Episode six(6)

       💦Hyung pov💦

Mum” how long have you been here?

I just decided to pay you a surprise visit but dave said you went to Capetown. Haven’t I told you not to go alone again?mom yelled

Mum I just….

Shut up hyung” did you do a voice record? Give me your phone. I know you are lying. She stretched out her hand and I hand the phone to her.

Mum trust me I just drink a little wine. I defend

“Daddy I miss you so let’s get drunk” she listen to the voice record

I know you never get drunk did you? Mum yelled

“Hey young man you are drunk” we heard another voice said. A lady’s voice to be precise.

That voice? Did she cover me with this jacket? I Don’t really remember anything.

“Sing for me” I heard again in the voice record.

I guess this lady saved you yesterday night” so tell me, how have you been so far?mum asked stopping the voice record

Am fine mum” but what brings you here to the mansion..you can just call me over to your place.

I miss you hyung” please promise me not to get drunk again.you know I can’t afford to lose you just like your father. She said

I promise mum” trust me. I said holding her hand

You are blessed my son” she said and hug me

             💎Ella POV💎

I can’t be more happy than this” mother just suddenly like me. I wish this last forever.

I better do everything perfectly so she won’t go back in hating me.

I can’t seems to find my jacket” I put it somewhere yesterday but where’s it…oh
I used it to cover that drunken young man yesterday.

Why did I forget so easily” I hope his good now” very handsome but he gets so drunk. I wish to see him again

Somehow a part in me wish to see him again…..ma’am if am not mistaken did Annabelle Salvador lives here? I heard a voicesaid and I quickly stood to my feet to know what’s wrong

Yes I am…. mother stop me from talking

She lives here but hope she has not cause you any trouble whatsoever or she stole from you? Mother said and I feel disgust hearing this.

No ma’am” she came first in the college music exam, so we’re ask to bring her to our industry for an urgent meeting. Pls bring her out. The name said

Yes am the on……. Shut up Aurora. She’s coming pls hold on. Mother said to the man referring me to Aurora. When did I became Aurora

Mother” Aurora is inside……what’s going on here? Aurora said behind me

Yes she’s finally here” this is Ella. Mum said

Madam pls follow us” the man said to Aurora

Okay this is confusing” what’s happening here. I finally said

Can’t you see they asked to take me to the industry for coming first in the exam. Aurora said

Coming first? Mother say something what’s happening. I yelled

Go on my dear Ella” mum said to Aurora and the man took her to the car.

Oh no” she’s not taking my place. Am the first….I took first in the exam. I shouted chasing the vehicle but mother draw me back and landed a hot slap on my right cheek

Mother” I called slowly

You bastard” she landed another slap on my cheeks again

I fed you, clothes you, take you as mine since child. But you can’t do me this one favour. Who do you think you are? That you are my husband child? Of Course NO

My husband saw you on his way home that very day at night inside a basket. He bought you home and I took you in. Did you think you have a home here?

Mother said and the pain I feel right now is much more than the one have been going through.

Mum is lying Ella don’t mind her” what happened. Kathy said

Am not lying Kathy” ella doesn’t belong here. Mother said again and a glimpse of sadness run through me.

Oh no no no” I said and run to where Gods know.

Ella….Ella…Ella” Kathy called behind me but my leg denied me off stopping

           💦Hyung pov💦

She finally left, mum can be so disturbing sometimes. Did she think of me has that small kid from then.

I can finally have a good sleep now. I said and laid on my bed “Sing for me” I remembered and I sprang up immediately.

I need to listen to the voice record” where’s my phone. I search but couldn’t find any.

Oh” I left it in the living room. Let me quickly have it

Wow” this is the best voice have ever heard. I heard dave said

Just like Lisa” chris said

Hyung where did you see this girl? Her voice is so superb. Dave said

Whose voice” I heard Tyler speak at my back.

Oh tyler” you need to hear this. Chris said standing up

It’s nothing tyler, Don’t mind them” I said Tyler nods and continues walking.

Give me my phone chris. I said but stop right on my spot immediately the voice came up

🎶Because I met you🎶
🎶 my life become so beautiful🎶
🎶Because I met you🎶
🎶I feel like a queen with you🎶
🎶Because I met you🎶
🎶Happiness took all over me🎶

Liiiiiisssssssaaaaa” Tyler said softly

Wow” what a nice voice. I said collecting my phone from chris smiling at tyler who seems so lost

Wait a moment hyung” tyler said

🎶Oh oh oh oh🎶
🎶Is this happening forever🎶
🎶Will this moment last forever🎶
🎶I don’t wish you leave me at all🎶
🎶But father you finally left🎶

🎶Because I met you🎶
🎶Happiness took all over me🎶

This voice….this….voice….Tyler collapsed immediately

Tyler….tyler….tyler” call the doctor Chris. I yelled

Tyler…tyler” dave called but no reply
He is suffering from shock” but he will regain consciousness in the nextfive minutes. I will prescribed some drug for him and make sure he use it to avoid another shocked. The doctor said

Thank you doctor” I really appreciate. Hope is fine now

I assure you sir” is very okay. The doctor said

Thank you and please keep this a secret from everyone, press must not hear this. I said

You don’t have to worry” that’s my job. He said.

Thank you so much once again” i said

It’s my pleasure sir. He said and left

Hyung”how is he? His manager said rushing to his side

The doctor said his fine and will regain conscious in the next five minutes. I replied

What really cause this again? His Manager asked

He fell unconscious after hearing this voice. Dave said and play the voice record

Lisa” his manager called and I quickly covered his voice

Sorry hyung” but is she a human or what? The manager ask

We don’t know either but hyung can reply to that. Chris said

I was drunk” i don’t really remember anything from that night. I said

How can we find her?manager ask again

I don’t kn…….. Wait I heard her says her name came first in the college results.

Oh yes” Dave said

First in college results? That’s Ella Salvador. Manager said

Correct” Ella to be precise. She said it in the voice record

There’s no time to waste then” she might be with the NED. I said

You are right” let’s go check on her. Chris said

That will be tomorrow………



Episode seven (7)

                💎Kathy pov💎

How can you say that to her” You know Ella is so fragile, She might hurt herself.

Shut up Kathy” don’t you want your sister to be a star also. Have been tolerating her since but not anymore. Mum said

What are you saying mum” we all know Aurora can’t sing. She only know how to dance even Ella is good in dancing also.

She will cope. I trust my daughter, she will sing and dance. She’s going to become a star. She said again

Am not there look” let me go and find Ella

Come back here” you dare not leave this house. She belongs out there and not here.

Is getting late mum” where did you want her to go

Anywhere she wish” in fact she can kill herself. I don’t care

But mum…..

No but Kathy…..she said and walk out

Mum can be so mean” I found it hard to believe she gave birth to me.

Oh poor girl” I wonder how Ella is doing.

     💦Aurora POV💦

We’re so glad to have you here in our industry” we hope to get something better from you. The MD of the industry said and stretch forth his hand for handshake

My pleasure sir” I said and took his hand with honor. I can’t wait to see F4 oppa and tiana. That has been on my mind since.

Okay go in the studio and let’s see what your voice looks like. The MD said and my heart skip a beat.

What’s he saying? Me sing….I don’t know how to sing. Mum didn’t plan this well she’s just into the money. What do I do

Miss Ella please let’s hear you sing. One of them said again .

What do I do? Where would I even start from? Oh gosh…..I only know how to dance but can’t sing. Even ella dancing step is still better than mine. I wonder why she’s so perfect.

Please sing” They said again

Ouch ouch” my head. I pretend

What happened to you Ella? They all asked at the same time rushing me

I think I have headache” ouch

Headache? The MD asked

Yes headache” I replied

I don’t think she has what we’re looking for. One man said

I doubt it also” the other said

What do you mean? I finally voice out

You can’t sing. Another said

She can sing” someone said from outside the door and we all look up to see

F4….hyung opppaaaa? He is so handsome. Have been longing to see him
Look at his hair. His eye and his….wait Did he just said I can sing?

Hyung” the MD called

Hyung” others chorus

She can sing….she have the voice you are looking for. Just like lisa voice. Hyung says

What’s he saying? I have the voice….oh no

How did you know she has the voice? The MD said

This” he said and brought out his phone. He pressed a button and a voice came up

Wow” this must be Ella’s voice. I mumbled and continue to listen. Hyung never took his eyes away from mine. I just wish to kiss his full lips.


Superb superb……

Is this her voice……


Your voice is one in a million my dear. The MD said and hug me.

Tha….thank you sir. I replied

This is what we have been looking for” there’s no need for you to practice anymore. With this voice…..I will make sure you have a show very soon. The MD said

Really? I asked happily

Yes my dear” you are so wonderful. He says

Thank you sir…..thank you sir. I said

Do you still feel the headache? He asked

Me…headache? I never had headache. I replied

But you said you had a headache earlier… another said

Oh yes yes I do….ouch

Stupid me” how can I forget I lied. I hope am safe…..

Can we talk for a moment? Hyung opppa asked

Oh really opppa? I asked

A moment pls” he said and held my hand and we walk outside.

Omg” if this is a dream, I never wish to wake up again. F4 opppaa hyung held me in my hand. I can’t wait to kiss him

Are you okay? He asked

Y….ye…..yes …am fine. I said and cleared my throat

Thanks for helping me” he said

Help?…me, when? I never helped you…am just seeing you for the first time so when did I helped you. I said

You mean this is your first time meeting me? He asked

Yes” I replied

Okay” I should drop you

Really? You want to take me home? I will so much appreciate

                💦Hyung POV💦

Something is wrong somewhere”how can she said she’s just meeting me for the first time.

She’s hiding something” I must figure out what it is…



 Episode eight (8)

Thanks for the ride oppa” I really hope to see alot of this. Aurora said seductively to hyung who just dropped her

What’s that your name again? Hyung asked

Aurora” she said

Aurora? Hyung asked

Oh i….I…mean Ella” yeah Ella is my name but mum called me Aurora. You can as well call me Aurora. I really prefer that to Ella. She said and squeezed face

Aurora and Ella…. Did you really came first in the Exam? Hyung asked

Of course” what will i be doing in the NED then if am not the first. Aurora replied adjusting her boobs and smiling sheepishly.

You really have a nice voice…..can you sing for me? Hyung ask

Oh…sing…..yeah…ouch…i just remember i have a headache. I won’t be able to sing, I have a headache

I will sing for you some other time but i gat to take care of myself bye. She didn’t wait for hyung to say a word before running.

I think my curiosity Is right” she can’t be Ella and Aurora at the same time.

Something is definitely not right” I must find out as soon as possible.

I still have so much time… I can just check on father.

               💦Ella pov💦

“Dad you promise to tell me who my mother is”

“Ella stop asking who your mother is…….
she’s doing fine wherever she is and I want the same for you”

“Dad i love you”

“I love you too Ella”

” am taking you to musical college tomorrow”

” father please wake up”

” have you wash the dishes, the clothes….
have you cooked. “Bastard”

“Mother please don’t kill me”

“You are a bastard” “bastard…bastard”

” my husband found you in a basket near the river bank”

“You don’t belong here….you don’t belong here”

Nooooooooooooooo” she shouted out loud holding her head as the memories keep showing and showing.

Father where are you” please come and tell me this is not true

Am I truly a bastard? Did you really found me in a basket? Where are my parents?

Am I unwanted? Dad please just tell me is not true.

For all my life have been thinking she’s just acting that way because she’s my step mother never did it occur to me that am just a bastard. Unwanted child
I have to go back home since i have no where to go” I should go home. She said after calming herself

What am I to do” I only have her as a mother and that place as a home

Mother will be waiting for me. Who knows maybe she’s regretting her actions now.

Hello miss” I heard and look up

Have seen this face before” but where? I said to myself wandering

My father” he said pointing to the grave

Oh hyung? I called

Yes” why are you sitting here on my Father’s grave crying. Don’t you know you are disturbing him? He said rudely

Relax” don’t be stupid…. Besides am just here to calm myself. I said

On my Father’s grave? He yelled

Stop yelling at me hyung” so tell me did you catch a cold? I asked touching his head.

Hey……… Calm down” will you? I cut him short and he stayed still

Are you perhaps…..Ella? He asked

Exactly” I thought you won’t remember me since you are drunk. I said

Did you perhaps sing? He asked

No” I don’t sing. I said

To be with mother, I must let go of my dream. I thought to myself

You don’t sing? He asked again

I don’t sing….I only help you that day so you won’t catch a cold. Moreover why asking maybe I sing. I asked

Nothing…….just asking” he said but I see the confused look on his face.

Anyway” take care of yourself. I said and proceed but stop on my track when I heard my voice.

Did you perhaps….

No” I said immediately stopping him

I don’t know how to sing so stop disturbing me whether I sing or not. I said and walk away.

Am only doing this because of mother. I hope she will get to accept me if I stop singing.

            💎Hyung POV💎

What’s wrong with me? Am I really dreaming?

She said she doesn’t sing. Then whose voice is this?

I need to follow her…….am sure the owner of the jacket owns this voice. Sure going to find out.

             💦Aurora pov

Really” that means we need that stupid girl to sing in your replacement.

Yes mum” but now you’ve chased her away. Where do we look for her?

Calm down Aurora am sure she will come back home. She has nowhere to stay, so she will be back soon.

Are you sure of this mum? I asked

Yes am sure” that bastard have nowhere to go. Where can she go? Mum said

Mum….mum” am sure you two will regret this but you can still do something before it’s too late. Kathy said

Am just thinking now if am really the one that give birth to you, Are sick Kathy? What are we going to regret….you better keep quiet now. Mum yelled at her.

I wonder what she gives to you, you don’t always support us but her. Am sure she has bewitched you.

Aurora warn yourself am telling you” I am not Ella who is so helpless. if you cross your limit Aurora. Kathy said and my mouth went agape.

Mum did you see her….did you see the way she’s talking to me. If you…..

Mother” I heard Ella’s voice said behind me. The bastard sure comes back as mum said……tatata she’s so helpless indeed.

Ella” ella are you okay…did you cry. Am sorry ella, am sorry I can’t help you. Kathy said crying

Enough of your stupid tears Kathy” and you, why did you come back. Mum said

Mother I have nowhere to go please, I was so desperate to sing and didn’t occur to me that I can never be a star no matter what. Just give me a space in your heart and treat me like your daughter. Ella said with so much affection.

I felt pity for her but I can’t stop myself from taking her place. I mean I want to be a stardom.

It’s okay ella” i can only take you as a daughter on one condition. Mum said

I promise you mother” anything…..i mean am going to do just anything you want. You want me to stop singing? I will, just please let me have a home here too just like your daughters.

Am not stopping you from singing, but you will only sing in replacement of Aurora. You will sing for Aurora sake not for your sake. Mother said

You want me to sing for Aurora right? I will. She said

That’s not what am saying” what i mean is this……she’s going to take your fame, you will be the one to sing, she will be the one to be credit for it. Mum said

Mother” she yelled and we all moved back from her in fear.

Did she just yelled at mum?

Did you just yelled at me? Mum asked not believing it

What are you saying mother” who does that. She wept bitterly

Shut up your mouth Ella” am trying to help you here. Mum said

No you are not trying to help me but you are trying to ruin me. I will be in a corner singing and she will be on the stage taking credit for my effort,how can you say that mother, I would rather die. She said with determination

Then go and die” is better to die than to be in this life. Cause I will make your life miserable. I said

Aurora” how can you say that to her, don’t you have a human feeling? She should die, will you be happy if she does? Kathy yelled at me.

Oh yes i will be happy” she wants to have a home, a mother. Did she think it’s for free? Of course is not. I retorted

Aurora you are getting too far and this time you won’t succeed. I promise you that. Ella says

Oh you can talk right? I have been wanting to do this but right here I think I have the opportunity to slap you. I said and slapped her.

Aurora…….Kathy shout

Now leave here and from this moment you are FORBIDDEN. Father is not here to save you from this Ella. I said

I know am still going to leave here, but it never occur to me it will be so soon. I will leave BUT have been wanting to do this a very long time ago. She said and slapped me.

Ella” did you just slapped me? I couldn’t control myself as I made to slap her again but she twist my hand backside.

Good” you will learn not to cross your lane next time. Kathy said

Enough of this nonsense Ella” mum yell and she leaves me alone

           💦Ella POV💦

Mother” since my childhood have been calling you a mother which you never returned to me, have been loving you as a mother but you never do the same. I thank you so much, atleast you didn’t kill me till this moment I only suffer from you.

Assuming you have poison my food or stabbed me while sleeping what would have become of me? But you didn’t do that, you only tortured and makes me suffer.

You are indeed a mother” assuming is someone else, she won’t have take the baby in while am still a child but you took me in and Carter for me.

I so much respect you for that, thank you so much. You didn’t do me bad but you only push me to look for my parents.

And you Aurora” you want to plant your Cassava where there’s no hope. Like I said you won’t succeed.

I will look for my parents, sing and become a star just wait and see.

Kathy” Katherine never for once makes me sad. You are indeed a loving sister. I promise am coming back for you.




Episode nine(9)

           💎Hyung POV💎

I can’t believe all this is really happening” she’s a fake Ella, she wants her to sing in her replacement. Who does that? How long will she deceived the world.

I know from her behavior that something is not right, how long will you do this Aurora?

Have been following Ella with my car for the past one hour now and she hasn’t stop crying.

How can I help her? She’s just walking around to where God knows. I can’t take this any longer, her crying is affecting me

I need to go and get her” I open my car door and cross to the other side where she is

Ella” I called and she look up at me with tears all over her face

Follow me Ella, I will make you sing” I promise you. I said but she says nothing

I mean I saw everything that happened and from my view, you have nowhere to go so follow me now. I said again and wait patiently for her to talk but nothing came from her

See Ella, I understand your pain and I……

You understand nothing….do you know what pain really is huh? She yelled

For the past nineteen years have been living under the roof of an enemy but I keep going because father loves me and never for once makes me cry

For the fact that mother hates me yet I took her as my mother, I have no mother but I feel like having a motherly love. She treats me bad yet I treat her like a mother cause I never knew what my own mother looks like.

Did you know what pain really is? Pain is having a home but not knowing where it is. Pain is having a family but not knowing where they are. Pain is needing a shoulders to cry on bit never had none

You don’t know pain do you? She asked cleaning her tears.

Ella look i really………….📲i stopped and brought out my phone

Hello Dave📲I said into the phone, Ella stood up and began to run. Where’s she going?

Ella wait…..

Tyler is awake?📲

Am coming right away📲 I said and end the call

Where did she run to? I don’t really know anywhere around here.

I tried searching for her but to no avail, Ella where are you? Chris called again

📲 Hello📲

Am coming📲

I need to go now” I wish to see you again Ella, i know you will surely come around.
Hyung” Dave and chris called on me immediately I entered the mansion

Where’s Tyler? I asked

In his room” he answered and I quickly rush to meet him

He is back to his old self” I heard Dave said and I stopped walking

What do you mean? I asked not believing

He won’t talk to no one hyung” Dave said again

I have to go see him” he will talk to me right? He is going to remember me and talked to me right?

Tyler” I called immediately I open the door to his room. I saw him lying on his bed, looking up and with earphone around his neck

Tyler I called again moving close to him

Who are you? He asked and I couldn’t control the hot tears that’s threatening me.

Tyler you can’t go back to your old self will you? try to understand this. Lisa is gone so you can’t do this to yourself Tyler.

I don’t understand you, who is lisa and besides i don’t know you. He said again

You are very selfish Tyler, you don’t think about the people surrounding you, did you have any clue of what we’re going through whenever we see you like this?

You are the most loving person and playful person have ever seen but look at yourself now. She’s gone can’t you see

Excuse me” I won’t have you talk to me this way. Will you leave my room? He said

Fine” if this is what you choose then it’s fine but remember she’s not going to come back into yourlife. I said and walk out.

I met Dave and chris at the doorway but I walked pass them.

The last time he had memory loss like this took him a year to remember any of us. Now I don’t know how long this will.

How do I have a feeling Ella can be of help to us this time around, I mean he was this way after hearing her voice. Her voice can possibly change him.

I think the two of you have something to do with each other. But where are you Ella.

              💦Ella POV💦

Ouch” I wince in pain as the car knocked me down.

Am sorry my daughter, am so sorry I wasn’t in my right senses. Are you okay? Are you hurt? Let me check did you have any bruises…..she keep on talking but I was lost staring at her.

Should I take you to the hospital? She asked bringing me back to life

No ma’am am very okay, besides am the one at fault you don’t have to take the blame. I said

No my daughter, I was thinking a lot that I don’t see you coming. she said with tears and I feel for her

Whatever you are thinking ma’am just know everything happens for a reason. I said and stand up from the floor.

Where are you going” I can take you there. She says

No ma’am I will be fine. I replied

I insist my daughter, you are such a nice girl. Your mother is very lucky to have you. She said

I think she’s lucky but she left me anyway
I said

What did you say? The woman asked

Never mind” just take care of yourself and stop thinking. I said and tried to walk but she drag me back

I insist I drop you off to wherever you are going. She said

But I have nowhere to go, have been walking around like this since yesterday and nowhere to go. I cried

Its okay my daughter” whatever happens just know it happens for a reason now come with me. She says and we both clean our tears.

Follow me” she said again and I did. She drove for a while and parked in front of a big mansion.

This is beautiful”

Yes it is…..I heard her says

Did I say that loud” come with me darling. She says

Yeah……this is where I live, it’s late let me show you to your room. She said and I followed her gently looking around lustfully.

This is my son’s room, this is my husband’s room but his late now. She says

Oh am sorry about that….I said
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It’s okay my daughter, you don’t say sorry for what you didn’t do. She said and I nod in agreement

and this is my room. You can make one of the rooms yours. Just look and take the one you like. She said to me

Thank you ma” I really appreciate.

You don’t have to thank me, now go to your room. let me freshen up so I can cook something for us to eat.

Alright ma’am” I said and walk to one of the rooms. Wow…..this is 3x bigger than my previous room.

Everything is so clean like someone is sleeping here. It’s even my favorite color.I just love it

I laid on the bed and trust me, I feel like sleeping but I have to freshen up. Am smelling like a rat.

I open the bathroom door and there I saw a jacuzzi and shower. Which one should I use now. I think jacuzzi will be much better to cool my head. I soaked myself in.

I tied the towel around my body and looked for my clothes very dirty I can’t wear this. Oops i have no clothes to wear, I said and sit on the bed.

I heard a knock on the door not long and I quickly went to open the door.

I bring you clothes, you can wear this for today. Tomorrow you will go shopping. She said

Thank you very much ma’am, really appreciate your kindness.

Now be fast so you can eat. She said

Yes ma’am” i replied.

Yeah yeah, less I forgot, What’s your name? She asked

Anabelle” I said

Wow” I never imagine you could have such a beautiful name. Just like how beautiful you are, the name really suit your beauty. She said lowly and I can see she’s struggling to hide her tears

Meet me downstairs” she said and rush out before I could say anything to her

What’s wrong with her? I hope I did nothing wrong.

                 💦Tyler pov💦    

“You are very selfish, did you have any clue what we got through whenever we see you this way”

Aish” why’s this words repeating itself in my brain. Who’s he to me?

Why did he have to say am selfish” am I selfish? I don’t really understand who he is.

Am sorry tyler” the boy said has he open my door.

Am sorry for what I said to you earlier, I didn’t really mean it. He said

It’s okay boy” I replied

Am hyung and you? He asked

Oh yeah am tyler” I think you called my name earlier.

Nice meeting you” he said and stretch out his hand.

My pleasure” I said and shake him.

There’s this voice I want you to listen to on my phone if you don’t mind. He said

Of course I don’t mind” I replied and he brought out his phone to play me a song

🎶Because I met you🎶
🎶My life becomes so beautiful🎶
🎶Because I met you🎶
🎶I feel like a queen with you🎶
🎶Because I met you🎶
🎶Happiness took all over me🎶

🎵Oh oh oh oh oh🎵
🎶Is this happening forever🎶
🎶Will this moment last forever🎶
🎶I don’t wish you leave me at all🎶
🎶But father you finally left🎶

🎶Because I m……..are you crying Tyler? He asked

Am sorry hyung for hurting your feelings. Now I know the reason why you said am selfish. I can’t just stop thinking about Lisa that I hurt my love ones in the process.

Do you remember me now? He asked

Stupid” of course I do, how can I forget you hyung. I said and hug him.

Am really happy you finally remembered me tyler. Please promise me, promise you won’t hurt yourself. Promise me you won’t forget me. He said

I promise you Tyler” but you wi have to find Lisa for me.

There you go again, Lisa Lisa Lisa ain’t you tired of that name. It been three years Tyler, 3 good years. Why can’t you get it. He yelled

I don’t want to get married to Tiana, you know what I mean. I have 3months now to find a female singer if not I will get married to Tiana.

I found a female singer Tyler, I promise to find her for you before that three months end so will you stop saying Lisa? He asked

Lisa sings that song when she’s still alive and I don’t know about it. I said

This isn’t Lisa’s voice tyler, this is the female singer voice. He said

What do you mean?……….



Episode 10(Ten)

           💦Kathy pov💦

Can’t just imagine all this happened” I waited all day for Ella but not even a glimpse of her.

I miss her so much, I think of how my days is going to be without her.

But am happy she stood up for herself. Mum just choose to be wicked to her.

I pray you find happiness wherever you are and become a big celebrity tomorrow.

When we get to meet…. That is if possible we get to meet, I just don’t want to call you Ella. I want to call you Ella the rockstar.

Ella… Ella.. My darling” wish you good luck.

What are you doing” mum ask

Mum I miss Ella… Don’t you miss her?

Me? Miss Ella? That’s not possible, I don’t miss her, Infact she can die I don’t care and am sure she would have die since cause she has nowhere to stay.

Mummy” you don’t miss her, I agree with you but what’s with this ur thought of her dying? Who knows maybe she’s somewhere enjoying her life.

Come of it Kathy” enjoying? Ella? Am sure nobody will helped her with the way she’s smelling.

Okay mum” I heard you but I will remind you of this day.

That aside” am feeling very tired, have been washing all the clothes since am about to cook you can do that for me am so tired. Mum said

You are tired? Mum, did you use the washing machine? I asked

Of course” I don’t just know how am feeling

You are tired even when you use machine to wash, Ella that you banned from using machine while washing doesn’t get tired.

After making her wash endlessly, she will still go inside the kitchen nd cook the food she won’t eat but now I wonder why you got tired because of a clothes machine washed for you.

Enough of this…. Go into the kitchen and cook for me to eat. She says

Mum am tired” I need to read for tomorrow’s exams . You know……. I have a lot to do mum.

Go and read we will all stay like that tonight cause I won’t go Into that kitchen.

             💦Tiana POV 💦

so you are fake? What’s she saying, Stella I don’t understand, tell her to repeat herself.

Are you not Ella? The one that has the voice. Stella asked

Am not Ella” I was asked to pretend as Ella, I don’t have any voice….. I can’t sing. She cried

You know what? You don’t joke with me cause am going kill you if you do. I yelled at her

I am not joking with you Tiana” my mum force me in doing this. She cried

Okay where’s Ella” that MD is telling me that they found someone better than me. I can’t let that happened cause no one is better than me. Since you are fake, I need to find the real Ella. Now where’s Ella for the last time before I blow ur head? I asked

I don’t know where she is” I would have told you but I don’t have any clue of where she could have been. She cried

Tiana let me see you for a moment” Stella whisper to me.

You know killing this babe won’t sort anything out. She knows the real Ella but we don’t. So my suggestion is to bring her closer so we can find out who the Ella really is. Stella said


No but Tiana, you and I know what will happened once NED find someone who is better than you. Just do what I said and once we find the Ella then we kill them both just like we did to Lisa.

Shhhhh” don’t you know someone might hear you, bring down your voice. I caution

Am sorry Tiana” am just concern about you. She said

Okay let’s do as you said” we conclude and walk back to where the fake Ella is tied down.

Okay have decided to help you and you can also be my friend you know……..

So you can kill me just like you did to Lisa? She said making me so shocked

Of course I heard everything you said but it’s so surprising that the Rockstar Tiana is a murderer. She said again

Will you shut up? Oh you think this gun in my hand is a fake Just like you are? I promise am going to kill you if you say’s anything again. I yelled pointing the gun at her

Omg are you putting up an act? Tiana the Rockstar. Go ahead and pulled the trigger but one thing is sure. Once you pull the trigger, just know you pulled your secret out as well.

You dare not do that to me…….. I said lowly

Hey messenger ” free me of this rope. She said to Stella who boiled up immediately.

Am talking to you,is not as if you are deaf or are you? She said again to Stella who walked slowly to free her.

Oh my this is bandage” or will you try it and see how inconvenience it is. She said giving the rope to Stella.

Well I know you won’t want to try that and back to you the rockstar. She say’s and face me.

How will you feel if someone point the gun at you. She said and hijacked the gun from me before I could do anything

Don’t play with that it’s not a joke” I yelled feeling scared.

did you used this to kill Lisa, cause am sure she did have begged for her life but you didn’t adhere.

How I wish I met someone like you a long time ago, I would have killed that stupid Ella but you are just showing up after she ran away. She said and that got me.

Really” are you also a killer? I asked

I am not but I can start from you. She says pointing the gun at us.

Okay calm down” what did you want me to do, I know you want something so what’s it? I asked

Wow” I know you are very smart for you to have figure out I want something. Anyway I do but what I want is not much and only if you can do it. She says

What exactly it is? I asked calmly

Good” I know you are so smart for you to have killed someone years back without anyone finding out, What a good killer.

Stop calling me a killer and say whatever you want. I yelled

What I want is not much…. I want you to take me to the NED industry, tell them am fake and make them sign me in as an upcoming star with my real name. That’s all

What? You must be joking” with this your awful voice! You want to sing? Is not possible. I said

But my voice is still better than this stupid messenger with you here. She said referring to Stella.

You don’t call me messenger, I am……..

Shut up” who are you then? Of course you are my messenger, I picked you up from the gutter and made you a star you are now and you are telling me………

Enough” you can fight while you get home
Deal or no deal? She asked

Well” since we both have the same enemy which is Ella? It’s a deal. You are useful than this bitch.

             💎Ella POV💎

living here with Mrs Gloria, I must say she’s very nice but I notice something is not right with her

I feel like am home, I usually have this closeness feeling whenever am with her.

She did a shopping of 50dollars for me and I was ‘wow’ this is much but she say’s not to thank her. But I think this is my last day in this house.

She called me into her room but I didn’t see her. Maybe she’s using the bathroom. Let me just wait for her till she’s done.

This is my first time entering her room. I can’t just stop staring at every corner of the room. I know she’s sending me out anyway

Oh Ella you are here? She asked as she came out of the bathroom.

Yes ma’am” I didn’t see you so I suggest you did be in the bathroom that’s why am still waiting. I said standing up

Have your sit Ella” I know you will be wondering why I called for you right? She asked

Yes ma’am” am afraid I don’t have nowhere to go if you send me out. I said and kneel for her.

Common Ella” don’t be like this. Stand up pleas. why would I send you out. You are such a good girl. She says and my i smile a little.

does that mean she’s not sending me out? But what did she want to say then. I thought

I called you here because I notice something in you. She paused and look at me.

Do you sing? She asked and I wondered how she got to know

I mean yesterday you are cooking in the kitchen, I saw you singing and for the first time I heard a voice just like Lisa. She said

Lisa? I said

Oh didn’t you heard about the female singer who dead years back?

No ma I didn’t, I just know about Tiana and F4.I said

What’s your dream Ella? She asked the question and I feel like crying.

For the first time someone care about me and asked what my dream is. Aside father who also wish I become a star one day.

Ma’am” for all my life, have dream of becoming a singer and maybe one day become a rockstar 👨‍🎤.

You see my daughter” I can only help you in becoming a singer but you can help yourself in becoming a rockstar.

How ma’am? I asked

Becoming a singer is very easy but to become a rockstar is the easier. You sing like you will never sing again and Practice like you never won. By that you can become a rock star.

But am not even a singer yet talk less of becoming a rockstar.. I said

I can make you achive your dream of becoming a singer my dear. She said

Really? I asked excited

Yes my dear, I will get you register in an industry 🏭 where you can become a singer.

Wow I will be so glad I can’t repay you all your kindness towards me ma’am. I said and notice her mood changed.

Ma’am you don’t always seems happy sometimes. You can confide in me ma’am. I said and surprisingly she held my two hands in hers

You see Ella, I made a Big mistakes when am still young, a gravity one as that. But I hope she forgive me wherever she is. I hope she find a little space in her heart to forgive me. She cried

I don’t really understand your mistake but am sure everything happens for a reason. I said

You see the first time I saw you, something attract you to me which is your intelligent. You are such a darling!

Thank you ma’am” I laugh

You are very beautiful when you smile…. Back to our discussion I wish you go to america , there’s this industry that is bigger than NED that’s where I want you to go.

NED has nothing to offer you and your voice is so good to be in NED industry with that Tiana of a girl.

I just don’t really like her so I don’t want you in NED. Be ready for you are going to America tomorrow. Am sure you and Mirabel will get along so well. She say’s and the happiness am feeling knew no bound.

Wow am so grateful to you ma’am” so grateful. I said and hug her

Call me Gloria” I don’t really go with this ma’am. Am not comfortable. She say’s

I should have call you Mrs Gloria but I will rather call you MUM. I said

You don’t mean it? She asked

Through you, I get to know motherly love and care. You took me as a daughter and take very good care of me like am yours so I don’t see anything wrong calling you a mother. I said

I knew you are a blessings, and I won’t disappoint you darling. She hug me and I gladly hug back

Go and prepare for tomorrow’s flight 🛩
My upcoming rockstar. She said and we laugh

Yes mother” But mum I never see your son you told me about? I asked

Oh hyung is very busy” he is also a rockstar you get to meet him when you are back. She says

Okay mum” I said and with that I walked away

Father did you see that? Your dream is coming true. Am going to America to start a new life tomorrow. Thank you mother for chasing me away if not I won’t have met with such a nice woman.

You didn’t know you chance me to where my success is. God do things the way he wants.

                💦Mrs Gloria💦

Tamara” please forgive me wherever you are. Am just a teenager who doesn’t know what to do at that time.

Assuming I didn’t do what I did that time you would have grown up into a pretty lady just like Ella. But please forgive me.