look so depressed while his friends got surprised with his reaction, They all thought he will be happy about it,but it was the other way round….

Alex arrived back home, He dropped his bag and walked in straight to the kitchen, He met his sister cooking, she smiled at him and said “I know why you are like this, Mr Lawrence told me that Felix was caught in the exam Hall today, I expected you to be happy that the truth is finally out, but it seems you still love your friend” Alex stared at his sister and said “I wa…. I was…wasn’t expecting that for him, I…. Is his education done like that” He asked worriedly, Adunola looked at him, she moved closer to him and said “You know what,Just try to talk to him, Don’t act like him, Talk to him and console him as a friend, Some things are already meant to happen that we humans can’t even change it, Just try to encourage him, talk to him, Ok” She said while Alex stared at her, She smiled at him while he also did the same….

Chris sat on his bed pressing his phone, His grandmother walked in smiling, He saw her smilling while he ignored her, She walked closer to his bed and sat next to him, she said “Chris, are you ok” He looked at her and said “Of course am ok, why are you asking” He asked, “I mean I was just surprised that you hardly go out these days, Actually I love it this way, infact everyone are happy about it, But still we have to ask if you are ok or not” she replied,He made a smirk and said “Grandma am perfectly fine, I just want to take a break for now, but Tomorrow am going out” His grandmother smiled and said “Chris, I don’t know if you can just use this moment to go to your father’s Companies, try to check ou….. “Noooo, Grandma stop! Don’t ruin my mood please,Just go out, please Grandma!” He laid down on the bed, Grabbing all the pillows to covered his ears, His grandmother looked at him for awhile, She smiled and walked out of the room, He sat back on the bed while he took his phone to press again, But the first thing he did was to look at Adunola’s picture, He made a smirk and resumed back to his game….

Alex was entering the school with his friends, suddenly they saw Dara’s car coming towards their direction, It is a normal thing for Dara to come down from her car anytime she see Alex, She had always love to greet him anytime she see him, But they all got surprised when she suddenly drove away without looking at their side, One of Alex’s friend said “Wait is that not Dara, Did she just drove away,Or are my eyes having problems,Of course that’s her car, Alex what’s going on” Alex looked at her car till it went out of their sights “Guys let’s go” Alex said and walked away while his friends followed him…

Adunola and her friends sat down in the shop discussing, Suddenly Deon walked in the shop, they were all surprised to see him, Both Bewaji and Bukola smiled at Deon while Adunola looked so surprised, He moved closer to their counter and said “Good afternoon” “Hey Afternoon sir” Bukola quickly replied “Am so sorry to disturb you Miss Adunola, But please can you come out for a few minutes, My Boss wants to talk to you for awhile” He said “You mean Chris” She asked “Yes he wants to talk to you” He replied “Then tell him to come inside” She replied “Haha! Adunola why are you like this” Bewaji said “Sir, please tell him to come inside, If he have anything to discuss with me tell him to come here,Am quite busy here please,I can’t come out to see him, Tell him to come over” She said while Bukola tapped her and said “Adun” Deon walked out slowly “Like seriously Adun that was too much” Bukola said “Honestly you don’t need all these” Bewaji Added “You ladies are funny, Don’t you know that this guy is trying to control me if I should go out to see him, He is trying to use his pride here, asking me to come over, What Rubbish is that,As a gentleman you have to come inside yourself,That was quite rude if you don’t know” She replied angrily, Suddenly Chris came in, without looking at anyone he walked in straight to Adunola’s seat, He grabbed her hand while she tried to remove her hand but He was not ready to let go, He dragged her out of the supermarket while Bewaji and Bukola smiled at eachother happily, Chris Dragged her to where his car was parked, He released her hand, Blocking her path in other not to walk away, Suddenly She looked at him and slapped his face angrily, Both Bewaji and Bukola who were watching from afar got shocked,Deon wanted to moved closer to them but Chris told him to step back “Don’t you ever drag me that way again” She said, Chris stared at her for

awhile,then he moved closer to her while she moved back, he moved closer to her again, while she also moved back until her body touched the car, Chris moved closer to her again without leaving any gap between them “Wh…. What are you doing” She asked out of fear “Since you are good in slapping, I want you to slap me again, Do it, Common” He said while she placed her hand on his chest trying to push him back, The moment she placed her hand on his chest, Chris was silent for awhile, He stared into her eyes while she also did the same, there was a total silence between them, Deon quickly walked away, Adunola tried to pushed him but he was not ready to move back, suddenly he said “Why did you hate me” Adunola was shocked, It was the last question she was expecting from him, She stared at him for awhile, trying to regain her courage, Then she said “I hate you for everything” Chris was shocked, He suddenly moved back while she moved away from the car,She looked at him and said “Yes you heard me right, I hate everything about you, The fact that you made yourself the center of the world despise me, You think the world revolves around you, but you are wrong,You have this kind of attitude that I despise a lot, You are so arrogant, You don’t have atleast one good behavior that people can point out of you, I mean you smoke, You drink, You don’t know how to approach people, Do you think all ladies are the

same, if you are thinking that your charm is going to work on me, Well am sorry Mr Chris, You don’t worth my standard, You are not my type, I will never fall for a guy like you. Honestly I am not sorry to say this believe me you don’t look so responsible to me, The last time I checked you break ladies heart the way you want,Do you even have any idea of how much it hurts when a guy breaks up with a lady,There are no signs of good morals in you. Clubbing, Drinking, Smoking,Bad attitudes, Those are your habits. Do you think I will fall for someone like that, Forget about the fact that you are handsome, If you think your money, Your American Accent,Your Face and everything are going to work on me, Well am sorry to tell you that you failed, You can never be my type, You can never be the man I will trip for,And one more thing,Don’t you ever drag me that way again” She said and walked in angrily, leaving him standing,At that moment, Chris was unable to understood what exactly is going on,He lost his strength, He almost trip but he was quickly caught by Deon. He helped him to get inside the car while Chris rested his head, Deon Start the car,He looked at Chris whose soul and spirit was no more in him, Checking if he is ok or not, After awhile he drove away….

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