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💄 Episode 7💄
Mr Robert came out of his room, He was fully dressed for the dinner party, He met his mum in the living room, she was on the phone with someone, He waited for her to finish, After she was done calling, He said “Mum can you see your grandson, Can you see what Chris is doing to me, But why is he like this, Deon told Dave that Chris is not ready to leave the clubhouse, and my friends are almost here, They are coming with their families, imagine them sitting with their kids while my own son is still in the clubhouse” Mr Robert said angrily, He sat down on the chair with his head down, His mother moved closer to him and said “Robert, We have to take things easy, Honestly I don’t understand Chris anymore, I talked to my pastor, He told me to bring him along to the church tomorrow, By God’s grace am dragging him to that church tomorrow, Just take it easy when he com… Chris’s grandmother was cut short by the sound of the door, it was Chris who walked in, He was putting on a black leather jacket,a White singlet,Black leather pant with white sneakers, Chris who was extremely drunk walked in and sat on the chair, His Grandmother who was so mad at him moved closer to him and spanked his head, He groaned out and said “Mama what was that for” He said while touching his head “Will you keep your mouth shut, Your father told you to come home quickly, Just to get dress before his friends arrive,But you choose to stay at that club forever, Do you want to be grounded again” his grandmother asked angrily “Of course he won’t do that shi….. Before he could finish his statement, His grandmother spanked his head again “Fuck! Grandma that hurts” His father who was so mad at him walked out of the living room to Welcome his friends to the garden while Dave followed him out, “Chris stop doing this,Stop it” His grandmother said while he just smiled at her and said “Am sorry Nanna” He slept off immediately, Chris’s grandmother who stared at him for awhile told Drew and Deon to help him to his room….

In the church, Chris’s grandmother was discussing with the pastor while Chris was sitting on the car, outside the church, Both Drew and Deon stood outside with him, waiting for his grandmother to finish, Chris who was already getting fed up brought out his phone to press. “But madam do you remember what I told you about Chris” The pastor asked “I remembered Sir, You told us to be patient with him, You told us to leave him alone and stop shouting on him, You told us that when the time comes, he will change his bad attitude by himself, But sir till when, everyday is a new story, it seems like he is getting worse every single day, There is no changes in him sir” Chris’s grandmother replied while the pastor smiled and said “You have to take more patient with him, Just have more patient please, little time left, Trust me he will change very soon” The pastor concluded, Chris’s grandmother came out of the church, She walked up to the car while Chris said “Seriously you delayed me, What exactly is going on, You asked me to come here but your pastor told me to get the fuck out” His grandmother’s eyes almost popped out ” Chris for Goodness sake this is a church, how dare you use that word here” His grandmother cautioned him “But why would he told me to Escuze you both, Is he your boyfriend” He asked “Wait are you sure you took the right breakfast this morning” His grandmother asked “Of course I do, Oh are you thinking that you are older than the pastor, Mama forget it, age is nothing but num…. His grandmother moved closer to him and spanked him so hard “That was hard Granny” He said “Get down from that car and let’s go home” His grandmother said while Chris smiled and said “My Mama, Momma, My Nanna, My Woman” His grandmother looked at him for awhile thinking if he is ok or not, He smiled and got down from the car, He moved closer to his grandmother and gave her a short peck on the cheek, He smiled and went in Straight to the car while his grandmother looked so done with him….

Chris and his friends arrived at a big supermarket which happened to be Adunola’s working place, Jamal was the first to got down from his car, Followed by Max who also got down from the car, Drew got down from the car to opened the door for Chris, Deon also got down from the car, Chris who was the last to got down from the car said “Max you brought us here because you told us they have the best wines here” Max and Jamal moved closer to him. “Are you sure they have good wines here” Chris asked “Trust me, This is where my Dad always get his wines from, He dosen’t have two places” Max replied “Then let’s check it out” Jamal said while they all walked Inside, There were some ladies in the supermarket buying some items, It was one of them who saw Chris and his friends “Oh my God! It’s Chris” The lady shouted, Everyone lifted up their faces with surprise, The ladies all moved closer to them, Bukola and Bewaji who were the only one at the counter got shocked with goosebumps “Oh my God, Jamal! Hi Max!” Another lady said “D… Do yo…. Do you want, I mean wh…..what will you like to buy” Bukola asked with her last strength, Bewaji who was still lost in her imagination forgot to attend to them, The ladies who came to buy things couldn’t stop drolling, Chris and his friends who were full of pride got shocked when Adunola came out in white turtleneck, she has a blue Jean trouser on her with a white sneakers, There was a golden necklace on her neck, Adunola who wasn’t aware about them was busy tieing up her long hair, Chris and his friends who got goosebumps for her long hair suddenly forgot about the other ladies, Suddenly Adunola raised up her head which made the guys to be speechless, The moment she saw Chris, she recognized him but she decided not to care about him, she walked straight to the counter, still packing her

hair, After she was done, she sat down on her chair to write some things down in a book,Seeing the way she reacted like he dosen’t exist made Chris walked up to her and said “Yo… You don’t see me” Adunola raised up her head and said “Escuze me, what do you mean” Chris made a smirk and said “You don’t know me” Adunola made a smirk and said “Sorry who are you” Everyone was surprised with her reply while one of the customers said “What do you mean by who is he” Adunola who was already getting pissed off suddenly said to the lady “But Sorry, Who are you” Everyone got more surprised “Adunola stop it” Bewaji spoke to her silently, Chris who was extremely angry said “I can see you are rude” Adunola rolled her eyes and said “Have you check yourself out, Stop telling me if am rude or not,Check yourself out first before you judge people, you asked me if I know and I said I don’t know you, sorry is there a crime In it if I don’t know you” Chris moved closer to her and said “You said you don’t know me, I don’t know if you are kidding or something, But it’s me Chris! Chris Robert” Adunola smiled and said “It’s my first time hearing that name, Who are you”….

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