Episode sixteen(16)

    💦Aurora pov

She humiliate me” I will make sure I ruin her. She won’t be happy am going to kill her.

It’s okay Aurora” I knew we won’t be able to succeed in killing her but…….

Don’t tell me that, I will kill her. She insulted me. She make a fool out of me infront of others.

Huh, why are you so eager to see her dead. even more than I do. She asked

Because she took away my fathers love from me, she made my sister dislike me and now she humiliated me in front of every one. I don’t mind spending the rest of my life in jail because of her but I will make sure I ruin her with my bare hand. I promise

Oh she did alot” in that case I have an idea. She said

Bring it up then but just make sure its something usefull.

Am thinking maybe we should give her a breathing space sin…….

Never” never should we give her a breathing space. I said I don’t want her alive while am still on earth. Is either she died or I do…….

Calm down aurora will you? I don’t want her alive either because her living is also a threat to my life. What am saying is that we should give her a breathing space till the show day.

What will now happen after that? I asked

I will be the one to perform before she does so don’t worry I have my plans

Is it necessary you killed her? Is it a most for you to have bloods in your hands? Ain’t you tired of taking someone’s life? Stella said

What exactly did you mean? Tiana asked

What I mean is that am not in support of this, I want to be free, I don’t want any bloods on my head. We killed Lisa isn’t that enough? and now you are planning of killing this one too, ain you tired? She yelled

You must be very stupid” Tiana said giving her a resounding slap.

You cause this all, she shouldn’t be in NED industry but you made that happen. I said

Yeah” she made that happen but am faraway better than you cause I don’t kill to attain a position. Stella said again

Stella before I loose it disappear right now, you know me so well and you know what I can do right? So leave right now. Tiana yelled at her

I pray you understand what you are doing before it’s too late. You still have chance to amend things. Stella said and walk away.

What gut did she have to talk to me like that. Tiana said.
Well since you give her so much freedom, You did be the one to handle her yourself. I said and lay properly on the bed

             💎Kathy POV 

You mean this is Ella? Mum asked

Yes she is” look how beautiful she’s looking now. She’s now a ROCKSTAR.

But I found it hard to believe, how did she survive and become a Rockstar? Mum ask

Did you think she won’t survive? Did you really wish her dead? Assuming you didn’t forbid her in this house, just imagine the position you did be by now?

I don’t want to be in any high positions because of her, Aurora is also a star and she’s………

She’s a star known by few but a Rockstar is known all over the world. When will you change?

The girl you treat like a slave, the one you maltreat, the girl you……..

Enough Kathy” she said

What” are you regretting your actions now? I wonder how someone will be this mean. With the way you treat her, she still look at you as a mother but what did you give her in return. Absolutely nothing

Kathy…… She yelled and slapped me

Mum” I called holding my cheek

Enough of that……….don’t try to repeat everything you just said. Who are you to talk to me that way?

Yes” I know you don’t regret it but sometimes I found it hard to believe that you really gave birth to me.

You are just so despicable and desperate how can you still feel nothing after what you did to her? I curse the day I came to this world through you. You are not worthy enough to be called a mother cause a mother care about others and not selfish as you.

Kathy…… Kathy…… She called after me but I ran to my room and close the door to myself.

Am tired of living amidst those people that has no feelings. Where are you Ella?

Pls take me out of here, you are the one that understand me better. Even the one I called a sister didn’t worth it. Why are they so desperate.

Ella……… Ella…. Please take me out of here

💦Mrs Veronica ( Ella step mum) 💦

What just happened” did she find out already that am not her mother? Did I make it obvious?

I shouldn’t have slapped her but she really went too far. I just can’t take it, she insulted me so much. Am I that bad?

What I said to Ella that day was really meant for Kathy, my husband saw her and bring her home just when she’s still a month old.

My husband cause this all, he made me a mother of three children when am just a mother to just one.

He also come home with Ella that day and asked me to care for her like mine and to top it all, he loves her more than his own daughter. He made me despise Ella so much. But Kathy I can’t let go ogmf her. She can’t find out her biological parents herself.

I should beg her, she must not find out am not really her mother cause I heard her parent is rich. I can ask them for a ransoms later. So she must not find out herself.

I should beg her before things get worst. Kathy am really sorry……

                 💎Mrs Gloria 

Ma’am are you going out? I should drive you.

Don’t worry Daniel, it’s been long since I drove myself. You just keep eye on the house

Okay ma’am, drive safely ma’am. He said

Thank you Daniel” I will be back soon. I said and drove off.

I just feel so good” since all this years am driving by myself.

Gosh, did someone just hit my car? I hope Is not much. I said coming down

Is not much…………. Am so sorry. The woman was saying

Gloria” she called………. Morgan? I also called and hug her tightly.
Why didn’t you tell me when you want to relocate? You just change contact and everything. I was unable to reach you. I said but she keep mute

Oh am so sorry about your daughter Lisa, I just found out recently that she’s your daughter I never knew. Maybe that’s why I love her when she’s around me. I said again but this time she sob slowly

Morgan what’s going on with you, you didn’t say anything since and now you are crying again. Tell me I can be of help

Gloria” am not the one that give birth to Lisa. Lisa is not my daughter. She continue crying and I feel for her.

Stop crying Morgan, if you are not her mother then who?……………..



Episode seventeen(17)

         💦Gloria pov con't 💦

Then who? I asked but rather she burst out crying.

You see morgan, whatever happens to you, crying won’t solve it. If you really think I can be of help, just tell me what the problem is.

Gloria” i….. I hope you forgive me, have wrong you so much but I just hope you did find a place in your heart to forgive me. She said holding my hand and crying

Look morgan you didn’t offend me in anyway and if you do, I forgive you. You know I don’t like seeing you cry since childhood.

Gloria” promise me, promise me that you will forgive me.

No matter what you did Morgan I promise to forgive you even though you did nothing. I said

Gloria did you remember” did you remember when I was laboring you in the labor room. Your first child

Yes I remember” I went through hell before giving birth but I lost the baby at the end. I said

Okay that what I told you right? That we lost the baby

Yes” you tried all your best but the baby didn’t make it. I said again this time getting confused

That’s not true Gloria” I lied….. I lied to you. the baby…. the baby….

The baby is what Morgan” the baby is dead isn’t it? I asked

No Gloria” I lied….. She said and I slowly went down.

After you give birth to the baby, you are so unconscious so I took the baby and when you regain consciousness you asked of your baby and I told you we lost her but we didn’t, I took the baby instead. She said

Morgaaaaaaaan” why did you do that to me. Whyyyyyyy? I yelled at her crying

Because I envy you” I was so jealous of you. Is me that first met with kelvin, I was happy he did ask me out but you ruin that by showing up in my house without telling me. He saw you and love you at first sight.

You started dating each other I thought I won’t be affected, he proposed to you still yet I took it in. You married to him but I took it in until you get pregnant and he started treating you like a queen. He buy every single thing he saw for you.

I couldn’t take it any longer cause I was supposed to be in that position but you snatched him from me.

I didn’t snatched him Morgan, he loves me and I loved him back. That’s what I did I didn’t snatched him from you. I yelled

did you ever ask me of my feelings? Did you ask me if I love him or not, did you? I met him before you did and you think my feeling is not necessary? She yelled back

I never knew you loves him Morgan” I never knew. How would I have known when am not a witch. Your right is to call me and tell you loves him. I would leave him for you. Is that why you emigrate to america?

after lying to you that you lost the baby, I took her away with me to America.

You did what? Okay now where’s the baby? I mean where’s my baby! Why didn’t you bring her along with you. Didn’t I have the right to know her? I shout at her

But she’s dead……. Stop it Morgan. I can’t be fooled twice. So am patiently asking you again where’s she? I asked again

She grew up to be a very beautiful girl and talented. She as a very wonderful voice so she became musician and has come to you but you didn’t have any idea she’s the one. She has been a friend of your son and the F4 since until she died. She explained

I don’t unders………… She’s Lisa. She finally said

Lisa? You mean Lisa is my…. My daughter is Lisa?

“Oh my Lisa you look so beautiful……. Thank you ma’am but we have the same hair”

” Lisa are you back from america……. Yes I couldn’t stay there for long. I miss you”

Am sorry Gloria” I couldn’t……….

Don’t tell me you are sorry” you are just so wicked. I didn’t even get to call her my daughter before she dead. She didn’t even call me mum. You are so wicked

Am sorry………. am really sorry

Assuming I know you love kelvin I would have leave him for you cause you have no idea of what happened after you left.

What hap…………… Don’t ask me anything morgan, you caused this all.

Kelvin got me pregnant again but before I have the baby, he had an accident which took his life.

What you mean kelvin is dead? ……

Stupid…….. Idiot…… Did you have any idea of how I suffered? Did you. You made me make another mistake by dumping the child.


             💎Tyler POV 💎

This feeling…… I don’t really understand it she just makes me go crazy. This is the same feelings I had when I first met with Lisa.

She’s just so much like her and its making me so confused.

Who are you? Why did you have so much effect in my life? I think I have to visit somewhere.

What are you doing all alone Tyler? Mira asked sitting next to me.

Nothing…… Am just enjoying the cold breeze. I said

Is she giving you headache? She asked again

Who? I asked

Ella……. Is she giving you so much headache? You can’t stop thinking of her cause she behave just like Lisa right?

How did you know about that? I asked

Am enjoying this breeze also” you know when I first met with her in america. I thought my friend is finally back i called her Lisa all time forgetting that Lisa is dead already but Ella makes me…….. She makes me go crazy that I can’t differentiate between her and Lisa.

What did you do after then? I asked

I get do found of her around me and I just call her Lisa if I want to and she later agreed. Isn’t that fun

Should we visit Lisa? I asked

Am thinking of the same thing, should we? She said hitting me and I laugh

Yeah” I replied

And what’s the news? Ella asked coming towards us with wine and cookies

We are just enjoying the cold breeze. Mira said

Mind joining you? She asked looking at me and I get lost staring at her again.

Yeah….. yeah” of course you can. I said clearing my throat

Are you preparing for tomorrow? Your competition start tomorrow

Of course” oh I forget to tell you this song just when I was fooled by Aurora and I think of singing that tomorrow. She said

Oh really? Then let’s hear the beautiful voice then or Tyler? Mira asked

Of course” who knows we can be of help. I said and she smiled. She clear her throat and that came out the voice.

🎶 I got fake people🎶
🎶 Showin’ fake love to me🎶
🎶 Straight up to my face🎶
🎶 Straight up to my face🎶

She sing but I only stare at her lips 💋, she continued.

🎶I’ve been down so long🎶
🎶It look like up to me 🎶
🎶They look up to me🎶

🎶 I got fake people🎶
🎶 Showin’ fake love to me🎶
🎶 Straight up to my face🎶
🎶 Straight up to my face🎶

🎶Somethin’ aint right 🎶
🎶When we talkin🎶

🎶Somethin ain’t right🎶
🎶When we talkin🎶
🎶Look like you hidin your problems🎶
🎶Look like you lying to me🎶

Wow” superb superb……. So sweet. Mira said

But I don’t really like that” I lied just because I want to hear her voice again

Okay” I have another love song should I go on? She asked

Yes….. Yes am really enjoying it. Mira said eating cookies and drinking juice with it.

🎶Love……. Love……. Love🎶
🎶You should know to be fair to me🎶
🎶Just like I don’t know how to lIve🎶
🎶Without you🎶
🎶Just like I don’t know how to sleep🎶
🎶You are doing so much to me me me🎶

🎶Oh baby love me🎶
🎶Love me🎶
🎶Love me back🎶
🎶Cause I can’t live live live🎶
🎶Without you🎶
🎶Hmmm, hummm, hummm mm🎶
🎶Oh oh oh oh oh oh ooooooo 🎶
🎶LA LA LA LA LA aaaaaa🎶

This is driving me crazy” I feel so tempted. I thought and stood up

🎶Love……. love…… Tyler? She called after me

Am going crazy” I yelled to her hearing

Oh God this is complicated” look how her lips is moving and she want me to stay.

               💦Mira pov💦

I think he didn’t like the songs” maybe I should practice another one tonight. She said feeling down

No no” you don’t need to practice at all. The songs is just so perfect and what he meant is that he loves it. That’s Tyler for you. I said to her

Really! You mean he loves it? Wow. She smiled so widely.

Yes he loves it so much, so have they bring your dress? I asked

No but I think they should be on their way by now. She replied

Oh good” I know you won’t disappoint us tomorrow. You should sing well

Of course I will” you coming with me right? she asked

Not really” am going somewhere with Tyler so I won’t be able to. I said

Huh? Why so Tyler won’t be there also? I put so much effort because of you guys and you won’t come with me. She cried

Says who? We’re coming with you, me too, me three. We heard

Oh really? She asked smiling at them

Yes” hyung said

Can’t miss the show…… Chris said

Can’t miss the beautiful voice….. Dave said.

Wow” I will surely put so much effort.


Episode eighteen(18)

            Tiana POV💦

So what’s your plan now” you said we should give her the grace till today. What’s the plan? Aurora asked

Well nothing much, I am performing before she does. My plan is after leaving the stage, I will just change my clothes and mingle with the crowd. Here is a silent pistol before she leave the stage I will kill her with this. No one will suspect us cause they will be too many people. I explain

Wow” that’s a good plan but can’t I execute the plan? I wish to be the one to kill her. Let me do this

What if you fail Aurora, don’t worry even if I kill her just know we did it together. I said

Okay”make sure you target where she won’t be able to survive it. Aurora said

So you are still at this? You still want to kill her? Stella said

Don’t bring this up again Stella, no one can stop me not even you Stella so keep quiet.

Of course I can’t stop you, why should I stop you. Am in support of this, full support and now that have seen you really have a good plan. I wish you luck Tiana. She said

First time Stella is making sense. Aurora said and we laugh.

Okay Goodluck girly” we should be on our way now.

            💦Ella POV💦

Ma’am are you set? One of the bodyguard said.

Yes am done” I replied

We should go, the show is about to begin. He said

Yes” I look around the mansion and saw no one. So no one is going to show up. I think they all love me but they prove me wrong instead.

Ma’am” he called reminding me to move on

Okay” I said and walk slowly inside the car and he zoom off.

Why’s this tears rushing down, I don’t want to cry but I can’t help it. Even mum is not showing up. No one is……..

Ma’am we’re there” the man said and open the door for me

Taaaaadddddaaa” I heard and look up and my eyes widened

Oh my… Mira? I called happily hugging her. I thought you won’t make it. I said to her

Yes I told Tyler to bring me here so I can say hi before going. She said

I love you Mira” Tyler thank you so much for showing up. I said

Goodluck” he said and called Mira so they did be going.

Bye” Mira said

Bye, I said waving my hand till their car is to where to be found

Isn’t that enough” I heard again

Hyung” I called again so surprised to see them.

I told you I can’t miss this show” Dave said

I have no where to go so I think this show will make my day” Chris said

Awwwn” am so happy to see you all bit where’s mu……..

Oh she called me that she won’t be able to show up. She send her apology. Hyung said

It’s okay, seeing you here it’s a relief.

Look whom we have here. Aurora said coming down from the car with Tiana.

Oh my competitor is looking so take away. I love your dress I must confessed. Tiana said but I said nothing

Don’t be too nervous Ella am sure you did win. Aurora said

Yeah” I don’t need to stress myself cause I know you did win. Tiana said also

What’s with the two of them? I thought

So Goodluck” they both said and walk away

Whoa” Tiana never give up, what’s wrong with her? Dave said

Maybe she has come to her senses that she can’t win this competition no matter what. Chris said

Let’s go in” hyung said

          💎Unknown POV 💎

That’s her plan” she’s going to kill her. The other said

Watch closely she must not succeed in this. Another one said

Yes sir, trust me sir.

Good, you can go before they suspect us.

Yes sir” she said and left

Tiana………. be prepared your doom is near. I can’t watch you kill her again.

Just a little time you have

             💎Tyler pov💎

Tyler? Did you………..

Am sure this is where she was buried. Lisa was right here so what happened to it. I said

Something must be wrong” Mira said

I don’t understand this, or is she…………

Lisa” is she alive? Oh my God

Let’s go. Tyler said and rushed to the car. He start it and zoom off.

Where are we going now? Mira asked

To see someone” I said

Why can’t we find her grave yard there or is anything wrong. Could it by any chance…….. Gosh I don’t know

He stopped the car and rushed out of it.

Where are we? Mira asked

Please am looking for one old man that lives down there. Tyler asked a woman whom i think she did be in her early 50s

Okay thank you ma” Tyler said to her

What’s going on Tyler? Mira asked

Just hold on” i said

I knock at the door and wait before the door is open by the old man.

You mean a lady later come after we all left? Tyler asked

Yes that lady wore a red gown” she dig the grave and took her away. The man said

Why didn’t you stopped her? Tyler yelled at the old man

Of course I stopped her” but she said she’s alive. She said she was just drugged and she’s alive. The man said

What? We exclaimed

Did you follow her or can you please tell us how the lady looks like. Tyler asked again. I couldn’t say anything due to the shock.

I don’t know….. Yeah yeah…… She has a tattoo on her back. A star tattoo. The man said again

Okay thank you sir” we said and left.

Did you believe what the man said? Mira asked

How did you know this man? She asked again

He was the priests that perform her burial ritual.

Really? I don’t recognize him again, he has become so old. She said

Yeah” Tyler replied

So what do we do? Mira asked

I don’t know…….

               💎Tiana POV 💎

Hello dad 📲

Are you still on your plan? 📲

Yes dad 📲

Don’t 📲

What did you mean dad, I must kill her today right in this hall📲

Did you want to spend the rest of your life in jail📲

No dad but why? 📲

Someone leaked your plan📲

Really? 📲

Let her be… I will send my boys there now. We re going to use the method we used for Lisa 📲

Okay dad, love you📲

Don’t put too much effort in that show, no one is going to take your place📲

That’s why I love you, bye📲

What’s that! Who are you talking to? Aurora asked

We won’t be able to kill her anymore. I said

But why? She asked

Dad just called me that someone leaked our plan. I said

So? Does that make sense? No one know about our plan except us. She said

What of Stella? I asked

She can’t betrayed us can she? She asked

I don’t know but dad will take care of it all. But where’s Stella? I asked looking around

Are you looking for me? She asked showing up from nowhere.

Where are you coming from? I asked

Oh am just coming from the restroom, anything wrong? She asked

Someone leaked our secret…….. What?

How…… How did that happened? She asked

I don’t know but I think we should be more careful. I said

What about your plan? She asked

Still on l” I lied to her

Okay good” she said and I look at aurora giving her a sign to meet up with me somewhere
Did you think she’s the one? Aurora asked immediately

I don’t think so but let leave things as it is. I said

Okay” she said

What a lost Ella even if you win, you won’t last till tomorrow. I said

Never” will she last till tomorrow.

🎤Ladies and gently men the…….. Wow finally the show is begin.

             💦Unknown POV 

I think they have a change of plan📲

What! How is that possible? 📲

I don’t really know sir📲

What’s the new plan? 📲

She won’t say📲

What the fuck? Make sure you find out quickly. 📲

She won’t say sir but I will try📲

Keep a close watch📲

Okay sir📲

This is becoming so difficult but it’s my job. I won’t let her have it her way this time.

She really has a relying source’s but she will always meet me there.

Wow I love this star tattoo on your neck” where did you do that? One woman asked looking at my neck

Well I don’t really remember where I do that. It’s been years back. I replied

Oh okay I really love it” she said again

Thanks” I replied and cover it well so no one can see it.


Episode nineteen(19)

(Semi final)

                     Tyler pov

What to do” she’s still alive, where can she be. How come? We should do something. Mira keep on blabbering

Mirabel let me think” you are confused and I am as well, We both are.

Call hyung” hyung call him

Oh that’s true, hyung hyung. I scroll down to his name and dial his number.

His not picking, I should call Dave.

His not picking either…….. Maybe we should just go straight to them. What did you think? Mira said

Okay………. Calm down Tyler will you? I don’t wish to die now please drive slowly. Mira said holding my clothes.

Mira” am not in the mood for all this just stop this nonsense. I don’t care if we die or not just leave me. I yelled at her

Am sorry……….. She said leaving my clothes.

Gosh Tyler calm down….. Just calm down. I mumble

         Hyung pov

🎤 This is wonderful, am so short of words. The two really did great but we only need one. Just one person is enough to be our best singer.

This year best singer is really a blast. I can’t believe my hears. I will be right back to announce the winner as the results is still counting. 🎤

She sang so well” Dave said

Yes she really did a very good job” Chris said

Why the delay in the result, they knew the best. So they should announce it then. Chris said

Have known her to be a good singer. She did great.

Yes hyung” am sure Mira will be so happy. Chris said

Talking of Mira” I should call her to inform her how the show goes.

No” not now, let the result be announce. I said

I should give Ella some kisses and hug. Where’s she? Dave said

Am coming” I said running ……. Why did I forget.

I should keep my eyes on her. 📲hello📲

📲yes sir? 📲

Did you see her? 📲

She went out not long📲

Search for her now📲

Okay sir📲

Nothing must happen to her 📲

That’s my job sir, I did go now📲

Excuse me, did you see the lady that sing at the stage not long?

Oh you mean the ROCKSTAR? I love her so much. She sang so well. I vote for her

Am just asking if you saw her why the blabbering. I yelled

Oh sorry ” Yes…….. I saw her with some guys over there entering the car. The woman said pointing to the parking lot

What? This is not happening

              Tyler pov

Is he waiting for us……. Look at him. Mira said just as we enter the parking lot of the hall.

Hyung…… hyung” we called at the same time.

Hyung I need to talk to you” where did you keep your phone have been calling you.

Hyung what happened talk to me…… Mira said

Whatever happened, leave that aside I have an important thing to said to you.

I think Ella has……. “Lisa is alive”. I said to him stopping him from saying his word

I wait to hear something from him but he said nothing. Hyung” I said Lisa is aliv……

I know…….I know” he yelled

What? Mira and I exclaimed

Yo…… did you just say…… Excuse me Tyler. He said and tried to walk away but I pulled him back and punched his face.

Did you think this is a joke? Do I look like a joker to you? I said Lisa is alive and you are joking around with me, did you think is really a joke.? I yelled and punched him again

I know all along that she’s alive” Lisa is Ella

What? What are you sayi…….

But am afraid she has been kidnapped again just like she was kidnapped before. He said and I seems not to believe my hears as I slowly sat on the floor

Hyung what are you trying to do? Are you in your right senses? Mira yelled at him

Am sorry” he said and walk away.

Tyler I think he his drunk, he doesn’t behave like this you and I knew th…… I raised my hand to shut her off.

                     Ella pov

Where’s Tyler you said he has a surprised for me, the ride is taking too long I have to go back to the hall.

Hello oooo, am taking to you. Excuse me

Since you don’t want to talk to me, will you stop the car and let me down. I asked

You talk to much miss” the lady said bringing out a white handkerchief and cover my nose with it

Hey…… You… Who are you….. Hey……. Wh

Go and rest” I heard her say as I struggle with her before darkness took over me.

                Tiana pov

📲Hello dad📲

The job is done, you should leave there immediately 📲

Wow, so fast? Am proud of you dad📲

Anything for you, don’t forget to leave there now📲

Yes daddy bye📲

guess what?

What’s that? Aurora asked

The job is done, I whisper into her ears

Really? Ur dad really did a great job. She complement

Of course, my dad is the District Anthony.

Really” you mean your dad is a lawyer?

Of course, no one is going to suspect a thing from us. He helped me with Lisa as well.

He kidnapped Lisa and we killed her. Stella and I killed her. Isn’t that great?

Yes it is” I wish I have a father like urs, who support every of your moves. Aurora said

Are you jealous? I asked

Let’s go hear the result” she said

No? We’re leaving here right now

But I wish to hear the result. At least just to know who votes for her. She said

Okay” I think it did be fun. Let’s go

Wow” is this the winner’s golden award?
🏆. Aurora asked

Yes it is” but so bad the owner will never ever be able to touch it.

So great, high five

Common let’s go and watch. I said and smile inwardly.

No one compete with me and win. Enjoy your time Ella, you will soon meet with Lisa soon.
🎤 we’re sorry for taking your time, now the result is out” we’re really surprised by the votes.

🎤Miss Tiana salmon votes is 1338 count while miss Annabella Salvatore votes is…

Did I sang so bad? Look at the crowd, look at my votes. Some people can be so stupid to vote anyhow. Tiana said nd hiss.

🎤Any guesses? Miss Annabel got me so speechless. Please come on stage.

Come on stage my foot” Aurora said

She’s coming” Tiana said and laugh

🎤Well i think she’s on her way, Miss Annabel votes is 54550 votes……. Wow…. Amazing…… Wonderful….. Superb

What? she has all that votes to herself? Aurora yelled

Stop it aurora” even though she has all the votes to herself. She’s still gonna die anyway.

🎤miss Annabel please come on stage. We’re waiting please come on stage.

So bad she can’t come on stage mc”

Aurora shhhhh” let’s just enjoy the view.

Where’s Stella? Tiana asked

I saw her running like a mad girl earlier, like she’s looking for someone. Aurora replied

Enough of the show” let’s go. Tiana said

Yeeehh” it’s time to go home….. Aurora sang

🎤 so bad, I think she’s busy but nevertheless…….hello oooooo….. Tiana and Aurora turn on hearing the voice.

Hyung” what does he has to say and why’s he looking at us. Tiana said

🎤 am sorry to inform you all that miss Annabel has been kidnapped. He said and stare deeply at us giving us a bad glare.

What’s that for? Aurora asked

Dunno? Tiana replied


I saw her not long…….

Who did this to her……..

Haaaaa, she sang so well…….

Let’s go before things get out of hands. Aurora said

We should go quickly” Tiana said

Tiana” hyung called coming to us……

Hyung” what’s wron…….

Please do your job” he said to someone and we turn to look at the person

Stella, where have you been? We have been searching for you since. Aurora said

Yes where have you been, we should go home. Thank you for bringing her to us, we have been looking for her. Tiana said

Do your job Monica” hyung yelled

Monica? Stella what’s goi…..

You are under Arrest” I did like you to remain silent


That’s Tiana………

What did she do…….

The almighty Tiana is getting arrested……

This should be fun…….

What’s her offense……. The crowd murmured

Okay take care Tiana” will see you later. Aurora said and made to go.

Hey miss” where did you think you are going? Arrest her. Hyung said

Stella you can’t do this to me” hyung, hyung…… Stella please. Tiana cried

Move it…… The police said

I insist on going nowhere unless I know the charges.

She’s getting hard………

I did like to know her offense……

Yes what’s the charges……..

Okay you want to know your charges? Stella asked

Am going nowhere until I know my offense. She yelled again. Pushing the police that was holding her.

My name is Monica Lopez” Stella said showing them a ID card.

A Secret Investigator Agent who was assigned by the F4 group. Mr hyung, I rest my case


Is that not her friend?………..

How come……..

A secret investigator…………

No no no no no” Tiana cried

You want to know her offense right ? Stella asked facing the crowd.


We would like to know…….

We won’t to know………..

Tiana salmon” the daughter of our DA (district Anthony) is a killer, a murderer


That can’t be……..

I know she’s a devil…………

Who did she kill………….

She killed someone? Huh………

She killed her friend lisa, the former best singer of the whole world. Just like today, they did a competition if you all could remember. And she killed her friend because her friend won over her.

Its a lie…. We killed her together. Infact you killed her not me. Tiana yelled

She’s lying……….

She killed her?…………..

Oh my I know Lisa………

They both killed her……….

Is she lying…………

But unfortunately, stella continue


I want to kill her, she took my position. I won’t let her, I won’t let anyone took my position. Tiana said at a club drunkily with so much beer in her front.

Look at her, am feeling so suspicious of her. Hyung said to Monica(Stella) at one corner of the club.

But mr hyung she’s a friend of yours why did you want me to be her friend. Stella asked hyung the club

She’s so desperate” she has been like this since morning, saying she’s going to kill her and you know if that happened Tyler won’t be able to survive it. I can’t afford to loose Tyler because of this. Hyung said

Okay I will do as you said” Stella said
Who are you” Tiana asked Stella the next day.

Oh you are good now, you are so drunk yesterday so I brought you home.

I said who are you? Tiana asked again

Oh sorry I am Stella” a fan of yours, I know yesterday show was a partial if not you are supposed to win the vote yesterday. Stella whine

Did you also see that? Did you see? I am going to kill her, I promise you. Tiana said. Unknowingly for her Stella was recording it all.

How can I be of help? Stella asked

My dad has already kidnapped her, is just for me to kill her, even though we have been friends for years, I will not sit back and allow her take my position. Tiana said

What? You mean the DA kidnapped her? Stella asked

Did you know my dad? Tiana asked

Oh that” you told me yesterday when you were so drunk. Stella lied.

Will you help me? Tiana said

In what? Stella said

I promise to make you a singer just help me in killing her. Tiana said

But am not good in singing how can I sing? Stella said

Just help me and see. Tiana said

Next day

Why’s she like this? Stella asked on seeing Lisa’s body in a room so lifeless.

I trust My dad would have make her suffer for taking her daughter’s place” as she is, she can remember a thing. Her memory is wipe off. Tiana said

Really? Stella asked

Give her this injection, this is going to destroy her liver and kidney then kill her.

How did you know about this injection? Stella asked

My dad told me” enough of the question just do as I said. Tiana said and go out.

Now that we have buried her, we should go home. I will make you a singer.

            End of flashback 


The district Anthony is a killer……..

Did you know that I switch the injection? Stella asked

I only give her a sleeping injection and when we buried her, hyung was somewhere looking at us. So we came back later to save her.

After saving her, we did a surgery for her just so you won’t kill her again.

We are helpless then because of your father who is supporting you.

Why didn’t you arrest me then? Huh… Why? Tiana yelled

Because if we do, your father is a district Anthony and will still make up some lies in the court but this time, no more escaping route Tiana


Episode twenty(20)

             Kathy pov

Relax mum” we can go tomorrow morning. Is late already and they won’t let us in if we should go. Try to understand mum

Understand what huh? My daughter is been arrested since morning and you are telling me to relax. A whole child. She’s all that I have ever had.

What do you mean mummy? Aurora is also my sister do you think am pleased with the situation? Why are you getting so hard because of this

Oh I see” a sister indeed.

What are you saying mummy? I don’t understand you

You called her your sister, have you ever support her? Instead of supporting your so called l sister you are busy supporting Ella and you called her a sister

I stand on it mum” I can’t support what is not right and we both know then that what Aurora is doing is not right. so why would you expect me to support her?

Don’t provoke me Kathy or I send you out there to where you belong. You bastard

Bastard? What do you mean by that

Look Kathy am just being so nice to you all these while because I heard your mother is kind of rich. I am not your mother, I only gave birth to one. so don’t push words out of my mouth.

Wow fantastic” have known already but am waiting for a day like this. I know you can never be my mother Cuz we ain’t the same. Have been suspecting that for the past one month now. Of course I did a DNA so telling me now, I wasn’t surprised. You know there’s no how you try to keep something, people like you will always voice it out anytime. Am really disappointed in you

If you say any word, I will trow you out of this house just like I did to Ella. You all should go to hell I don’t care. All I want is for my own daughter to be safe and sound.

Well you won’t trow me out cuz you are not really smart” assuming you do, you would have notice that I have no belongings here anymore. I just pity your husband forel ending up with someone like you upon how nice he his. Thought I could help you before going but you prove you don’t need me. Bye

Kathy….. Kathy please come back. We can go but please take me to where Aurora is. She plead

I know you are battling with pride, but it would be better to low it down. Will come tomorrow to help you. I said and walk out.

Don’t cry Kathy….. Don’t cry” you already did when you found out the truth so don’t cry. I said to myself when the tears is just too much.

Next day

Good morning, am just hearing it on the news that Ella is admitted in this hospital. Kathy said

Who are you? Mira asked

That’s her sister” hyung replied

How did you kno…….. The patient is really suffering from the past memory and it’s has really affect her so much. The doctor said

Will she be okay? Tyler asked

Well I am not assuring you of that because her situation is very critical. The doctor said

My daughter, nothing must happen to her. I already loose one I can’t bear to loose Ella please do something doctor.

Am sorry” the doctor said and go

Who’s she? Kathy ask Mira in a low voice

Her mum” she just found out about her not long. Mira explained

Wow” she finally find her mum….. When will I find mine.

oh, you have a tattoo here?I really love it Mira said pointing at Kathy left leg
Oh this” it has been there since birth. Kathy replied

You mean since birth? Mrs Gloria asked

Yes that’s what I was told. Kathy said

This mark…… Sorry what’s your name? Mrs Gloria ask

Kathy”……….. Oh Kathy, where did you live. Mrs Gloria ask again

The cape town at the country side. She replied

Do you live with your parents? Am sorry for asking this

No it’s okay maam,” yes I live with them but I just found out recently that they are not really my parents

Oh” em am sorry” the birth mark, was it written TAM and small red love at the middle? Mrs Gloria asked

Yes ma’am how did you know? Kathy asked giving a confused look

Haaaa” mrs……. Mother,…… Mum. Are you okay? They a rush to her
i can’t believe we’re siblings Ella, for long we’ve been siblings and now we’re for real. Please wake up Ella

But mum I don’t really understand, are saying Kathy or Tamara is older than me? Hyung ask which make some laugh.

Hyung” you know before I got married to your father, he alre……….

Am joking” I knew it already. Hyung said

Really? How when?

Unfortunately dad told me that before he died. Hyung said

Woah” so touching. Mira said

Am I left out? Ella said

Lisa…. Ella….. Annabel” are you alright? They asked so quickly rushing to her.

Oh so bad I couldn’t rest well because of your story. don’t know which name to answered to. She said

Am glad you are fine now. Am proud of you little sis. Hyung said
Am sorry for making you go through alot because of me…… Am really sorry. Ella said

i never imagine living a life without you lisa….. I just couldn’t take. I thought you are gon…….

Say no more Tyler” I understand every said and unsaid of your words. Ella said

Promise me lisa” promise me we did stay together and be one forever . Tyler said holding her firmly

I promise you tyler, i will never ever leave your side again but please order them to release Tiana and Aurora please. Ella said pleadingly

Never will such happen” don’t bring that cause I won’t allow it. Tyler said

Bit what else do we want Tyler, I was FORBIDDEN of death when she think she has killed me.

I was FORBIDDEN of living my life without you when I loose my memory but now, here we are. With thousands of love we have for each other. Who knows what might have happened if this didn’t occur? Just let them go please. Tiana father has already commit suicide on his own before the police could apprehend him.
Ella begged.

You sure know your way of calming me down. I will order for their release on one condition. Tyler said

What could be the condit…………

I hope is not too late” will you marry me? Tyler asked

Fool….. Stupid….. Of course that’s NO. Ella said smiling

If that’s the case, I think I should release Tiana an get married to her then. Tyler teased

Huh” you won’t dare do that, will you? Ella asked

I love you” tyler whisper to her hearing

I love you too” Ella said

Let’s get married Lisa” only then can I released the two of them. Tyler said

Am jealous of the two lovers won’t let us rest since. Kathy said walking to them.

Kathy” am going to mi……….. Ella was saying

Don’t miss me much” I am just going there to complete my study and besides tyler is here to keep your company. Kathy said

How sweet it would have been if am going with you. Ella said

Huh” never. Tyler replied and they smile

Am gonna miss your wedding I hope am forgiven for that. Kathy said

Study well huh” make us proud. Ella said

Yes ROCKSTAR” I shouldn’t miss my flight. Bye. Kathy said and run.

Oh I forget something, she said and run back.

Please before I come back, let this tummy be as big as this. Kathy said demonstrating her hand for them.

You are not serious…… Ella laugh along with tyler.

Bye ella. … bye tyler. With that she walk away.

Are you FORBIDDEN in my heart? Tyler asked

Never” Ella said

So let’s get married. Tyler said

Shall we? Ella asked

Hum” tyler replied kissing her earlobe.


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