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💄 Episode 6💄
Adunola was setting the dinning table for their breakfast, She went back to the kitchen to brought out the soup,Getting back to the living room, she was surprised to saw her brother Alex on the seat “You scared me” She said while putting the soup on the table, Alex who was surprised just sat there looking at her, she also looked at him and said “Yes you scared me because I just left this dinning not up to thirty seconds and you just came out of nowhere, Alex looked at her staring at her without saying anything, She looked at him and said “Why are you staring at me, Have you done something bad in school again” Alex made a smirk and said “O…. Of course not, I…. I… I w…. I was just staring at you because I want to” Alex said “Oh you are staring at me because you can’t find a lady like me, right” Adunola said Jokingly while her brother just stare at her, For few seconds he thought his sister was

not ok, He made a smirk while he served himself “I don’t know but I just feel like asking you this, Alex are you a cultist” Alex who was drinking his cup of water suddenly choked on his water, He spat the water immediately, He coughed out and said “Adun” She rolled her eyes and said “It was just a question cause you always act like one” She said while Alex looked at her and said “Adun Am not, W… Wh…. Why would you even think of m… th…..that way” Alex said out of fraustration, Adunola who realized that he was already getting fed up with the long conversation stopped talking, She served herself while they both ate in silence, after awhile she said “You must not come back late today” Alex dropped his spoon and said “Sis am twenty years old” She made a smirk and said “Do I look like I care,I took care of you since you are fifteen years old and that was when I was eighteen years old, To me you are still the fifteen years old our parents left to me, Stop telling me that you are twenty” She said and stood up from the table, She walked to the kitchen while Alex rested his back on the chair staring at the food.

Adunola’s friends were discussing about Chris while she sat with them listening to their conversation “Bukola don’t mind those bloggers, Chris didn’t stab the guy” Bewaji said “Look at you Bewaji, My Friend was at the clubhouse that night, She was there, she told me that Chris jumped from the high table to the main floor, before his guards could stop him, he already stabbed the guy” Bukola said “Even if he stabbed them do you think that’s the right thing to do, Of course they kidnapped him but I heard that his Dad doesn’t want to push the case, So why chasing after them” Bewaji said “Yeah you are right he shouldn’t have done that, But seriously if it’s me I will also get mad” Bukola added,Bewaji noticed Adunola and said “Adunola why are you not saying anything,Ever since you arrived to work this morning you just keep mute,Is there a problem” Bewaji asked “That’s my mood for today” Adunola replied “Is that why you don’t want to say anything about the issue we are discussing about” Bewaji asked “Wait what are you discussing about,

Do you think I have time to think about a jerk, Of course no way, I have better things to use my head for, I don’t know why you keeps on talking about him, It’s really pissed me off anytime you guys talks about him, I just don’t have a choice than to watch you talking about him” Adunola replied “But Adunola why are you the only one hating this guy” Bukola asked while Adunola made a smirk and said “Bukky you are so funny, I am not the only that hate this guy, believe me there are many people out there who despise him, Even more than me,So stop saying that am the only one hating him” Adunola replied “I know you don’t like him,But atleast there must be one thing you hate about him, what is that thing you don’t like about him” Bukola asked while Adunola said “I hate every single thing about him” Both Bukola and Bewaji looked at eachother in disbelief.

Adunola arrived back home feeling so tired,She sat in the living room to rest for awhile,After few minutes she stood up and walked to her room to changed into her pyjamas, She went straight to the kitchen to make the dinner

In an hotel room,Chris was laying down on the bed,He covered himself with a white blanket,A Lady was beside the mirror undressing herself,while Chris laid down on the bed watching her,The lady who was now left with her pant and bra stood up and walked up to the bed,she sat next to Chris and said “But last time we saw eachother at your place,why did you choose this place” Chris looked at her and said “Are you going to question me or what,If you are not ready to satisfy me you can just pack your things and let me call someone else, What the fuck was that” He asked angrily “Am sorry I don’t mean to pissed you off,I was just wondering” The lady said “Stop wondering,Get under that blanket and suck my dick till I come” He said while the lady bite her lower lips in a sexy way,she winked at him while Chris made a smirk,She moved closer to him and gave him a kiss which lasted for a minute,The lady moved slowly on top of him,She covered both her and him with the blanket,Before Chris could knew what’s going on,She already have his dick in her mouth while Chris moaned out softly….

Mr Robert’s company,He sat in his office working on his laptop,There was a knock at the door while Dave walked in and said “Sir the car is ready” Mr Robert raised up his head and said “Dave try to call Deon or Drew,tell them to make sure that Chris gets home before me,Tell them to make sure that he gets ready for the dinner party,my friends are coming over tonight” Mr Robert said “Ok sir,i will” Dave replied “Call my manager to come in right now,We are going to that meeting together” Mr Robert said while Dave made a phone call immediately,Not too long Mr Robert’s manager walked in while they all arranged the files and left the office at once, Getting outside the company, Dave opened the door for Mr Robert while he entered the car with his manager, Dave sat beside the driver side while the car drove out of the company…

In the campus, A guy was walking alone on the field, suddenly three guys came from nowhere and dragged him to the back of the school, Before he knew what’s going on, Two guys were already holding his hands separately while the third guy kicked him so hard on his stomach, The guy fell down to the floor while they carried him up,They made him to kneel down on the floor, Suddenly someone walked in with his hands in his pockets, The guy who was beaten raised up his head to see who it was, He was surprised to saw Alex, The guy quickly said “Alex,Ha Alex,A…. Am so sorry, Alex am really sorry, I told my mom not to go to your sister tha…. Before the guy could finish his statement, Alex punched him on his face while the guy fell down again, Alex’s friend raised the guy up while one of Alex’s friend said “You can also tell your mum that Alex do this” The guy quickly pleaded and said “I swear I won’t, I promise, am s…am so sorry, please Alex” The guy kept on pleading while Alex bent down at the front of the guy, He looked at him and made a smirk at his face, Alex stood up and walked away while his friends punched the guy for a minute before pushing him to the floor, They also walked away leaving the guy in pain….

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