SoulMate ❤️🔞
Written By:Abike 💋

💄 Episode 8 & 9💄
Chris’s room, He sat down on his bed feeling so annoyed, Both Jamal and Max were also with him, Max sat on the couch while Jamal stood next to the wall. “Like did I just experienced what happened today,Honestly I still can’t believe it” Jamal said

“Do you know that I can make you regret what you are doing right now” Chris said while Adunola looked at him and said “What am I regretting please, All because I don’t know you, Wait are you God, You are not feeding me and you don’t own my life, so you can’t do anything to me, The fact that everyone knows you dosen’t mean that I should also know you, I don’t know why you seems to be bothered this way, as long as you are not God, stop giving me warning” Chris looked so tensed with her reply “What’s your name” He asked while she made a smirk and said “I don’t give my names out to strangers, What would you like to buy” She asked while Chris and others stared at her in silence, Chris walked out of the supermarket angrily while others followed him…

“I can’t believe it that I was insulted by an ordinary lady, I swear this is my first time, who the hell is she” Chris asked angrily “Honestly she is going to regret it, I swear” Chris added while Jamal smiled and said “But come to think of it guys, when this lady first came out, we were all shocked and lost in her beauty, she look so elegant and mesmerizing” Chris flashed back the way she flipped her hair while packing it up, the way she raised up her head flashed back to him repeatedly, suddenly He said “Jamal will you just shut your mouth, there is no beauty in her, she is not beautiful” He said firmly with an harsh tone “Hey Chris, common man, am sure you tripped and whipped for her for few seconds, That babe is so fucking clean, so fucking elegant, Did you guys realized her plump pink lips,Gosh that lips are looking so natural and kissable, Like her natural hair is out of this world, Common don’t tell me you don’t fall for her cuteness when she came out” Max said while Chris stood up angrily and said “I don’t care if she is beautiful or not, she is going to regret it,No one has defile me this way before, she think her beauty is everything, but she is so fucking wrong, She will realize that she messed up with the wrong person, I won’t spare her on this” Chris said angrily while both Jamal and Max kept their mouths shut…

Late at night,Adunola and Bewaji were both walking on the street alone, They were both done at work, Adunola wrapped her arms round her body due to the cold weather, Bewaji said “Adunola, I…. ” She paused while Adunola said “I know you are going to talk about that brat, but no problem” Bewaji smiled and said “Of course yes, what you said to him this afternoon was just too much, Have you forgotten who he is,Don’t you know his father, Common Adunola there are many things this guy can do to you that nobody is going to question him about it, Atleast think about your brother that needs you, If anything should happen to you who will stay with him, Adunola you don’t have any family with you guys, please try to keep your head safe, Chris’s family is so influential and popular both inside and outside the country, I don’t want anything to happen to you, Please if you are going to talk to people the way you want, you are free to do that but not to Chris” Bewaji said while Adunola Smiled and said “Bewaji, we all can’t be fool, It is those who have the knowledge and understanding will lead those who are ill-mannered like him to right path,It dosen’t matter if he is richer than you, it dosen’t matter if he is older than you, As long as you have the word wisdom, you are free to lead people like them to the right path, It’s not a sin darling” she paused and said “I will see you tomorrow, Goodnight” She hugged Bewaji and walked away while Bewaji stood where she was, Looking at her till she turned to her street….

The next morning, Chris sat at the dinning to have his breakfast, The maids arranged the dinning while his grandmother came out to serve him, Chris who was lost in thought didn’t know when his grandmother arrived,He couldn’t stop remembering the way Adunola spoke to him “You are not feeding me and you don’t own my life, so you can’t do anything to me, The fact that everyone here knows you dosen’t mean that I should also know you, I don’t know why you seems to be bothered this way, as long as you are not God, stop giving me warning” Those statements keeps on flashing back to him, His grandmother realized that he wasn’t with her, She moved closer to him and tapped him, bringing him back from his thoughts “Chris are you ok, What’s going on with you, I noticed that you don’t go out as usual again, Is something bothering you, Talk to me” His grandmother said to him, Chris looked at his grandmother and said “It’s nothing Grandma, I am just deep in thought because of someone” He replied “Is it a guy or a Lady” His grandmother asked “It’s a Lady” He replied, His grandmother smiled and said “Is my grandson in love or what” She asked while Chris looked at her with surprise “Hell no Grandma, I am not going to fall for someone like that, You can’t believe that this lady defiled me, I mean it’s my first time to experienced that, I tried my best to take those thoughts off my mind, but I just can’t, I still can’t believe it that I was insulted by a lady, and not just a famous or influential lady, Just a sales girl grandma, I…. I ju… Oh Jeez! She is going to regret it” He said angrily while his grandmother just sat down, staring at him with smile “Wait grandma is it funny” He asked “Of course it is, Tell me something Chris, Is she pretty, beautiful, is she cute, or is she mesmerizing” The more his grandmother asked him about Adunola, The more he flashed back the way she flipped her long hair, Her pretty face couldn’t stop flashing back to him, he suddenly stood up from the chair and said “No grandma, She is not, she is not beautiful, she is not even cute, I can’t believe you are making fun of me right now” He walked away angrily while his grandmother couldn’t stop smiling….

In the class, Alex and his friends sat on the seats waiting for the lecturer to come in, The guy who Alex and his friends beat up suddenly walked in, The moment he saw Alex and his friends, He quickly walked to his seat, avoiding to make an eye contact with them, suddenly a lady moved closer to Alex and said “Hey Alex, How was your night” She touched his shoulder while Alex stared at her hand on his shoulder and said “Take that hand off me” Without repeating himself, The lady walked away gently, Alex stared at the guy they beat up, Waiting for him to look back, But unfortunately he didn’t look at Alex, Not too long a lecturer came in while they all get ready for the lecture….

Chris sat in his room pressing his phone, Not too long Drew knocked the door while Chris told him to enter, Drew came in with a big white envelope in his hand, He walked closer to Chris and said, “These are all the informations about her” He gave Chris the envelope while Chris opened it, He brought out some pictures of Adunola and her family, There were also some files in it which he went through immediately “She dosen’t have any parents” Chris asked “Yes Boss, Just her and her Junior brother” Chris made a smirk and said “She dropped out of school, I can’t believe someone like her defiled me” Drew smiled and said “She was said to be a very strict and well cultured lady” Chris looked at him and said “Well cultured my foot, Drew be careful” He said “Sorry Sir” Drew apologized “Get the car ready, I want to meet my friends by six” He said while Drew went out of the room immediately, Chris went through all the pictures until he saw a picture of Adunola when she was a eighteen years old,She took the picture at a beach, She was putting on her pink bikini, Her natural long hair in ponytail, Chris made a smirk and said “The fact that you are pretty dosen’t give you the right to defiled me” He brought out his phone and snapped the picture…

Adunola arrived back home at night, She met Alex in the living room playing a video game, She dropped her bag on the chair without sitting, she said “Alex did you touch Felix, Yes or no” Alex paused his game looking at his sister who was already filled with anger. “Young man answer my question, Did you beat Felix again, Yes or No” She asked “I…. I’m….. It’s not me” He replied “Not you but your friends, Why did you hate Felix, You were both friends before, what exactly happened between both of you, His mum was the one who came to me today, She told me that her son refused to speak up that you are the one, she told me that she is very sure that you are the only one threatening her son, Do you even have any idea of what that boy is going through, Why did you choose to be an evil this way, ANSWER ME ALEX” She shouted at him while he got startled by her screaming, Alex stared at her sister who was almost in tears, but unfortunately she couldn’t handle them, The tears dropped rapidly on her face,She breathed in and out,Then she said “Alex I just want peace for my life, why are you making it so difficult for me, The Alex I know dosen’t act this way, When did you become like this, Is there something you want to share with me, Alex please talk to me and stop adding to my problems, You are really scaring me if you continue like this, I don’t care about what you are going through right now, all I want you to do is to go back to Felix and apologize to him, Including his mum, Alex after that we can sort out what’s troubling you, you have become so wild, This is not you, The Alex I know dosen’t fight,He dosen’t talk even when people talk to him,Or didn’t I gave you a lot of listening ears, Have I failed in anywhere to meet up with your request, Alex don’t make me regret it that you are my blood” She wiped her tears and walked in straight to her room, Shutting the door so hard, Alex who was Silent Suddenly threw the remote at the wall angrily…..

In the lecture room,Alex and his friends sat down discussing, “I can’t believe that Felix is not ready to learn,after what he did,is he trying to be the victim here or what” One of Alex’s friend said “Honestly am so pissed off right now,if I should see that guy,am going to kill him” His second friend added, Suddenly Felix walked in, Seeing them on the seat sent some cold to his body,he quickly walked to his seat, while Alex’s Friend stood up to hit him,But Alex stopped them and said “Let him be” His friends sat back while one of his friends said “You don’t want us to teach him a lesson, After what he did to you, Or is it because of your sister” Alex looked at Felix where he sat,He took his eyes off him and said “I….I ju….I just want m…my sister to talk to me,She refused to speak with me yet”….

Chris was in his room getting dress,there was a knock at his door while he told the person to come in,it was Drew,He walked in and said “I found out the time she finishes at work” Drew said “So when did she always close” Chris asked “Eight o’ clock” Drew replied “Good” Chris said “Are you still going after her” Drew asked “Of course yes,she have to regret it that she messed up with the wrong person,I will make sure she beg me for what she did” Chris said and walked out of the room while Drew looked so done with him….

Adunola was done at work, She walked alone on the street, Alex thought filled her mind, She began to contemplated on Alex’s issue, She was thinking if the way she shouted at him was quite wrong or not, it’s been two days since she shouted at him and she dosen’t have the heart to talk to him yet even though Alex wanted to speak to her badly,But she is not ready to talk to him yet, she was still lost in thought when a red sport car suddenly parked beside her, she stopped to checked who it was, she was surprised to saw Chris coming out of the car in White hoodie, white trouser and red sneakers, Deon was the one who drove the car, The moment she saw that it was Chris coming out of the car, she walked away but Chris suddenly grabbed her hand to stopped her, she looked at him and said “Take your hands off me” Chris smiled and said “Do you think I want to hold you, I just want to have some few words with you” Adunola made a smirk and said “I can see that you have nothing to do and that’s why you are here, But I have better things to do, Standing here with you is only going to waste my precious time,

beside I don’t talk to strangers” She said and removed his hand from her, as she was about to walk away, Chris suddenly dragged her back, Making her to sat on the car, she got shocked, Before she knew what’s going on, Chris’s face was already close to her face, her eyes almost popped out, Deon who was outside the car suddenly went in Straight to the car, “Wh…. What are you doing” She asked “What does it look like, I know the reason why you are acting this way, it’s because you are ugly and you Know that no guy is going to ask you out” He said “What do you mean by that” She asked “You have the gut to insulted me, and you think I will allow you to go away with it, No one has done that to me before,Girls comes to me, Girls cherish me, And I will make you one of them because no one resist me, I will make sure that you beg for my dick…..

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