Episode eleven(11)

              💦 F4 mansion💦

Tiana owns the industry not NED, I mean how can she get her sign up after knowing she’s fake? Dave said

Tiana is a bitch who do something as she pleased. I wonder where the real Ella is. Chris said

Is the real Ella missing? Dave asked

Don’t you read the article? It’s say’s the real one is missing. Chris said

Oh poor the innocent girl went missing but what I don’t understand is why is it that something usually happened to anyone who try to bring down Tiana? Dave said

Well that’s unknown but am sure her time will soon be up. Chris replied

Hyung you didn’t say anything? Dave asked

Tyler you didn’t say anything? Hyung asked and they all laugh and start a pillow fight.

I just don’t know” am afraid I did get married to her. Tyler said after a while

I won’t let that happen Tyler” I will find the real Ella and bring her for you. You can’t marry Tiana.

Oh Hyung” long time….. No see, I heard you say something just when am about to open the door but what’s that? Tiana ask as soon as she come in

Oh there comes the she devil” Dave said

Watch your mouth Dave or i……

Oh Tiana” have you forgotten am not one of those you can threaten, Am Dave not your dog’s.

Whatever I didn’t came here for you, I came for Tyler. She say’s sitting beside Tyler.

Hyung we have a practice you all should meet me at the practice floor” Tyler said standing up.

Are you leaving me here Tyler” Hyung what’s happening here talk to me

Am sorry Tiana we have a practice you can close the door after you? Hyung said and walk away.

Wow” I really love this….. “After you” Chris said to Dave. As they both laugh and walk in leaving Tiana

I won’t forget this humiliation f4 and I promise you all will get it from me.

No one dare do this to Tiana and go Scott free…….

But wait who am kidding? What can I do to them. It’s absolutely nothing. But I won’t forget this days

               💦Ella POV 💦

Am going to miss you mother” don’t forget what you promise me. Anytime you feel down just call me.

Yes Ella am going to call you almost everyday. You don’t have any idea how lonely I will be without. Mum said

You won’t want me to miss my flight, I should be going. I said

Yes my dear”don’t forget to call me huh? Bye

Bye mum” promise me you are going to take care of your self. I said to mum

I promise you darling” am sure you are going to the exactly the same. She said

Yes mum I will……

Goodbye” my upcoming rock star, I will always be here waiting for you.

Yes within a twinkle of an eye, one years is gone. I said moving back with my luggage.


Bye mummy……. Am said and finally turn to my direction not looking back.

Bye rock star” I heard MUM voice and laugh within me.
This is my first time traveling by air” so am feeling nervous. I wish I fulfilled my dream.

I will miss you so much Kathy, Aurora and mother. I hope you live happily.

American, Here I came

             💦Mirabel POV 💦       

Mrs Gloria informed me that someone is coming and I should take good care of her. I really hope she can sing just as she said

Now my dream to destroy Tiana will finally come true.

She think it’s a secret, of course it’s not. I witness everything that happened. Tiana killed Lisa, she killed her friend

We all are friend from the beginning. Saying we means Tyler, hyung, dave, chris, Tiana, Lisa and I.

but because of Tiana selfish interest, the friendship start ending and Lisa fixed it back. Not long Lisa and Tyler start dating and that’s where we get to know that Tiana love Tyler.

The media heard about it so they decided that Tyler will only belong to whoever has the voice and Lisa did. That’s why she killed her own friend because of Tyler.

She killed my friend but no evidence to prove it. Have been finding who I can use against her since.

Lisa think of becoming a rockstar and just when her dream is about to come true she killed her and took away her fame.

Just like you did to Lisa, I will make someone do the same way to your fame.

I tried as much as possible to sing but I can’t, I don’t have the voice that can bring Tiana down but just when I loose hope in revenging Lisa’s death, someone showed up.

I won’t give up easily, I will revenge for you Lisa, just wait a little longer. I promise.

Oh my bad” let me introduce myself.
You should have heard my name. Am mirabel, a top 1 model and am also Hyung fiance.

I can’t just bring myself to face Tyler when hyung said to follow him home. Seeing Tyler in that state and knowing who caused it but unable to do anything kills me and that’s why I called off the relationship between us.

I regret ever calling the relationship off but now am going to take back what’s mine and at the same time revenge for Lisa.

Am sure you have know so much about me now and what brings the killing of Lisa.

Like I said I won’t give up until someone avenge for you Lisa. Way to airport.

           💦Ella POV 💦

What a journey” finally am here, I should call the number mum gave to me.

I bring out my phone and called the number and the person asked me to stay in front of the airport mall.

You must be Ella” someone said behind me and I look back to see the num1 top model mirabel.

Please miss are you Ella? She asked again and that’s when I stop dreaming.

Ye…. Yes….. Ma’am. I replied

What! Ma’am? Come of it. Am mirabel so call my name not ma’am. The way she said it makes me laugh and she also join in the laughter.

Okay I think you did be fun to be with, you are so beautiful. She compliment

Thanks…. I replied

Shall we? She asked

Of course” I said and we both walk to a car and she zoom off.

Omg” that’s so funny, you are just like Lisa. She said laughing at my joke.

Lisa again? I thought within

Infact I love you” it’s as if we’ve known each other for long. She said again

Hearing about you, I thought you did be someone that is so proud and arrogant but seeing you in person, you are far away from that. Someone like you deserve some accolades. I said

Ouch that really hurt” anyway am glad am not what you think I am. But to be frank, you fun to be with. Just now that I met you, I laugh forgetting my problems. She said and we laugh

Like seriously I never thought she could be this nice. Am happy to meet with someone like her…….

Come down Ella” she interrupted my thought.

Oh I don’t know when she stop driving the car.

Ella I came to help you arrange your wardrobe. Mirabel said sitting on the bed of the room she showed me earlier.

She said to me earlier that she want us to be friends. Isn’t that nice? I never imagine I could have be friends with someone of that status.

Ella” she called

Hummm” I answered

I called the industry to inform them of your arrival. So they are expecting you tomorrow. She said

Oh really? Am so happy

But what song are you going to sing for them being the first. She asked

Oh I never think of that yet…….I will just
Sing anything that come’s my mind. I said

Can you do me a favor? Mirabel asked

Of course…….

Sing for me” she said

Okay I will…… So now listen

🎶For the first time in life🎶
🎶I finally make a friend🎶
🎶Just some moment with her🎶
🎶I feel loved🎶
🎶Oh Mira Mira 🎶
🎶 I want this friendsh…….. Mirabel what happened. I stopped immediately I saw her crying.

Why are you crying mirabel, did I offend you. Am sorr…………….



Episode twelve(12)

(One year later)

         💦Mrs Morgan POV 

Tell her what you did……. Go and tell her what you did mum……. Go…….. Go…… Go now. They need you to confessed….. Go..

Lissssssaaaaa” omg…… It’s a dream again. Have been dreaming about kiss telling me to confessed what I did everyday for the past two months now.

Where am I going to see Gloria, I think it’s time I confessed to her what I did. I hope she forgive me.

Lisa keep appearing to me in my dream to tell her what I did but where am I going to see Gloria.

Lisa my daughter am ready to confessed but please don’t kill me till I do that. I know I did wrong in taking you away from your mother since birth.

I hope am forgiven of the selfish act I did years ago. I must go back to soul to find Gloria.

            💎 Ella POV(Annabel) 💎

🎤I am so blessed today” standing on this stage with this award in my hand. I hereby declared you a “ROCKSTAR”. You are the best.




ROCKSTAR🔊……….. The crowd shout making it look’s as if the hall will collapsed soon.

Never wish for you to leave this music industry but your sign up limit is over. You choose to be independent. You don’t want to be under any industry. I wish you luck my ‘Rockstar’

🎤NBC industry will never forget a Rockstar like you. Just a year we wish you stay forever but forever you shall remain in our hearts. The MD of NBC said with cracked voice on the stage while declaring me a Rockstar.

We… re… going….. He couldn’t complete his words. He left the stage with tears flowing down on his cheeks.

I quickly rush to him before he could descend the stage stairs. I will miss you too my MD. You are the best person have ever met. You stood by me from the very first day up till now. I love you MD


This is wonderful………….

Oh my the MD is crying………..

We’re going to miss you……….

So unbelievable……………. Clapped can be heard from every corner of the hall… So many crowd.

🎤I can’t believe one year is gone” like i was wandering it’s over but one year with Annabel,oh am sorry “Rockstar”Annabel
He corrected himself making the crowd giggle and some laugh.

🎤One year with you is like 10 years, we never wish you go but you have to go. Because of you this industry achieve so many things.

The world face was choosen in our industry because of you just 3months you joined us.

Premier amour was choosen because of you. Best record, Best label….. Everything was because of you and now that you are going for the BEST VOICE and the BEST SINGER I wish you luck.

One of the coordinator said handing me an award. He hug me and leave the stage.


I love this………

We should hear from you…….

Let’s hear from the Rockstar………

The crowd shout and the MC gesture for me to say something.

I walk slowly and stood carefully looking at the crowd make’s me so happy.

I….. I….. I….Omg I don’t really know what to say but nevertheless am going to say something.

Wooooooooaaaaaah…… The crowd shout at once and soon everywhere became silent again.

Am very grateful to you all” one year ago, I never knew I would be in this position but God makes everything possible.

My MD, coordinators and all. You not only missing me but I also will miss the moment I shared here in NBC industry.

Me being in this position today is not by my power but by these people here and my love ones and I know you all will support me on my next line of action which is WORLD BEST VOICE and BEST SINGER. I promise never to disappoint my fans


You gat us…………..

We’re with you always……….

Love you………..

I appreciate you all and most importantly MIRABEL, i said and look over to where she is, never see her so happy as this day.

she stood by me and I never for once regret being a friends with you Mira.

Muahhhhh to you all😘. I conclude and left the stage. The noise that follows is just so unexpected as I used my hands to blocked my ears .

We love you 🔊………………

You are the best 🔊………..

Wish you luck 🔊……………

Am going to soul because of you🔊…….

Mirabel rushed to me immediately and hug me tightly to herself.

You make it” you finally make it. I can’t believe Lisa can come back to me.

Hey girlfriend” Lisa again, I told you several times not to call me Lisa. Am here now so stop thinking about her.

No no no” I can’t forget about Lisa. Her dream finally come through in you. Am so happy. What next? She asked

I don’t know” I said

WORLD BEST VOICE “we both yelled happily.

               💦Tiana POV 💦

Hope you are preparing for the WORLD BEST VOICE? Remember this is the last chance you have to be with Tyler Forever since you lost the opportunity 8months ago because you loose in the world face.

Stella enough of this” no one is going to take my place. No one. I said and continue smoking

Hey guy’s” Aurora shout opening the door
She sit beside Tiana and bring out a cigrate from her bag and light it.

Oh I guess something is wrong, so what’s it? She asked looking back and fo.

Look Aurora am going to do every possible thing to win this WORLD BEST VOICE and BEST SINGER. I won’t allow anybody took my place. Never

Oh is that why everything is so silent here? No music nor drink? Aurora said

That woman is a threat to her life. Stella said

Hey watch it” I yelled at her

Calm down will you? Who are you competing with? Aurora asked

Annabel”………….. What? You mean Annabel? Aurora yelled

Yes she lost to her 8 months ago” Stella said

Shut it Stella” that was then not now, she just popped out of nowhere and be my worst nightmare. Ever since she won over me 8months ago, I prayed not to meet with her in any way but bow she is again. I won’t allow that. I yelled and bring out the smoke in my mouth.

Of course she promised to be your worst nightmare” have you forgotten? Aurora said and I turn to her

What did you mean? I asked

Have you forgotten the show you preformed years back in a small cape town? The girl you had an encounter with? She promised to be your worst nightmare and here she is. Aurora explained making me drop my cigrate.

You mean….. Are you trying to say……….

Yes Tiana and not just all, she’s the real Ella.

What? So you knew all this and you didn’t say anything about it since. I said and pulled her hair.

Ouch my hair” Tiana…… Tiana…… Calm down. She pushed me away from her

Are you crazy? Oh you can do this alone right? Go ahead then. Aurora said

After helping you with that stupid husky voice of yours, you can still do this to me. I yelled

Tiana will you calm down? Me not saying anything all this while is to make her come closer. She’s there, we’re here, how can we do something.

What did you mean Aurora? I asked not getting her

Did you think I just keep quiet for nothing? Of course no, have been planning something since the day I found out about her. You are going to win so just calm down. Okay? She said

I don’t really understand you Aurora, explain to me what your plan is. I said

Did you trust me? Aurora asked

Of course I do but am not sure…… I said

Calm down Tiana, I think Aurora is planning something big. Stella said

Did you hear her? She said you should calm down so calm down. Okay?

Okay” I replied

               💦Tyler POV 💦

I can’t believe Tyler can be this way ever again. Dave said

Meaning? I asked

I mean ever since you have been listening to Annabel music you stop………

Performing on Fridays for Lisa” hyung complete it coming to sit by my side.

Why? I mean why did you stop? Hyung asked

Oh I can remember the last time he want to perform but he couldn’t after listening to Annabel song.

Did you want to know why? I asked and they all focus

Why? They all asked

Lisa said to stop singing for her, she promise she will be back soon only if I could stop singing on Fridays.

Wait did you met with Lisa? Chris asked

Yes in my dream………… i replied

So do you think Lisa is alive? Hyung said

I don’t know but Lisa never lied. I replied

She’s a great woman……… Chris said

Can’t wait for this year WORLD BEST VOICE. Hyung said

Me too…….. Chris and Dave said

Of course am Not left out……. I said


Episode thirteen (13)

           💦Mirabel pov💦

Pick the damn call Hyung” oh fuck fuck

Mira please just park the car already, you are driving crazily and we might end up getting an accident. I yelled feeling scared

I will rather had an accident than to allow those crazy bitch succeed with their plan. She yelled back

Stop the car” those guys said shooting at the glass of the car.

Yyaaaaaa” Mira please stop the car am getting scared. I cried but she hurriedly turn left.

Watch it Mira it’s a clifffffffff…… I shouted but it was too late.


             💦 Mrs Gloria 💦

📲What did you mean she’s not at the airport📲

📲Just wait let me call her, am sure she’s somewhere around there📲

Why won’t she be there, she called to send a driver, assuming she find an alternative she would have call to inform me.

📲The person you are calling is not answering 📲

Where did she kept her phone? She called me earlier so why is she not picking up?

“Guess what mum, mirabel and I are coming back home tomorrow. She said she miss home “

Oh my” why did I forget she did be with Mira… She told me yesterday she’s coming back home with Mira.

I think I should call Mira’s phone.📲The number you are calling cannot be reach What’s happening? How can the two of them be this way. Let me try again.

Same thing” why do I feel unease, like something is happening or want to happen. But what could be wrong?

Let me call hyung maybe they just went straight to the mansion.

📲The person you are calling is not answering 📲 hummmm” they are playing pranks on me right? Am sure they must be at the mansion.

Let me give them a surprise visit since they didn’t want to come then I will go.
My Rockstar…. mirabel” I called immediately I enter the mansion and I met them all joking and laughing.

Mum.. Mum” they all called on seeing me.

What are you doing here mum? Hyung asked.

What does it looks like? Call them out for me where are they? I asked

Who? They chorus

Stop playing on my intelligent and call mirabel and Ella for me. I knew they must be hiding somewhere.

Mirabel? Is she back? Hyung asked confused

What did you mean? You all should Stop this joke. Call them out.

But no one is here mum” Tyler replied and shocked run through my vains.

What did you mean no one is here? My bag dropped from my hand

Did mirabel call you! Where’s my phone? Hyung look around for a while and quickly rushed up the stairs and come back within a second.

I left my phone in my room….. He said hurriedly and went through his phone.

Mirabel mirabel…… She called….. five missed call. Mum you called me also why? He asked

Have been trying their number but is unreachable that’s why I called maybe they are here.

Hyung wait…. I can see you are trembling so give your phone to me. Tyler said collecting the phone from hyung.

Mira…. Mira…. Is she okay! Will she be fine? Hyung keep asking

Dave” trace this number…. Chris let me have your phone please.

Mira will she be okay? Hyung asked again.

Mira Mira Mira” is she Alone? Ain’t you care about the person with her? Tyler yelled

have you traced the………. Oh Mira’s calling. Tyler said and we all stand up and focused on him.

📲Hello Mira where are you? 📲

📲This is not Mira, this person’s car jumped off the cliff. The voice of a man said.📲

What📲we shout together

Okay okay….. We are coming📲

            💦Ella pov💦

Ouch my head” why am I having so much headache? Haaa…. Where am I?

watch it Mira it’s a cliff……. I remembered and stand on my feet.

Huh Mira, where’s Mira. Is she okay.

Hello oooo” please who’s here, anyone here…… Hello

Oh Ella you are awake? Mira said coming in.

Mira” I called and rush her with a hug

Am glad you are save… Am really glad we’re save.

But what happened” I remember I saw a cliff. I said

Yes you are right Ella, we should have been dead by now but unfortunately one man saved us. She said

Really? Omg….. Omg

Common let’s go out” the media is on their way.

She said am held my hand” seriously am not over with the shocked yet.

look….. Mira said pointing to the cliff and to our car.

Oh Omg omg omg” just a inch for the car to fall off the cliff. I was so shocked that I fell on my kneels and cried. Oh my God this is unbelievable. Am afraid we wouldn’t make it but….. but

But where’s the man that did this….. this unexplainable favor. I asked

He went to get some medicine” you have a cut on your arm. She say’s and I look at my arm and there the cut is.

Oh I never knew I have a cut here cause I didn’t………

Oh my God”one of the media exclaimed. And rush us.

Please can you tell us how this happened

Where you drinking while driving

How did this happened

Who stopped the car…….. They rush us with so many questions.

Omg…… It Mira….. One of them shout again

Annabel….. ROCKSTAR

It’s really Annabel……….

It’s our model and the Rockstar….. We… We…. never knew it’s you. Pls pardon our attitude.

It’s okay” Mira said

Are you ready to listen to our explanation? She asked again

Yes ma’am pls tell us how this happened

Yes we’re ready….. We’re ready..

We’re coming from the states as you all know but unfortunately for us to reach the airport? We get to see some bunch of guys trying to lure us into their car but I have a feeling so we get into another car.

So what happened then…… The media chorus

They followed us telling us to stop the car and shooting the car…. As you can see. With all that happening, We lost control of the car and face the direction of the cliff. At first we thought we’re going to die but unfortunately……… Mum,” I stopped and rushed to mum immediately I saw her.

Oh my Ella” are you okay?

Its the F4……. F4…. The media chorus

Hyung…… Mira” they both called at the same time hugging themselves. Tyler? Mira called again leaving hyung to hug Tyler.

I can’t believe finally I got to meet the F4 especially Tyler who has been my crush for so many years. I looked at him and we both have an eye contact as I quickly looked away.

Are you okay? He asked me.

ye….. Ye…. Yes am fine” I replied

Oh you have a cut here” he said coming to me and held my hand. My heart skipped a beat but I gather myself.

Ma’am we did like you to continue the explanation. The media said

Oh she’s awake…… One old man said with leaves in his hand.

But unfortunately this man here, saved us from dying. Mira continue from where I have stopped. The media rushed the old man asking him so many questions.

sir do you live in this forest……..

How where you able to do this magic……

How can they repay you……..

Did you know you just save two life’s…….

Pls tell us something…….. They question and the old man cleared his throat.

Well” I came to this cliff because I had a dream and in that dream the person ask me to try hard and save someone. She said she’s Lisa and…….

Huh Lisa…………. We all exclaimed

Yes…….. And when I saw the car coming I was so afraid that I didn’t know what to do. I don’t where that rope came from but that’s what I use and this tree in stopping the car. The old man said and everyone formed a “wow”

I would have commit suicide myself assuming I didn’t get to safe them. He said and we all give a questioning look

Yes” you see this lady there, safe my daughter’s life when she was lifeless in the hospital. The old man said pointing to me

Me? How, when? I don’t know. I said

You might have forgotten but I will never be able to forgot what you did to me. Did you remember at the small cape tow, in front of a hall. The old man you saved from kneeling down to his daughter age mate. The one you gave money so he can eat. He explained

Oh oh I remember” The old man Tiana asked to kneel just because he begged for some money. I said

Yes that money you gave me, save my daughter’s life at the hospital. The man said

This is so touching……..


She’s reaping her good deed……..

That’s the last money papa gave me so as to enter the NED industry. I gave him that night without thinking twice never knew the money can save someone from dying. I said and they all clapped

Oh My Annabel….. Mira said giving me a tight hug

Am proud of you darling…… Mum said

This is so touching……. The media chorus

Ehn sorry ma’am but please did you have any idea on who did this? The media asked

No” mirabel said

But you sa………

Ella your hand is bleeding again….. She cut me shut. I was expecting her to mention her name but why did she have to lie?

We should go home……. Mum said

The mansion will be the safest place for them as for now. Tyler said

Yes……. I go with him” hyung said also

             💦Aurora pov💦

Common task you can’t execute” you are just for nothing. So useless

Ma’am we really tried” is God that safe us also if not we would have been dead by now. One of the guys said

Then it’s would have been better you die, why don’t you? Huh

Aurora they can’t execute the job while that girl is with Mira. Tiana said

And who the hell is Mira? I asked

A model and also a friend of mine since childhood. Am sure Mira would have recognize one of them. She said

you are dismissed” I said to the guys and they all left.

I mean how did they even meet with each other. Am afraid the girl will won over me.

It’s okay Tiana” we will have to use the plan B since this one didn’t work out

What did you mean? Can’t you see the article say’s they are at the F4 mansion? Nobody can harm them there am sure we will fail again. She sob slowly

Trust me this is going to work out but you will have to do me a favor

What’s that? She asked

Get me into the F4 mansion” can you?

Of course I will

Good” leave it all to me for I am going to execute the plan myself. I said

Episode fourteen(14)

                 💎Kathy POV 🙎🏽

Am so happy for Ella” she really make it. I cried so much when I read the article about the incident that took place yesterday.

I really hope nothing happens to her” if not that my college is far away from home, I would have go home to inform mum about it.

But who could want her dead? Could it be Aurora? Am so sure aurora can’t do this to her but whoever it is…… he or she will continue to fail.

Nothing must happen to her….. She’s born to succeed so she’s going to succeed every hardships that comes her way. Am sure of that cause she’s a very strong woman.

                💦F4 mansion💦

Awww I feel so refresh now” I should get something to eat, am so famished. Mira said

Mira” Ella called

Huh? She replied

Why can’t you go and meet hyung, am sure he did be expecting.

You see Ella, I wish to but am afraid.

Why are you afraid? There’s nothing to be afraid of. Ella said

I mean what if he has found another love? What if he doesn’t love me again? It has been two years since I broke up with him. Am scared Ella, hyung is not someone I can loose. I don’t……..

It’s okay Mira” am sure he feels the same as you feel.


Of course” the looks on his eye says it all. Will you give it a trial? Ella asked

I wish to give it a trial” I miss him so much. Mira said

Then go” if you miss him, go and settle your dispute.

That’s why I love you my Lisa”I will be right back. She say’s and walk out

She’s so found of calling me Lisa” almost everyone does. Hwwww, I think am famished also.
I don’t know what to do Tyler , am just so confused. She end the relationship and the reason is best known to her.

Did you love her? Tyler asked

Of course I do and you know that” he replied

I wonder why am here” I mean we all grew up together so you need no one to tell you who Mira is. Am sure she did be waiting for you with your 💯love. Tyler said

You think so? Hyung asked

Will you give it a trial? Tyler asked

should i give it a tr…….. Hyung, hyung” did you hear that? Hyung asked

Goodluck man” Tyler said

Hey Mira” Tyler said to Mira who stood at door side.

Go……. He is waiting. Tyler whispered to her hearing.
That aroma” is someone cooking? Chris asked

Ella went in while ago” Dave said

Woah” this aroma is killing I should check. Chris said

Food is ready” Ella shout immediately she’s done cooking.

Is this not steamed rice, with ginseng chicken? Dave asked coming closer

Yeah did you like it? Ella asked

No I love it

Wow……..wow glad you like it

Oh you mean I can have some? Dave asked

Of course” why not. Ella said dishing out the food

can I have some as well? Chris also asked

Yeah I made it personally for us” Ella replied

Woah” thank you…. Been long since we have this type of meal. dave said

Yeah” Lisa used to prepare it then. Chris said

And I remember Tyler love it also” Dave said

Really? You mean Tyler love steamed rice and ginseng chicken? Ella asked to be sure

Yeah” Lisa used to prepare it for him then. Dave said

I should give him some then” Ella said and rushed back to the kitchen

This taste just like Lisa” I really miss eating this. Dave and Chris said

Ella rushed out from the kitchen and took the upstairs with the steamed rice and chicken. She knock on Tyler’s door and the door was open.

I…. I…. heard you…. love this…. So I decided to bring you some. She says dropping the food on a table

I should take my leave now” she said and proceed

That….. What’s that? Tyler ask pointing to the meal

It’s steamed rice and ginseng chicken” she say’s

Oh really? Tyler asked

Ye, will you like to taste some? Ella asked

Yeah yeah” Tyler said bringing the food closer. He opened it and stare for a while before taking his spoon then he dropped it back.

Am feeling uncomfortable with the way you are staring at me. Tyler said

Oh… I….. Sorry. She said and open the door to leave.

I mean you should sit down” let’s eat together. Tyler said

Huh? Oh……. ooo…… kay. She walked gently and have a sit in front of the table facing him.

Take this” Tyler give to her another spoon.

You hurt your arm earlier did you apply some ointment? He asked

No but it’s fine” Thank you. Ella said but Tyler went to his wardrobe and bring out the ointment.

Here…… Tyler stretch his hand to her

Oh thank you…….. I mean bring your hand. I will help you. He said and knee beside her.

Ouch…… Oooww…… She cried out

Sorry I know it hurts ……. It’s okay. He said and stare deeply into her eyes

They stare so deeply bringing their face closer.

Tyler did……….Dave walked in and Ella felt so embarrassed and rushed out immediately.

Am sorry”Dave said

you are saying? Tyler ask

Em.. I…. mean… Nevermind. He said and walk out

Gosh” that was so close…. I mean I almost kissed her.How am I going to face her now. He said and his mind drift to the food.

How does it taste? I should check myself
He took in a spoonful rice and he got shocked. Lisa?

              💎Mirabel pov💎

We kissed for hours before he could let go of me. I really miss him

What were you think? He asked back hugging me.

Nothing much am just so happy” I said

Am happy also” prepare for tonight. Hyung said

Why? I asked

Lets go on a date” been long. He said

Woah” I did love that. I smiled

Am hungry I should get something to eat. I said

Am also hungry so let’s go grap some food. They said and close the door after them.

That was so close….. We almost kiss……. I saw Elle talking to herself.

I think am being left out here” who do you kiss? I said to her and she was so shocked.

Oh you startle me” she said. Mira? She called

Huh” I said

Did you……….. Omg Ella I miss you so much. I thought am going to loose you. Are you okay? Someone said to Ella

Aurora” what are you doing here? She asked like she wasn’t expecting to see her

Oh I think I should excuse you” I said and walk out.

How did they know each other? I heard Dave said.

They are siblings” hyung replied

Siblings? We all asked together

Yes they are siblings for years before she later found out that the father is not her biological father. so she was forbidden by her stepmother. Hyung explained

I feel so pity for her” she told me she did wish to meet her parents for once. I said

So bad….. Dave said

Really Bad.. ….

               💦Aurora pov💦

Please forgive me for all my bad behavior towards you. Am really sorry. I plead

It’s okay Aurora”you didn’t offend me in anyway. Am sure everything happens for a reason. She say’s

Awwwn” I know you are so softhearted. I know you did forgive me anyway. I said and hug her

I heard you are also a singer in the NED industry? She asked

Yes but I really want to be like you. I know since the day you left the house that you are going to be a ROCKSTAR and now you are. I really envy you I must say

Thank you Aurora” don’t worry after I finish up with my competitions we can both release an album. She said

Oh really? That will really makes me so popular.

Of course don’t worry am gonna help you blend your voice. She said again

Wow” does that mean you forgive me? I asked

I told earlier that I don’t have any grudges against you. She said

Okay for me to be sure” I brought your favorite drink……… Here. I give her the drink.

It really my favorite” been long I took this. She said

Why don’t you try it now” I said

Oh really” should I try it? She asked

Of course it urz………

Episode fifteen(15)

       💦Ella POV💦

Wow it’s really my favorite” did you really bought this for me?

Of course I can’t be coming to see you empty handed when I know you love this drink. She said

I should open it then” I said and open the drink

Am sure you really miss it” drink up before the coldness comes down. She said.

Hmm” sure I will BUT you must have a taste in it first. I said

Don’t you trust me? Ella. She called

Why won’t I? I just don’t want to be selfish so have some. I said giving her the drink

No no” it’s for you, I bought it for only you. If I feel like having a drink I can buy some when going home. She said

Aurora you know I don’t like eating alone or drinking alone, I insist you drink out of this. I said again

Is there anything wrong? I said am okay. She yelled and I landed a very hot slap on her cheek

Ella? She called holding her ears.

What? Did I punctured your ego? Are you surprised? Lol….. Of course you shouldn’t be.

I know your coming here is not true since you didn’t succeed in your plan yesterday so you came here today to round it up Huh.? I yelled at her

What did you mean Ella? She asked

Exactly what it’s looks like” have you forgotten Aurora? We lived together for years so I need no one to tell me who you are. Of course no one. Now have this and drink it. I give back the drink to her.

I only come here with a clean hearts Ella is this the way you treat me? She said with so much affection which got me really speechless.

What if she’s truly sorry? What if truly she’s sorry? I thought with in

Is this the way you treat me? Huh, you said we live together for years but you didn’t know me at all. Have come to you with love but look what you did? She said again with tears on her face and I was so sorry.

Aurora” am so sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you but… but….. Please forgive me

It’s okay” since I brought this for you and you reject it, I think I should trash it. Where’s the bin. She asked

No no….. You don’t need to trash it, you bought it for me so I should drink it. I said collecting the drink from her and she smile.

Am happy”at least she finally smile. I thought again bringing the drink closer to my mouth but a hand stopped me.

Wait” I heard and look up to see Tyler.

You should drink this first” Tyler said to Aurora collecting the drink from me and pass it to her.

If you know you really love her, and you are truly sorry, just a sip will do. Take Tyler said again

But Tyler she’s……….

Shhhhhh” Tyler said to me

Drink this” she said to aurora again

Am sorry I can’t”Aurora said and everyone in the mansion is now present.

There’s nothing wrong in having a sip from what you bought for her is there? Dave said

Of course there shouldn’t be so I wonder why she refused. Mira said

I heard you said it’s also your favorite so drink up. Tyler said again.

You should dri……… Enough of this! She yelled

So what? What if I don’t drink it, huh? What if I said something is there? Thank your luck that he saved you. I just hate your guts. I hate seeing you so I poison the drink and asked you to drink it so what? She yelled and I fall on my knee

Ella Ella Ella” everyone called and move close to me

Are you crazy? Tyler said and made to slap her but hyung was fast enough to stopped him.

You should go” hyung said to her

What? She’s not leaving here, am calling the police. Tyler said and brought out his phone.

Even if that should happen, is there any prove? Hyung said

But she should be punish for attempting murderer. Tyler yelled again making everyone scared.

I understand you but let her go” Hyung said to Tyler who leave there in anger.

Go and never in your lifetime should you stepped a feet in this mansion. Am letting you go because you are once a siblings but trust me it won’t be this way next time. Hyung said and also leave same as Dave and Chris.

And before you go, I would like you to inform your boss that you failed big time. Am also letting this slide because of what I heard about you two but it won’t next time. Mira said to her before she could finally walkout.
Am such a fool” she fooled me, she played me.

It’s okay Ella” you have been crying since don’t hurt yourself.

I never believe I could get played by her, she really makes me believe her. I believed in her lies. I can’t believe it. I cried

it’s okay Ella” you never get played she just try you and thank God you didn’t drink it. Mira said again

She poison the drink, she wish me dead but did I really deserve to die? I cried again

Am coming” Mira said

She fooled me, she hate me, she really wanna kill me……

But you didn’t die anyway” I heard Tylers voice.

Why are you still crying since? Are you crying because she tried to kill you or because you are easily fooled? He asked and I stare at him angrily.

Am sorry but she got you fooled and you fall for it. He said and I don’t know when I hit him on his head

Ouch” he shouted and I got back to my senses and move away in fear.

Why did you hit me? He asked getting angry and moving close to me

Am…… am….. Sorry” I said and move back.

I asked you, why did you hit me? He asked again moving closer and I move back until my back hit the wall.

i…… I…. Am sorry. I replied so scared but I heard him laugh.

I open my eyes slowly and saw him laughing seriously.

Am sorry” he said amidst laugh and still laugh again

What’s going on? I asked after getting myself

This is why you get fooled so easily. He said and I give a confused look

You see when having a conversation with someone and you can’t easily read the person’s mind, then try to read the person’s emotion. so important.

You don’t trust quickly because that hurt the most when you find out the person you trust betrayed you. That’s why you have been crying because you felt betrayed

you don’t have to be so nice to everyone just keep yourself cool when having a conversation so has not to trust your enemy that’s when you get to read the person’s emotions.

When having a conversation, don’t be so relaxed cause if you do, the person chatting with you will found out how emotions you are. He conclude

Okay but how did you know such thing is happening. Where you………..

No” I am not eavesdropping but somehow I get interested in your talk so I wait to hear it all. He said and I laugh

Exactly” smile a little bit. He said again making me open teeth.

          💦Hyung pov💦

How did you know about their relationship. Mirabel ask

Well I just get to know anyway. I replied

Ella really feel so betrayed. She said

Where’s she? I asked

Oh” I told Tyler to stay with her. She say’s

Talking about Tyler” I never see him so angry like that. He made to slap her if not for you. Mira said

I also don’t believe it but I think he is coming around and don’t you notice the two of them get along so quickly. I said

Hmmmm” but can’t you see she behaves like Lisa? Her voice, dancing step everything about her remind me of Lisa. Mira said like she’s gonna cry soon

Maybe that’s the reasons why Tyler get used to her so quickly.

But could she be Lisa?………