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Soon Maria was fast asleep, but I remained awake. Different thoughts flooded my mind.

She wanted me to get married, sure that’sright.

But I don’t think I’m ready to take any poo from some Adam’s generation…

Talking about David, he’s putting up some moves recently.
Those unnecessary things he would buy, knowing too well I’d use them, The regular shoppings all in the name of shopping for Eniola.
I know he’d give anything to have us together, but I just can’t bring myself to accept that. Tejumola isn’t that cheap!

“Mummy! Daddy is here!”Eniola yelled from outside.

“Daddy what did you buy for me? Ehn?”she asked loudly.

“Mummy see ooo”she bashed into the room.

I jumped up swiftly, adjusted my dress.

“Hy.”I greeted David as he walked in.

“Hy…that’s a nice dress.”he made to hug me.

“Thanks.”I backed away.

He shrugged

“Mummy, see, my daddy bought me ice cream, chocolate, and…and…and…”she sounded happy.

“And samosa.”David helped her out.

“Samosa! What kind of name is that one?”Eniola laughed.

“Grandma see!”Eniola told Maria who was exchanging pleasantries with David.

“Oma se oooo, ah! Daddy Eniola thank you o.”Maria said to the amusement of Eniola.

I shifted from one feet to another, I could feel David’s eyes boring into me. This man should stop looking at me na! I frowned.

“Did I tell you I love that dress?”David asked not minding Maria was listening.

I grimaced.

“Actually, I came to see you…we’ve gat some talks to do.”he wore one of those seductive smiles.

Don’t even waste your time o! I wanted to tell him.

He walked gently to the door “I’d be waiting outside.”

I nodded, waited for sometime, before following him.

I got into the car beside him, waited for some minutes for him to say something.

Each time I turned I met his probing gaze…

“You didn’t call me here to stare at me right?”I said avoiding his eyes.

“Yea and nay.”he chuckled.

I don become this guy playmate shebi? I asked myself.

“Look,I’ve got something important to…”

“That thing can wait!”he cut me short.

“Teju…”he began softly.

I felt my heart melt.

“I want us come together as one, you know too well how much I’ve wanted you as my half…”

“For Eniola’s sake right?”I heard my self say

“C’mon that’s cold! Count Eniola out of this. We’ve been together before Eniola came… .”he continued.

“we weren’t together, you left me when…”I began to say.

“I didn’t leave you!”he cut me

“I left for school, If I had known you were pregnant-I’d have stayed back.”he tried to explain.

“Now, what do you want?”I folded my hands across my chest.

“I want us to get married.”he replied in a husky voice.

“Married?”I laughed.

He nodded saying


“I don’t know.”I said quitely.

“What don’t you know?”He teased

“I…I…need some time to think.”I replied trying to get out of the car.

“Teju..”he gripped my arm.

“You and I know, you don’t need to think.

We both know we love each other and would want to be together forever.”he said quietly.

I open my mouth to speak but couldn’t. He was right, I love him.

He was my dream man!

I exhaled sharply.

“Is that a yes?”he mumbled, his hands drawing imaginary shapes on my laps.

I pushed his hands roughly away.

“Thank you for accepting me Baby.”He said sweetly, swaying towards me.

I shifted to the extreme end of the seat, pressing myself against the door.

“Love you baby.”He pulled me towards him.

“No, David don’t… .”His kiss stopped the remaining words

“We can’t do this.”I m0aned catching my breathe.

“Can’t do what?”he teased, nibbling at my ear lobes.

I felt his hands sliding underneath my dress…I took a swift journey to heaven within a few seconds and came back.

I could feel his hips pressing against mine, …what more could I ask for?

“David please…”I tried to break free.

He let me go smilimg lazily.

“When last did we…”

I hurried out of the car before he could complete his sentence.

I could hear him laugh, I wanted to laugh too.

I needed to tell Maami everything, we’re getting married. She’d get ready to become a mother-in-law.

My princess Eniola would have a family, probably with two or more brothers.
💛All is well that ends well.


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