I felt something sq££ze my palms gently, I woke up thinking I was asleep. I heard people talking in low whispers, I peeked
from my left eye and saw David and Bola conversing.. David looked worried.

“You said she just slumped?”

“Yes, after recieving a call.”Bola explained.

“Uhm”a man in white coat, came in, maybe a doctor.

“Thanks for coming Doctor Raymond”David
shook his hands.

The doc. Examined me for a while before
looking up.

“Her heart beat is close to normal, she’d be fine, she’s just stressed out. You know, her brain needs rest.”he explained.

“Thank you Doctor.”David replied glancing at my direction.

How did they get here? Maybe Bola called him. Maybe Something happened..

“is she your sister?”I heard Doctor Raymond say.

“No, she’s my wife.”David replied peering at me, as though I might jump up and attack him.

This guy ko gbadu o…wife ke! No Baby Mama noni o, I smiled to myself.

The door squeaked and The doctor left.

“Were you able to identify the caller?”David asked Bola.

“No, but she mentioned a name that sounds like Okon or
something.”Bola replied scratching her head.

Just then I remembered what happened earlier. Akpan rang into my brain.

“Akpan has my child.”I said, startling them both.

“Wow, thank God, You’ve woken up.”David looked pleased.

“Akpan, Lina’s gateman,”I said to no one in particular.

David seems to understand what I want, he quickly put a call across to the police.
In less than an hour we were driving to Lina’s house that dead night.

“Seriously, I don’t know what you’re talking about .”Lina said sitting on a chaiNATH_ INFLUENCE:
r at thepolice station.

“Where’s Akpan?”a policeman asked her for the fifteenth time.

“He…he..travelled.”she stammered.

“Okay, maybe a night in the cell will reveal where he is. ”Ade an inspector told her.

She cringed at the mention of a cell, shemuttered something under her breathe.

“You want to say something?”Inspector Ade asked

“Errrm, I don’t want to go to the cell.”she pleaded.

“Good, then tell us the info we need, and we’d let you go.”his voice was coarse.

“I…know where he is, I can take you there now, but please dont send me to prison.”she looked frightened.

“Good take us there!”Inspector Ade smiled triumphantly.

I and Bola stayed behind at the station, while they left with David.

After two hours which seemed like eternity to me, they came back. It was almost Day break.

I rushed out to the van.

They’ve Arrested Akpan and two other men, but Eniola isn’t there.

“Where’s she?”I tugged at David

“they said she’s missing again”he looked tired.

“Inspector?”I held inspector Ade’s hand, tears streaming down my face.

“She’s not there. I think this case entails more than we’ve imagined. But after a thorough Interrogation, they’l open up.”he
replied gently as Lina, Akpan and the other men were led into a cell.

“No, it can’t be.”I whispered to myself.

“We’ll find her soon.”David held me gently as I wept on his shoulders.


Eniola fidgeted as she watched Lois untie her gags.

“Now..”Lois began, shoving her into a waiting car.

“behave yourself when we get to the airport

Eniola nodded.

“Good, and remember, I’m your mother.”Lois added.

Eniola gave her a sweet smile that made her wonder if she’s alright.

“Where is the aeroplane taking us to?

Heaven?”Eniola asked as they both sat down at the airport, waiting for boarding announcement.

“We’re going to Italy, its a fine place, you’ll meet fine kids too.”Lois patted her.

“Uhm, so you’ll be my mummy?”Eniola asked again.

“Yea baby.”

Eniola fell silent, she studied almost everything around her, her palms, fingers and toes, the ceiling, the passers-by and

She tugged at Lois wig…

“Hey stop that!”Lois pushed her hands roughly.

“Your hair is ugly o”Eniola said laughing.

Just then, the boarding announcement was made. Lois picked her handbag, she was already at the tarmac when she realised
Eniola isn’t with her. She searched round and found her playing with some flowers.

“Come here naughty girl.”she pulled Eniola’s cheek.

“I’m not naughty! My mummy said I’m a princess.”Eniola pouted.

Lois sensed trouble.

“Now come baby, lets go, I’ve got some chocolates here for you.”she said gently.

“Awww! My mummy said chocolates will make my teeth rotten.”Eniola replied

“Okay, can we go?”Lois was impatient.

“No! Take me back to my mummy!”Eniola yelled, drawing some attention from people around.

“Shhh! Now girl, don’t act funny, okay? Lets go.”Lois told her in a hush tone.

“I don’t want your Italy! I want my mummy!

You called me naughty! I won’t follow you again!”Eniola screamed at her.

Lois looked around, they were creating a scene, a little crowd had gathered. She quickly made a face at Eniola.

“Stop doing that face for me jor! Its not even fine!”Eniola pouted again.

“hey! What’s going on here?”a huge man walked up to them.

“my daughter is just acting funny, and we have to board the plane now”Lois explained looking nervous.

“C’mon pretty, your momma is running late.”The man told Eniola.

“She’s not my momma! I don’t know
her.”Eniola snapped,

The man glanced at Lois then back at Eniola. Lois quickly pinched Eniola’s arm

“Stop pinching me!”Eniola shrieked angrily.

“Take me back to my mother!”she placed her tiny palms on her eyes and began to cry.

“Don’t mind her o, it’s child’s talk.”Lois laughed nervously.

“Please sir..”Eniola moved closer to the man.

“My name is Eniola David,my mother’s name is Tejumola Benson, I don’t know this woman! I don’t like her!”she whimped.

Lois knew her game was up.

“Errm, actually, I’m taking her overseas for treatment, she has mental disorder ”she explained.

“Really? Well, you have to forego this flight.”

the man said sternly.

“I’m Richard Roy. A security officer. I need to confirm some things.”he showed her his ID card.

“What’s your name?”he asked Lois “Tejumola Benson.”she replied quickly.

“Liar!”Eniola shrieked

“Her name is Lois o!”

Richard looked at Eniola searchingly, the girl looked lost.

“Sir, she brought me here o! I don’t know my way home, I could have gone since.

They tied my hands and legs with ropes, they even put something in my mouth!”Eniola rattled like a magpie

“really?”Richard squatted to view her more closely.

“Yes o! My mother has a shop in the market. The name of my school is Blessed Stars primary school. ”Eniola explained again.

“Please sir take me home, I want my mummy, I don’t want Italy!”she resumed crying again.

Richard spoke into a reciever, some security men moved to where they were.

“Arrest this woman.”he told them.

“Detain her, till you get further orders from me.”he instructed.

“get me a car and some men, we’re going to Blessed stars primary school.”he ordered

“I’m innocent o”Lois squeaked as she was
led away.

“yes you are! Everyone in Italy is innocent!”Richard chuckled.

He picked up Eniola and walked towards a waiting car.


🌟🌟🌟🌟 TEJUMOLA 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

 🌟🌟        #Episode_13.  🌟🌟🌟

I don’t think I can survive my daughter’s absence.”I whispered to David.

“I’d become lonely without her…”I wiped a tear.

“I’ve gat no one than her, she’s my father,mother, husband, daughter and friend, she’s all I’ve got, the only fountain my joy
springs from.”

“C’mon, stop talking that way, she’d be fine, besides I’m her for you.”David wiped my tears with a handkerchief.

I looked away.

“I’m trying to believe that she’s fine, its just that, I think she’s in danger.”I told him, hugging Eniola’s picture.

Just then, his phone rang.

📱“Hello?”David said. He listened for a while.

“Okay, Inspector, I’d be on my way now.

Yes, say 15 mins I’d be there.”

“my attention is needed at the police station.”he explained to me.
“You don’t need to come along, just rest okay?”he peered at me

I nodded quickly.

He searched my eyes for a while.

“please don’t do anything funny while I’m away, okay? Or would you come along?”he suspected something

“Oh no, I’l be fine, don’t worry.”I wore a plastic smile.

“just take care.”he hesitated.

“Bye! Go now!”I shoved him to the door of my room.

“Good riddance!”I whispered after he’s gone.

I quickly wrote a note to life, read my Bible, prayed to God for forgiveness before launching my target.

I sneaked out of the compound to avoid Mummy Tola’s interrogations.

I walked swiftly, looking around at intervals as though someone might see me.

The pond was few matres away, thank God I wasn’t a good swimmer, I’d just drown quitely, and then find myself in Heaven or hell after a few moments.

I hesitated when I got to the string of wires surrounding the pond, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to die.

The thought of hell was scary. I knew it was a sin to commit suicide. I took a quick glance around, the whole place was empty except a Fulani man sipping his tea.

I wondered how he enjoyed the tea, since the afternoon was hot.

The fulani man was staring at me, he got to his feet and sauntered towards me. I felt the urge to act fast, but each time I try, some unseen forces pulled me back. I started to wonder if the mammy waters don’t like me.

“Ke! Wetin I dey do for diya?”the fulani man asked.

I didn’t reply, I moved closer to the pond.

“Kai! I wan kill mysef koh?”he placed his palm on his mouth.

I was already squeezing through the wire when he pulled me back roughly.

“Leave me alone!”I glared at him.

“Wallahi I dey craze, I don’t have hankali ne?”he gesticulated angrily.

I got to the wires again, he pulled me this time before I could sq££ze through. I put up a struggle but he threw me down.

“Ke! Stop flaying fa!”he warned. I sized his tiny framed figure, I thought I could break him into two parts.

“wallahi, zan beating you fa?”.

Beat who? Me? He should try stopping me again if I don’t pull him into the pond with me.

He to

ok hold of my hands and pulled me away cursing loudly. I struggled with all my might to free my self, but I couldn’t
overpower him.

A police van screeched to a halt beside us as we got to the end of the street.

David got out giving us a questioning look “This girl I want to kill herself o”the fulani man told David.

“She wan pall inside zat water o”

David’s eyes grew larger

“Water? You wanted to drown yourself?”

I looked down, tears blurring my vision.

“Mummy!”I definitely heard that, but I thought It was my imagination

“Mummy mi ”Eniola said again

I turned swiftly and saw her standing beside the van. Was I dreaming?

“Baby? Are you the one?”my voice was low.

“Uhm”Eniola nodded before running to give me a hug.

I held her tightly like it was my last.

“Mummy don’t cry you hear.”

I wept whilst examining my daughter, I missed her so much.

“I love you my princess”

“I love you too mummy” Eniola replied tears streaking down her cheeks.

What if I had drowned, I wouldn’t be sharing this joy.

“It’s alright, thank God we found her, and thank God you didn’t hurt yourself.” David hugged us both.

“Will the nurse give me injections?”Eniola asked.

David was driving us to the hospital, he had insisted we took her for a check-up.

“Maybe. ”David smiled at her.

She was sitting on his laps as he drove. I became a spectator.

“No! I don’t like injections ”she wanted to cry

“Please, you hear? Its painful o, please uncle”Eniola pleaded.

“I’m not your uncle.”

“uhm? ”Eniola blinked.

“I’m your father.”David stole a glance at me

“You are my daddy?”Eniola’s jaw dropped

“Yea sweet heart.”David replied stopping the car at the parking lot.

I got out quitely, this guy is really looking for my trouble.

“Wow!”Eniola squealed hugging David.

“So I now have a daddy? My daddy has a car, my daddy likes me and my daddy looks fine.”she was very excited.

I watched them both as they rejoiced.

“Can we go in now?”I sounded impatient.

“sure”David gave me a winning smile.

Doctor Raymond examined her for a while.

“Was she sexually abused?”he directed his question at David, but Eniola answered first.

“Ehn now! They abuse me very well o, Akpan called me ant , Lois called me naughty, You see?”Eniola quipped.

I rolled my eyes, this girl is a talkative.

“Baby, he meant, did they touch you?”David was looking for the best way to explain to her.

I smiled to myself, I knew she’d give a funny answer again.

“Yes o! All of them touch me o! Even madam Lina sef, she touch me too. All of them touch me plenty times sef!”she explained excitedly.

Doctor Raymond couldn’t help laughing.

“This your daughter is a case on its own.”He told David.

“Yea, a big one!”David laughed

“Why are you laughing na? Didn’t I answer the question?”Eniola frowned.

“Come baby.”I pulled her gently to my side.

“Did anyone of them do what Akpan tried to do that day?”I whispered into her ears.

“Oooh!”she giggled

“No, they did not! Maybe Akpan is still scared of your beatings o”she joined in the laughter.

“Well, Mr David..”Raymond tried to control his laughter.

“I think there’s nothing wrong with your daughter, no damages at all”

“Thank you Doctor, God bless you for the injection o”Eniola squealed at him before we left.