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💄 Episode 5💄
Helen’s car drove in Mr Robert’s compound, She came out of the car and walked in straight to the house, She met her mum in the living room, She moved closer to her mom and gave her a warm hug, Helen told one of the guards to call Chris for her, After some few minutes, Chris came out in a white sweater which was a turtleneck,Looking so fluffy on him, it was a long sleeves which covered all his fingers, He put on a white trouser which was his pyjama, He put on a red Crocs, He sat down on the chair waiting for his Aunty to speak up, Both his grandmother and Aunt stared at him, He looked at them and said “Wait what’s going on, Why are you both staring at me that way, Honestly you are looking so weird right now, What’s going on” He asked “Chris why are you like this” Helen asked “W…. What did I do” He asked “Will you stop answering me back with question, What exactly is wrong with you, Why did you choose to be this way, Chris you are giving your Dad a lot of stress, You graduated from the best University and still you choose not to help your Dad with his companies, What exactly is going on with you, You are making Mum so worried, I heard that you beat up another guard, what’s going on in your head, when do you plan to stop all these,Huh” Helen asked angrily “Honestly I don’t know what I do, and I don’t know why you guys are stopping me from enjoying my life, This is my life, you all know that I don’t want to go to that

school, But you forced me to go to school, which I do, I graduated and I gave Dad the certificate, I did what you want and I expect you guys to allow me to do whatever I want, Can you just allow me to breathe please” He said and stood up immediately “Where are you going” His Grandmother asked “Am going inside, I believe we are done talking” He replied “You dare not take a step from that place” Helen said “Sis can you just stop” He said “No you stop,You need to stop, Can you please shut your mouth and sit back” Helen ordered “Whatever” He said and sat back on his chair, Bringing out his phone to press, Both his Grandmother and Aunt just sat there watching him in surprise…..

Chris was in his room, He sat on his bed smoking his cigarette, He was on a call with Jamal “Dude I was so sacred that night, I and Max was so scared that night” Jamal said “Common guy, they are just hungry and they need some money, But honestly am not going to spare those guys, because I heard that my Dad is not ready to go after them, am not going to allow them go with that money just like that, They have to pay for it” Chris said. “Of course Dude, Now that your Dad finally freed you, are we meeting tonight” Jamal asked “Definitely, Tell Max to get ready, am going to book a room, there is this Babe coming from the US, I don’t want her to come home because of Mama, You know how she always react anytime am with ladies and I don’t want that kind of thing for that Babe, This Babe is totally different from other Babes, so I have to treat her specially” Chris concluded “Yo My Guy, Chris the man, Wait is she white or black American” Jamal asked “No she is none, She is from Nigeria but she based in the US, Her flight will land in the next four hours” Chris replied “Ok no problem, let me call Max so that we can get ready, I guess am booking a room also, I will call one of my Babes too” Jamal said “Coolest guy” Chris hailed him while they both bursted into laughter, After some few discussions, Chris hanged up the call while he finished his cigarette, He stood up from his bed and walked towards his wardrobe to checked out for the cloth to wear….

At the front of the Clubhouse, Jamal’s car was the first to arrive, so also Max’s car drove in, Not too long Chris’s car drove in, Drew came out of the car to opened the door for him while he came out of the car smiling to his friends, Another car drove in which was for Chris’s bodyguards, The three friends hugged eachother while Deon gave the guards some signs to be very watchful of Chris, After the greetings the guys walked into the club, Getting inside the club people started to talk about Chris, Some are glad to see him in town again, while those who envy him are not pleased to see him, Both him and his friends together with his guards all walked up to the high table, They all sat down while Deon divided the guards to hanged around the clubhouse, Both Deon and Drew stood behind Chris to watch over him, Different kind of wines were filled on their table with some roasted beefs, Steaks and Barbeques, Chris was about to pour his wine when he suddenly saw some guys walking in, They all sat at the regular seats, Chris who was unable to take his eyes off them suddenly recognized two out of them,After a long staring,He realized that they were the ones who kidnapped him, Before Deon and Drew, including Max and Jamal could knew what’s going on, Chris already took a bottle of wine and broke it, He jumped from the high table to the main floor and ran towards the guys where they sat, Before Deon and Drew and other

guards could catch up with Chris, He already stabbed one of them on the stomach which gushed out a lot of blood,The guy he stabbed collapsed on the floor while one of them held the guy, One of them who was about to punch Chris was suddenly stopped by Deon while Drew quickly dragged Chris backward, Everywhere became crowdy while the ladies are screaming, All the guards quickly gathered round Chris just to protect him, Chris who was so annoyed that The guards are blocking him suddenly shouted and said “How dare you assholes to come to this clubhouse, Oh so because my Dad decided not to drag the issue with you, You think you can move anywhere, I am going to kill you all, I can’t believe that you are already spending the money “Chris calm down, You need to chill” Max said to Chris “I will make you regret it that you stabbed my friend” One of the guys shouted and grabbed a bottle, but before he could break the bottle, Deon kicked the guy on his stomach which made the bottle to dropped from him the guys quickly moved back a bit, Deon made a smirk and said “I will advise you guys to take your friend to the hospital right now, It’s not too late to do that, You can’t expect us to just stand here and watch you beating him up, if you want to bring it on, you are welcome, But I will advise you to check us out first, We are outnumbered, I will plead on his behalf, We are very sorry for what he did, Just as the Boss want,He dosen’t want to hear anything about the event again, So please let’s take it that way, and for the damage, we are very sorry” Immediately Deon gave Drew and the guards a sign to carry Chris to the car, Immediately Drew and the guards lifted him up and took him out of the clubhouse, but as they were taking him out, Chris kept on shouting at the guys saying “Am going to find you all,I will kill all of you, I promise you, ASSHOLES!!!!”…..

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