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Written By:Abike💋

💄 Episode 21💄
Chris came out of his car angrily, He walked in straight to the house, He dosen’t found his father in the living room so he went in straight to his room, He knocked at the door while his dad asked him to enter. He met his father sitting down on his bed using his medicines, He walked closer to him and said “Dad, just tell me please, Tell me the right you have to go to my girlfriend and tell her to break up with me, Why” He asked angrily. His father dropped the cup he used on the table, He looked at Chris and said “But Chris I want the best for you” Chris suddenly grabbed the cup his father used and threw It on the floor angrily “SPARE ME THAT SHIT DAD” He said angrily “Do you realize that this girl was the one who changed me, Believe me if not for her I will still be my old self, How could you tell me you want the best for me, She is the best one for me, No one can be the best to me, No one can lead me to the right path the way she did” His voice went down a bit, trying to calm down, then he said “Dad I don’t want my old self to be back, If you know that you still want me in that company, If you want me to continue being the good guy, stay away from my girl, Because I will never replace that girl with anyone” He said and walked out angrily, Mr Robert looked so surprised and at the same time confused, He stared at the broken cup on the floor….

Chris came to see his dad’s sister Helen, He sat in the living room waiting for her, Helen’s two years old daughter ran out and hugged Chris, He lifted her up and gave her a peck on the cheek, He placed her down while the girl ran back in, Not too long Helen came out in a nice dress, she hugged him while they both sat down to talk “Oh, I can see a lot of changes, I mean a whole Chris in suit, This is very nice of you” Helen said while Chris looked at her and said “Sis if you still want this kind of Chris, please tell your brother to stay away from my girlfriend” Helen looked so confused “What do you mean Chris, what’s going on” She asked “You won’t believe that my Dad went to my girlfriend’s house, He went there and told her to break up with me, Not only that, My Dad also gave her a cheque just to break up with me. My new self, My good side, My quiet side and every other positive things in me it’s all because of no one but this same girl, she changed me, If not for her I will still be the former Chris, So how could he went to her house and told her to break up with me, Is there anyone that can lead me to the right path than the way she did, Of course there isn’t, Even if there is someone more better than her, I will still choose her, I will choose her over and over again because she is the best one for me, I am trying to be the good guy here, So please kindly help me to tell him to stay away from her, Either he likes it or not am going to get marry to that girl” He said while Helen just stared at him in surprise, She couldn’t help but to stood up to him and embraced him, Suddenly She said “Am so proud of you”…….

Adunola sat alone in her room, She laid down on her bed doing nothing, She remembered what Mr Robert told her, She looked so sad and at same time depressed, Axel walked into her room, He moved closer to her bed and sat on it, She stood up to sat on the bed, Alex looked at her and Smiled “He love you” Alex said “D…. Do….. Do you know he loves you, Yeah He really do sis, D…. Don’t get mad at him be…. because of his Dad, Please” Alex said while Adunola looked at him and smiled, He opened his arms for a hug while she hugged him “That’s my sis” He said….

Chris sat in his office alone, He was holding the small red box, He opened it, staring at the ring inside the box, He covered it and brought out his phone, He dialed Adunola’s number, She picked it up after the second ring “Hello” She said while her voice sounded so dull “Can i see you tonight” He asked. For few seconds there was a total silent from her, then she said “When am ready to talk to you I will let you know, I still need some time” She said “Ok fine, No problem” He replied her softly,she hanged up the call while Chris just stared at his phone….

Helen came to see Mr Robert, They both sat in the living room discussing “We need to speak the fact to eachother, Bro how could you went to his girlfriend’s house, Chris is twenty-five years old, He is not a kid anymore, He knows what’s best for him, why won’t you leave him alone, Do you want him to go back to his old life, Just let him be, For crying out loud we are in 21st century now, No one is doing this again, Just chill brother” Helen said “But this girl already told me that she is not going to break up with him, Why are you all disturbing me, After all am not disturbing her again, have heard you all” Mr Robert said “No that’s not what you are going to do, She is not ready to talk to Chris and it’s really affecting Chris” Helen said “Ok what do you want me to do” Mr Robert asked “Just the way you went to her house, You have to go back there and tell her that you accept her as your son’s girlfriend, that’s all” Helen replied “Are you kidding me or what” Mr Robert asked “Am so dead serious brother” Helen said …..

Dara was with Alex in his room,he was busy painting a picture while Dara laid down on his bed looking at him “How could Mr Robert acted that way,For goodness sake we are in 21st century,Like it sounds so stupid to me right now, I feel like am watching a movie,Is he an Actor or what” Dara asked while Alex smiled and said “Stop giving yourself headache” She stood up and moved closer to him, She gave him a back hug “Like I can’t help it,I really feel bad for her,I wonder how Chris is coping right now too” She said “Shhhh, That’s ok” Alex said,She smiled while Alex turned to her,she sat on his laps and gave him a short kiss,She moved closer to him and gave him a hug, Then She said “I wonder how your sis is doing also” Alex rolled his eyes looking so done with her,She looked at him and smiled….

Chris’s car was on his way back home, Everywhere was silent in the car. Deon, Drew and Dave are trying their best not to took a glance at him,He looked so mad and at the same worried,The car drove in the compound while they quickly opened the door for him,He came out of the car angrily and went in straight,He entered the living room and found his Dad watching the TV as usual,He gretted him and walked in straight to his room. Getting to his room,he removed his suit,Shirt, trouser, Shoes, Tie and underwears,He grabbed his towel and went in straight to the bathroom to have a shower,The moment he entered the bathroom,He opened the water to ran through his hair, and then he said “Chris calm down,Let’s take it easy please,Just calm down” He said to himself

Mr Robert came to see Adunola, He sat down looking at Adunola while she also looked at him, He smiled and said “I love your boldness” Adunola was shocked, she almost made a smirk but she stopped it “Actually am really sorry about that day, I know I don’t have any excuse but as a father, I don’t think what I did was wrong and at the same time it was also wrong, But please find a space in your heart to forgive your father-in-law, She almost laugh out,but she quickly controlled

herself I promise to be both father and mother to you and your brother, let’s just accept the fact that this is meant to happen, Let’s accept the fact that this is how we are going to get close to eachother,Let’s accept the fact that everything is going to be this way,Chris needs you,He really do please,And am really sorry Dear,So sorry about everything,Find a space in your heart to forgive my ignorance,Am so sorry Adunola” Mr Robert said while Adunola just stared at him, She looked so confused and at the same time speechless…..

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