The Forbidden All Episodes

The Forbidden All Episodes

Episode 1-5



She love singing🎶

She cried a lot

She worked a lot

She was maltreated

She was loved by many

Who’s she?

She’s Ella” she’s 20, who lives with her father and her step mother. They are not rich but happy. Despite the hardship she got, she never stop believing and dreaming.

She’s in love but guess who?

Can she ever be with who she loved?

Can fate bring them together?

She has a two siblings….Katy and Aurora.

Katy ….a 15 years old girl who doesn’t like how her mother maltreated Ella and loves her for her talent.

Sometimes she helped Ella with the house chores and get beaten by her sister or mother but that doesn’t makes her stop helping her.

Aurora….she’s 18 and she hate the fact that Ella is talented and was loved by many. She makes her life a miserable hell.

She make’s sure she blocked all her ways

She just hate her due to the facts that her father loves Ella more than her.

She’s also in love……but who?

Let’s find out in this story.

Mrs Veronica (her stepmother) hates and maltreat her badly but did Ella survive all this.

She think her husband love’s Ella more than anything so she vow to destroy her life.

Ella dream Is to become a singer but can her dream come to pass?

🎸 Twinkle, twinkle, little star. 🎸
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
🎸 Like a diamond in the sky. 🎸
🎸 Twinkle, twinkle little star. 🎸
How I wonder what you are
When the blazing sun is gone
When he nothing shines upon
Then you show your little light
Twinkle, twinkle, all the night
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
🎸 How I wonder what you are. 🎸
🎸. Pawpaw is a kind of fruit..
Sweet like sugar… yellow like fanta
Everybody like pawpaw…… PAWPAW 🎸
to stop then i tried my favorite song.
🎸 I wish…i could stand…on the star 🎸
🎸 I wish…i could be…where you are 🎸
🎸 They say don’t you ever give up 🎸
🎸 It so hard to be something
when you’re not. 🎸
🎼🎵 But i have walked alone…….
🎼🎵 with the stars and the moon night.
🎼🎵 I have walked alone….
🎼🎵 no one by my side.
🎼🎵 But now i walk with you
🎼🎵 With my head held high
🎼🎵 In the darkest sky
🎼🎵 I feel so alive.
🎸. Adrift, a lonely little cloud. 🎸
🎸. Above ground where i stand so proud. 🎸
🎸. My feet growing louder through the crowd 🎸
🎸. As i walked with the beauty of the night. 🎸
🎼🎵 But i have walked alone…….
🎼🎵 with the stars and the moonlit night.
🎼🎵 I have walked alone….
🎼🎵 no one by my side.
🎼🎵 But now i walk with you
🎼🎵 With my head held high
🎼🎵 In the darkest sky
🎼🎵 I feel so alive.

Ella continue singing as she wash the dishes in the kitchen. She doesn’t know her father was watching her all along not until he calls her name.

Daddy” how long have you been here? She asked.

Long enough to see you dance and sing with your Angelica voice” her father replied her as she showed off her teeth.

Dad” why is It that you have never tell me anything about my mom and if i asked you are always speechless. She suddenly asked after a brief silent

Ella” have told you not to say anything about your mother. The mother you have now is Veronica (her step mom) okay?

Yes dad” she replied lowly.

Am planning on taking you to music college tomorrow since you wanted to be a singer. Her daddy said

Really daddy” she asked jumping around.

Yes ella” so get ready tomorrow. Her dad said and leave.

Yes….yes” finally my dream is coming true and i will get to see him tomorrow. Omg thanks daddy.

Stupid girl….have you finished with the plates? Her step mom asked

No mom” she replied still smiling

Oh I see” he has promise to take you to college tomorrow right? We shall see. She said and left.


And more

A story filled with true love and hatred




Episode one(1)

  💦 Ella's POV

Dad please wake up” you can’t just give up on us now. Please wake up.

My husband” where did you want me to start from? With those kids. Please wake up and let’s take care of them together.
We have no one except God. Wake up please. Says mother

Father don’t leave us now” we need you the most in our lives. Father open your eyes.Aurora said but no sign at all

You promised me yesterday remember” you said you are going to take me to the college today so why are you not waking, why are you not answering us.

You see this foolishness in you” is it this time you supposed to remember that he promised to take you to college? He is not waking and what comes to your mind is college. Mother said and pounce on me.

Who knows maybe she killed father because of her too much demanding” beat her well well mother. Aurora said and also hit me

Please stop all this” katy shouted ontop of her voice. Stop it, will you? Father is not waking and you are beating the innocent girl. Is she responsible? Please can someone tell me this is not happening. Is father really dead? Katy asked crying.

Yes katy father is dead” Aurora replied her.

Oh no” daddy please talk to me, is me katy. Remember you promised to stay by my side always, remember you promise to take Ella to college.

Will you just stop this nonsense? I don’t want to hear the word college. So stop it Kathy. Mother said to her feeling so perplexed.

Your father is dead and there’s nothing anybody can do to it” what’s next is how we’re going to take him to the mortgage for preparations. Mother added

              Two days after

🎶 i don’t want to believe🎶
🎶but you makes me believe it🎶
🎶 is just like yesterday🎶
🎶 when you promise me,when🎶
🎶you said you are gonna stay by me🎶
🎶 where are you, you …..

Stupid girl” I heard mothers voice and flinch immediately standing up to my feet

who asked you to sing? Didn’t I warned you not to sing in this house again? You are here singing and my daughters are there hungry. She said and slapped me

Mothe….. If I hear you called mother, I will so much deal with you. Am not your mother okay? Bastard. She said

Mum” if you are not her mother then who is her mother” have you forgotten she’s fathers daughter? And since she’s fathers daughter she’s also your daughter. Kathy said

Will you shut up before I slap you” whose daughter? Can’t you see she’s a bastard? I only give birth to two and not three.

Mum tell her ooo” Aurora said and laugh at me mocking me.

But mum…. If I hear you say anything there? She warned Kathy.

And you” go inside the kitchen and cook for us. mind you, you cook for me and my children if I see you eat in this house. You are in for it. Okay? She said

Yes mother” I said and left drenched with my tears.

Am not eating if Ella is not eating” I heard Kathy voice said

           💎 Tyler POV💎

🎶oh baby🎶
🎶i want you🎶
🎶 yes you 🎶
🎶i need you🎶
🎶you are the one I want🎶
🎶 but so pain you are no more🎶
🎶 I want to feel loved🎶
🎶 but I want it to be you🎶

Wow” you rock it opppa..The crowd yelled as I drop the microphone and leave the stage.

I love this oppa….

We love you oppa….

This song is a blast…..

Is opppa in tears……

Who’s the lucky girl……

Monalisa see what you cause…..

Oppa in tears….

Monalisa is dead oppppa……

Let’s get married oppppa…..

You did well Tyler” hyung said but I didn’t say anything as I order for my driver to take me home and the bodyguard followed immediately.

Its just so crowded here tonight” I need some rest.

The driver drove me to our mansion and I leave for my room immediately.

Why did you have to leave me lisa” I said immediately I closed the door to my room.

Whhhhhhhhy” I yelled and break the mirror in my room which cause my hand bleeding.

You promise didn’t you? You said you are going to stay by my side. So why?

You claim to love me so why do you leave me all alone?

Tyler” hyung knocked at the door but I was so weak and bled a lot that I couldn’t open the door nor say a word to him.

Tyler open up” he shouted again but I said nothing.

Tyler is me” please open up. I heard my mum voice as I stood up immediately.

Mum” I called softly

Yes Tyler open up” she said and I went to open the door for her

Mum” I cried hugging her

It’s okay Tyler” get it over with, is already 3years Tyler and monalisa can never come back to you. Please don’t do this to yourself. Mum said

Can I ever found love” can I ever fall in love again? Please look for Lisa. I miss her. I cried

Its okay Tyler” now take some rest.

Mum” He’s bleeding alot. I will be back Hyung said and left.

He come back minutes later and treat my wounds.

I left all am doing immediately I see you on stage on the TV. I know something like this is going to happen. Mum said

You hurt yourself every friday night, isn’t this enough punishment? She added and it seems she’s angry at me

Stop shouting at me mum” like you where there when I needed you most. I yell at her

Tyler? She call

Mum” I called

Please excuse us I need to speak to hyung. I said

Okay am taking my leave now” so please hyung make sure you take care of him. Mum said and left fuming.

I wonder why she’s even here cause she doesn’t care. Her work is her first priority.

Hyung” please sleep here with me tonight. I said and immediately he lay by my side on bed as silence engoved us.

I miss her hyung” I finally broke the long silence as we face the ceiling.

I know” he said

I can’t ever love someone as I loved her. I said

But Tiana love’s you” he said making me to smile

Paabo(idiot)” i said and hit him with the pillow.

He sure knows how to make me smile no matter the situation and that’s why I like him most.

                💦 Hyung POV💦

He finally fall asleep” Tyler is the most playful one among the f4. If I said f4 I mean us.

We’re four in numbers and the name of our musician band is f4.

Tyler, dave, christ and me” Tyler is our leader and he was loved by many all over the world including us.

Tyler’s mum is always on business trip or the other. She’s the type that doesn’t have time for anyone except her business.

Despite her being rich, she is not the arrogant type and that makes people to like an worship her like a God.

We would call her mother cause she took us like a son despite us having a mum.

Tyler jokes a lot, sings alot and so playful but all disappeared 3years ago because of Lisa.
Monalisa is also a singer who get the most beautiful voice on earth among the female band called NED.

Lisa and tiana is best known as enemies
They always fight for awards and all that but ever since Lisa’s death, no one as ever compete with her cause no one can beat her voice.

That makes tiana the head of NED and so arrogant even to her fans.

I wish someday, someone will stand up against her and beat her voice but that can never happen and that’s why it’s called a WISH.

Back to lisa” she was found dead in the ocean and according to the research it was not just a dead but murderer one.

No one knows the killer and this makes tyler who he is now. The two of them love each other more than anything on earth.

Lisa is very kind hearted, jovial, playful and help the poor people but tiana is the opposite.

Lisa body was found and buried on friday and that makes tyler to set aside every friday night to sing in the memories of Lisa.

Everyone love’s Lisa and I can say up till now, even NED never forget about her but ofcourse except tiana.

Tiana love tyler but he doesn’t feel the same. I don’t even support it because of tiana arrogant.

She’s so classy, rude, arrogant, and burst alot so she doesn’t belong to tyler.

Tyler only needs someone that’s so caring,someone who her voice can beat that of tiana bit who?

can tyler ever found love? Can he ever fall in love?



Episode two(2)

              💎Ella pov💎

Ella, Ella….so you are still sleeping right? Have you wash the plates. What of the clothes, have you cleaned the house? And you are here sleeping. I know you are useless but before I pounce on you on that floor, get up and do the house chores. Mother yelled at me using her leg to kick me on the floor.

Am sorry mother” I will do as you said. I replied.

Mum” mum why are you like this? You know ella sleep late yesterday night. Despite the rain and the cold weather you still make her sleep on the floor and now you are waking her this early. Kathy said

Will shut that your mouth before I shut it for you? She said to kathy and face me

Before I open my eyes you should be done with the work or else. She warned

Yes mother” I said and turn to leave

Ella” Aurora called

Yes” I answered

Are you stupid” am I the one calling you and you are replying with YES. She yelled

But what do you want her to reply you with? If you are finding the stupid one here I think that should be you. Kathy retort

Mum warn your daughter” you think you have the audacity to talk to me anyhow. Am going to beat you up one day. Aurora said to Kathy

Look at who is talking” everyone knows that Ella is not your mate so did you give her respect? Huh. Kathy said

Kathy” mother yelled

And you what are you still doing here” my friend go and do what I asked you to do. She shout at me and I disappear immediately

🎶 I never know know🎶
🎶that life is so beautiful yes yes🎶
🎶 I gotta be a rockstar yeah yeah🎶
🎶Cause father is watching yuh yuh🎶
🎶 are you a rockstar?🎶
🎶 I am rockstar🎶
🎶 I am a rock star🎶
🎶 I am a rock star🎶

I sing and dance as am washing the plates and at the same time cooking.

Whenever am singing, I forget my pains or ever being maltreated. Singing is my hubby and I wish some day I can just be a rockstar just like “TIANA” i just love her so badly. She was my role model.


I heard the news read and I leave what am doing to watch the tv.

Wow” she’s so beautiful and classy

Cape town? What Tiana want to do in this small cape town. Aurora said

She leaves the whole city to come down here just for a show” mum am going to her show. Aurora said

And me too mum” Kathy said

Of course you are free to go” mother reply

Are you going with us Ella? Kathy asked as mum look back at me

With who? Not in this life will she follow us. Aurora replied and hissed

And what are you doing here” are you finished with the cooking? Mother asked

No mother am goin…….

Hum hum” what’s smelling? Mother shout and stand on her feet

Mum I think she has burnt the food” Aurora said and bring out her tongue in a mocking way

You burnt the food? Mum said and slapped me

No mother am just…..I couldn’t finish what am saying as she beat me up and down.

          💠Kathy POv💠

Mum stop beating her will you” she has not eaten for days now. Did you want to kill her? I yelled

Common keep quiet” what did you know. Wait are you supposed to support her or us. Aurora said

I am not supporting you cause you are wicked” did you know what? I don’t have time to exchange any words with you

You idiot” next time you will learn not to burnt any food in this house and face what you are doing. Mum said

Are you done beating her, Are you? Now let’s go Ella am going to help you with everything you want to do and no one, I repeat no one dare to stop me. I said

Are you talking to me like that? Mum asked but I didn’t say a word but rather take ella along with me to the kitchen.

We enter the kitchen and we discovered that the food is not burnt. then what’s the smell if not the food? I walk back to the sitting room

The food is not burnt” i said and mum look at me

Yes the food is not burnt. I said again

Then what’s the smell? Mum asked

Oh my expensive jacket” Aurora cried out from her room bringing the jacket she just bought.

Aurora” what are you looking, look at your jacket. Mum said

The news distract me” when I heard of tiana, I just leave my room and forgot to take off the iron on the jacket. She said

Oh no” please someone should wake me
Are you saying Ella was beaten for nothing sake?

Shut up will” my expensive jacket got ruined and you are saying nonsense. Aurora said

Your jacket got ruined so am I at fault or you who doesn’t have a brain to think. I said

Kathy” mum called and I left for the kitchen and there I saw ella watching us all along

Ella” am sorry for what happened, please forgive mum. I plead to her

It’s okay Kathy” I never stop loving mother cause she’s my mother even if sh didn’t think of me as one. She said

Don’t mind Aurora as well” am sure she’s jealous because of your beauty. I said again and she smiled

Kathy” she called and hug me

So my beautiful sister what should I help you with? I asked

You can serve the food while I go wash the clothes. She said

Are you not eating” I asked

Mother said I shouldn’t touch any food so am fine. She said smiling but I know she’s not okay.

She just love smiling but cries a lot when she’s left alone.

I wish her dream come true cause she have the perfect voice ever.

Despite her hardship, she never stop being nice. What an angel

Okay Ella” I said and she left.

I dish the food and remain Ella’s own but keep it so no one can see it.

Mum” why are you so wicked to ella? I asked as we’re eating.

What are you saying” she asked

You know what am saying mum” please stop maltreating her she has suffered a lot in your hand.

You supposed to be there for her when she needs you so pleas…….

Hey” Aurora cut me short

What are you saying” that mum is wicked? Mum even tried because if I was her I would have sent her packing long time. Aurora said

Haaaa” Aurora

What” I would have sent her parking bit I just think of who is going to be doing all this house chores. Mum said

This is crazy, am done eating” I said and park my food

And where are you taking the food? Mum asked

Am giving Ella” i said

Mummy am still hungry” Aurora said

Can you hear that? So bring the food mum said an collect the food

But mum…..

What? You want to go and give that bastard when your sister as not yet full. Mum said

Look at her own food” she has yet to finish that, and you collect mine again to give her

           💦Tyler pov💦

We’re having a practice now regarding the upcoming show” where’s hung? I asked dave

He and Chris are in the store” he said

Call them to inform them” start in an hour. I said

Tyler” he called

Is your hand healed? He asked so concerned

Yeah” is getting healed, thanks to hyung

Please don’t hurt yourself again, I feel so bad when ever i see you hurt yourself. He said

Thanks”I said and hug him slightly. He and Chris is the youngest among us and love to be around them especially when am down.

I wish I can be of help to your situation. He added which makes me smile

Woah woah, Tyler” how’s your hand? Chris said immediately he entered with hyung

Getting healed” thanks to hyung. I don’t know he could become a doctor so suddenly. I said and they always laugh

Let’s the practice begin then” i said and proceed on walking to my room to change into a practice clothes

Tiana is having a show at the cape town” are we not going? Hyung asked

Am going” dave said

Me too” chris said

And you? Hyung asked me

Count me out” i said and finally walk away.

         💎Hyung POV💎

Hyung” won’t you attend tiana show? Dave asked

No” I replied simply

Even though I wish to go to Capetown to visit fathers grave but I can’t.

Tyler can’t stay all alone else something bad will happened to him again. I should meet with him.

Hyun” are you not going? He asked immediately I open the door to his room

I don’t feel like going” I replied I sit beside him.

When will you visit Mirabel in American? He asked

We broke up” i replied

You did what? He exclaimed

Yes” she said she’s no longer interested , so she breaks the relationship herself the last time I go to America. I said

But you never mention this to me” i can talk to her, she’s like my younger sister. He said

No Tyler” love can never be forced. I know you will talk to her and that’s why I didn’t tell you anything about it. moreover for the last past months you never talk to anyone. I said

But you never show it to anyone, I understand how you feel and that’s why I cherish you most. He said

Cause I believe what will be, will surely be and I have the strong believe she will come back to me. I said and we both stare into space

Tyler” when will you stop hurting yourself.
Monalisa is gone and gone for good. Do you think she’s going to be happy when you are doing all this to yourself? I said but he said nothing

I know someday you will stop hurting yourself becau because you are still going to fall inlo……….

You care for a coffee? He cute short and I hit him a little.

     💦Tyler pov💦

I know I can never be inlove” who supposed to be with me left me. Who promised to stay finally left. So who will stay.

Tiana and her gang is so corrupt and rude. it’s a most for me to get married to one on the NED because of the contract I signed but that was when Lisa is alive.

I never saw it coming but I will rather let go of my dream than to be with tiana.

We had sex once and that was 2yrs ago. It happened on friday when she took the opportunity of me being weak and since then, she have been all over me

That’s why I used to come straight to the mansion after performing on stage every friday. All Fridays is my saddest day cause I remember lisa the most.

I will rather let go of f4 than to get married to tiana. Not in my life

       💎Ella POV💎

I just make sure mum is asleep before leaving home. My role model is having a concert and I was lucky it’s here in Capetown.

Opportunity for me to see her and probably get to touch her. I plan this with kathy.

Kathy and Aurora left hours ago, am sure the show is about to start. I can’t miss it.

I got there in no time as everywhere is very crowding. I wonder what this place will looks like if it was to be f4.

My opppa” i hope you are doing well where ever you are.

I wish someday I would get to meet you. Will I shout or will I hug him?

Awwwn my opppa” stay safe.


They announced as I run into the hall filled with so many people.

Biane(am sorry) I said to them as i push myself forward.

Now am in front of the stage. the light went off and on and before I could open my eyes, i heard a big shout.

Tiana…..tiana……tiana…..the crowd shout then i open my eyes to come in contact with her.

Finally I get to see my role model. Woah she looks so classy. Exactly the way it was shown in the TV

🎶 ready…..ready…..ready…ready🎶

She sings an the crown go wild. I used both my hand to cover my ears because of the noise.

🎶 am ready for your love🎶
🎶Oh baby show me love🎶
🎶The one I will never forget🎶
🎶The love that will take me to the sky🎶
T🎶he love that will take me to the moon🎶
🎶That kinda love that slow the clock🎶
🎶 That kinda love that gave me a goosebumps🎶

🎶Show me…🎶
🎶I can never forget you🎶

I have a feeling this song is met for Tyler” i heard someone saidat my back

I heard she love tyler a lot” the other lady replied to that woman

What? She’s in love with opppa?

Yes” since Lisa is dead, so she want to be in Lisa’s position. The lady said to me

Oppps” i said that loud.

We love you ……the crowd said and I look at the stage but she’s gone.

Wow” I didn’t even pay attention to the show as the woman distract me.

She’s still going to be outside” let me check. I said and rush out

I look around and saw her talking to an old man. Seems something is wrong cause people asked gather to look

I work for my money” so old man work for urs. She said to the old man

Wait a seconds” who do you even think you are? For coming to me and before money that your father didn’t work for. She said again and I feel so sorry for that old man

Am sorry for coming to you” am sorry.the old man said and I was surprised at what she did next. She slapped the old man

Woah” the crowd shout

You kneel down when talking to me” so now kneel down and tell me you are sorry once again. She command the old man

This is not happening” I love her but I can’t allowed her do this to that old man.

“NOT WHEN AM HERE WILL HE KNEEL TO YOU TIANA” i said walking slowly to where the man is.

Huh, who’s she?…….

She’s in for it tonight……

Tiana will badly tortured her……

She’s brave……

I like her vibes….. The crowd murmured

Ella” Kathy shout my name as she saw me

Sir” take this and buy food with it. I said and hand over to him the 50 rupees have been hiding for college fee

Thank you my daughter” you will not die of hunger. The man said

You can go sir…..

Who are you to defile my order” she said angrily

Am you fans and I didn’t expect this from you tonight. You are so rude

How dare you say that to me” she said and slapped me


I said it…….

Tia na slapped her……

If at all you can’t help him, you don’t have the right to have him kneel for you just because you are a star. Ain’t you ashamed? I asked and she made to slap me again but I held her hand halfway.

This is becoming interesting……

Is she going to slap Tiana…….

I love her braveness…….

Lowlife in trouble……

You can’t have it your way Tiana” I give you the first opportunity to slap me but you can’t ever have the opportunity again

I thought you are a good person that i choose you as my role model but never did i know that people like you don’t deserve to be rich or be a star.

You know what? You met me in a good mood today so am going to spare your lowlife self. She said and walk out.

Watch out Tiana” am going to be your worst nightmare. I said to her.

We shall see” she said and enter into her car.



Episode three(3)

               💦Tiana POV💦

Oh my goodness” I almost freaked out that stupid lowlife of a girl.

Who did she think she is? Now the NED &F4 must have heard this. I made a big mistake. I should have taught her a lifetime lessons she won’t be able to forget.

What excuses will I give to the F4 especially tyler. He would be so disappo…
oh my phone is ringing.

📲Tiana, the scene you cause is all over the net now📲

📲i cause or she caused📲

📲What cause it all? You Shouldn’t have paid any attention to her📲

📲Will you shut it? Assuming you girls followed me this wouldn’t have happened

📲Look here stella, I won’t spare that lowlife girl📲

📲 take it easy Tiana,are you on your way?📲

📲 she spoit my mood already, so am on my way📲

📲 the show is a blast but the scenario trend more than the show📲

📲Will talk to you later📲

I login and saw the video has 2million viewers already while the show video is still 3hundred viewers.


Bad behavior? Who the hell posted this.
I go under the comments and there was a lot of comment about me

First day in history……

She’s too bossy…..

Tiana in trouble…..

I love her braveness…….

Love you Tiana……

The girl just want to be popular…….

Oh poor the lowlife girl…..

She got herself enemies………

Deal with Tiana, she feels so classy…..

The girl is brave…..

Asking ur father age mate to kneel for you…..

This girl just dig her own grave cause she’s done for

This is my manager calling me. What does he has to say now.

📲hello MG📲

📲Whats all this am hearing all around📲

📲There’s a missed up. It’s just an…,…📲

📲NED has summons a meeting to meet at the industry tomorrow morning📲


📲I need to go Tiana📲

What’s all this for? Mother is calling me again. Can’t you all give me a breathing space? She must have been so mad about it. I won’t pick” infact i will have to switch my phone off.

After getting out of this mess i will have my way to deal with the bastard that caused all this.

Hey you” let me have your phone. I said to the driver.

Don’t tell me this is the phone you are using. Is it?

Yes ma’am” he replied

You must be very stupid for you to be using this kind of phone.

Just take” sell it tomorrow and use the money to eat cause am sure you haven’t eaten.

If not for my PA that is admitted to the hospital because I pour a hot coffee on her, you won’t even dream of seeing me face to face talkless of being my driver for 2days now.

Oh” you can’t say anything right? I should barked and die?

No ma’am” I just think…..

Will you shut up” you don’t talk when am talking. In fact give me the car key. You are sacked.

Please ma’am this is the only means for me to survive with my family. He begged

Oh oh, of course you don’t need this job, now out of my sight.

Okay ma’am” what of the money for the days have worked for you? He asked with tears on his face.

Wow I love seeing people in tears, please cry more. I said to him

Trow him out of the car and get to the driveway. I said to one of the bodyguard besides him. Others are in the other car behind us.

And you” you are going to be my driver till my PA is okay. Alright? And if you messed up, I won’t hesitate to sack you even if NED has employed you to be my bodyguard.

Need to call Austin, I need someone to get me laid tonight.

          💦Dave POV💦

I felt pity for the poor girl, am sure tiana will ruin her life.

This is the First time have ever seen someone as brave as this girl. Chris said

I like her braveness….

Who do you like? Hyung ask coming down from the stairs

Hyung, have you seen this? I asked showing him the video.

Who’s this girl? hyung asked laughing

Am sure she will be living around the Capetown cause she never live in the city with this dress. Chris said

Me too, I got with you Chris” I said

This girl is so brave but am afraid she will be gone soon” Tyler said holding his phone and descending the stairs

Exactly” hyung added

Am sure this must have gotten to the NED industry. Tiana is just putting the industry in trouble. Tyler said

NED is so helpless cause there’s nothing to do about it. Tiana is their shadow and they can never walk without their shadow. I said

If there’s no Tiana, NED will never exist again. Chris added

But I have a feeling this her attitude will be down IF there’s someone who could beat down her voice. Hyung said

They have searched but no one beats her voice, except we wait for this year college musical to begin their show. I said

Probably in the next life Because we all knows nobody else beat her voice except LISA. Chris said unknowingly forgetting that tyler is listening to us

Hum…hum” we all cough a little and separate immediately.

You shouldn’t have mentioned her name in Tyler’s presence. I caution Chris immediately we’re alone

My mistake” am sorry dude,I just hope I didn’t cause another space between us all.

I mean he was just free with us again not long since Lisa’s death and saying her name in his presence can makes him be lonely again. Am sorry for causing this tyler.

It’s okay chris” am sure is not Intentional but we have to be very careful around Tyler. We can’t lose him because of our carelessness. I said to chris cause he was feeling down and guilty.

           💎Tyler POV💎

Chris is right” is only Lisa that can stand up to tiana’s voice but she’s gone.

She’s gone and will never return but why?
Why did you have to do this to me Lisa

Tyler you are hunting yourself” hyung shout and take my hand in his then stretch the fist i make which cause my hand bleed alot.

Hyung leave i want to be alone” i yelled

Am going nowhere, I can’t leave you in this state. He yelled back

Hyung leavvvvvvveeeeeee” i shout at him to leave and there I saw chris and dave at the door watching us

You see what you have caused? Hyung said to Dave then punch him on his face.

I won’t forgive you if anything happens to him again. Hyung said and leave there immediately.

Please you all should leave” I want to be alone

I won’t be able to forgive myself if you hurt yourself Tyler. Chris said and leave then dave also leave.

🎶how can I be,how can I stay🎶
🎶 without you in my life🎶
🎶please show up in my dream🎶
🎶Am waiting for you🎶
🎶lets play together like we used to🎶
🎶Come, come, come to my dream🎶
🎶lisa come, my dream is for you🎶

          💦Ella POV💦

Mother I had a dream I forgot my slippers somewhere” that’s what am searching for I don’t know, I just find myself at the concert.

You had a dream? You should have died in that dream and never came back but you didn’t die but instead you cause a scene and give our family a bad name.

No mother I never cause a scene” please forgive me

I know you are a bastard, foolish girl but before you kill me am going to kill you first. You stood up to tiana so you can ruin her career, so people can say you are bold right?

No mother am not brave I just did what i think is right. Please Kathy talk to mother

Mum let her be, what she did is right. I never knew tiana is that rude. Kathy said

Shut up” who’s rude, is it by force to give someone’s money? Can’t the old man work instead of begging? Mum she just want to spoil our Fathers precious name so give her a severe punishment. Aurora said

Aurora you are wicked” have you forgotten she’s your sister? Kathy said

Ehn, never” whose sister?A Bastard can never be my sister or mum am I lying? Aurora asked

Of course you are not, don’t mind kathy who just open her mouth to talk nonsense. Mum said

Where did you see the money you gave to that man, have you been stealing from me? Mother asked

No mother I never steal from you it’s my money.

Your money? Have you started working and I don’t know?mother said

Mummy” how can she work when she didn’t even have time for herself because of too much work you gave her. Kathy defended

You see kathy, i don’t want to hear anything from you again. Now answer me have you been working behind my back? Mother asked again

No mother, I stay in this house and never go anywhere except you sent me on errands. I said

Mum” did you remember where we used to buy fruit down down, I saw her sweeping the front of the woman’s shop and am sure she give her some money. Aurora said

I never collect any money from her, I just helped her because she’s pregnant and can’t bend properly. I defend

You want me to kill you so they will start pointing at me as a killer right? By the time am through with you, you will run far away from here yourself.

Now, what am going to do is that you won’t sleep in this house again but outside and you must make sure no one sees you there.

You won’t change into any clothes again except the one on you. By the time people start running away from you because you stink, then reality will eat you up to run away from this house.
Is this where you are sitting and crying all this while have been Searching for you? Kathy said and sit beside me

Isn’t it worthy of crying? Can’t you see my life is a mess. Aurora hates me even mother.

I have no families, I wish father has tell me who my mother is when I used to ask him then but no mother no father. Am feeling up with this life

Elllllllla” you have us as a family. you have me, Aurora and mother. am sure what mum said is just out of anger, don’t worry I will talk to her. Kathy said assuringly

Thank you Kathy” why are you looking for me?

Oh yes” i came to show you this video between you and tiana. She said

I just get myself into a lot of trouble” i pray I get away with this, i will never defend anyone again in my life.

Don’t blame yourself Ella, what you did is right and i can also do the same is just that I don’t have the braveness you have to stood up for that old man.

Tell me” how did you do it. She asked

I don’t know” something just pushed me in doing that moreover there’s nothing bad in what the old man did. Tiana shouldn’t have acted that way.

You are right Ella, I hear she’s rude but I never witness her rudeness until yesterday. You speak so harshly to her I never imagined that from you. She said and that forced me to smile.

I have a feeling one day you will be a star just like tiana. She said

I pray but I don’t think I will…….



Episode four(4)


We can’t take this your attitude any longer. Is becoming too Unbearable that mostly three times in a week, NED will be on NeWS paper because of your nonchalant attitude. NED coordinator said

So what, are you blaming me now? Are you trying to say it’s all my fault or theirs who can’t just stay in their lane. Must they come to me for help?

Calm down Tiana, am not saying is your fault but what am saying is for you to overlook. Can’t you overlook? You are a star for crying out loud and a star overlook things. The MD said

I see” I can see you all have planned it among yourself. since you don’t like my attitude why can’t you banned me from this industry? Ban me can’t you…because you can’t. Am the light of this industry or you think all these people can do it? If you provoke me too much,I won’t perform any show till next two months. And it will be your lost not mine.

Tiana is not up this, you can’t stop performing. You know we have a lot of show. The coordinator said

Oh my God” so your voice can come as low as this? Where you not the one shouting at me minutes ago? You know what? I love it when you shout at me so continue.

Enough of this Tiana, who do you think you are? To talk to someone anyhow and anyway you like it? I won’t tolerate that from you. You can go a year if you want to I won’t beg you. The MD said and walkout of the meeting.

Whatever” Tiana said took her bag, and left the meeting as well.

This is coming so serious” if Tiana leave because of this where are we going to start from? One of the coordinator said

I think I have a suggestion” the other one said

Go on” let’s hear from you. Another person said

Why don’t we go to musical college and see who has passed the first stage then make them practice. Who knows maybe we can find someone who can beat up her voice this time around. The man said

That’s true” I think they have write exam since last year, let’s release the results and see who will have the highest mark then make them practice by that we will select out of them. The other person said

Am afraid there’s no one who can beat down tiana’s voice. The coordinator said

But sir, I have a strong feeling this year will be different just let release the results and see sir. Another man said

Okay” go ahead. I give my support but let me inform the MD about this. He seems to be angry.

               💦Ella POV💦

🎶Fly me to the moon🎶
🎶Fly me to the sky🎶
🎶And let me play among the star’s🎶
🎶 it bright so here and there🎶
🎶 it’s really bright and bright🎶

Ella…Ella” guess what? Kathy run to me jumping and shouting my name.

You have talked to mother on my behalf? I asked feelings happy within me

That’s not it” I just heard in the NeWS now that they are going to release the college musical results. Kathy said

Really”I asked in disbelief

Yes Ella am so happy” I know you are going to pass the exam. Kathy said again

Am happy also but am afraid” I said feeling down

What again, why are you afraid? Kathy asked putting her hands on my shoulders

What if my name is not on the pass list. I said and Kathy began to smile

Why the smile Kathy?

You? Your name not on the pass list or what did i hear you say? you know that can’t be possible. She said

I pray so” have been waiting so much to hear this NeWS.

Ehn eh” what are you both doing here. Mother asked immediately she saw me and Kathy together.

What else, who knows maybe she’s teaching Kathy how to steal. Aurora said

Ella is not a thief so she’s not teaching me how to steal okay? Kathy said giving Aurora a deadly glare

Then what are you two discussing? Mother asked

Mum” do you remember the exam Aurora and Ella sit for last year, they will be releasing the results soon. Kathy said and Aurora jumped up on hearing that.

Wow” I can’t believe it, finally. Aurora said

Yes Aurora am happy too” I said

Will you shut up or you want me ruin that mood of yours. Mother yelled at me

Don’t mind her am sure she’s going to fail cause she knew nothing. Aurora said

And I will love to see who the failure will be by the time the results is out. Kathy also said dramatically.

And you What are you still doing? My friend go into the kitchen and cooked something for us. Mother said to me and I left immediately.

             💎Tiana POV💎

Mummy please stop yelling at me” Am tired of this all, am not a kid anymore am 20yrs old for crying out loud. So stop it mum.

Are you stupid or something” When did you become this way? Suddenly you just start being so arrogant to everyone. No one dared to talk to you even the industry that sign you in or have you forgotten how you are pleading to them before they sign you in? Am afraid you did beg that same way again. Her mother said

Never mum” have you forgotten? Am now a star. Your daughter is now fucking a star. I can’t beg no one, I repeat no one this life again.

Let her be Rose” she’s now a star as she said. Her dad said descending the stairs with a glasscup filled with wine.

Am proud of you tiana, let them know you are now a star. You see I love the way you live your life. No one dare talk to you anyhow. That’s how I want my daughter to be. Her father said

Oh really” kelvin, is this what you want her to be? Tiana this Tiana that ain’t you ashamed? her mother yelled at them both

You see Rose” in this life, you have to make people respect you, make them be afraid of you whenever they hear your name and that’s what your daughter is doing so let her be. Her father said again smiling.

I pray someone will stood up and beat that voice of yours that makes you so arrogant to everyone including me. Her mother said

Not in this life” I retorts

You and i know it can never happened and if that happens? Rose you know what I mean. Her father said

Okay” we are all on this together. Her mother said and left.



Episode five(5)

               💦Kathy pov💦

Do we really love each other? Aurora asked while helping me with my hair

Why do you ask such a question? Ofcourse we do” and I really love you.

I don’t seems you really love me because you love Ella more than your own flesh and blood. She said again

Ella is also my flesh and blood or have you forgotten she’s fathers daughter? Of course I love her.

Then go and meet her to finish the rest of your hair” look at you instead of you to join hand and Chase her away you are busy saying rubbish. She said and stand up from me

What’s wrong with Aurora” am sorry please come and finish my hair

Call that your bastard sister to finish it for you. I heard her voice

Will I be going around in this hair” Aurora can be so mean sometimes

What are you struggling with? I heard Ella’s voice.

Oh Ella” you are back from the market. Hope you are not too stressed out. I asked taking the basket from her

Not at all” why is your hair like this? She asked

Don’t mind Aurora” she get angry and left my hair like this.

Don’t worry” when am done with the cooking, I will help you. She said

Guess what” Aurora said

What’s that? I asked giving her a long face

Betty just called now that the results is out. She said

Oh really? Ella asked but she ignored

Am going to check my results” so tell when she’s back. She said

I know is not only the results you want to check, I know you will visit your boyfriend house again. Haven’t father warned you not to go to guy’s house?

Shut up what did you know” just tell mum I went to check my results. She said and left.

Finally, am happy” let me quickly do the cooking so I can do your hair. Ella said

Won’t you go and check your results? I asked

I have to cook before mother comes back home. She said

Common” I will do the cooking, just go and check your results and make sure you comes back early before mum do. I said

Awwn” thanks Kathy I promise to be back before mother does. Okay bye. She said and left

Ella” I so much loves her

           💎Hyung pov💎

Today am visiting fathers grave in the Capetown. Been long I came around

I bought so much flowers and drink. Each time I visit father I usually drink or probably get drunk cause that is what we do when ever mum is not around when his alive.

So today, am visiting him cause I miss him

Father” been a while, are you doing good?
I brought your favorite drink will you taste some. I open the wine and pour it into the two glasscup with me

Still the same taste right? Did you know how many years it has been now?

Did you remember that day we get drunk and when mum came back, she got so angry and punished us. Those happy moments

I miss you so much father” so let’s get drunk. I said drinking out of my wine.

Am Sure you can hear me” are you happy with me? Mother have not been happy since you left.
Becarefull young man” you are drunk

Of course am not drunk, am talking to my father can’t you see

You are just disturbing the man that is sleeping peacefully in his grave

Who are you” hyung ask

What’s the point of saying my name” you are drunk already

Can you sing for me? Am feeling sober. Hyung said

I don’t sing so I don’t know how to sing. Ella replied

Where are you coming from this late. Hyung asked

Gosh” He’s so drunk. I went to check my results

You mean the college results? Hung asking

Yes how did you know” Ella asked sitting beside him on the grave

Of course I know because am F4. Hyung said

You, F4? I know you are drunk so stop saying rubbish. Ella said laughing

Am not saying rubbish,my name is hyung, hyung opppa. He said

You are drunk” so keep quiet. Do you need some water? Ella asked

Yes” what number are you? Hung asked

He is drunk but I like the way am talking to him. We both are fatherless anyway. Don’t know when i will be this happy again Ella said in mind

My name came first” she finally said

You mean first? Hyung asked

Yes first. She said and stand up

where are you going? Hung asked

Home” ella replied

Will you sing for me? Please…I want to hear your beautiful voice. Hyung please

You are drunk anyway so what use will my voice do? Ella said

Please? Hyung plead again

Okay” ella said and took back her sit

🎶 Because I met you🎶
🎶 My life becomes so beautiful🎶
🎶 Because I met you🎶
🎶 I feel like a queen with you🎶
🎶 Because I met you🎶
🎶 Happiness took all over me🎶

🎶 Oh oh oh oh🎶
🎶 Is this happiness forever🎶
🎶 Will this moment last forever🎶
🎶 I don’t wish you leave me at all🎶
🎶 but father you finally leave🎶

🎶Because I met you🎶
🎶I feel like a queen🎶

Are you crying? Hung asked

No am not” Ella said cleaning her tears

Do you still have a father? Hyung asked

My father and your father are in the same place….your father won’t be happy if you get drunk like this again so promise you won’t be drunk? Ella said

You mean father will not be happy? But we use to get drunk together when his still alive. Hyung said

Just promise” Ella said again

I promise” hyung replied and dose off

Good” it’s cold out here I should have helped you assuming mother is not wicked but I can’t.

Wait did I just say mother? Mother…oh my God, is so late and am still here with you.

I have to be on my way but he is going catch a cold. What do I do?

Okay let me cover him with my jacket. This will prevent him from getting too much cold.

I covered him with my jacket and run as far as my legs could carry me.

Where are you coming from? Mother ask immediately I stepped in

Mother I went to check my results. I replied

Your results? What number list is your name in. She asked

Number one mother” I replied smiling

Really” you mean you came first? Kathy asked

Yes Kathy” I replied he

Shut up” you can’t be the number one while number 93. Aurora said

Is she the one that wrote for you? Kathy asked

Shut up both of you…..mother warned

So you mean you came first? Mother asked again

Yes mother. I replied

Have you eaten? Mother ask and I look back maybe she’s talking to another person

Have you eaten? Mother ask again

No….no….no….mother” i said

Go and eat” i cook a delicious meal for you today. Mother said again

For me? I asked not sure

Yes my dear” i know you will surely come first now go inside and eat your food. Mother said

Thank you mother” am so happy. I said and hug her

Mum are you truly giving her food? Don’t you remember the stress you went through when cooking this food because she didn’t comes back home early? Aurora asked

Shut up Aurora” now go in and eat to your fullest. Mother said to me

I think Someone is going to cry soon. I heard Kathy says

Assuming I know mother will be so happy tonight I would have bring hyu..hyun..yes hyung.

Oh poor him” am sure he will be so cold by the time his awake

But did mother really says she cook for me, I mean me? But why do I have a feeling something is wrong somewhere?

I better eat before she change her mind

             💎Hyung pov💎

Who owns this? And why do I feel so much headache

“Let’s get drunk father” oh father….I get drunk again

Wait did I sleep here? Oh no, not again

This jacket smells good but who owns it……..📲📲📲📲📲

📲yes mum📲

📲Dave said you went to capetown, don’t tell me you are drunk📲

📲No mum, am not drunk📲

📲Where are you?📲

📲Am on my way now📲

📲Am at the mansion, meet me there now📲

📲Yes mum📲

Aish” i need to take drug so badly. I said and zoom off🚙

What’s this” why did I take this jacket with me? Anyway it smells nice

NED industry🌹

Those are the names of who has passed the exam. The coordinator said handing over the list

Anabelle Salvador” is the number one? The MD said

Yes sir” the coordinator replied

Okay” arranged how we can meet with the number 1-10 for urgent meeting immediately. The MD said

But sir” the number one doesn’t live around the city. She lives somewhere far from here.

Where did she live? The MD asked

Capetown sir”

Arrange a vehicle to pick her up then, we have no time to waste. The MD said

Okay sir. The coordinator said and walkout

          💦Aurora POV💦

Why are you so upset? Mum asked

Ain’t you the reason? Because she took first you are being so nice to her all of a sudden

Look at you” don’t you know am just deceiving her, by the time I finish with my plan, you will be happy. Mum said

Really? What’s your plan mum, i wish to know. I asked and she draw me closer and whispered into my ears

Hummmm mummy” i know you can’t just be so nice to her without a reason. I love you mum. I said and perk her cheeks

That one? She will cry when she gets to find out……..


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