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💄 Episode 2💄
At a flat, In the living room, A young lady sat down on a chair, she seems to be waiting for someone, She was putting on a pyjama which was a top and a short,A pink pyjama with Hannah Montana design, She was putting on a white Crocs, She is a fair lady without any spots, clean from head to toe, Not too tall and never too short, a moderate height with nice stature, She was fully endowed from head to toe because she was blessed naturally, Her long hair which was in ponytail, she has an headband on her, Her eyebrows and eyelashes are natural, Her cute and pink plumb lips looking so natural and well shaped,She is not too cute but she is beautiful and elegant, This is Adunola, A twenty three years old lady who dropped out from school just to take care of her younger brother, An orphan who works in one of the best supermarkets in town, She sat down checking the clock on the wall, Not too long a young guy walked in, he was putting on a black Jean trouser, a black sneakers and yellow hoodie with black bag at his back, He has a black headphones around his neck, He is very fair in complexion, A photocopy of Adunola, This is Alex Adunola’s younger

brother,He is twenty years old, He has a very curly hair with an Afro haircut,It is very obvious that he is more cute than his elder sister because he has an innocent face, a Babyface with great dimples, His only weakness are his stuttering and also he blinked his eyes a lot,Even though he hate those two things but it is very obvious that they add more to his cuteness,When he stutters and blinks his eyes he always look like a puppy, One more thing about him is that he dosen’t speak for a long time,He get fed up from talking too much easily, Alex may look so soft from outside,but he is a true definition of a beast inside, He walked in Slowly, he was so scared to move closer to Adunola who was waiting for him to walk in, He stood behind the wall while Adunola said “Look at the time Alex, What’s the time” He looked at the time and said “N… Ni… Nine” He replied while his eyes blinked two times “Alex you finished your lecture by 4 pm today, why are you coming back so late” Adunola asked curiously “I… I went to a f… To a friend’s birthday pa…” He replied slowly “Did you tell me, Alex did you tell me that you will be attending a friend’s birthday party, atleast we both left this house together this morning, I called your number several times without number but your number was switched off, Alex I was worried, What exactly is going on with you, Was your phone off or you switch it off” She asked angrily “I… I… Actually I sw… switched it off” He replied “So you switched off your phone so that I won’t disturb you, D… Do you have any idea of what I passed through when your

phone was off, ANSWER ME ALEX” She shouted at him “I…. I… I didn’t mean to switch off the phone , Am s… Sorry Sis” He apologized “Alex I don’t want to hear that sorry, You don’t need to be sorry for me, people who don’t know you will think you are so harmless, but you are a devil,The devil lives in you, Do you realize that the guy you beat up came to my place of work with his mom, I was speechless to the extent that I don’t know what to say, Why are you proving to be a stubborn brat to me, at least if you can’t think about me, can you for once think about out dead parents, what sort of human being are you, Do you think sorry is going to sort everything, Atleast if you don’t want to think about your present why don’t you think about your future for once, believe me I don’t need your sorry, infact you don’t need to be sorry for yourself, Be sorry for your future because you don’t have any idea of what is there for you, Think twice before acting like a stubborn brat” She said and walked in angrily, Alex who was behind the wall walked away from the wall, he moved closer to the chair she sat on, he dropped his bag on it, feeling so bad he went straight to the kitchen….

At a big supermarket, Adunola and her friends were busy discussing, Since there wasn’t any customer yet the ladies engaged eachother into a discussion. “Guys remember I told you that I am going to the clubhouse yesterday” Bukola one of Adunola’s friends Said “Yes I remember,Is there any gist” Bewaji who was the closest to Adunola asked curiously. “Yes guys there is a lot of gist,you won’t believe who I saw at the clubhouse yesterday, I saw Chris at the clubhouse” Bukola said “It’s a lie, You mean the same Chris” Bewaji asked “Yes the same Chris, Honestly this dude was so fucking hot in black yesterday, Black all through, Goodness I was dripping from my pant yesterday” Bukola said “Bukky that’s disgusting, how can you be wet because of Chris, Is it not the same Chris” Adunola asked “I know you

won’t be move by him,And it’s because you haven’t meet this guy,a day is coming when you will meet this guy, You won’t only be dripping, Am sure you will leave this world for a minute” Bukola said while Adunola made a smirk and said “Wait what do you think of me, I will faint because of a guy, not just a guy but a brat, I wonder what you girls are thinking, what do you think of this guy, a Greek god or what” Adunola asked “But he is a Greek god,Girlfriend if that is what you want to hear, This guy is a Greek god, so fucking hot and i will testify to that” Bewaji said “Even if he is a Greek god, is that what you want in a guy, have you forgotten that this guy was said to be an heartbreaker, a smoker, A drunkard, Disrespectful, Gosh! I just can’t stand someone like that, Do you realize that this guy dosen’t have any good thing you can point out to, except his look, How can you call him an hot dude, An hot dude will have a good moral and great image in public, Without good character I don’t think hotness is Meaningful here” Adunola said “Hmmm! Adunola! I know you don’t like this guy, Atleast you still have to appreciate his cuteness” Bewaji said Jokingly “Honestly there is no way am going to appreciate a beauty who dosen’t have a good reputation” Adunola said, Suddenly a woman walked in with a lady, The woman stood at the front of their counter while the lady suddenly pointed at Bukola and said “Mum she is the one who insulted me yesterday, All because I complained about what they are selling” The woman moved closer to Bukola, The three ladies looking so surprised at both Mother and daughter “So you are the one who insulted my daughter, Do you realize what am capable of, Don’t you know me in this town, You don’t have the fear right, i can tell my husband to shut down this whole supermarket, customers are always right, no matter what she says or do, she have the right to do and say anything, who do you think you are, Answer

me” The woman shouted, Bukola who was a little bit scared was moved back by Adunola while she moved closer to the woman and said “Hello ma, please ma you need to lower your voice please, anyone can come here and think maybe we are the one at fault, Of course customers are always right, but as long as the customer is not giving a seller the respect he or she deserves then the customer is no more right, my friend here attended to your daughter yesterday,Your daughter picked out what she need and she brought them here, we were about to calculate the things she bought when she told my friend to bring her a shampoo, my friend brought the shampoo but your daughter asked my friend to return this shampoo, my friend did that immediately, the moment my friend returned back, your daughter told her to bring the shampoo again, your daughter repeated this four times without stopping, With all due respect my friend told your daughter In a kind way to follow her and pick what she want, That was how your daughter fired back at her, She left her and fired back at us, including our boss,not only that, she suddenly went to our families to insult us all because of money, As a lady that was well trained from home, i had to call her back to her senses, atleast before coming here, did you even ask her the full details of what happened, I expect you to take things slowly, I am not trying to be rude here ma’am, but atleast someone gave birth to us also, before harassing anyone I expect you to put yourself in their shoes first, your daughter lack the manner of approaching, I Except you to be the one to help her out, but I am

surp… She paused in other not to hurt the woman with her words I am not trying to be rude ma, with all due respect I am really sorry, But I am just someone who gives out the fact to people, if I have annoyed you in anyway, please kindly forgive me ma’am,I just can’t keep calm when your daughter was the one guilty here,I know you have the power to make me loose this job at this moment,I know you can do that,but I just can’t sit and watch while the victim is being accuse while the guilty one is being praise, Atleast if you haven’t done it before why can’t you try it for once and think about what other people are feeling, Atleast do this so that you personally can have a peace of mind, honestly I am not trying to be rude,If you want me to drop my Job I will do that right now,but still i have to say my mind because it hurts so much when those who are in power can’t stop stepping on those who are lower to them” Adunola finished her statement while the woman stared at her in surprise, The woman was shocked and at the same time surprised for a moment,There was a total silent among them, Suddenly the woman said “Young Lady, Who are you” Adunola smiled and said “Am Just Adunola”

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